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30 Fancy DIY Fall Craft Ideas to Bring Autumn to Your Home

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Isn’t fall amazing and beautiful? The view of tall and old trees slowly shedding bright and beautiful multi-colored leaves from branches is just breathtakingly beautiful. Another reason why fall is my favorite is that nature provides for a lot of free craft material during this wonderful season. Isn’t it great that you can decorate your home at ridiculously low cost using fall leaves, acorns, pumpkins and foliage, among other things? There are numerous fall crafts that you and your kids can make using these resources. 

To guide you on how to utilize these free gifts of fall efficiently, I’ve prepared a list of the 30 fancy DIY Fall Craft Ideas. Not only would these fancy craft ideas keep your kids engaged but would also allow ya’ll to have some great family time together.

30 Fancy DIY Fall Craft Ideas

1. Fall leaves Garland

Garlands have always been my favorite and I’m sure you don’t dislike them too. You could use them to decorate your fireplace or your doorway or any other place you deem suitable. Just by using fake leaves and string, you can easily make this garland.

Need Tutorial? Worry not!  Sincerely Sara D has an amazingly easy DIY tutorial!

2. Pumpkin stress Balls

Stress balls not just look super cool but are also super easy to make. To make stress balls, all you require is flour, Marker pens, Small amount of green wool, funnel, and a plastic bottle. To know the detailed tutorial for making these awesome stress balls, you can visit Redtedart.

3. Painted leaf monsters

Kids would definitely find this fall craft very interesting and fun. You must be wondering what are leaf monsters, right? Well, just add googly eyes to beautiful autumn leaves and see them turn into monster leaves! Still confused on how to go about it? No worries! Messylittlemonster provides detailed explanation on the same.

To make this creative craft piece, you’ll just need:

  • Collection of autumn leaves
  • Googly eyes
  • Glue
  • Finger paint.

4. Leaf lanterns

This one is my personal favorite. Not only do leaf lanterns look beautiful but they are also easy to make since they require a few materials only. You may utilize leaf lanterns as night lights and place them either on your side table or anywhere else in the bedroom. You just require leaves (preferably small in size), grease proof paper (preferably white), Cheese boxes, wire, stick and electric tea lights to make your own leaf lantern.

Redtedart has an awesome step-by-step tutorial on how to make one. 

5. Leaf people finger puppets

Your kids would love this one, I swear. They may use leaf puppets to entertain themselves anytime they get bored. You may make these puppets using either natural autumn leaves (which would wither away soon) or artificial silk leaves. If you like to add natural things to your fall crafts, I’d suggest you to use fallen autumn leaves. Otherwise, use artificial leaves as they’ll last long. Other items that you need to prepare this entertaining leaf puppet are:

  • Cardboard tubes
  • Buttons
  • Chenille stem
  • Construction paper
  • Silk leaves
  • Wiggle eyes
  • Toilet paper roll
  • Scissors
  • Hot glue gun
  • Glue stick
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To know the step-by-step tutorial, head over to Make and Takes.

6. Marbled fall leaves

This is yet another stunningly amazing fall craft idea. You could make beautiful fall leaves using shaving cream! Yes, I said shaving cream! 

Apart from shaving cream you’ll need:

  • Acrylic paint (or poster paint)
  • Spoon/ Popsicle stick/ Toothpick
  • Squeegee

Still wondering how to go about it, right? Head over to Teachingwithtlc which has a wonderful explanation on the same to quench your curiosity.

7. Woodland animal pumpkin

This fall decor would be fun for both kids and grown ups. You could place this decorative animal pumpkin at the mantle. Just get the following items to make this beautiful piece of craft:

  • Pumpkins 
  • Felt
  • Googly eyes
  • Hot glue gun

You may make different animals using the same items. Frugalfun4boys eloquently explains on how to make owl, deer and raccoon using above mentioned materials.

8. Mason jar luminaries

I don’t know if you find luminescents as beautiful and exciting as I do but I do know one thing for sure – you’re gonna love these creative mason jar fall luminaries. You could use them to light your walkway and see how amazing they look! 

All you need to make this magnificent fall decor is:

  • Mason jars (also available at dollar store)
  • Mod podge
  • Tissue paper ripped into pieces (fall colored)
  • Brown construction paper
  • Paint brush
  • Candle

This creative fall craft idea is beautifully explained at Whereimaginationgrows.

9. Bird feeder wreath

Are you a bird lover? If you are, you may serve birds while decorating your house with fall craft at the same time. How? By making a bird feeder wreath by following the procedure mentioned in Sugar Spice and Glitter.

All you require to make this wreath is:

  • Fresh cranberries
  • Pumpkin seeds
  • Almonds
  • 3-4 cups bird seed
  • 1 cup gelatin mixed with ½ to ¾ cup warm water
  • ½ cup light corn syrup
  • ¼ cup flour mixed with ⅓ cup water
  • Bundt pan
  • Ribbon/ twine

10. Felt apple craft

Felt apple craft is an all in one solution and can be used as gift tags, refrigerator magnets, holiday ornaments, or simply a creative fall decor. Fireflies and Mudpies has detailed tutorial on how to go about creating this magnificent piece of craft.

11. Mason jar turkey

Wanna express your gratitude but couldn’t do so because you were occupied by one thing or the other? Mason jar turkey decor will provide you with an opportunity to do so while beautifying your home at the same time. Wanna know how? Head over to Local Adventurer to get an answer to that.

12. Handprint fox craft

Any fox lovers in here? Here’s a wonderful and easy- to- make handprint craft idea for you all.
You just require (in addition to your hands :-p) :

  • Orange paper
  • Scissors
  • Pencil
  • Glue
  • White paint
  • Googly eyes sticker (you may also draw the eyes if you want)

Easypeasyandfun provides easy, step by step instructions on how to make this adorable fox craft.

13. Melted crayon mini pumpkin

I just love pumpkins for the simple reason that they can be used for many different decor purposes. One such appealing decor can be made by using old broken crayons and pumpkin. Other items that you’ll need are:

  • Garbage bag
  • Glue gun
  • Hair dryer

Visit Parenting from the heart blog to know step by step diy on the same.

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14. Pumpkin pie craft

Pumpkin pie is so yummy and I’m so obsessed with it that this list cannot be complete without the inclusion of this fall craft. You don’t need to get a real pumpkin pie to make this decor. All you need is:

  • Orange tissue paper
  • A large paper plate
  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • Stapler
  • Brown cardstock
  • 2 cotton balls

15. Felt candy corn garland

Are you too a candy corn lover like me? Well, if you are, you’ll enjoy making this felt candy corn garland decor even more. 

To make it, you can either use your Cricut to cut all pieces or you may do so using hands (Cricut takes less time but doing it with hands is also pretty simple).

A detailed diy for this beautiful craft idea is available at Heyletsmakestuff.

16. Leaf rubbing collages

Do you throw away old broken crayons lying in your house? If you’re like the majority then probably, yes. But you won’t do so from now on since you may use them to make fall decor. Yes! Yes, I’m talking of broken useless crayons!

To make a collage, apart from crayons, you’ll need:

  • White papers
  • Leaves (natural)

Refer mamapapabubba to get the entire diy tutorial.

17. Pumpkin apple stamps

This is yet another kids craft that will help you keep your kids occupied this autumn. This is very easy to make and requires just a few items, which are as follows:

  • Apple
  • Orange and green craft paint
  • Paint brush
  • Cutting board
  • Knife 
  • White paper

Frugalmomeh has a step by step tutorial on how to go about making this adorable fall decor.

18. Fall welcome mat

Welcome autumn to your home by making the elegant fall mat without which your fall decorations remain incomplete. All you will require is:

  • Leaf and pumpkin stencils
  • Scissors
  • Painters tape
  • White, turquoise and gold paint
  • Foam paint daubers
  • Doormats, of course

You could find easy diy tutorial at Better Homes & Gardens.

19. Leaf art frame

This craft can be done either by kids or adults and it will be super fun for either age group. You could use leaf art frame to decorate your living room.

Materials you will require are:

  • Paper
  • Finger paint
  • Glitter
  • Leaf shapes
  • Picture frame
  • Paper to use as background

To get detailed step by step directions on how to go about utilizing these materials, visit StoneGable.

20. Fall leaf cutouts

This fall craft could be used as artwork in a frame or or as cards or in any other creative way you may think of. The best part about this decor is that not much time is taken to make it and it requires simple materials which you probably already have at your home.

Materials needed to make this fall craft are:

  • Plain colored card stock (you may use patterned paper as well)
  • Fall leaves trace on white paper
  • Scissors
  • Glue

Visit yellowmums to get guidance on how to make these beautiful leaf cutouts.

21. Leaf Placemat pillows

Wouldn’t it be fun to welcome fall by decorating your entire house with fall crafts? The doors, carpets, tables, decors and even pillows- everything with autumn theme! But you’d wonder how could you make pillows with an autumn theme? Homeiswheremystorybegins will address that query of yours! You just need to have:

  • Fall leaf shaped placemats
  • Sewing equipments (thread and needle)
  • Stuffing for pillow

22. Fall leaf initial

Do you have a monogram lying idle at your house? Fall is the perfect time to convert it into a decor using some creative craft methods. This decor doesn’t require a long list of materials that you might need to purchase. All you need is some fall leaves and a mounting spray (in addition to the monogram itself, obviously).

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For detailed directions on this creative fall craft idea, visit thethriftyabode.

23. Book page pumpkin

This will surely be one of the most unique and beautiful fall decor you’ll ever find. You could use any old book for this purpose. Other supplies that you would require are:

  • Paper and pencil
  • Scissors/ exacto knife
  • Hot glue gun
  • Spray paint
  • Stick (for making stem)
  • Scrap of ribbon or any fabric (green color)

Creationsbykara has step by step instructions on how to go about making this exquisite fall decor.

24. Birch bark candles

This is easy to make and looks lovely when lit. These candles would add a unique charm to your fall decorations. With just a few supplies, you can get your house lit with these arresting candles:

  • Birch bark
  • Pillar candle (any size)
  • A glass
  • Spray adhesive
  • Raffia bow

Sandandsisal explains the method of making this fall decor, in detail.

25. Fabric acorn

This nature inspired fall craft requires you to head out of your homes and collect acorns like squirrels. It would be a fun activity for your kids (maybe for you too). You don’t need to spend much on buying materials for this. You need simple supplies like:

  • Scissors
  • Thread and needle
  • Colorful fabric
  • Hot glue
  • Some stuffing material
  • And of course, acorns

After you’ve gathered all these materials, head over to Zemphira to know the process of making fabric acorns utilizing these materials.

26. Pumpkin specimen art

This decor is so beautiful and cute that it could be hung on the wall of your living room or simply be kept on mantel shelf. 

Supplies you need to make this piece of craft are:

  • Photo frame
  • Scrapbook paper
  • Foam board
  • Scissors, pen, glue gun, glue sticks, ruler
  • Pumpkin stencil, silhouette machine
  • Furniture felt pads
  • Scrabble tiles

Myblessedlife elaborates upon this amazing specimen art.

27. Weathered wooden box

Having a useless old wood box? Or pieces of old fence boards from the time when you got some repairs done? Use them productively by simply following the steps mentioned in bunchesandbits. The only supplies you require are:

  • Wooden box
  • Moss and twigs
  • Small pumpkins, gourds and berries
  • Candles (of different sizes), mushroom

28. Owl pillow

Make an owl shaped pillow using fall color fabric. Not only would it excite your kids but also look super cute (apart from matching the fall theme). Scraps of fall color fabric, thread, needle and pillow stuffing is all you need in order to make this super awesome owl pillow.

In case you need detailed directions on this, visit Remodelaholic

29. Colored pumpkins

Pumpkins are used for a number of craft activities but have you ever tried painting them? If you haven’t, you could do so now and see how magical it looks! You just need many pumpkins of different sizes and paints of various colors. 

To get detailed information on how to make your own colored pumpkins, go to megduerksen.

30. Scrap buster fall pillow

Do you throw away all useless cloth scraps? Probably, you do because little do you know that they could be used to make pillows for fall. Confused, right? How could you make a pillow out of scraps? Well, Cluckclucksew has given a detailed explanation on how you can go about doing that, using just a few supplies! Do give this awesome tutorial a read.

So, with this, we come to the end of this unique DIY fall craft list. Now, you won’t get bored because you have this wonderful list of crafts to try. Hope your fall would be as amazing as these fall decor crafts are.

Written by Pulkit D

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