51 Brilliant, Easy, and Cheap Storage Ideas

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According to research, cleaning and arranging our homes can solve half of our problems, and we certainly believe this to be true. Whenever your house is tidied up, you may discover its aesthetic features in addition to a sense of tranquility. You don’t require a lot of space to organize things efficiently—it’s all about making clever use of space.

There are a plethora of creative ways to repurpose items from your home—turn to Amazon, your local dollar store, or use items lying around. Several things might help you become more orderly, from arranging your bedroom and bathroom to dealing with the laundry chaos.

Whatever you’re trying to arrange, we’ve compiled a list of 51 practical tips and advice, the majority of which can be put together for very little expense.


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51 Brilliant, Easy, and Cheap Storage Ideas

1. Get a Garment Rack

Clewiltess Garment Freestanding Clothes Organizer Closet, Metal Hanging Storage Organizer Rack Wardrobe with Shelves& Hanging Rods,Clothes Hanger Organizer (Black)

A freestanding garment hanger will be a perfect option if your tiny wardrobe is already stuffed to the maximum or you don’t have a cupboard in your chamber to start with.

Also, having everything out in the open will encourage you to maintain your clothes neat and arranged rather than piled in an explosion in the wardrobe. With the aid of the installation booklet, this clothes organizer is simple to put together, and the box includes all necessary components. It also has storage shelves for your shoes and handbags.

Buy it on Amazon.

2. Upcycled Cardboard Boxes

Don’t toss those cardboard boxes in the recycling bin as of yet! They can be a low-cost storage solution that will rescue your garment closet. Utilize the flat cardboard covers as a tray for tiny trinkets, then employ the box to store clothing, underwear, caps, and other small apparel articles.

Spray-paint the containers or use fabric to add some flair.

3. Dividers for Drawers

Drawer Dividers Organizer Separators,Adjustable DIY Plastic Grid Honeycomb Drawer Divider Organizer for Socks, Underwear, Makeup, Kitchen, Dresser, Kitchen, Tools, Ornament (Green)

Tired of wasting your time trying to find that specific pair of socks? Use these honeycomb drawer dividers to keep all pairs separate. You can use this hack for your underwear, ties, and jewelry as well.

This easy approach will make getting wine glasses out and picking them up much simpler, as well as preventing different pairs from getting mixed up.

Buy it on Amazon.

4. DIY Paper Roll Jewellery Organizer

Make an ordered and appealing arrangement to sort out your jewelry clutter. To keep your earrings and necklaces from tangling, use a paper towel dispenser, cardboard, and some stretchable fabric to tastefully display them. This can also serve as a decor piece.

The supplies needed for this project are also readily available and reasonably priced.

5. Turn a Ladder into a Bookcase

Via Handmadehaven

Got an old ladder lying around? Don’t throw it away; use it to make a bookcase and increase storage space. To make shelves, merely screw vent plates into position on each step.

Decorate the bookcase to fit in with the remainder of your room’s decor. For safe storage, attach the ladder to the wall. This is a unique and cost-effective way to organize your books and other items.

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6. Plastic Crate Shelf

Via Hometalk

Get some basic, tiny plastic crates, connect them, and them as a unified storage system on the top part of the wall.

You won’t have to spend more than $2 for one crate and easily available at the dollar stores. They provide a lot of storage space and can be utilized in a very practical way. This type of setup is ideal for a nursery or a child’s bedroom.

7. PVC Toothbrush Holder

Via Instructables

Don’t have enough space in your medicine cabinet? Shift your toothbrushes to underneath the sink. Make PVC toothbrush holders and attach them to the inside of the cabinet door (the one below the washbasin). You can have a separate holder for each family member and paint them in different colors.

8. Mesh Bath Toy Bag

Via Makeitloveit

Bath toys are extremely popular among children. Adults, on the other hand, are less enthusiastic, particularly when the items leak water all across the ground. For this, all you require is a mesh bag and suction cups. Attach two suction cups to the top two sides of the bag and hang this on the wall attached to the bathtub.

This will prevent the floor from getting wet and your kids will be able to easily reach the toys whenever they want.

9. Transparent Plastic Cups for Cord Organization

Via Imperfecthomemaking

If you’re searching for a solution to arrange your cords and other electronic devices, clear plastic cups are a terrific option. Label each container and place them all together in a storage basket. This keeps wires from twisting and you’ll always be able to pick out what you want easily.

10. Make Bedside Storage


Using this DIY bedroom cabinet concept, you may create your own bedside option. Install wooden crates on the wall next to your bedside to serve as a tabletop and shelves rather than a typical nightstand.

To maximize storage capacity, place a basket beneath the setup.

11. Make Use of Wall Space

This storage solution is ideal for compact bedrooms with limited floor space. To use as a simple storage system and bedside desk, install floating racks on the wall beside your bed. You can either buy these shelves online or make your own that is suited to your home’s style.

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For an additional pop of vibrancy, color the racks in a spectrum of colors before installing.

12. Using a File Box to Keep Schoolwork Organized

Via Iheartorganizing

When school resumes, parents will be rushing to find storage options for their children’s coursework. An inexpensive file box is a perfect option for this. You can save all of their critical paperwork, photos, and other items in a designated file so that you immediately remember where to look for whatever you need.

You’ll only need a couple of containers to finish the process, and you’ll be able to keep the paper clutter to a limit.

13. DIY Canned Food Organizer

Via Classyclutter

The area between both the walls and the refrigerator is commonly referred to as wasted space.  Create a high, slender sliding storage trolley or rack to contain tinned food, seasonings, and sauces to make the best of the situation.

It’s also relatively inexpensive and simple to make using supplies such as wooden boards, metal casters, dowels, a knob, etc.

14. Put Shelves over the Door

When you don’t possess sufficient hanging space for traditional floating shelving, you’ll have to go for one that hangs above the doorway. Such shelving can be placed above your bathroom door or bedroom door—don’t waste dead space!

15. DIY Upholstered Storage Bench


If you’re low on space in your rooms, then search for furnishings that can serve two purposes. To provide space and lounging, place a cushioned ottoman at the base of your beds. A tufted couch can provide flair, convenience, and storage, but it usually comes at a high cost.

You can easily make your own DIY tufted storage bench to save money. Extra sheets and comforters as well as seasonal apparel can be stored on the inside.

16. Rotating Storage Units

Lazy susans, as you may well know, are fantastic for keeping your home organized. For small and random objects, a rotating organizer is a great option. A 4-tier or 3-tier organizer can store enough knick-knacks and the revolving feature just adds to the accessibility.

17. Use Pegboards

The wall beside your workstation may house more than just a clock. With a suspended pegboard setup that includes, pen holders and mail catchers, you can instantly increase storage capacity. Getting these objects off your working area frees up more space for you to finish activities and check things off your to-do list.

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All it takes is a little ingenuity to fill a blank room to its maximum potential. Pegboards can also be used to create racks in the kitchen for plates, glassware, silverware, or even a herb garden.

18. Under the Stairs Storage

If your home has stairs, you’ve just hit a jackpot to a whole new existence of storage options. Stairs could be your most creative space yet, with anything from cupboards, shelving, and wardrobes to hiding an entire room.

This is a wonderful storage idea, and design professionals should start incorporating it into all residences.

19. Craft Ribbon Dispenser

Via Minimoz

This is is a terrific way to store those laces arranged and functions pretty well for a lot of other things as well. You’ll need a plastic container with holes and a wooden rod for this DIY. This hack will let you easily pull out the ribbon you want through the holes in the container.

20. Using Back of the Door to Organize

Perhaps even the most crowded rooms can hold a surprising amount of potential, for instance, the back of your door. This behind-the-door storage unit can be employed in any room of your home.  Even if you’re pressed for time or don’t have that much design knowledge, it’s pretty affordable and straightforward to put up.

21. Space Saving Seasonings

Tebery 18 Pack Clear Plastic Jars Bottles Containers with Silver Metal Lids 12oz & 5oz Transparent Storage Container for Slime Kitchen Dry Goods and More

To make cooking preparation easier, organize your seasoning cabinet with labels and transparent jars. To avoid slipping or spilling, use symmetrical jars that easily fit into square storing containers inside the drawers.

These transparent jars have airtight lids, which will ensure that your spices stay fresh for a longer period.

Buy it on Amazon.

22. DIY Rope Basket

Via Iheartorganizing

This roped hamper is much more than just a showpiece. Get a basket from the dollar store and some rope. You can soak this rope in a paint and water mixture to give it a different color. Once it’s dry, begin gluing it onto the basket with a hot glue gun.

All you have to do is wrap this rope around the basket and you’ve got yourself a beautiful storage bin!

23. Create Your Own Home Office Command Station

If you’re short on space, try constructing your own office desk control center. This is a very well-arranged partition or location with all of the necessities for a home workplace.

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This can comprise things like office equipment, diaries, and timetables, as well as a spot to hold your tablet. The point is that you have complete control over how you structure and set your control station to enhance your home office efficiency and save all the precious space.

24. Shelves with Storage Baskets

Amazon Basics Collapsible Fabric Storage Cubes Organizer with Handles, Beige - Pack of 6

This is the simplest way to optimize storage capacity around your households—hassle-free, super simple, and inexpensive! To arrange larger objects that you can’t manage to make a place for, add storing bins to your shelves.

These Amazon Basics baskets can be collapsed and stowed away when you’re not using them. The best part is that they are available in a variety of hues, allowing you to choose the ideal color palette to complement your decorating style!

Buy it on Amazon.

25. Chalkboard Labels

125PCS Chalkboard Labels Stickers, Premium Reusable Waterproof Label Stickers with Free Chalk Marker and Towel, Chalk Labels for Pantry and Jars: Storage Bins, Mason, Spice, Glass, Cups, Containers

Putting chalkboard labels on all of your desks or kitchen storage containers is a game-changer! It not only makes it all look cleaner. It also lets you keep a consistent design across your closet space.

These erasable, high-quality, water-resistant chalkboard stickers have a matte surface with a nice smooth look that appears attractive. They are crafted from premium lasting vinyl material and you’ll get 125 reusable stickers in total.

Buy it on Amazon.

26. Maximize Your Storage Space with Cubbies

These cubbies are the ideal way to increase the amount of storage space available for all of your household goods. Everything is visible for simple identification and accessibility. They’re also available in a variety of sizes.

To personalize your space, incorporate some decoration into your cubbies — houseplants, decorative items, and lamps work great.

27. Paper Tray Organizer

Blu Monaco Desk Organizers and Accessories Stackable Paper Tray - 4 Tier Stackable Letter Trays - Silver Metal Mesh File Holder Organizer

This is another minor yet life-changing workplace storage upgrade. Desk organizers are wonderful for eliminating the trash which constantly manages to make its way back onto your desktop, and they take up a very minimal room anywhere you decide to put them.

The style of this paper tray organizer is elegant and it’s functional! It even has a small accessory tray on top for knick-knacks.

Buy it on Amazon.

28. Tote Organizer

A huge tote bag is useful for more than just transporting things around. You can utilize one to maximize the amount of storage capacity on your table! Use a tote bag to arrange the stuff in your household that you can’t seem to find a place for.

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If you’re not sure where to look for a beautiful tote for your house, we highly recommend buying one from Amazon or simply sewing one yourself. We adore the totes’ sleek but utilitarian design and urge that you give them a try.

29. Farmhouse Mason Jars for Stationery

Using glass mason jars is the simplest way to arrange all of your stationery. The best thing about utilizing mason jars is that you really can simply customize them to match your desired look!

Mason jars can be purchased in bulk for a great price. They are great for organizing items anywhere from the laundry area to the restroom, crafting room, kitchenette, and even the refrigerator.

30. Corner Wall Shelves

This is the solution if you’re looking for an attractive DIY decoration item that also functions as a storing alternative. By organizing or personalizing your shelves to match the nooks of your house, you may save a lot of room. You can make it look great by creating it to fit your home’s aesthetic.

Attempting to arrange furniture and other odds and ends along the room’s boundaries can help you generate more space in the center. So, while organizing furniture in your home, keep this suggestion in mind.

31. Bedside Pocket Organizer

When it comes to storage and organization, the bedside area is sometimes overlooked. Make a couple of compartments to store a few items off your tabletop and keep your nightstand looking tidy. This clutter-controlling pocket is simple to sew and may be used by both children and adults.

Pick a good sewing fabric that is vibrant to make the organizer more appealing.

32. Hang a Slatted Bed Base

Zinus Deepak Easy Assembly Wood Slat 1.6 Inch Bunkie Board / Bed Slat Replacement, Full

By attaching a bed slat to the walls, you can prevent clutter on your tables. Use it as a message deck or just to showcase objects on your wall using hooks. Needless to say, the rustic wooden parts give your complete décor arrangement a contemporary feel.

It can even be handy for your home office if you have a tiny space and a lot of items to arrange.

Buy it on Amazon.

33. Tension Rods under the Sink

Amazon Basics Tension Curtain Rod, Adjustable 24-36" Width - Bronze, Classic Finial

Try installing a tension rod below the basin for an efficient and inexpensive solution to hang your brushes and dishcloths. Connectors can also be used to suspend towels and a compact bin can be hung using hangers to store towels neat and dry.

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Tension rods and command hooks are both affordable and effective tools for keeping your kitchen orderly.

Buy it on Amazon.

34. Utilize Wall Space

Pulatree Grid Photo Wall, Wire Wall Grid Panel for Photo Hanging Display Metal Grid Wall Decor Organizer Mesh Panels Display Wall Storage 37.4 x 17.7 inch - Black

You can keep photographs, school documents, cookbooks, and other stuff within arm’s access and in an orderly fashion with an inexpensive wall grid. A small metal grid organizer can be used for this.

Simply hang the grid on the wall and hold objects in place with clothespins. It is made from corrosion-resistant material and comes with small nails and clips. A calendar, messages, even little pockets for vouchers, and other items can be included.

Buy it on Amazon.

35. Wall-Mounted Document Pockets

DEFLECT-O Conversion File Jackets And Pockets, (DEF93604), Black, Pack of 1

Document pockets, which can be easily attached to your walls, are another foolproof solution to organizing your paperwork. If you have a small workstation or cabinet area, this space-saving option is ideal.

Purchase a set of plain-colored paper carriers, then add a colorful twist with your imagination. Many people enjoy marking their pockets so that they know precisely what is within, making their everyday duties more efficient.

Buy it on Amazon.

36. Shoe Storage Idea

Most of the time, devoting a cabinet only to store shoes is not practical, so generally, the shoes wind up in their cardboard boxes, where they collect dirt. In such a circumstance, these PVC pipes would be useful, and you wouldn’t have to spend a lot of money on them either.

To build a shoe framework, cut the pipes according to the size of the footwear and attach them. This organizer has a stylish and sophisticated vibe to it.

37. Organization with Magnetic Tape

Flexible Magnetic Tape - Wide 1.5 Inch x 10 Feet Magnetic Strip with Strong Self Adhesive - Premium Magnetic Roll for DIY and Craft Projects - Sticky Magnets for Refrigerator and Dry Erase Board

Stop misplacing or losing hairpins, scissors, and nail clippers. To keep these easy-to-lose metallic things, stick this flexible magnetic tape to a wall or the interior of a cupboard door. Other little objects, such as cosmetics and brushes, can be organized with this heavy-duty tape

These can also be used to keep spices or other items in small magnetic containers.

Buy it on Amazon.

38. Pull-Out Rolling Shelves

Installing a pull-out sliding rack is an excellent idea if you’re continuously misplacing things within your closet. You can simply draw it out to check what you have got in there. Undoubtedly, you’ll require some assistance with this, but it’ll be well worth it.

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These gliding shelves from the Slide-A-Shelf store can be used in your bedroom, kitchen, or bathroom to maximize space in your cabinets.

Buy it on Amazon.

39. Invest in Wire Baskets

mDesign Narrow Farmhouse Decor Metal Wire Food Storage Organizer Bin Basket with Handles for Kitchen Cabinets, Pantry, Bathroom, Laundry Room, Closets, Garage - 16" x 6" x 6" - 4 Pack - Bronze

Not all cupboards are designed to accommodate cookware, jars, and other large kitchen goods. This is where a wired container comes in handy. By holding the products in an organized manner, these bins keep the kitchen mess at bay.

These baskets come in a pack of 4, have easy-to-grip handles, and are made of durable steel with a rust-resistant coating.

Buy it on Amazon.

40. Put up a Pegboard Wall

Pegboards are a terrific way to organize and store things, and an entire pegboard wall may help a lot! Construct your pegboard wall to optimize your home space while also adding a touch to your personality. It’s not as difficult as it appears.

All you’ll need are a few pegboards that match the dimensions of your bedroom/living room wall, some paint, other decorations, and, your artistic imagination. Pegboard kits that come with a handful of shelves and rods are available, making it a perfect product to use.

41. Hanging Baskets for Storage

Via Bedifferentactnormal

To have a more organized washroom, all you require is a couple of tiered wicker baskets and rope. They won’t cost more than $10. Arrange these by placing one on top of the other so that the smallest is at the top and the biggest is at the bottom.

You can keep towels in the biggest basket and shampoos and shower gels in the others.

42. Mud Room Arrangement

Via Mommysavers

An inexpensive shoe holder can be hung in the mudroom or on the rear of the doorway during the winter season. You can allot some compartments for each family member and let them fill them with their caps, gloves, and other outdoor accessories.

This way, they’ll always remember where their wintertime stuff is, and you won’t have to gather it up from the ground for another day of snow play.

43. Stationery in Over-the-Door Hanging Shoe Racks

24 Pockets - SimpleHouseware Crystal Clear Over The Door Hanging Shoe Organizer, Gray (64'' x 19'')

If you’re short on room, turn plastic footwear hangers into stationery holders to make the most of your space. They’re normally found at your nearest dollar store, but if you can’t seem to find one, you may get them from Amazon.

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If you can’t utilize the doors, you can buy a cheap portable clothing rack that will provide you with more storage capacity and can be placed next to your workstation for easier reach.

Buy it on Amazon.

44. Using Ziploc Storage Bags to Organize

Ziploc Quart Food Storage Bags, Grip 'n Seal Technology for Easier Grip, Open, and Close, 30 Count, Pack of 4 (120 Total Bags)

Ziploc bags can be used to store just about everything. They come in a variety of dimensions and can be used in the cooking area, washroom, bedrooms, or anywhere else where you want to keep goods organized.

Simply mark the Ziploc bags so you know what’s inside, then fill them with everything you need to preserve. Larger bags are ideal for storing holiday decorations and other small objects.

Buy it on Amazon.

45. Spice Organizer with Drawers

YouCopia Chef's Edition SpiceStack 30-Bottle Spice Organizer with Universal Drawers, White

We consistently advocate using as much vertical area as possible if you don’t have adequate storage capacity. That’s precisely what this spice organizer with non-skid feet provides.

Spices can be stored in the compartments securely and even labeled. So, when you access your cupboard, all you have to do is look at the tag and open the appropriate drawer.

Note: Only labels are included with this organizer and not spice bottles.

Buy it on Amazon.

46. Install Key Hook Rails Inside Cupboards

Franklin Brass Key Hook Rail, 7, 14 Inches, White & Satin Nickel Finish

Place this key hook rail within the cabinets to store measuring utensils, mugs as well as other lightweight necessities. The advantage of mounting them on the interior wall of the cupboard instead of the doorway is that you won’t be afraid every time you open it. There won’t be clanging against each other and no mess!

Alternatively, you can hang your jewelry from this rail too.

Buy it on Amazon.

47. Maintain a Tidy Coat Closet

Via Lemonslavenderandlaundry

Here’s a technique to tame your messy storage closet. The storage bins from Dollar Tree are ideal for storing hats and shoes, reducing the room instantly. They are, although, generally not in a very attractive color. So get some metallic paint and primer to make these plastic bins appear more like durable metal containers.

You can use sticky labels to mark these or keep them unlabeled for a sleek, basic effect. These can also be used to keep bread, bakery items, and other items in the pantry.

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48. Keep Jewelry Organized While Traveling

AUVON iMedassist Weekly Pill Organizer Arthritis Friendly, BPA Free Travel 7 Day Pill Box Case with Spring Open Design and Large Compartment to Hold Vitamins, Cod Liver Oil, Supplements and Medication

If you’re going on a trip and have to keep your jewelry arranged, a pill case will come in handy. These are fairly affordable and provide you with up to seven distinct spaces. Simply group the pieces of jewelry you intend to use in each space or use various spaces for different kinds of items.

The sections of this pill case are big enough to fit studs, bangles, and pendants while still keeping them organized. These will help keep your jewelry from tangling and twisting, as well as reduce the need to carry those bulky jewelry cases about with you.

Buy it on Amazon.

49. Organize Your Scrunchies

Via Hip2save

Regardless of whether you possess long tresses or not, having an overabundance of scrunchies can be a pain to keep track of. So, here’s a convenient and easy trick for keeping all of your scrunchies in one place for ease of accessibility.

All you need is a paper towel holder from your local dollar store, and you’re good to go!

50. Garage Organizing

Via Iheartorganizing

For most individuals, organizing their garage is nearly hard, especially if they have children. And besides, this is the place where we store anything we can’t make a home for! So, it’s time to make allocated locations in the garage for just about everything.

Luckily, your nearby dollar shop will have some excellent plastic containers and metal containers on hand. Set up a metal rack in your basement if you don’t possess one currently. Then, for an overall organization strategy, place the containers on those racks.

51. Nail Polish Storage Solution

Via Thatthingilike

For storing nail polishes in an arranged manner, a hanging jewelry organizer is a terrific solution. You can organize them by shade and put them in the compartments in any sequence you want. You may get the same outcome by using a shoe holder with various pockets.

They can be mounted on cabinet doors, the rear of the bedroom door, or the shower door.

Organization and storage are no rocket science, and we are sure that by using these tips and hacks mentioned above you can conquer the clutter at your homes and put an end to the chaos. Hope this helps!

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