19 Best Online Second Hand Furniture Stores (2022 List)

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Be it a keen interest in antiques, a cheaper alternative, or just choosing a sustainable way to furnish your home, second hand furniture shopping can solve more than just one problem for you.

However, looking for a reliable second hand store can be a monumental task in itself. And if you wish to do it in the comfort of your own home, then you need an online store you absolutely trust. 

Thus, to ensure you lose no sleep over which online store to trust, I have researched and listed the 19 best online second hand furniture stores which lists only the most premium products and with the widest range of furniture!

19 Best Online Second Hand Furniture Stores

1. Chairish

Chairish has been a favorite among users who are looking for design-first furniture. With over 485,000 pieces and counting, you are bound to find something you love! Additionally, 85% of their stock are vintage items, giving incentive for antique collectors to check out Chairish. 

What sets Chairish apart is that not everything in their itinerary is used. You get a selection of choosing from over 10,000 sellers and 3 million active users. 

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Their app is incredibly user friendly. All you need is a picture of the item you want to sell with a brief description. Buyers get a 48-hour window to opt for a return if they feel like their purchase isn’t what they expected. 

Chairish might be slightly higher priced than most prices. But when you consider their excellently curated pieces and great deals, if you spend time looking on their site, it is well worth the price of admission!

2. 1st Dibs

1st Dibs is the store you want to look towards when you want to go all-out on luxury. This online store is perfect for furniture connoisseurs looking for unique vintage pieces, made by the best in the industry today. 

Granted, this option is for ones with deep pockets, but this store offers the finest items at fair prices. You can choose to get items from a specific designer, or the replicas of certain iconic designs. They operate a network of reputable sellers and assist you with every stage of the transaction. 1st Dibs also chooses the designers they want to endorse on their platform.

3. Kaiyo

Kaiyo is growing to be a personal favorite for many buyers, and for good reason! 

It offers top products at affordable prices just like any other second hand furniture store. But what sets Kaiyo apart is how it solves the pet peeves of most marketplaces. 

Kaiyo deals with pre-owned furniture, but everything they put on the market has been professionally quality tested and cleaned. It goes as far as to pick up the furniture itself and transport it to where they store their products.

All this, without a single extra penny from buyers or sellers! Did I mention they assemble furniture too?

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Kaiyo is perfect for people looking for striking and bold designs for furniture at significantly discounted prices. Its expert customer service and professional standards are some of the best in the market today. 

4. AptDeco

A name you will hear every New Yorker say when you ask them for furniture thrift stores, AptDeco is rising in popularity worldwide. 

AptDeco is a secure place to sell and buy second-hand and vintage furniture as their deliveries are insured, saving you the headache of scams and delivery hassles. With this, AptDeco also provides low prices you will probably not find anywhere else. Its user-friendly catalog of products have some of the best trends in modern furniture. 

It also gives you the option of taking a Style Quiz, which expertly recommends you pieces based on your personal preferences.

5. Krrb

Pronounced as “curb”, Krrb keeps the tradition of tossing unneeded furniture out on the curb by allowing people to put it on their platform instead. 

What sets Krrb apart from online stores like Craigslist is the fact that sellers can create their own online storefront where they can showcase their goods. Krrb might handle shipping and delivery, but the sellers are expected to collect the goods they purchase from the buyers directly. 

Krrb is extremely user-friendly with features such as letting sellers see the potential buyers, so as to help them make better deals. The collection itself might not be large, but it offers plenty of great offers. You can choose to search for sellers in your area and link products from platforms like Etsy to your Krrb order. 

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As for sellers, you can use an intuitive app and website to access Krrb. Krrb even charges 0 commission on using the store, just “credits” which can be replenished by shopping and filing out your profile on the site.

6. Amazon

An online furniture store that needs no introduction, Amazon is an entry that surprises no one. But for those that are still in disbelief, yes, Amazon sells second hand furniture. 

With a whopping 2.4 billion people visiting the site everyday, Amazon certainly is one of the biggest online thrift-stores for second hand furniture. The platform is perfect for those wanting to spruce up their homes on a budget. All the furniture they deal with is properly licensed.

7. Etsy

Much like the entry above, you’re probably surprised to see Etsy on this list. What started as a storefront for making small hand-made items, Etsy has evolved into something much bigger. 

The people who shop on Etsy always seem to applaud their service. What sets it apart is its versatility. Sure you can find authentic and vintage second-hand furniture, but you can go one step further and customize your own to suit your specific needs. 

Etsy is an incredible platform where creativity and sustainability is always valued. Sellers get to manage their own storefront, and buyers can get their hands on one-of-a-kind pieces or painted up-cycled furniture that fits their taste.

8. This is Not Ikea (TINI)

Often shortened to “TINI”, This is Not Ikea started as one man’s shopping addiction which soon evolved into a reputable online retailer. 

The man in question, Alexis Hadjopulos, posts unusual and distinct pieces which are curated from garage sales, flea markets, auctions, and so on. If you want to add an eccentric flair to your home, Alexis will be your personal tour guide for some of the very best pieces. Be it shabby lanterns, vintage embroideries, or whacky furniture pieces, TINI has got it all.

This is Not Ikea even goes as far as to help you out with furniture choices every Monday and Tuesday, along with a 14-day shipping and exchange policy.

9. Poshmark

What started as a store for pre-owned accessories and clothing, Poshmark has slowly ventured out into selling second hand home décor. 

Poshmark does not deal with furniture, rather it hosts everything from wall art, bathing accessories, storage and organization pieces, and so on. You are bound to find décor that you would not have anywhere else. It is also relatively more affordable. 

Selling is as easy as taking a picture of your product, selling it on Poshmark, and sending it to your buyer in a pre-paid envelope.

10. Urban Fusion Décor

If you want a one-stop shop for home décor that just matches the overall aesthetic of your house, then you have to look no further than Urban Fusion Décor. 

Be it a traditional or a modern home, or a casual apartment, Urban Home Décor has an excellent selection of sofas,  seats, chairs, and even tables like a cozy coffee table. You have the option of going for high-end furniture or casual home décor pieces. 

You get the option of choosing complimentary pieces for your selected furniture, or exquisite embroideries throughout the ages to add a distinct flair to your home. Urban Fusion Décor only accepts pieces that are gently used, and are kept in good quality and cleaned.

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11. Furnishly

Furnishly is a user-friendly end-to-end furniture marketplace which aims to provide hassle-free cataloging and purchase of second-hand furniture and home decor. 

Individuals and small-scale stores looking to sell unwanted goods for cash have a simple way of organizing their inventory and look for potential buyers in their area. Furnishly aims to be the next go-to marketplace by optimizing the abstract online marketplace. 

By handling transactions for the seller, and organizing the purchases for the buyer, it connects the two parties to upsell second hand furniture. Buyers can even connect with the sellers for delivery fees, if applicable.

12. EBTH

Short for “Everything But The House”, EBTH truly lives up to its name with its collection of unusual and unique selections. 

With bids starting as low as $1, you can find everything from boats to bobbleheads. You are bound to find a bizarre antique piece which accentuates your home and catches your eye immediately. The prices are affordable, and you are guaranteed to find an uncommon Victorian era inspired second hand furniture (if you look hard enough!).

13. Vinterior

Vinterior has quickly grown to be the leading online marketplace for second hand vintage furniture in the UK, as well as in Europe. 

From pre-owned sofas to period specific cabinets, tables, and home décor, Vinterior has everything to recreate specific time periods for your home or workplace, depending on your budget, taste, and requirements. 

Vinterior allows sellers to put up antique furniture which is either designed or being up-sold, and sellers have a wide range of pre-owned furniture and accessories to choose from.

14. Viyet

A play on the word “vignette”, Viyet is the place to check out when you want to add more personality to your living space. 

Now acquired by Sotheybe, Viyet is an online retailer of vintage and antique furniture and home décor. What sets Viyet apart is its intent of exposing lesser known designers to the world of high-end furniture connoisseurs, who need luxury at affordable prices. 

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All items on Viyet are professionally tested and curated. Viyet even collaborates with consignors in terms of settling for prices.

15. Fleapop

You no longer have to leave the comfort of your home to access a flea market for the unusual antique furniture piece you want to surprise your friends with. With Fleapop, you get all the benefits of buying and selling second hand furniture in a real market. 

Fleapop cuts through the hassle of navigating through crowds by cataloging their one-of-a-kind pieces on the same virtual platform. If you want to step away from the world of generic furnishing, this would be a unique place to look into.

16. Craigslist

Despite every entry on this list trying to replace Craigslist as the default online marketplace to look for second hand furniture, any list would be incomplete without it.

Sellers can list their items for free, and buyers can contact them and arrange for a time to meet. These two parties are free to negotiate or agree on the listed price, after which the transaction is done. 

The process might seem rudimentary, but if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it! The prices at Craigslist are often reasonable, and there is no hassle for shipping as it is all local.

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17. Urban Americana

Urban Americana markets itself as a vintage and mid-century second hand furniture and home décor marketplace. And with a 16,000 sq feet warehouse full of unique designs and period-specific pieces, you best believe they’re a great place to browse endlessly in! 

Based in Southern California, Urban Americana gives you the option to choose from over 40 dealers, each with their own aesthetic, style, and collection of antiques and vintage furniture pieces. 

Be it mid-century modern or vintage industrial, Urban Americana can help deliver your favorite goods in the area, or arrange for white glove shipping directly to your home.

18. Kijiji

Kijiji operates a lot like Craigslist, where buyers can put up classified advertisements for used and second hand furniture. Sellers can contact these buyers and settle for a price themselves. 

Based in Canada, Kijiji has services mainly in urban areas and cities. It has even grown to be a direct competitor to Craigslist itself.

19. Facebook Marketplace

Never underestimate the ever-growing Facebook Marketplace. It has exploded in popularity in the last 5 years for its intuitive and user-friendly experience for anyone looking to buy and sell second hand furniture and accessories. 

All you need to list your products on Facebook Marketplace is a Facebook profile and your location. From there, you can put your products on the marketplace, and find sellers with your particular taste with the click of a button. Some even find it to be an easier way to communicate with sellers when compared to platforms like Craigslist.

Finding the best online second hand furniture store can be a daunting task, as you’re not always bound to find the exact style or time period of furniture you need. But with the 19 best options listed here, you are bound to find something you’ll fall in love with! 

Every marketplace listed here has something or the other to satisfy your niche. Keep browsing, and you’ll find the perfect furniture piece that brings your entire house together.

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