31 of the Best Online Antique Stores (2022 List)

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Buying and collecting antiques is a passion for many. It’s not as easy as it sounds though, is it? It can be a task that consumes a lot of your time, effort, money, and yet still ends up being in vain.

There are a lot of factors that go into finding the right antique stores and sellers. What’s worse? Sometimes what you want might only be available two continents away. This is why online antique shopping has gained much popularity these days.

Of course, like any other thing, this too has its pros and cons.

While risks, frauds and scams can happen, there are some online antique stores that are quite trustworthy and safe. So read on to find out the best online antique stores where you might just find that specific item that you’ve been searching for all along!


31 of the Best Online Antique Stores

1. Amazon

Surprisingly, not many people are aware that antiques can be bought on Amazon. While this might not be the ideal place to get original antique or art pieces, Amazon is a great place if you’re looking for collectibles.

They also have a wide assortment of items that you can choose from. What’s more! They even have a refund policy! So you can always return the item if it’s not to your liking. If it’s selling and not buying that you’ve got in your mind, Amazon is up for that too!

2. Etsy

Etsy continues to be one of the top online stores for the vintage antique lovers out there. Not only do they provide the buyers with a large variety of unique items to choose from, but the customer reviews make you feel comfortable and reassured. You can always find something that falls into your budget!

While Etsy has a vast array of antiques, the online store is most popular for its vintage items. This ranges from paintings, sculptures, and china to antique carpets, jewellery and clothes.

3. Ruby Lane

When it comes to Ruby Lane, it is the wide selection of items available that has buyers flocking in this online store. With over 2000 shops, Ruby Lane lays out thousands of antique as well as vintage items to choose from. This includes antique jewellery, china, art, dolls, etc.

With this endless list of items available, there’ll always be something that catches your eye despite the distinct tastes that individual buyers may have. The refund policy is most definitely another perk that the store offers.

4. 1st Dibs

Are you looking for an antique that is particularly valuable? Then 1st Dibs might be the right place for you. The store sells antique jewellery, furniture and art pieces to even collectibles.

It can be quite the anxious task if you’re trying to buy an especially costly item. 1st Dibs is quite known for the authenticity of all items put up for sale. On an average, the cost of an item sold here, comes to around $3,000 in sum.

However the online store has proved itself multiple times to be a safe and trustworthy space for customers as well as sellers.

5. Artfire

Artfire provides a neat assortment of antique items that are made available to the customers under six distinct categories. These include jewelry, crafts and tool supplies, art pieces, and entertainment.

The clear-cut categorisation and neat organization of the different antiques, makes it easier for you to find the specific item that you might be searching for. Artfire also prides itself in providing a platform for incredible artista, to present their works of art.

6. Ebay

Similar to Amazing, eBay is another website that has a variety of different antique items. What makes it a bit more unique is the fact that eBay has certain unique antique and vintage items that might not be easily available elsewhere.

This includes sporting goods, vintage stamps, electronics and cars, collectibles, clothes, clocks, etc. What makes this online store even more popular is the fact that the antiques out for sale are of trustable quality.

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7. OLX

OLX is an up-and-coming online antique store that has gradually been gaining popularity. Most buyers and collectors are only slowly becoming aware of the marketplace.

OLX offers absolute collectibles, antiques as well as vintage items that can be a great addition to your collection. If you are in particular, looking for vintage coins from ages back, then there is a high probability that you might find it in OLX while scouring the online antique store.

8. Bonanza

This is again another one of the lesser known online antique stores that is in reality, a great marketplace for antiques. When it comes to collectibles, art pieces, souvenirs,and vintage items, Bonanza is definitely a recommendable destination.

This online marketplace is in fact higher than websites like Etsy and Amazon, in rating and score. Ironically, owing to the store being underrated, you might just find something awesome at one of the cheapest rates!

9. Craigslist

The antique pieces put up for sale in Craigslist, can be described as nothing less than exceptional. This website is quite popular among both buyers as well as sellers. 

While the platform has a large variety of vintage and antique items, there are still a few that steal the spotlight. This includes vintage jewelry, antique furniture, old coins or notes, paintings, etc, all of which dates back to quite a few decades.

10. Rehab Vintage Interiors

As the name might already suggest, Rehab Vintage Interiors is an ideal online platform that sells vintage interior design items and in particular, antique furniture.

While the collection of items available in this website is quite exceptional in value and quality, this online antique store is still pretty much underrated. The authenticity of the antique furniture and classic artwork items is very much approved and would be a great addition to your collection!

11. Webstore

Although it’s not a widely known online antique store, Webstore has gradually but steadily getting a foot in the online marketplace. Open to both buyers and sellers, this platform has an endless list of collectibles and antique items that are laid out neatly for sale.

The charm of the website as an online antique store, is its versatility with regard to the sheer number of distinct antique and vintage items made available under unique categories.

12. Red Line Vintage

Red Line Vintage is not quite popular among the many online antique marketplaces. However, the place is in fact a great destination for those of you who are especially fascinated by vintage art works and pieces.

With its unique collection of vintage, industrial and mid-century items such as paintings, antique furniture, portraits, etc, Red Line Vintage is a godsend place to explore the different collectibles as well as vintage art and antiques.

13. Tara Shaw Antiques

This online marketplace specializes in selling vintage items as well as antique furniture from Europe. It is a great place for those of you who are fascinated by history, culture and art of the continent.

Tara Shaw Antiques focuses particularly on classic European antique items that date back to many eras. The interior design and home decor accessories in this category are known to be of great quality. So while the antiques might be expensive, the quality is also worth it.

14. Shopify

Shopify is quite similar to Amazon in the sense that you can both buy as well as sell antiques in this online store.

The website also provides a wide range of antique and vintage items that are put into different categories based on factors such as historical style and period. This makes it a lot easier for the customer to navigate through the online store.

Shopify is known to be the ideal place if you are in search of rare antique items at an agreeable rate. 

15. Antiques and Chatchkes

Known for the wide variety of vintage items available, Antiques and Chatchkes sell distinct pieces such as vintage jewelry, antique furniture, kitchenware, collectibles, oil paintings, lighting accessories, etc.

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The online store is quite easy to navigate and has a large spread of items to choose from. Furthermore, the quality of each of the vintage and antique items are sold with complete authenticity.

However, Antiques and Chatchkes continue to be popular for their rich assortment of classic items.

16. Omerohome

If you’re in search of classic antique items, then Omerohome is the ideal place for you. The endless list of various vintage and antique items laid out by the platform, is quite the spread.

This includes the valuable antique items such as candle holders, vintage mirrors, animal sculptures, decor items, pottery, vintage kitchenware, antique furniture, etc. Well curated and managed, Omerohome is one of the best online antique stores for classic pieces.

17. The Good Mod

With its focus on mid-century antique items, the Good Mod offers a large variety of items that are much coveted by antique lovers. The website is particularly famous for its mid-century furniture, as well as for its vintage accessories, light fittings, artworks, etc.

On a broader basis, the platform can be said to specialize on classic antique pieces. So check out the place of you want to add on any mid-century antique items or collectibles to your collection.

18. Just Vintage Home

As the name of the website suggests, this platform has a particular interest in antique items as well as vintage collectibles. Just Vintage Home even categorizes some of the wide range of items in the website as pre-medieval, medieval and post-medieval pieces.

It is this very distinct array of choices put out for you that draws the attention towards the beautiful pieces that can become valuable additions to your collection. 

19. Zibbet

This is one of those online antique stores that has been established for some time and is quite popular among both sellers as well as buyers of antique items.

The website follows a minimalist trend and this puts you at ease, providing a comfortable experience. Although it does not have a large collection of different items put up for sale, Zibbet focuses primarily on good quality handmade as well as vintage pieces.

20. Modern Antiquarian

Run by a team of curators, Modern Antiquarian is one of the widely appreciated online antique marketplaces. The platform provides a collection of quite intriguing antique pieces that is mostly used as interior design or modern home decor accessories.

The process of purchasing an item here is considered as comparatively one of the most safest and secure. Modern Antiquarian is also known for the attention and importance it gives to the style, history and beauty of an item. 

21. TIAS Antiques

This online antique store is popularly known for something rather out of the ordinary. That is, advertising antiques. This includes items such as antique art deco posters, neon signs, etc.

The platform sells a wide variety of other stuff such as vintage furniture and jewellery, However TIAS Antiques is best known for its collection on antique advertising items. The refund policy provided by the platform is also another perk that puts the customers at ease.

22. Old Plank

Based in the United States, Old Plank is a quite popular online antique store that is particularly famous for its exquisite collection of rare antiques.

Among the large variety of items available in the website, there is also items such as vintage items and custom furniture collections. Managed quite professionally as well as passionately, Old Plank is known for its collection of some of the best antique pieces available for purchase.

23. Sotheby’s

Sotheby’s can be described as one of the most seasoned online antique marketplaces. Established in 1744, Sotheby’s give importance to ensuring the authenticity as well as valuation of the antiques and vintage art that is put up for sale in the website.

The auctions are conducted in a well organized manner. This is a platform for those who are specifically looking for a valuable antique and hence quite expensive as per the item’s worth.

24. MS Rau Antiques

If you’re looking for unique antique items or something that is out of the usual, then this might be just the place for you. With its wide assortment of fascinating vintage items, MS Rau Antiques has become quite popular among the crowd of antique lovers.

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You can find distinct antique pieces in this store, such as medical antiques, vintage furniture, walking canes, antique jewelry, vintage music boxes, art, etc. The platform also provides an incredible guarantee s heme for the items purchased.

25. Chairish

Chairish is a well-known and popular online antique marketplace. The website is most popular for its great collection of items such as antique art and vintage furniture.

Other than this specialisation, the platform also provides a lot of other antique items like sculptures, rugs, artworks, china, etc. Another one of the great perms at Chairish is the fact that you can always negotiate the deal on items that you would like to purchase.

26. Rejuvenation

What sets apart Rejuvenation from the other online antique stores out there, is the fact that this place offers a curated selection of vintage as well as antique items.

What’s even more interesting is that Rejuvenation not only sells vintage furniture from different historical eras, but they are also up for restoring them!

You can find a wide assortment of antique artworks, rugs, vintage furniture, light fittings, etc. Their refund policy also allows you to shop in peace!

27. Srchie

Do you love shopping at flea markets and  bargaining for prices? Srchie might just be the perfect place for you then! It is an online store that has a wide variety of antiquesf good quality, that are available at unbelievably cheap rates.

You can also find collectibles and vintage items here, at affordable prices. The return policy offered by the website, makes Srchie even more of a hotspot for buyers of antique items.

28. Selency

This is an online antique store that is professionally handled by connoisseurs and passionate buyers of authentic art pieces. Selency’s success as an antiques marketplace, lies in their dedication to their specialisation. That is, vintage furniture, art deco, interior decor accessories, etc.

What adds to their trustworthiness, is the remarkable customer service that is carried out with immense care and attention through safe transactions, as well as delivery solutions.

29. Mid Century Mobler

As the name suggests, Mid Century Mobler is the ideal place if you are specifically looking for designs or furniture from the 50s and 60s. The items put up for sale here are brought in with care from many different countries and mid century furniture sellers and dealers.

Mid Century Mobler has now become one of the most leading online marketplaces for the simple reason that they do well and safe with their specialised area of antiques.

30. Mint Threads

This online store is quite unique in the fact that it has a distinct list of items that are unlike most other websites. Mint Threads may not be the ideal place to go to if you’re looking for valuable antique furniture, paintings, etc.

Rather, this is an online marketplace that might just be one of the best places, if you’re a lover of vintage items. In Mint Threads, you can specifically find unique items of vintage fashion, clothing, accessories, etc.

31. Mercari

If you’re looking to buy antiques and vintage items at some of the cheapest rates available in the online marketplace. Mercari is particularly suitable for those of you who prefer shopping at flea markets.

Another one of the perks at this place is the fact that you can make deals, negotiate and bargain! You just need the know-hows and you can go home with awesome antique and vintage pieces at unbelievably cheap prices.

Mercari has become one of the safest online antique stores with items that have official authentication.

Be sure to check out these online antique stores because they’re some of the best existing options out there. Act smart and add on more items to your treasured collection of antiques.

Written by Pulkit D

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