How To Make Bathroom Smell Good – 15 Easy Hacks

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It’s the tiniest details in life that make all the difference. A flower by the window, a poster on the wall, or a great-smelling bathroom. To be honest, a great smelling bathroom is more important than anything else especially if you have guests coming over.

No one likes to walk into a bathroom that smells bad. It can make you feel sick, and it’s just plain unpleasant.

Unfortunately, many people don’t know how to keep their bathrooms smell good and fresh all the time. If you’re one of those people, here are some tips to help you out.


15 Hacks To Make Bathroom Smell Great 

1. Cleaning Regularly

This may seem obvious, but cleaning your bathroom regularly is the first and most important step in keeping your bathroom smelling fresh. Make sure to clean the toilet, sink, and shower/bathtub regularly.

2. Eliminate the Silent Culprit

Sometimes, even after all the scrubbing, wiping, and washing, the smell lingers. One of the most common causes of this stink is the areas hidden from plain sight. The wall behind the toilet is one such neglected place.

To reach there, grab some disinfectant and a thin brush. Douse the brush in the cleaner and wipe it away. Your bathroom will thank you.

3. The Toilet Paper Diffuser

Getting rid of stink has never been this easy. To gain maximum advantage from your toilet paper, just put a few drops of essential oils on the inside of the toilet paper roll.

The moment someone uses toilet paper, the scent of the oils will make the atmosphere smell fresh and amazing.

The choice of essential oil is completely your own. The best thing is there are no side effects as Essential oil has its unique benefits. Tea tree, lavender, or even jasmine, this hack makes your toilet paper doubly effective.

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4. Good Ventilation

Good ventilation is key in any room, but it’s especially important in the bathroom. Fumes from human sweat and other smells like body wash or deodorant will linger in a small space, which causes an unpleasant odor.

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So, make sure to open bathroom windows (if you have one) or turn on the exhaust fan whenever you take a shower or bathe to air out the bathroom.

5. Toilet Bombs

Move over bath bombs, toilet bombs are the next fad. These bombs are easy to make and leave your bathroom smelling fresh. Pop a few in the seat and they will eliminate the odor at its root.

These work in a jiffy and deodorize the entire space. Moreover, making these bombs can also be a great evening project for kids. Here is an easy tutorial for DIY Toilet bombs.

6. Before You Go, Spray

Poo-Pourri Before-You-go Refillable Bottle (Sprayer not Included), 16 Fl Oz, Lavender Vanilla, 16 Fl Oz

Have friends over for a Christmas party? Or another Sunday brunch gathering? You’d be glad either way to have a toilet spray on hand. The Poo Pourri before you go spray can prevent odor before it even takes root. These sprays kill the bacteria on the spot, which leaves no time for them to spread.

It gives you complete reign over the process and is fairly inexpensive. The best thing is there are no chemicals used and you can easily purchase them via Amazon.

7. Odor-eating Discs

Odor banishing discs are easy to make, efficient, and quick to show results. Just place them in the bathroom to make it smell amazing. You can make them in various shapes and sizes, depending upon the extent of use. Furthermore, they require only 10 minutes to make and can be set in batches.

Most of the ingredients required to make some might already be lying around your house itself. Here is a handy set of instructions to get you working on the first batch.

8. Vinegar in the Tank

Old is gold, and using vinegar is as old school as it gets. Vinegar is non-toxic, biodegradable, and leaves behind a pleasant clean scent. It’s also multipurpose and available everywhere, which makes it a convenient choice.

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Just pour some white vinegar into the flush bowl to give a thorough rinse each time someone uses the toilet. Due to its sanitizing nature, vinegar will absorb all odor-causing bacteria. In its wake, it will even leave the toilet looking shiny thanks to the cleaning properties of vinegar

9. Odor Banishing Spray

Mask Toilet Spray, Coconut & Lime, 2-Ounce, 6-Pack, Deodorizer Bathroom Spray

There is a major difference between your daily household sprays and those meant for the bathroom. Normal sprays only cover up the stink, they only act as a mask over the real concern. Bathroom sprays, on the other hand, get rid of the bacteria that create these odors.

This leads to a fresh bathroom that is not overladen with fragrance particles. This is by far the best bathroom spray that you can get online and in stores.

10. Classic DIY Air Fresheners

Air fresheners have been around for quite some time, and rightfully so. They never fail to disappoint with their efficiency. Moreover, they are available for cheap and do not need constant monitoring.

Just open a packet and leave them on any surface, keeping you at rest for weeks on end. Give these a DIY twist by following along these techniques for making one on your own.

11. Air Freshener 2.0- Gel-based

If you’d not disturb the aesthetic value of your bathroom by placing cubes of air freshener, then place gel-based fresheners built with unscented gelatin and some essential oils.

To up the ornamental value, you can play with food coloring and decorative trinkets as well. These are not only cute to look at but will make your bathroom smell amazing as well. They are also spill-proof, so you’re saved from accidental knock overs.

Here is a step-by-step tutorial on how to make one.

12. Clean Your Shower curtain

We are guilty of this one too. Shower curtains are the least looked upon bathroom accessory. They are often forgotten instead of cleaning and scrubbing away at other surfaces.

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Remove them every once in a while to rinse them out with a cleanser. This will get rid of any underlying odors that may be present due to continuous usage. If you’re too lazy to get them off their hooks, then use a spray bottle to spritz some disinfectant on, and let it wash away in the shower itself.

13. Clean Your Toilet Scrub

Toilet scrubs work away hard at cleaning every other grime but are hardly cleaned themselves. Colonies of bacteria can build up deep inside them if left unnoticed.

An ingenious way to keep them sanitized is to fill up a cylinder with disinfectant and let the scrub rest. This will make sure that the scrub is deodorized between uses and does not contribute to the stench.

14. DIY Reed Diffuser

These mason jars not only look pretty but can also help to combat odor. Plus, they are refillable and will last a long time. All you have to do is place it in a safe area and enjoy the aroma wafting about as you take a shower. The best thing is they are made of biodegradable materials, so count them as a win for your senses and the environment.

Here’s a tutorial on how to make your own mason jar reed diffuser.

15. Get Rid of Musty Towel Stink

Bathrooms are extremely humid, and if not aired out can become suffocating. Towels placed in bathrooms can also acquire a musty smell after some time. Always air out these on a sunny day or throw them in for a wash now and then. You will immediately notice a vast difference in how your bathroom smells.

The best way to keep your bathroom smelling good is by following these simple tips. Be sure to clean the bathroom regularly, use air fresheners, and keep a good ventilation system. Doing these things will help to ensure that your bathroom smells fresh and pleasant all the time.

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