51 Best Shoe Storage Ideas

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Shoes are some of the most difficult to organize items because of their bulky shapes, and no matter what you do, it seems as the storage is shrinking and your collection is growing.

Three key hacks to perfect shoe storage are visibility, accessibility, and protection and it’s time to stop tripping over your heels. Start with a decluttering session by saying goodbye to every pair that you never use.

Put clutter in its place with some amazing shoe organizing ideas that would maximize your space and arrange every pair in a picture-perfect array. We have stackable shelves, boxes, over-the-door storage, DIY ladders, wooden crates storage and so much more to explore.

From bedroom to mudroom, find the best shoe storage solution because those wonders deserve some love! So scroll down and check out 51 Best Shoe Storage Ideas and renovate your shoe-drobe!


51 Best Shoe Storage Ideas

1. The Ladder Shoe Shelf

Via Collectivegen

This tiered shoe rack is an efficient storage solution for all your lovely shoes that you want to put on display. 

You would just need a wooden ladder and wide wooden boards of different lengths to complete this DIY. You can paint this ladder shelf if you want but natural wood looks best. Now your marvelous shoe collection won’t be hidden in the closet anymore, but displayed in the entryway, maybe? 

2. DIY Skateboard Shelf

Via Hometalk

Here’s a unique DIY to store your shoes. You don’t have to buy new skateboards for this one, just recycle some old ones and you are good to go. 

You would need some corner braces, screws, and some flat head machine screws with hex nuts to complete this DIY. Mark the placing before you drill the screws and use a scale to ensure perfection. Spray paint the skateboards in different colors and stack them one above the other. 

3. DIY Cardboard Shoe Rack

Via Apieceofrainbow

I hope you are as intrigued as I was when I first saw this creative DIY. Not only do those shoes look super comfortable in this setup but this storage idea is cheap, and it would take an hour to complete. 

This shoe rack is made of triangular tubes (their size will depend on the size and shape of the shoes you own). Figure out the pattern and then paste them together with glue and you are done! 

4. DIY Wooden Crate Shoe Racks

Via Livefromjulieshome

This DIY shoe rack has got a vintage look and if you want a farmhouse-style decor in your house, go with this one. You can also recycle wooden crates with this project and transform them into a functional shoe rack. 

You would need some wooden crates, caster wheels, a wood stain, and sandpaper for this DIY. Basic hardware would suffice and you don’t need any advanced equipment. As you would have guessed, the wheels make this rack portable and that’s an advantage! 

5. Expandable and Adjustable Shoe Storage Rack

Simple Trending 3-Tier Stackable Shoe Rack, Expandable & Adjustable Fabric Shoe Shelf Storage Organizer,Silver

Tiered racks are traditional shoe storage solutions and this utility rack would be a good choice if you have a small space. This shoe rack is 3-tiered, stackable, expandable as well as adjustable. 

It can store up to 9-12 pairs of shoes. This elegant silver storage rack can be combined to make a bigger storage system—if you stack two such racks, you’ll have yourself a 10 tier shoe stand.

6. Customized Shoe Hangers

Via Heywandererblog

As the name suggests, these are hangers customized according to the size and shape of every shoe. This could be very helpful if you want to organize your shoe closet and say goodbye to the mess. 

Use plain wire hangers and wire clippers and modify them according to your needs. You can hang up your flats and heels easily and give them a brushing now and then to clean the dust layer. If you have an empty wall, these shoe hangers are the right choice. 

7. Bench and Shoe Storage

Via Treyandlucy

How about a storage solution that can be used as a seating area too? Install a bench in your living room and store shoes in baskets underneath it.

You would just need a few woven baskets to store your shoes and you are done with the storage part. You can label them with each family member’s name too.

For the bench, you can buy a high-rise one so that those baskets can fit under it. If you want to construct this unique bench, go for it! A wooden plank and hairpin legs that are easily available online would do the job.

8. Portable Boot Rack

TXT&BAZ 27-Pairs Portable Boot Rack Double Row Shoe Rack Covered Nonwoven Fabric(7-Tiers Beige)

Made from durable polymer plastic, this large shoe organizer comes with 7 tiers and 2 rows. With dedicated spaces for boots, heels, flats, and sneakers, this shoe cabinet is portable as it can be assembled and disassembled within 15 minutes. 

Ideal for closets, cabinets, and entryways, this shoe rack also comes with a zippered non-woven fabric cover to keep your shoes dust-free. It can hold up to 27 pairs of small and big shoes. 

9. IKEA Storage Rails

Via Ikeahackers

Without using an inch of your precious floor space, these rails are here to house your shoe collection with grace. No matter how tidy those storage bins look, they keep your shoes tucked away or hidden under other things and if you’re not into that, these rails are here to help you out.

These rails are cool enough to put your shoes on display very conveniently and ensure that they are never out of sight. You can drill them as high as you want.

10. Over-the-Door Hanging Shoe Organizer

Whitmor Over the Door Shoe Rack - 36 Pair - Fold Up, Nonslip Bars

If you are tight on space, a hanging shoe organizer would utilize the length of the door and you won’t have to spare a wall for this one. 

This over-the-door fabric organizer can hold 36 pairs of shoes and it can protect them from dust and damage. If you want shoe storage in your mudroom or bathroom, this would be the best choice. Ideal for storing lightweight shoes for these racks, you can make any door functional by hanging this! 

11. DIY Shoe Rack Using Magazine Holders

Via Ikeahackers

Ever heard that magazine holders can be repurposed into a shoe rack? It looks pretty great as you can see here!

You can get magazine racks or holders from the dollar store or Walmart and drill them into an empty wall. They can also be drilled on a wooden board if you don’t want to damage the walls. This DIY shoe rack is economical, and you can customize it according to your requirements. 

12. 10-tiers Shoe Rack

YOUDESURE 10 Tiers Shoe Rack, Large Shoe Rack Organizer for 50 Pairs, Space Saving Shoe Shelf, Non-Woven Fabric Shoe Storage Cabinet (Black)

Do you want a big shoe rack? if you cannot install a bulky cabinet, no problem! You would just need a wall with ample vertical space, that’s it. This 10-tier shoe rack is just 11.8 inches wide and 36 inches tall, a portrait kind of structure. 

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It can accommodate 50 pairs at the same time and it can keep your closet, garage, or entryway clutter-free. The layered racks can be removed if you want to house kneel-long boots or high heels. With durable iron pipes and waterproof fabric, the structure is very stable as well. 

13. Corner Shoe Shelves

Via Ikeahackers

Corners are undoubtedly one of the most underestimated spaces and we never use them efficiently. However, with these tiny shelves, you can utilize a corner space and transform it into a shoe shelf. 

Spot a corner near the stairs, or maybe somewhere in the hall or entryway, and stack some shelves vertically. If it’s a very narrow corner, make it a children’s shoe storage and it would work well. The simple design is enough to make a statement and you can store as many shoes as you want! 

14. Grid Shoe Storage

Via Burkatron

This shoe storage grid is one of the best ideas if you want to put your heels on display—it has a contemporary vibe and it can gel with any interior. Though this storage won’t work for flats or any shoe without heels, it is a space-saving storage hack. 

You would just need a wired mesh for this one—you can paint it any color you would like. This grid would look amazing right beside the front door, leaned against a wall. Buy a bigger grid if you have a huge stash of heels and I am sure you will earn some compliments! 

15. Stairs to the Shoe Heaven

Via Zugai Strudwick Architects|Houzz

It is difficult to take your eyes off from such interiors and I cannot get over this one. If you want to keep your shoes hidden and save some closet space at the same time, turn those stairs into shoe drawers! 

You can add drawer storage to the bottom two stairs and it would save tons of space without cluttering any other part of the house. Yes, it might not be an economical choice, but you can’t ignore the perks, right? 

16. Stylish Storage Box

SOGOBOX Clear Shoe Box,Set of 2,Foldable Stackable Shoe Display Case,Plastic Shoe Storage with Clear Door,Can Clearly Display Sneakers,Collectibles,Easy Assembly,Fit up to US Size 13(14.2”x 11”x 8.7”)

These black storage boxes which come in a set of two are extremely stylish with their magnetic clear doors.

The installation is super-fast and easy. You can store high heels, slippers, flats, sneakers, and every other variety in these boxes. Get as much as you want and place them together to form a stackable, easy-to-clean system of shoes! 

17. Bin Bags Organizers

ABO Gear G01 Bins Bags Closet Organizers Sweater Clothes Storage Containers, 3pc Pack, Gray, 3 Count

I am sure you have one of these in your house and seasonals like sweaters are stacked in there. Well, these bin bags can also be used to store shoes like boots and sneakers that need air-tight protection. 

These multipurpose closet organizers which come in a pack of 3 are easy to carry, and the zipper closure system ensures no entry to pests and dust particles. In short, it is an accessible and economical shoe storage solution. 

18. Wooden Crate Storage

Via Theasmania

I am not obsessed with wooden crates, but one cannot ignore the fact that they make economical, flexible, and easy-to-make storage solutions. You would need an empty wall for this storage idea. 

Take some wooden crates, color them with spray paint, and drill them to the wall. You can be creative with their placements and create something amazing.

You can store shoes even on top of the crates, or even add little plants and other decor items.

19. Portable Shoe Rack

KOUSI Portable Shoe Rack Organizer 24 Pair Tower Shelf Storage Cabinet Stand Expandable for Heels, Boots, Slippers, 6 Tier White

A convenient and efficient shoe storage option, this portable shoe rack is here to keep your closet or mudroom clutter-free. The clear plastic covers would not hinder your view and you will always find the perfect pair of shoes right away. 

The space-saving design has 12 divided sections and a zippered cover to prevent bugs, dust, and humidity. The handy organizer comes with a handle and it can be carried from one place to another with ease. 

20. Wardrobe Storage Shelf

DonYeco Hanging Closet Organizer, Easy Mount Foldable 3-Shelf Hanging Closet Wardrobe Storage Shelves, Clothes Handbag Shoes Accessories Storage, Houndstooth Imitation Linen Fabric, Beige

An easy-mount, foldable option, these foldable storage shelves are ideal to store handbags, shoes, belts, and other accessories. You can hang this organizer behind a door if it’s convenient for you or on a rod in your closet.

Those 3 shelves would expand your storage wherever you need extra space and you can rely on its durable linen fabric. The material is washable too.

21. Mudroom Shoe Rack

Via Whitten Architects|Houzz

I feel great when I step into an organized entryway and I often compliment the host for keeping it neat and tidy. You can build multiple storage systems in your main entry or the mudroom and keep the entrance clean. 

This open cabinet has several lower cabinets for shoes, a mid-section where you can hang coats, and high cabinets where you can store seasonal clothing. Big cabinets aren’t a good choice for city apartments, but you can decorate your bungalow entrances with such shoe racks.

22. A Shoe Library

Via Foxinflats

A peek inside your shoe-drobe is probably enough to spoil your day but this awesome shoe library is here to take all your pain away. 

Gliding shoe racks, hanging boot bar, clear boxes, and wired racks, this shoe library has everything. You might use these storage elements separately and now, you just have to put them together and make this awesome all-in-one storage. Your shoe collection would be on display and it won’t be a mess ever again! 

23. Staircase Shoe Rack

Source Unknown

Here’s another stair shoe storage but it doesn’t utilize chest drawers—instead it is big slide-in storage that can be pulled out from one side. You can store all the frequently used shoes here out of sight. This way, your entryway or mudroom won’t be cluttered anymore.

You can create multiple storage spaces like this under the stairs and store things apart from shoes.

24. Hooks For Sneakers

Source Unknown

Have a stash of funky and stylish sneakers you want to put up for display? Get your hands on some cheap wall hooks and hang them by their laces like how it’s shown in the above picture.

Though this storage idea works from shoes with laces, it’s a unique storage solution and will give you easy access to all of them. 

25. Portable Storage Tower

JOISCOPE Portable Shoe Storage Organzier Tower, Modular Cabinet for Space Saving, Shoe Rack Ideal for shoes, boots, Slippers (1 x 10-tier)

Made from resin plastic, this shoe storage tower is flexible, durable, and offers ample storage space. You would need vertical space for this one and the whole set can store 16 to 32 pairs with ease. 

The cubic compartments can store 10 pounds each and they are available in different shapes. It can be customized to store bigger footwear like boots and it has doors to protect your expensive shoes.

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26. Wired Underbed Shoe Cart

Whitmor Rolling White Wire Underbed Cart

A wired underbed cart to store shoes and then slide into that unused space under your bed is a space-saver! 

You can store rarely used shoes in this one and slide them out of sight until next use. It’s made up of a heavy-duty frame and has an elegant white epoxy finish. It has got wheels so you can slide it out whenever you want to. Its assembling won’t require any tools too.

27. Washroom Shoe Holder

Via Kimberly Brian|Houzz

This mesh shoe rack might not be a space-saving option, but it a great solution for storing those sweaty running shoes. I know you never want to mix your workout shoes with those pretty heels, and the mesh bins are here to help. 

Place this caged shoe cabinet in the washroom or laundry room and it would be convenient. Those shoes would in front of your eyes, ready to be washed and you will never forget about them anymore! 

28. Sticky Hanging Strips

Yocice Wall Mounted Shoes Rack 4pcs with Sticky Hanging Strips, Plastic Shoes Holder Storage Organizer,Door Shoe Hangers (White- SM02(4PCS))

Sticky hanging strips could be a convenient temporary solution to those messy shoe cabinets. You can opt for this one if you live in a rented apartment or dorm with limited space. 

Buy these strips as many as you want and stick those shoes anywhere. Sides of the cabinet, back of the doors, or maybe a small wall space near your closet, anything would work. 

29. Traditional Shoe Cabinet

Baxton Studio FP-01LV-Espresso Studio Coolidge Shoe-Storage Cabinet, Espresso 14.5Lx29.625Wx27.5H

If you want to add a vintage touch to your interiors and you don’t want to work on DIY projects, this shoe cabinet one is for you. The traditional design reflects the early days where there were ample space and no concept of studio apartments. 

The cabinet is big and you can store 50 pairs at once, without worrying about dust, moisture, and pests. If you have enough space and a budget, go for it! 

30. Statement Shoe Drawers

Source Unknown

Shoe drawers look extremely chic and trendy if they are organized. You can modify a closet or already get one with drawers and customize them to store your shoes in such a manner.

These drawers come with two metal support bars to ensure that your shoes stay in place. Such drawers are perfect for organizing a closet. Unlike normal drawers, this one won’t get messy and you won’t have to search through it while looking for your favorite pair! 

31. Shoe Ladder for Children

Source Unknown

We are exploring shoe storage ideas for every room, let’s not forget the nursery. Add some functional space to your child’s room with this small shoe ladder. It is short and your kid can use it conveniently. 

You can use a varnished pallet and transform it into a shoe ladder. Make sure the gaps are not too wide because kids’ shoes aren’t big and they must fit in those gaps. 

32. Cube Shoe Storage

HOMIDEC Shoe Rack, 16 Cube Shoe Storage Cabinet Plastic Shoe Box Organizer for Closet Hallway Bedroom Entryway

If you are looking for a stylish design that is not too heavy on your pocket, this plastic shoe storage unit would be perfect. It has 16 cubic storage units that work as a good organizer and it can be placed in the bedroom, hallway, entryway, or closet. 

The organizer is made of plastic panels with a metal frame and supports a quick installation. The highly compatible design allows you to be as creative as you want and keep your shoe storage clean and tidy. 

33. Wardrobe Shelves

If you have an open wardrobe wall or can even a spare wall in your walk-in closet, you can organize your shoes together with your clothes. It is a simple design for those who hate crowded closets. 

The closet rod is there to hold your shirts, tops, and dresses. You can place the shelves on both sides and store your shoes and bags on the racks. This minimalist design is straightforward to recreate and it will never look messy.

34. HEMNES Shoe Cabinet

Via Ikea

If you are looking for a small shoe organizer to keep your everyday essentials neat and tidy, go for this stylish HEMNES shoe cabinet which can be kept in your entryway. It even has a small top drawer which could store some essentials like keys, pens, etc.

Your cabinet doesn’t have to be exactly like this also, basically, any drawer that could make a statement would do. Choose a color that could gel well with any and every wall and if it’s for the entryway, make sure you consider the placement. 

35. Wood Frame Shoe Rack

Organize It All 3 Tier Wood Frame Shoe Storage Rack

A compact rack made with rich espresso wood, this 3-tier wooden frame unit can help you if you want shoe storage in a small place. You can use this to store shoes that are used daily and can be accessed easily. These racks cannot accommodate your entire shoe collection, but they can act as temporary storage. 

It has three mesh slanted shelves to keep those shoes in place and the sleek wooden frame on the sides can also make a statement.  

36. Shoe Organizer with Pockets

STORAGE MANIAC Over The Door Shoe Organizer, 2-Pack Hanging Shoe Organizer, 12-Pocket Wall Shoe Organizer, Grey

Another over-the-door storage, this hanging organizer comes in a pack of 2 with 12 large pockets each, perfect for holding shoes. Made of heavy-duty polyester, the open design pockets are breathable and easy to clean. 

The shoe organizer has 12 durable hooks and it can be hung on a door, closet rods, or an empty wall with ease. You can save some closet space with these pockets and keep your shoes organized. 

37. Shoe Boxes with Pictures

Source Unknown

This would be time-consuming, but the results would make you super happy especially if you love to see things organized. You can buy shoe boxes from the dollar store, paint them white, and attach a picture of the shoe that would be inside it. You know how important it is to keep your shoe dust-free and what could be better than shoeboxes? 

38. Contemporary Shoe Cabinet

This small cabinet and shoe organizer has got some good looks and can gel well with any interior. The rectangle shape makes it easy to pair with other furniture, according to the requirement. 

The racks are slanting with dividers to keep the shoes in place. The doors have white handles for ease of use and the upper portion has a multipurpose drawer to house other essentials like shoe polish, brushes, etc.

39. Door Shoe Organizer

Via Orgjunkie

No more closet clutter ’cause we have a hanging shoe organizer that can be fixed to the closet door. You won’t be using any wall space or cabinets, simply the inside of the closet door for this storage hack. 

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The hanging shoe organizer would be the best to store indoor shoes and if not in the closet, you can hang this on a bathroom or laundry door. Secure each side on the door frame to avoid swaying with the movement.

This is definitely a go-to option if you live in a dorm or cramped apartment with limited space. 

40. DIY Laundry Shoe Storage

Via Maillardvillemanor

An economical and good shoe storage idea, this DIY solution is perfect for the laundry room or mudroom. You would just need a small corner for this—install an inexpensive closet unit in it like wired racks with tiers according to the vertical height.

You can decorate it by placing woven baskets in the setup and adding hangers if you want a fully functional closet. 

41. Shoe Rack for Heels

Via Heatherednest

Use your mudroom or spare room walls to store heels and save space like a pro! The DIY racks are pretty easy to replicate and regular hardware tools would be enough for them. You don’t have to worry about accommodating those bulky heels in your shoe cabinet anymore.

42. Mobile Shoe Caddy

SPACEKEEPER Slim Storage Cart, 3 Tier Bathroom Organizers Rolling Utility Cart Slide Out Storage Shelves Mobile Shelving Unit Organizer for Office, Kitchen, Bedroom, Bathroom, Laundry Room, White

If you need a multipurpose shoe storage solution, but you cannot allot a big space for it, this mobile caddy is for you. It has got four functional wheels which make it portable and handy, it’s easy to assemble, and is made of durable material.

As one of the simplest storage solutions, this caddy could be carried wherever you want. Keep it right beside the main door or in your laundry, it doesn’t matter. Also, this could work well if you want to store kids’ shoes since it isn’t that tall and will be within reach for every member. 

43. Footwear Room Storage

The unique design and the light grey color of this cabinet make it suitable for any interior and with 6 storage spaces, you can store several pairs. 

It works with a pull-out mechanism and the shoes are stored in a slanting way for ease of visibility and it also ensures that they stay in place. You can even use the topmost part of the cabinet more to store more shoes and it would be worth it! 

44. Rotating Shoe Rack

Via Goodhousekeeping

Some shoe organizers aren’t efficient because you cannot see all the pairs. While the best solution for this problem would be using clear storage boxes for shoes, you can also use rotating racks for convenience. 

The shoe stand has 4 racks and it rotates for added accessibility and efficiency. The racks are so designed to hold the pairs in place and it is very easy to clean. You can combine this with other storage units to make a full-fledged shoe station. 

45. Closet Shoe Organizer

Via Ourhousenowahome

A top-notch and sophisticated shoe rack, the closet design is custom-made to house your expensive shoes. This one could be installed in any corner of a walk-in closet and customized with lights. 

Place a classic mirror on top of this rack and pair it with some showpieces to complete the look. With the innovative design, you won’t struggle to find a pair and you can also have a quick look at yourself as a bonus. 

46. Repurposed Bar Cart

Via Goodhousekeeping

A wheeled storage unit is always an intelligent solution, thanks to its portability feature. Bar carts are easily available in the market and you can buy one and convert it to a shoe cart. If you have an old one, spruce it up by giving it a paint job and you have a fascinating shoe cart. 

The small size would fit in your closet and you can easily glide it out of the way when you want to access the rest of the closet. 

47. Climbing Wall Organizer

Via Lilyardor

Here is a simple shoe storage idea for the entryway or mudroom to store your most-used shoes for easy access. Organizing doesn’t mean you have to hide things away, especially when they can make a statement with the right background. These DIY log holders have proved to be the perfect shoe holders, decorated by a green friend at the top.  

You can use spare wood for this and attach the wooden planks onto the wall in a zig-zag method. Make a hollow bench right below it to complete the shoe unit. 

48. Slanting Shoe Storage

Via Digsdigs

An amazing shoe storage idea for teenagers, these slanting racks would put every shoe on display, and hence, they won’t have to struggle to find that one particular pair of sneakers. Teens are well known for their messy habits and we know how they keep their shoe cabinets. These racks would get messy as well, but they are better than cluttered cabinets. 

This setup is most ideal for workout rooms where accessibility and convenience are more important than aesthetics. 

49. DIY Shoe Cubby

Via Sincerelysarahd

The cubbies here are small but this one can accommodate more pairs since there are many. The DIY shoe cubby can be your fun adult project for a holiday and I am sure you will love its efficiency. 

In this idea, an antique mail sorter was turned into a full-fledged full cabinet. Boots can be stored underneath this unit as they are longer in size.

Choose a stain that could gel well in your interiors and you are good to go. This is an economical option, but it would consume lots of space. 

50. Portable Cabinet Stand

KOUSI Portable Shoe Rack Organizer 24 Pair Tower Shelf Storage Cabinet Stand Expandable for Heels, Boots, Slippers, 6 Tier White

One of my favorite of the lots, this portable shoe cabinet ticks all the boxes when it comes to a good shoe storage idea. It is accessible, convenient, has doors to keep dust out, and is portable. 

This unit has 12 cubic shoe racks, and each one can hold up to 22 pounds amidst those waterproof and dustproof panels. An easy-to-assemble design, it has got wheels and you can keep it anywhere and everywhere.

The cubby design and the elegant white color can also make a style statement! 

51. Clear Shoe Boxes

12 Pack Shoe Storage Boxes, Clear Plastic Stackable Shoe Organizer Bins, Drawer Type Front Opening Shoe Holder Containers

Nothing could beat the efficiency of boxes when it comes to shoe storage and these clear boxes could even make a style statement. They are clear stackable organizer bins with a drawer-type front opening. 

Made from plastic, these clear bins allow air circulation with rear ventilation holes which prevents odor. They would surely keep your shoe dust-free and optimize the available space. They are ideal for bathrooms, bedrooms, laundry, and so on—just stack them up to keep your shoes organized and easy to find. 

We have spoiled you with choices to store your shoes in a neat and efficient manner. So choose your favorite and get to work—your shoes deserve some love too!

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