43 Small Bedroom Organization Ideas

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Organizing a small bedroom can be a real pain and most of us tend to put it off for later. But really, how much more of sleeping in a messy and cluttered bedroom can you take?

Whenever small bedroom organization is concerned, the lack of square footage might make it tough to maintain a clean environment. But that simply means you’ll have to get a little more inventive with your organization techniques. Here are 43 ideas for organizing a small bedroom and creating the peaceful environment you need to unwind.

When almost every centimeter of area matters, these compact bedroom storage ideas will come in handy. By simply applying these ideas, you can significantly increase the amount of storage space in your small bedroom.

43 Small Bedroom Organization Ideas

1. DIY Under Bed Storage Boxes

Via Grillodesigns

The area beneath your bed must not be overlooked, and it can also not be easily accessible by everyone. You can make the most out of this precious concealed bedroom storage area by making DIY under-the-bed storing cabinets to obtain quick access to clothing, footwear, and anything else you chose to put beneath the bed!

These movable under-bed storage bins are the ideal option for keeping footwear, purses, and other items that don’t fit in the closet. The addition of rollers makes accessing the items stored under the bed considerably easier.

2. Book Shelves over the Bed

Wallniture Bali White Floating Shelves for Wall, CD DVD Storage Shelves and Metal Bookshelf Set of 6

We frequently overlook the area just above our beds. If you have a large collection of books, you should add as many bookcases as you can on the wall behind your bed and store all of your novels there. It’s no longer a burden to store your valuable treasure in your small room while also boosting your wall decor.

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Minimize the mess in a tiny area by tastefully displaying your books, periodicals, video games, CDs, and much more on your vacant wall surface with these durable, metal wall bookshelves.

Buy it on Amazon.

3. Install Floating Shelves

BAMEOS Floating Shelf ,Wall Shelf,Decor Wall Mounted Shelves ,Hanging Shelf Set L24xW6 for Bathroom Kitchen Living ,Kitchen,Room Bedroom Storage,Black

Floating shelves are ideal for using up wall space. This minimalistic wall shelf may suit your demands and bring charm to your home, whether you choose to showcase décor or improve storage space. Furthermore, these shelves are quite easy to set up.

This shelf is made of durable engineered wood, has a matte finish, and is easy to clean. The package includes all of the necessary parts and directions for installation, which can be accomplished in as little as 15 minutes.

Buy it on Amazon.

4. Vacuum Pack Unused Clothes

Vacuum Storage Bags Space Saving Bags for Comforters Clothes Pillow Bedding Blanket Storage, Double Zip Lock Seal & Leak Valve, Free Travel Hand Pump Included (4 Pack Medium - 28 20 inches)

Your large blazers and bulky sweatshirts can be vacuum-packed and stored on the topmost shelf or beneath your bedding, in your luggage, or in a cabinet. These vacuum storage bags are strong, robust, reusable, and it deflates for a lengthy period to protect your goods from moisture, dirt, and odor.

The bundle also comes with a free hand pump, which is ideal for usage on the go.

Buy it on Amazon.

5. Create Multipurpose Areas or Closets

Via Elizabethjoandesigns

If you live in a tiny room, the lack of space may make it difficult to maintain a calm and pleasant environment. You’d want to have a setup like this one, which is a multifunctional space. There are still a few hooks for hanging hats or other small objects, and also a high shelf for hampers and documents.

The closet’s primary section can be changed into a seat, complete with plush sitting and cushions. It’s a great spot to study and read, plus there’s even more storage room under the seat for boxes.

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6. Revolving Storage Units

As you may already be aware, lazy susans are excellent for household organization. But did you know they can also be used as bedroom storage? A bigger version of the lazy susan is ideal for small hampers and miscellaneous items. It provides a very useful solution to arrange your shoes while also keeping your space appearing orderly and clean.

These essential furniture options can make a world of difference.

7. Using Racks to Rearrange

Clothing racks are ideal for displaying garments without taking up valuable floor space and can be moved around as per your need. This particular rack has a woven shelf that you can use to store your bag or shoes.

The best part about this rack is that your clothing will always be on show, allowing you to swiftly pick out your outfit for the day.

8. Extendable Closet Organization System

ClosetMaid 22875 ShelfTrack 5ft. to 8ft. Adjustable Closet Organizer Kit, White

This customizable closet organization solution will delight you because it allows you to tailor your wardrobe to your requirements. The adjustable shelving and racks make it simple to make the most of the available space.

This organizer is made of sturdy vinyl-coated steel and comes with the necessary hardware and installation instructions.

Buy it on Amazon.

9. DIY Wooden Crate Shoe Rack

Via Livefromjulieshouse

Wooden crates are not only beautiful, but they may also be really useful. You can utilize them to construct furnishings, arrange your belongings, or just decorate your home with them. This storage crate solution would be ideal for getting you more sorted. If you don’t have enough space in your cupboard to store your footwear, then you must be innovative with shoe storage options. If you’re not sure what to do with the leftover crates, put them to good use by buying a drill and some stain and making your own shoe rack to create room for your favorite footwear!

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10. Rotating Jewelry Organizer

This rotating jewelry holder looks fantastic, is quite functional, and will make choosing your accessories for an evening out a breeze. It takes approximately an hour to complete and is simple to do. Cardbox, thin white carton, foamy, hot glue, wire, and some wooden paint to give it a textured look are all you’ll need to build this DIY.

Keep this on a shelf in your bedroom and utilize vertical space for storing your jewelry.

11. Utility Door Rack

Home-Complete Door Hanging Wall Mount Rack to add Closet or Pantry Shelves – Kitchen Organization and Storage, White

We frequently overlook the importance of using our doors to store the very things we require. Add a charming white door utility rack, such as this one, to your bedroom door. It will provide you with more storage space for your belongings, makeup and skincare goods, and anything else that you require.

It has eight customizable shelves and three stoppers to keep taller things from tumbling out.

Buy it on Amazon.

12. Closet Drawers for Organizing Clothes

YITAHOME 8 Drawer Dresser - Fabric Storage Tower Unit with Large Capacity, Organizer Unit for Bedroom, Living Room & Closets - Sturdy Steel Frame, Wooden Top & Easy Pull Fabric Bins (Gray)

These dressers are inexpensive and can help you arrange your lingerie, stockings, and other essentials. All of this is made very simple by the organizer. It doesn’t take up a lot of room and isn’t particularly tall, so it’ll fit under your closet shelves easily.

This organizer has a sturdy metal frame and a long-lasting MDF hardwood top, as well as 8 detachable cabinets with easy-to-pull wooden handles. The divisions are essential for convenient storage and a clutter-free lifestyle!

Buy it on Amazon.

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13. Tech Wall Organizer

Combining pegboard and shelves, vacant walls can be transformed into functional and aesthetic spaces. Wardrobes and cabinets can quickly become cluttered, making it difficult to locate stuff. A pegboard tech shelf comes in handy here. Cords, headphones, USBs, etc. can be stored on this organizer.

14. Pegboard Organizer

Via Aliceandlois

Making pegboard organizers can aid in the organization of larger and heavier items. Add thick, strong wood or plastic planks to the pegboard and make sure the planks are stable. You can use this as a bookshelf or a place to display artwork and other decors.

15. DIY Storage Bed with Gas Spring Assist

Utilize a storage-savvy bed frame rather than dragging containers from beneath your bed. It’s ideal for keeping seasonal clothing that might otherwise take up a lot of closet space.

You may buy a storage bed from IKEA, or if you’re feeling extra creative, follow this DIY project. Though it will take a bit more time and effort, the result will be a unique bed frame with plenty of storage.

16. Install a Murphy Bed

Are you attempting to make the most of a tiny apartment that lacks a genuine bedroom? A Murphy bed is a classic method for concealing your bed throughout the day and lowering it at nighttime.

When you’re not napping, you can fold it up against the wall to save place on the ground. And the best part is that you can effortlessly construct one for yourself! You’ll only need a murphy bed kit and some creativity to complete this project.

17. DIY Over the Door Shelf

This custom-made shelving unit is the perfect choice for the place just above the doorway and provides extra storage capacity. This is also a fantastic method to free up space for objects that need to be kept out of reach of tiny children.

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You can include paper towels, cleaning products, and other lightweight stuff up here. Make sure the shelf can handle the weight.

18. Jewelry Cabinet with Wall Mirror

Jewelry Armoire Cabinet With Full Length Frameless Mirror.Wall/Door Mounted.Jewelry Organizer Lockable. Built-in LED Light.Jewelry Mirror With Makeup Mirror, Ring Earring Slots, Necklace Hooks, Large Capacity Storage Jewelry Armoire 47.3"14.6" -- White

Utilizing multi-functional furniture offers its own set of benefits. This is not just an ordinary mirror—it also serves as a storage container for your belongings.

It has wide storage that allows you to arrange all of your jewelry in one location and avoid tangling. This mirror cabinet is quite adaptable, and the jewelry cabinet has a robust framework and a soft velvet covering to preserve your treasures and jewelry from damage.

Buy it on Amazon.

19. DIY Multipurpose Coffee Table

Via Instructables

Storage capacity can be found almost anywhere if you explore carefully enough, and even under your coffee table. This one has a lot of natural appeals, but it still has a refined touch to it. You can utilize the area within each crate to keep or exhibit just about anything.

This DIY project is not only affordable but also extremely durable!

20. Use Draw Dividers

Via Diyeverywhere

Making an effort to correctly store the clothes you currently have in your drawer could help you gain additional storing capacity immediately. Don’t let your closets become a mess of cosmetics, accessories, and other items. Drawer dividers can also be made extremely easily and inexpensively, even using old shoe boxes!

21. Back of the Door Organizer

Even the smallest of rooms can hold a lot of possibilities. This behind of the door storage and over-the-door storage cabinet can be used in any corner of the house of your house, not just the bedroom!

You just need supplies from the dollar tree and this organizer is simple to put together, even if you’re short on time or don’t have much DIY experience. Add labels to make the organization more effective.

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22. Utilize Wall Space

InPlace Shelving 0191828 Floating Wall Mountable Shelf with Invisible Brackets, White, 23.3-Inch Wide by 10.2-Inch Deep by 2-Inch High

These lovely floating shelves complement any aesthetic or décor and go in well with current home designs. The brackets are invisible, which will indeed give the shelves a “floating” look. They can be used to store books, plants, phones, etc.

These are not only practical but also elegant, and all installation equipment and directions are provided!

Buy it on Amazon.

23. Crown Molding as a Shoe Rack

Using crown molding as a shoe rack? Who would’ve thought? You can easily get it from your local major hardware shop or through Amazon. You can paint the molding in a shade that will make it blend in with the walls or stand out.

24. Purchase a Loft Bed

Dorel Living Moon Bay Loft Bed, Twin, White

If your space is limited but your ceilings are high, a loft bed above a desk can be a good option. This loft bed frame is made of pinewood and has guardrails. The broad under-bed area on these beds is ideal for a study zone, leisure corner, or mini play area.

Buy it on Amazon.

25. Use a Radiator Cover for Shelf Space vidaXL Radiator Cover Heating Cabinet White 44" Wall Cupboard Shelf MDF Matte

For security and elegance, building a radiator shelf or purchasing a covering is a smart option. You can also obtain some additional space if you get one with an integrated shelf. It’s made to offer your radiator a stylish touch as well as some more shelf space.

The radiator cover cabinet is crafted of high-quality MDF and is strong and long-lasting.

Buy it on Amazon.

26. Invest in a Podium Bed with Storage

Have you been eyeing those home furnishing elevated beds for efficient storage?  There’s no reason to purchase a second one when you can simply alter the one you already possess.

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A podium bed allows people with a small bedroom to maximize the space underneath their bed. Simply build a storage cabinet and store whatever items you need over here.

27. Add a Bedside Table

HOOBRO Nightstand, Bedside Table with 2 Drawers and Storage Shelves, Side End Table, Sofa Table for Living Room, Bedroom, Accent Furniture, Easy Assembly, Rustic Brown and Black BF43BZ01

Instead of going for bulky units, get a small bedside table like this one. This unit involves small shelvings, with only enough room for your mobile phone and wires.

This nightstand has a natural brown wood-grained texture, a sleek black iron framework, and circular cabinet knobs. It has two storage spaces: two cabinets and two shelves which are enough for your essentials.

Buy it on Amazon.

28. Floating Shelves in the Corner

This is the solution for you if you’re looking for an aesthetic DIY craft that simultaneously functions as a storage system. By organizing or personalizing your shelves to fit the edges of your house, you may save a lot of room. You can add decors and plants here if you don’t have space for these in your otherwise small bedroom.

29. Make Use of Pullout Beds

If you live solo or with a spouse in a small house or bedroom, a pullout bed is a better option than having a whole bedroom. This do-it-yourself bed also doubles as a couch.

This is great for freeing up storage and creating an area, not to mention of course that you can simply take your bed out whenever you’re ready to sleep and put it away when you don’t feel like sleeping.

30. Bedside Pocket Organizer

Whenever it comes to storing and organizing, your bedside is typically the very last location on your radar. But, if your bedroom is small, you’ll have to always find ways to maximize your space. This easy-to-sew clutter-controlling caddy can be utilized by both youngsters and grown-ups.

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31. Ottomans to the Rescue

Via Dwellinginhappiness

Ottomans can be utilized for storing, lounging, or as a side table replacement. This idea is inexpensive and involves a regularly used plastic milk crate that is transformed into an ottoman with space inside! Use colorful fabric, a cushion, and a wooden piece to make the lid.

32. Pant Rack Hangers

SOSOPIN Space Saving Pants Hangers Non-Slip Clothes Organizer 5 Layered Pants Rack for Scarf Jeans Trousers (Grey, 2 Pcs)

These space-saving storage solutions keep wrinkles at bay while eliminating the use of hangers. These non-slip hangers are made of stainless steel and ABS plastic, are durable, and have no jagged corners. They are also stylish and light.

Buy it on Amazon.

33. Make Use of S Hooks

Remzly 30 Pack S Hooks for Hanging 3.5 Inch | Heavy Duty Carbon Steel Hangers for Kitchen Utensils, Plants, Pot, Pan, Cups, Towels – Black

Using S hooks for hanging your jeans is a simple technique to rapidly expand your wardrobe storage capacity. You can add them to a rail to accommodate any number of trousers and denim—insert the hook through the loops of your jeans.

This set of 30 S-shaped hooks is constructed of high-quality carbon steel with a refined surface for a perfect texture that is free of scratchy surfaces or sharp corners.

Buy it on Amazon.

34. DIY Mandal Headboard

The MANDAL headboard can readily substitute your nightstand since it features compartments constructed into the framework and a headboard with movable shelving. You’ll need pieces of wood (in the specified measurements), drywall screws, a drill, and a drill bit.

This DIY is both simple and inexpensive to make.

35. Build a Trundle Bed on Wheels

House parties at your house will be a breeze with a trundle bed on wheels. It is designed to slide beneath a pre-existing bed to maintain the space looking clean. In addition, their fundamental principle is useful for conserving space in a tiny bedroom.

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A robust twin bed will be visible to all, while a second bed on rollers is located underneath it. Don’t worry if you don’t want to make your bed frame or add storage; you wouldn’t need to.

36. Make a Closet out of Shelves

If you have a little space, wall shelves can be used to build a custom closet. This super-easy and simple DIY will offer you a walk-in closet to keep all of your clothes that don’t fit in your cabinet or that you can’t fit into your little bedroom’s cupboard.

37. Shoe Shelving Unit in the Corner

Construct floating shelves in the bedroom nook, and keep your footwear there rather than utilizing them for books or other knick-knacks. This looks incredibly cool and trendy, especially if you have designer footwear. It also provides a very useful solution to arrange your shoes and keeps your space appearing tidy and nice.

38. Use a Scarf Hanger

Scarf Hanger ~ Multiple Purpose Holder for Closet ~ Clutter Removing and Space-Saving Hanger for Scarves, Shawl, Belts & Accessories ~ Scarf Hanger 28 Rings (Sky Blue)

Hangers like these are a fantastic way to make use of unused wall surface or ceiling space. For your beloved scarf collection, make a dedicated space using this scarf hanger. It’s soft and made of non-slip material and has 28 rings to hang scarves, belts, and much more.

Showcase some of your vibrant festive accessories using this hanger to bring a fashionable touch to your home.

Buy it on Amazon.

39. Make Patterned Baskets

When you own limited closet space, a small bedroom can feel even smaller. Baskets are the secret to getting your clothes sorted. You can fold clothes neatly and store them in these containers, including undergarments, stockings, belts, scarves, and other belongings.

Make colorful fabric baskets with various designs to suit your closet and bedroom decor.

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40. Heavy Duty Wall Hooks

MJIYA 24 PCS Vinyl Coated Ceiling Hooks Question Mark Shape Hook Heavy Duty Screw Cup Hook for Bathroom Kitchen Wall Ceiling Hanging (Black, 1 Inch)

Get a few heavy-duty wall hooks, mount them upon the walls, and use them to hang purses, hats, and even umbrellas. It’s a fantastic way to keep things in place, particularly in a small bedroom. Each of these vinyl-coated hooks can hold up to 20 pounds and are available in different sizes.

Buy it on Amazon.

41. DIY Pocketed Hanging Organizer

Via Craftsyhacks

Even something as basic as a cloth door holder, such as this one, can allow you to maximize storage space in your tiny bedroom. It’s ideal for carrying lighter textbooks, sticky notes, and cosmetics. What’s more, it’s inexpensive, simple to make, and yet super practical.

42. Hang Shoes on Towel Rods

Via Pinterest

To keep your footwear organized, get a couple of double towel bars. All you’d have to do is fix them on the wall and add your shoes. This organization allows you to evaluate all of your footwear options before heading out.

43. DIY Agate Stone Wall Hooks

Via Lovelyindeed

Instead of using ordinary wall hooks, consider using gorgeous agate. Agate is noted for canceling toxicity and having a relaxing and soothing impact, in addition to being lovely. Agate slices, moldable glue, 4-inch screws, and a drill are required for this project.

Agate slices can be found at your neighborhood crystal shop, but if you don’t have one, you can get a collection of agate slices online.

From important furniture to smartly utilized niches, these small bedroom ideas can help you create the most out of every single centimeter and finally get that mess under check. With these clever small bedroom organization ideas, you’ll be astonished at how much you can fit into a small space. Also, there’s hardly anything like starting and completing your day in a neat and well-organized environment.

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