41 Creative Tool Storage Ideas for the Home Handyman

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Whether you’re a professional contractor or a DIY enthusiast, keeping your tools organized and easily accessible is essential for any project. However, keeping your tools in order can be a real challenge, especially if you’re short on space.

But fret not! In this article, we’ll explore some creative and practical tool storage ideas that will help you store your tools and keep them organized.

Whether you’re working with a small space or a large garage, we’ve got you covered with a wide range of tool storage solutions to suit any need.


41 Creative Tool Storage Ideas for the Home Handyman

1. Pegboard ‘Book’

Via Pregnantpower

If you have trouble making enough space for your tools, grab a pegboard and build this easy set. It’s referred to as a book because you can easily flip and glance through multiple pegboards.

You can choose how many pegboards you want according to the space of your workstation and tools. Once done, hang the tools for everyone to see! Keep different pegboard sections for different tools so you can choose the one you want easily.

2. CD Upside Down Jar Storage

Via Makezine

Let’s admit it, we’ve all kept so many of the tiny parts that are so essential for any construction—big or small—in various places and then never seen them again. These little screws, bolts, and nails are misplaced too easily and one spends a large dime purchasing them for every little project.

You can make a small storage compartment for these tiny tools using recyclable items available right at your home, such as CD cases! Make separate storage jars for all tiny items if you have ample space in your workstation.

3. DIY PVC Drill Holders

Via Popularmechanics

If you have large cordless drills that need space in your workstation, make this drill holding rack. This is such a smart idea because you won’t need to drag in huge cabinets to store them and you can just grab them off the rack every time you need to finish a job.

While constructing this rack, make sure you get PVC pipes that are large enough to fit huge drills too.

4. Milk Jug Organizers

Via Makezine

For the people that enjoy a uniform pattern in everything they do, these milk jugs provide exactly the kind of uniformity you are looking for on your tools rack. You can store multiple tools inside multiple containers and label them accordingly so you never lose track of where a tool is!

Milk jugs are recyclable and often the same size so it is smart to use them, but you can also use any other plastic containers so that it doesn’t simply go to waste and has a better outcome!

5. DIY Mobile Workbench

Via Woodshopdiaries

Do you desperately need a workspace in your garage? You can easily make one from some spare scrap wood lying around in your garage.

A mobile workbench will take the load off you—you won’t have to carry your tools around anymore. You can easily give it a push and reach the other end of your garage without breaking a sweat. Furthermore, you can also make space to store some tools below and effectively utilize space.

6. Toilet Paper Tubes Cable Organizer

Via Instructables

Wires lying around on the ground in your workspace can often confuse you and even make you trip! No one should be working in such conditions.

Sort out all your wires and store them with this easy organizer. Use empty toilet paper tubes and store them in a bigger box. Separate your wires and keep them in these various toilet paper tubes.

This is a smart way to make use of items in your house to create space without even spending a dime!

7. Hand Tool Storage Cabinet

Via Hertoolbelt

If you’re looking for a place to store ‘ALL’ your tools, this is the perfect organizational idea you should opt for. You will love this idea if you enjoy taking up little DIY projects! It almost looks like a closet and will take up the size of the same in your garage. You can also build metal pegboard sliders to keep heavier tools.

8. Magnetic Tool Hanger

Via Makezine

The space below your shelves is often not utilized. If organized properly, you can store many smaller tools underneath your cabinets and shelves and save so much space elsewhere in your garage! Mount a magnetic strip underneath your shelves and hang your tools!

9. Kitty Litter Containers

Via Makezine

Use cat litter containers to store the heavier tools and label them accordingly. Another very smart trick to label your items is to label them without labeling them! That sounds confusing, let me clear it up.

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Use your plastic containers to store various screws and then tape a screw—the same one from inside a box—to the outside of each box. This way, you can identify what is stored in each box without having to go the extra mile to label each one!

10. Jumbo Tape Dispenser

Via Popularwoodworking

When you have multiple tapes and still can’t find the exact one that you have been looking for, it can get so stressful and annoying. To solve this problem, make a tape dispenser that holds all the various types of tapes you have in one place! Make sure you make your filler blocks wide enough to fit tapes of all sizes and widths.

Attach a hacksaw blade to the front edge so that you can easily tear away pieces of tape.

11. Cordless Drill Storage

Via Hertoolbelt

Build this compact storage rack to store all your cordless drills in a single place. You won’t have to worry about wasting time charging all your drills if you build a battery charging station with this storage unit! You can let your drills charge overnight so they are ready for a great day of drilling!

12. Screwdriver Coat Rack

Via Homemademodern

Multifunctional storage hacks are so smart and they even look very classy! Build a screwdriver rack that can hold multiple screwdrivers so you can easily grab them off the wall when needed. Additionally, the rack can act as a coat rack too! Hang your scarves and coats around the screwdrivers.

You can also use high fiber threads to hang other lightweight tools off the rack.

13. Plastic Bag Dispenser

Via Familyhandyman

You often need plastic bags to throw away rags or any other trash that gathers in your garage. You may also need them to keep some tools or garage supplies.

Make an easy bag dispenser using a plastic bottle. Attach this plastic bottle to the side of a cabinet door so you can easily open it and pull out a plastic bag. Using a plastic bottle is also smart since you can reuse this item instead of simply throwing it away.

14. Garden Tools Storage Rack

Via Newlywoodwards

If you like keeping your garden prim and proper, chances are you use a lot of garden tools and rakes. Use scraps of PVC and secure them to the wall to make efficient space for your garden tools. It is an effective way of keeping all your tools in one place without having to worry about the space they take in your garage!

15. Overhead Tube Storage

Via Popularwoodworking

Save space on the garage floor by storing all your scrap wood near the ceiling! Make a nice tubular storage space for your wood storage. Don’t be shy to use dividers to store wood pieces of different widths.

Make sure you’re careful with the weight you put in this storage though, as you don’t want any mishaps in your garage!

16. Concealed Garage Storage


If you don’t want everyone seeing your personal workspace, install a rod and some curtain panels on the side of the garage that you want to keep concealed. You can hang some curtains and keep your tools tucked away safely in your workspace!

This is a great idea to hide a disorganized or cluttered tool area too.

17. Clamp Rack

Via Makezine

Make a quick clamp rack to hold all your clamps intact in one place. This rack is pretty easy to build so if woodworking is your forte, you will enjoy this little project for your garage!

18. Ceiling Drawers

Via Makezine

Hidden spaces, be it homeware or your garage tools, always seem so fascinating! Your friends will never know where you pull out your tools from because they are tucked away in closed spaces!

Keep some of your lightweight tools in these ceiling drawers to free up space on your workbench. Be very particular that you don’t keep any heavy tools so in case you miscalculate and make a loose ceiling drawer the first time.

19. Hook and Slat Wall System

Via Popularwoodworking

This system is very famous among organization enthusiasts! It can keep all your hardware supplies, tools and wires, and boxes all in one place. You will have everything at the reach of your fingertips so you won’t have to bother with cabinets and drawers anymore!

The wall system can hold many tools so you won’t have to worry about finding a different space for your heavyweight tools.

20. Pegboard Storage Wall

Via Thecreativityexchange

An entire wall that allows you to hang all your tools and supplies on display? Sign me up! It looks gorgeous when done and will definitely amp up the entire look of your garage. You can also make some space to keep paint boxes or small tool bags above and below your pegboard on the wall.

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Hang some decorative items like plants to make your wall prettier!

21. Overhead Rag Storage

Via Familyhandyman

When you’re busy with a little DIY project for your home, your hands may often get dirty or greasy. Having disposable rags or napkins always comes in handy!

Build this little overhead rag storage over your workbench so you can reach out and grab a rag to clean your hands or your workspace anytime without having to walk all across the garage to find some!

Put labels on each storage unit for your ease.

22. Sanding Disc Storage

Via Lazyguydiy

If you need tools like sanders on a regular basis for your woodworking projects, this storage unit is the perfect one you can mount on your wall. A thin cubby shelf at the side allows you to keep all your discs spread out in ample space!

23. Metal Topped Shop Cart

When making a workbench, you must have a long-term goal in mind. A metal station is durable and will last for a longer time. It looks very sleek as well and will amp up the entire look of your garage. Build slim drawers on the cart to store lightweight tiny tools that you require frequently.

The metal workbench is sturdy and can handle multiple heavy tools at once.

24. Spray Paint Organizer

Via Hisugarplum

Once you’re done with your art, you may often leave your paints lying around randomly instead of sorting them out. It can cause the paints to dry quicker than they usually do which puts such a strain on your pocket.

This reused shoe organizer can be used as a spray paint pouch. You can hang it on a wall or in cabinet space. Each pouch can hold two cans and the material is pretty see-through so you can read the names easily. The colored caps are also clearly visible so you can pick out your paints with no extra effort.

You can arrange your paint cans, primers, sealers as well as adhesives in a systematic order.

25. Ceiling Garage Storage

Via Familyhandyman

This overhead garage storage system is easy to make and you can use different sized plastic boxes. It is a slide-in system that can carry plenty of tools. You can even keep other household items that don’t find enough storage in the house.

26. Overhead Clamp Rack

Via Woodsmith

Your overhead space is often left unused. Make smart use of your garage and build an overhead rack to store all your clamps in one place. Use PVC pipes to store every clamp securely. Make sure you measure the size of all your clamps and build a rack accordingly.

27. Organized Pegboard Tool Cabinet with Matching Workbench

Via Remodelaholic

You need a proper workspace to get your creative juices flowing. Build a nice tool cabinet with a fixed workbench so you feel good when you get started with little projects!

Secure your workbench first. Next, get started with your pegboard cabinet. You can easily slide the doors of the cabinet and heavy or lightweight can fit in your entire cabinet. You won’t have to look for additional space to keep any of your tools, all your tools are just one slide away!

28. Bucket Storage for Miscellaneous Items


If you have small buckets that have no other use in the home, put them to use in your garage! Drill holes into a wooden panel to insert the buckets and mount them over the wall. You can store miscellaneous stuff like scissors, zip ties, threads, and other smaller tools in these buckets.

The handles make it easier to take the bucket out and carry it across the workspace if needed.

Buy metal buckets on Amazon.

29. Storage Between Studs

Via Designedtodowell

All the additional items that you don’t use anymore, or use seasonally, often end up making their way to the garage. It can lead to your garage turning all cluttered and messy.

To solve this small issue, nail some slats against the studs and you get so much extra space for your inventory! Use bungee cords to keep all your equipment intact.

You can keep old children’s toys, boat oars, fishing poles, and any other sporting equipment in these small but useful spaces. You can also store your garden tools like rakes in these slim spaces.

30. Power Tool Storage System

Via Wilkerdos

Cordless drills and tools are often easier to handle. But what about your drills that use long wires that can occupy the entire floor of your garage? You can’t just leave them lying around like that! This French cleat organizational system will help you sort out all your drills properly.

31. Recycling Bin Hangers

Via Familyhandyman

Once you are done with a little project, you may notice a lot of clutter and waste piled up in your workspace. Garbage bins or recycling bins can take up too much unnecessary space in your garage. Instead, use cleats to fix your recycle bins in a single place on the wall.

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You can fix as many bins as you want so you can segregate your waste systematically. You’ll need cleats of two different sizes and drywall screws of two different sizes as well.

32. Pulley System for Bicycles


Your garage may not always be entirely your workspace. The entire family’s equipment may be stored away in your garage. If someone uses bicycles in your family, chances are they occupy plenty of space on your garage floor. Free up this space by installing a pulley system so you can hang the bicycles from the garage ceiling.

Make sure you put a few hooks nearby to hang the helmets.

33. Cable Tie Organizer

Via Makezine

Keep all your cable ties in a single place instead of letting them scatter around your entire workspace. You can use PVC pipes for this very easy project. Use multiple pipes for various sizes and widths so that they can hold a range of cable ties.

34. Recycled Bottle Storage for Screws

Via Popularwoodworking

This little project is very easy to do and you won’t even have to spend any money buying any materials. Use old plastic bottles at your home and drill a hole in the cap to hang them using hooks. Then, cut a round hole near the neck of each bottle—wide enough so your tools can come out of the bottle easily.

Store screws, bolts, and nuts in these bottles and hang them over your workbench. You can also store biscuits, candy, etc. for the times you get hungry while working!

35. Mounted Mini Bins

Via Familyhandyman

Mount plastic boxes or even electrical junction boxes underneath your shelves and cabinets to store smaller tools that you may not be able to hang on a pegboard wall or racks. You can nail boxes or hang them on pegboards too! Store items like measurement tapes, marker pens, chisels, etc. in these useful little items.

36. Garage Storage Bins


Purchase small-sized plastic bins and mount them over a wall. They will make your garage look so organized and uniform, your workbench will look neater than ever! Store smaller items and tools that you use frequently in these bins, such as pliers, painter’s tape, scissors, seed packets, etc.

You can also mount these bins underneath your cabinets to save some space.

37. DIY Mobile Lumber Rack

Via Addicted2diy

Storing lumber leftovers from older projects may pose to be a problem if you don’t have a proper designated space for the wood. Build an easy lumber rack with wheels so you can keep it at the corner of your garage and push it around to your workspace when required.

If you’re good with woodwork, you will definitely have fun building this rack.

38. Slatted Wall Panel


If one of your garage walls already holds all your work tools, mount a wall panel on the other wall to keep all your garden tools in one place. Mount some hooks to hold all your tools. Garden tools are relatively heavier so make sure you consider the weight before executing this idea.

Hang up your rakes and shovels easily with this wall panel so you can free up some more of your garage floor space!

39. Garage Door Overhead Storage

Via Jayscustomcreations

The space over your garage door is so useful but often goes unnoticed. Mount some plywood shelves over your garage door to create some extra space where you can either store tools or any inventory too. It is a fun project you can take on during your free time.

40. Spice Canisters for Small Items


If you have canisters you don’t use in your home, bring them out to your garage. Mount a magnetic panel to your pegboard or wall so that they can hold your canisters properly. The clear lids will let you view the contents inside so you can easily grab that canister when needed.

You can store screws and nails in these canisters.

41. Lattice Rack

Via Familyhandyman

A lattice rack can help store delicate items like pipes, conduits, trims, and flashings. Store all your leftover pieces instead of throwing them away to some corner you may never even find them in when really needed.

If you’re in need of some tool storage ideas, we hope that this post has given you a few good ones to get started with. With a little creativity and some elbow grease, you can store your tools in a functional and organized way.

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