23 Clever Bike Storage Ideas

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Bikes have a lot to offer—they are fun, help you stay fit, and they are eco-friendly as well! But when we’re not riding our bikes, we all need a place to store them! Creating a bike storage solution that is effective, space-efficient, easy to load and unload, and appealing to the eye—oh, sounds like a big process, doesn’t it? Well, not really. We bring you amazing storage ideas that guarantee security and safety.

Whether you have a tiny area or a lot of room to spare inside or outside the house, these 23 clever bike storage options will inspire you to store your bike in an aesthetically beautiful manner. Dive right in!


23 Clever Bike Storage Ideas

1. Simple Houseware 5 Bike Floor Rack

Simple Houseware 5 Bike Bicycle Floor Parking Adjustable Storage Stand, Bronze

Why not start this list with the most usual and simple bike storage idea? This Simple Houseware alloy steel floor rack is simple enough for even children to use. The wheel holder can accommodate sizes from 2.5 ” to 3.5 ” and you can store a total of 5 bikes in this rack. To prevent overcrowding, you can place small bikes in between the large ones.

This is a practical and cost-effective solution for families with a variety of bikes (from children’s to adult sizes).

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2. Vertical 6 Bike Storage on the Wall

Ultrawall Bike Storage Rack,6 Bike Storage Hanger Wall Mount for Home & Garage Holds Up to 300lbs

Vertical bike storage on the wall allows you to store the most bikes while using the least amount of space on the wall. This form of wall-mounted bike rack helps people to access their bikes without much hassle and they also look pretty decorative. 

This Ultrawall rack with customizable spacing can hold up to a maximum of 300 lbs, is made of durable steel, and has a locking mechanism to keep the bikes in place.

Buy it on Amazon.

3. Wall Bike Rack with Plants

Via Instructables

Can an “ideas” list be without DIYs? If you only have one bike and need to store it indoors in a tight place, a DIY wall-mounted bike rack is a fantastic solution. Make a wall-mounted bike rack that appears like a skinny and basic shelf. It also serves as a spot to display plants, making it a decor piece as well.

4. DIY Bike Storage Rack

Via Singletracks

If you need to store many bikes and don’t want to buy a 5-6 bike storage rack, then you should take a look at this DIY. The design of this DIY bike rack is quite simple, and it’s also very easy to put together. You’ll require lumber, deck screws, sandpaper, and some other tools for this project.

An advantage of this rack is that you can add more slots if necessary. What we mean is that this DIY rack can be expanded to accommodate your growing bike collection. Isn’t it cool?

5. Adjustable Modular Floor Rack

Delta Cycle Single Bike Stand Floor, Tool-Free Adjustable Bike Floor Stand for Mountain, Fat Tire, Road Bikes, Freestanding Bike Stand For Garage Parking

The adjustable bike racks effectively support your wheel, as the triangulated uprights can be positioned as close or as far as you desire. The Delta Cycle Single Bike Stand has an industrial steel-grade construction and can hold heavy bikes easily. You can easily push your bike in and out of this stand and store your bike securely.

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6. Floor Type Parking Rack Stand

BIKEHAND Bicycle Floor Type Parking Rack Stand - for Mountain and Road Bike Indoor Outdoor Nook Garage Storage

This is a great product if you wish to buy a rack only for a single bike. And for this, we bring forth “Bikehand” which has the best spring-loaded bike rack and is designed flawlessly. It is compatible with bicycles with wheels ranging from 20 to 29 inches.

As the tire makes contact with the stand, it’s a fantastic choice for folks who use disc brakes. When there is enough space on your floor, these kinds of racks are a simple yet practical product to store your bikes. You just have to push your bike in, it’s that easy.

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7. Wooden Vertical Bike Rack DIY

Via Instructables

Are you short on space but also want to display your bike? A vertical bike rack can be really useful in this situation as it saves space and also stores the bike.

This project is simple in design and doesn’t require any extra decorations or so. You only need a few materials like wood planks, a saw, glue, clamps, and varnish to make this bike rack. Additionally, you can also paint the rack to match your home atmosphere. 

8. Delta Cycle Michelangelo 2 Bike Wall Rack

Delta Cycle Michelangelo 2 Bike Storage Rack - Gravity Wall Bike Rack - Fully Adjustable Bike Rack Garage for Road, MTB, and Hybrid Bicycles - Vertical Bike Rack Holds Up to 80 lbs

The Delta Cycle Michelangelo storage rack is one of the most popular horizontal bike stands on Amazon and that is why we have added it to this list. This rack can be easily assembled and it causes no harm to the walls. It can hold up to a maximum of 80 lbs.

This product works the best for those who live in rental homes for you’ll be able to store your bike without damaging the home’s walls. 

Buy it on Amazon.

9. Exercise Bike Stand

Via Tidybrownwren

This my friends is a crazy good idea to make use of your bike to the fullest. What if it is snowing outside and you’re in for some good workout? If so, use your regular bicycle like an exercise bike!

The rack frame is made of wood, and the back axles are connected by a system of pegs. The pegs are inserted into slots drilled into the stand, which makes this exercise bike work like a pro!

10. Hanging Copper Bike Rack

Via Homemademodern

Another interesting and space-saving DIY we bring is this amazing ceiling bike rack that can be hung! Copper T fittings, a copper pipe, felt, steel wool, and epoxy is all you need to build this wonderful ceiling-mounted bike rack. The copper pipe will make the setup look very elegant!

11. Another Ceiling Bike Rack

GOFLAME Bike Lift Hoist Ceiling Mounted, Heavy Duty Bicycle Hanger Pulley Rack with 45 lbs Capacity, Lift Height up to 12 ft, Perfect for Garage Storage (2)

If you’re not in for a DIY, then this amazing amazon product will work for you. This bike ceiling lift rack will easily elevate your bikes up to 12 feet. Also, you’ll be able to hang large bikes up to 45 pounds due to the robust straps of this pulley rack. You don’t have to worry about the bike falling as this hanger has a safe locking mechanism.

It can be used to hang not only bikes, but also kayaks, canoes, and ladders. Many in one, isn’t it?

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12. A Cool Setup

Via Behance|Andreas Scheiger

Who said a bike rack should be set only in the garage or in some unattractive space? Look here! How cool is this amazing setup that not only transforms the home decor but also stores the bike perfectly? All these decor items are recycled bike parts!

This sort of setup is a lot of fun and attractive. It’s one of the most creative upcycling concepts we’ve seen.  

13. Glide Bike Storage Ceiling Rack

Saris Glide Bike Storage Ceiling Rack, Add-on Kit

Another ceiling setup but this time, it has a glider design. Up to four bikes can be stored on this ceiling-mounted indoor bike storage rack making it one of the smartest bike racks.

Moreover, this non-rusting garage bike rack is built entirely of recyclable materials. The suspension hooks automatically adjust to the wheelbase of the bicycle, which is surely handy! You’ll surely love this convenient ceiling rack and probably be amazed at how much space it saves for you. 

Buy it on Amazon.

14. 10-Minute DIY Bike Rack

Via Twelveonmain

This DIY bike rack design looks decent and only takes a few minutes to put together, making it perfect for a beginner. A few pieces of wood, a few screws, and a drill or screwdriver are all you’ll need to create this in 10 minutes.

It’s an excellent bike rack for enclosed outdoor locations because it’s simple to assemble and operate. It can be used for both child and adult bikes.

15. Bike Rack – Pulley System

Racor - PBH-1R, Bike Storage, Garage Pulley Lift

Ceiling bike storage is the sole option for families that don’t have enough space for regular garage bike racks. This pulley lift is ideal for anyone to access, irrespective of age. As pulley systems are ideal for high-end bicycles, anyone who owns a few of them can definitely go for this one.

This bike pulley is adjustable and can be used for ceilings up to 12 feet high. It also has a locking system that will keep the bike secure.

Buy it on Amazon.

16. Freestanding Bike Rack/Bookcase

Via Instructables

Some DIYs are not only too easy to make but also look super creative and mindblowing. This DIY by Instructables fits the previous statement, truly. This isn’t just a bike rack, it is also a creative bookcase to store stuff such as helmets, gloves, and raincoats.

The bikes are secured to the bookcase’s side, which is strong and stable enough to hold them. 

17. Large Wall Mount Bike Storage Rack

Koova Wall Mount 6 Bike Storage Rack Organization | Garage Hanger For Mountain/Cruisers/Hybrid/Electric Bicycles & Helmets | Protective Rubber Hooks | Heavy Duty Steel | Easy Installation | USA Made

Do you have to store 5+ bikes and have a big garage? If so, this wall mount rack will be your ideal choice. This rack is simple to mount on any wall, and its two 32-inch complete storage racks can easily accommodate up to six bikes (even huge ones).

Additionally. the hooks and hangers won’t move or bump out of place once you’ve placed them where you want them. This wall mount rack is definitely worth the money. 

Buy it on Amazon.

18. Compact Garage Bike Rack

Via Kreg

Are you’re searching for a compact DIY bike rack that’s easy to use, practical, and simple to set up? This bike rack is made is of wood and ensures durability. Moreover, it doesn’t take much space and so you’re free to keep this indoors/outdoors.

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Additionally, you can also paint it to match your wall, so it looks accentuated. But anyhow, even in its original form, this rack would look stunning.

19. Horizontal Ceiling Bike Storage – Pulley System

Floaterhoist BA1 Horizontal Bike Hoist

So far we’ve seen ceiling bike racks that let you hang your bikes vertically, but what if the room’s height is short? Why not then hoist the bikes in a horizontal position then? Sounds incredible, doesn’t it? 

To make this happen, the Floaterhoist brand has provided amazing ceiling bike storage. This fantastic pulley system hoists your bike up and keeps it flat against the ceiling rather than hanging down! This system can handle a maximum weight of 55 lb.

Now you needn’t have to worry about hitting your head on the hanging bike. 

Buy it on Amazon.

20. Wooden Pallet Bike Rack

Via Landscape

Have you got an old wooden pallet? If not, grab a cheap one at Walmart or Target for we’re about to transform it into a modern bike rack. Moreover, this rack is also simple to make and looks great.

The small ledge at the top can be used to display a few small flower pots or to keep your other bike-related types of equipment. You can also decorate the rack with a wood stain or coat of paint. 

21. DIY Bike Storage Shed

Via 3x3custom

It’s often easier to store bikes in the garage, but if you don’t have one or would prefer to have a separate place dedicated solely to bikes, then a custom storage shed is the best pick. This DIY bike storage shed is something you can build in your backyard to have a dedicated space for all of your bike gear and nope; it’s not as hard as you think to make.

Don’t forget to add storage baskets and hooks to this shed to store helmets and more.

22. Portable Bike Rack

Via Letscampsmore

Sometimes or most of the time, bike racks are not portable. But what if you need to have a rack out on a camp or just outside? If so, this amazing DIY rack is unique and also works the best for people who love being outdoors and taking their bikes to camping sites.

This DIY is made of cheap materials such as two wooden boards of different lengths, wood screws, a saw, and a drill.

23. DIY PVC Pipe Bike Rack

Via Madebymarzipan

Who could have imagined that PVC pipes can be so versatile? A bike rack out of PVC pipes is possible—it looks like something you’d see in a park but it is actually quite inexpensive. You’ll need a total of 45 inches of PVC pipe (cut into 4 different lengths), PVC elbow connectors, PVC T-connectors, and some other basic materials for building this rack.

This rack can be used for both small and large bikes.

You have to choose the right bike rack for you after considering the home decor, space, and durability—these are key to storing your beautiful bikes. Happy shopping or happy building!

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