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41 Brilliant Tiny House Storage Ideas

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There are some advantages to living in a tiny house: it is both cheap, simpler to personalize, and ecologically sustainable. But it’s not without its difficulties, the most evident of which is locating a place for almost all of your belongings and, more importantly, merely making space! Who would want various items lying about, creating clutter?

If you are seeking ways to optimize your tiny house storage and organize your cramped living quarters, there are several organization hacks and intelligent storage options to give your stuff a location without having your house feel congested. Everything from converting your staircase into a cupboard to building hidden cabinets for a kitchen is covered in this article. So, scroll down and check out these 41 storage and organization strategies for your tiny house!


41 Brilliant Tiny House Storage Ideas

1. Using Both Sides of Shelves

Via Poofycheeks

It’s normal to assume a block of wood as a flat surface where things can be stored on top, however, every wooden board has two surfaces: a top and a base. Just screw several mason jars under your shelves to make the concept work. It’s quite attractive, and it makes use of areas that would otherwise be wasted!

You can attach mason jars this way under your cabinets too.

2. Floating Shelves

SODUKU Floating Shelves Wall Mounted Storage Shelves for Kitchen, Bathroom,Set of 2 Brown

These floating shelves that come in a pack of 2 are wall-mountable, making them ideal for restrooms and kitchens. The bottom shelf been has a rod, so you can hang towels or hooks over there. Additionally, these racks are made of high-quality pine wood and metal, which are both strong and long-lasting.

These racks can hold all of your condiment containers and remove unnecessary countertop clutter in the kitchen. Alternately, you can arrange towels in the shower and keep shampoos and other bathtime necessities there.

Buy it on Amazon.

3. Kitchen Cabinet Pan Organizer

SimpleHouseware Cabinet Pantry Pot and Pan Organizer Holder Rack, Bronze

When you don’t have a huge amount of area, organizing kitchenware might be tough. Luckily, this fantastic pan organizer will help you free up some extra room by storing the pans neatly to make room for other utensils.

This organizer can store up to 5 pans and can be installed horizontal or vertical. Make sure it’s securely fastened to make the most of this fantastic kitchen storage solution.

Buy it on Amazon.

4. Keep Items Under the Bed

Via Instagram|atinyhouse_nh

A bed with built-in storage will rapidly increase the amount of cabinet space in your compact abode. The cabinets underneath the bed can hold shoes, lesser-worn clothes, bedsheets, and more. If the cabinets don’t have covers, you can pack all these into separate storage containers and place them there.

5. Storage-friendly Sofa Bed

This tutorial shows you how to make more use of a sofa bed—you can store lesser-used items underneath it. All you’ll need for this DIY project is an IKEA storage container, a few basic tools, and some time to fix this manufacturing issue.

Of course, this concept isn’t practical in everyday life. However, keeping occasionally used items in this location is fantastic.

6. Store Items inside the Floor

Many tiny house organization ideas necessitate planning beforehand or during construction, but in this case, you may utilize this DIY even if you already live in a completed house or flat. This tutorial shows how to convert an unused heating grate into a hidden storage area.

Lesser used items can be stored in this area and can help your house seem a little less cramped.

7. Organizer Bags for Clothes

Fab totes 6-Pack Clothes Storage, Foldable Blanket Storage Bags, Storage Containers for Organizing Bedroom, Closet, Clothing, Comforter, Sweater, Organization and Storage with Lids and Handle, Grey

You can keep pants, shirts, and undergarments separate with the help of these 6-pack storage containers. They are made of high-quality fabric that will keep your clothes safe from dust and moisture. If you have space under your bed, pack your lesser-worn clothes in these containers and store them under the bed.

When moving or loading big objects, the storage organizer’s grips are strengthened with 2 extra strips of strong fabric to increase the load-bearing capability and are convenient to carry and transfer.

Buy it on Amazon.

8. 3-Tier Cabinet Organizer with Sliding Storage Drawer

Simple Trending 3-Tier Under Sink Cabinet Organizer with Sliding Storage Drawer, Desktop Organizer for Kitchen Bathroom Office, Stackbale, Bronze

Retractable storage drawers are convenient since they enable you to rapidly retrieve stuff. This cabinet organizer takes care of all your problems by adding extra, long-lasting storage capacity to your cooking area, restroom, or workplace.

It also features anti-slip padding, making it a safe and trusted friend. If you want to be more innovative, you can utilize it in other sections of your household. All you have to do now is make sure it doesn’t clash with the remaining of the home décor.

Buy it on Amazon.

9. Build a Hidden Storage Space

Don’t leave any wall empty if you live in a small house. Utilize it to the maximum by adding some basic shelves and even some in-wall storage.

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All this will provide adequate storage space while also keeping your home’s flooring uncluttered and accessible.

10. Organize Your Kitchen Using a Pegboard

Via Apartmenttherapy

A pegboard can do more than just store items in the garage. It’s also useful for organizing a tiny kitchen! Install it on an empty wall and add hooks so that you can hang cutlery and pots. You can even attach tiny racks to it to store spice bottles and more.

Make sure you paint the pegboard with a pleasing color that matches the rest of your kitchen.

11. 4 Pocket Over-the-Door Hanging Organizer

Simple Houseware 4 Pocket Over The Door Wall Mount Hanging Organizer, Grey

This hanging organizer made of fabric is a must-have for you if you struggle to keep items organized. This one features four huge compartments for holding toys, napkins, mags, novels, newspapers, drinks, and small objects.

Buy it on Amazon.

12. Hanging Utensils

Installing a utensil hanger in the empty space beneath your kitchen cabinets is a basic hack that provides you with adaptable and inconspicuous storage. Hang spatulas, whisks, and all the cutlery that can be hung over here.

This way, you also get more space in your drawers to store other utensils.

13. DIY Podium Bed with Storage Room

This tutorial will guide you on how to make such a bed with simple materials. These frames are sturdy enough to support the bed, but they’re hollow, so they can double as storage boxes. This bed allows folks with space constraints to make the most of the space beneath their bed. Simply construct a storage cabinet and place goods that require storage beneath it.

14. Over-the-Door Basket Organizer

NEX Upgrade Over the Door Basket Organizer, 3-Tier Mesh Basket Hanging Storage Unit Over the Door Storage Organizer (White)

This corrosion-resistant, three-tier basket holder with a strong frame is a terrific tiny house storage option. It can also be used to hang glasses, plates, papers, and other comparably sized objects in the cooking area.

Buy it on Amazon.

15. Install Shelving Under the Sink

Via Pinktoesandpowertools

The concept of shelving underneath the sink is a great storage option for storing bath essentials and toiletries in your small bathroom, and you can see how ingenious it would be to implement it beneath the sink in the shower room.

Certainly, if you want to keep your items closed, cabinets are an option, but the lengthy, floating shelves appear to make greater use of the free space.

16. Sliding Dining Table

When the boards are folded, the tabletop really doesn’t use up much room, but while you have company around or require more workspace you just need to simply pull out all the additional sheets! Because the leaves are fixed at different elevations, the layout is quite basic and ideal for a small household.

17. Install Pull-out Drawers

Via Instagram|collegecitydesignbuild

If you want to utilize more space but don’t want to make your bathroom look cramped, you can convert the cabinet shelves into pull-out drawers. The many racks on the inside will help store a lot of items and everything will look neat and prim when you close the drawer.

You can even install pull-out drawers in your kitchen to store your spices in an orderly manner and out of sight.

18. DIY Trashcan Cabinet

Via Checkinginwithchelsea

Having a cabinet to conceal your trashcan sounds like a great idea—I mean, who would want to let their trashcan sit out in plain sight? Paint it the same color as your countertop or cabinets so that it blends in easily.

19. Multipurpose Furniture

How about a really versatile piece of furniture for your house? This ladder chair can be extended to be used as a ladder and folded up into a chair when not in use to make an extra seating area!

Such a piece of furniture would come in really handy in the kitchen—you can use it as a chair to sit down and relax between cooking, and use it as a ladder when you have to take out something from the top shelves.

20. Storage Under the Stairs

Via Familyhandyman

This is a brilliant idea that saves a lot of room, and designers must start implementing it in all homes. If you have stairs in your tiny house, you’ve just been offered up a whole new world of storage possibilities.

They can conceal everything from cabinets, storage, and closets to concealing a whole bathroom. So now is the time to have some fun with them!

21. Bookshelf on a Ladder

Isn’t it a terrific idea to organize your favorite novels on a tastefully painted ladder with some flowers, planters, and other décor pieces?

You can make this DIY ladder bookcase without spending a ton of money. It also doesn’t take much space so you don’t have to worry about your room looking cramped.

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22. Wooden Clothing Racks

Via Checkinginwithchelsea

It can be a headache to pull out your regular clothing every day if you don’t have open-door wardrobes and a tiny room. The majority of the mess occurs when we rush to retrieve things out of a wardrobe.

This rack might be a great way to bring a boho vibe to your house if you are a lover of the aesthetic. Underneath these racks is a spot where you can store bags and sandals.

23. Stay Organized with a Bedside Table/Charging Station

FABATO 22" H Nightstand with Charging Station Bedside Table with 2 Drawers Storage Shelf 2 USB Charging Ports Narrow Sofa Side Table for Small Spaces Living Room Bedroom Rustic Brown

This antique brown bedside table with a charging point has two conventional outlets and two USB connections, enabling you to recharge your mobile, iPad, or notebook with ease. With a 6.56-foot power cord, you can move this stylish heat-proof and water-resistant bedside table around easily without having to bother about tangled charging connections.

Buy it on Amazon.

24. Metal Wire Bathroom Caddy

Shower Caddy over Shower Head Hanging Shower Organizer Rust Proof with 10 Razor Hooks Bathroom Shampoo Holder with Towel Rack Shower Storage Shelf-Chrome-Stainless Steel

This lovely metal wire storage organizer is a must-have since it has 6 angled shelf baskets (for shampoos and conditioners), 2 flat storage shelves (for soaps and creams), and 2 double hooks (for razors and loofas).

It’s easy to install it—simply place it over the neck of your shower head and attach it to the walls with the vacuum cup.

Buy it on Amazon.

25. Expandable Metal Hanging Storage

Amazon Basics Expandable Metal Hanging Storage Organizer Rack Wardrobe with Shelves, 14"-63" x 58"-72", Chrome

This extendable closet organizer features 10 shelves with changeable heights, making it a great accessory for a tiny house. Secondly, it’s comprised of tough steel wires that can support up to 100 pounds.

This closet organizer accommodates remarkably nicely and takes up very little room, making it a much more appealing buy. Lastly, it is multifunctional and can hold a variety of items. It can be installed simply by screwing the parts to each other, and it comes with plastic shelf liners and wall-mounting equipment.

Buy it on Amazon.

26. Corner Wall Shelves

You can conserve a huge amount of space by arranging or customizing your shelving to complement the corners of your home. Make it appear nice by designing it to match the style of your home.

Trying to set up the furniture and other miscellaneous items in the corners of your room will help you create extra space in the middle. So, while arranging furnishings in your home, try out this tip.

27. Side Table

SIMPLIHOME Lowry Solid Acacia Wood and Metal 22 inch wide Square Modern Industrial End Side Table in Distressed Charcoal Brown with Storage, 1 Drawer and 1 Shelf, for the Living Room and Bedroom

The elm hardwood, plywood, and aluminum used to make this exquisite side table are all hand-crafted. This table also has a drawer where you may keep your personal stuff. It can also be used to hold your cup of coffee on the tabletop.

Overall, this is a fantastic multi-purpose solution for your small house.

Buy it on Amazon.

28. Save Space with a Pullout Bed

For slumber parties, the couch bed is the ideal space-saving sitting alternative. It’s not only practical, but it’s also a fantastic concept for a little bedroom. This is ideal for clearing up space and adding a room, not to add the fact that you can quickly bring your bedding out when you’re prepared to go to bed!

29. Bamboo Desk Organizer by Zen

ZEN'S BAMBOO Desk Organizer Multifunction Office Supplies Storage Box Remote Control Holder Bedside Living Room Decor (Desk Organizer-S)

Because this bamboo desk organizer has multiple sections, you can easily store all of your essentials. Brushes and stationery supplies can be stored in one section, whilst paper clips and nails can be stored in another. As a result, your desk will be clean of a mess at all times.

Buy it on Amazon.

30. Sorbus Kitchen Wall Pot Rack

Sorbus Kitchen Wall Pot Rack with Hooks — Decorative Wall Mounted Storage Rack — Multi-Purpose Shelf Organizer Great for Kitchen Cookware, Utensils, Pans, Books, Household Items, Bathroom (Chrome)

This useful pot rack has enough space to house all of your cookware, plates, recipe manuals, baking pans, plants, and decorative items. Also, this rack has hooks so you can easily hang your cutlery and pots. The hangers are strong enough to keep the items you suspend from falling off.

Buy it on Amazon.

31. Use Drawer Dividers

Ormeli Drawer Dividers Expandable Adjustable Dresser Drawer Organizers Divider for Clothes, Silverware and Utensils fit Kitchen, Bedroom, Bookcase, Baby Drawer with Instructions

These dresser drawer dividers can help you organize your belongings and keep your drawers tidy at all times! These drawer dividers and organizers are all 4 inches tall and 11 to 17 inches long, and they come in sets of 3, 4, 6, or 8.

Buy it on Amazon.

32. Use Foldable Cookware

Collapsible Camping Kettle for Hiking, Travel & Outdoors 42 Ounce Capacity (Green)

Kitchenware, out of all the objects in your tiny house, can take up the most storage. If you want to boil water in a pot, investing in a foldable kettle will spare you space and hassles. This might save you a lot of space when it comes to storing your kitchenware.

This collapsible camping kettle is also built for outdoor adventures, is compact and convenient to handle, and is light, making it a must-have for tiny houses. It has a handle with a built-in lock feature that enables you to securely and efficiently warm the beverages.

Buy it on Amazon.

33. Hidden Washer

Whether or not you have a washing appliance in your tiny house is a matter of individual choice and practicality. But, where do you place them in a small house without giving your place a cramped look?

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Consider hiding them beneath a countertop and concealing them with conventional cupboard doors. This is a fantastic concept to try!

34. 2-tier Bathroom Storage Shelf

Y&ME 2 Tier Wall Mounted Bathroom Shelf with Towel Racks, Wood Wall Storage Shelves for Bathroom, Floating Wall Shelf with Towel Rods for Bathroom and Kitchen

This Y&Me 2-tier shelf is a fantastic and practical storing alternative. Paulownia wood and powder-coated metal frames make up this two-tier bathroom shelf. As a result, it is long-lasting and strong.

Towels can be hung on the lowest two-tier bars. The flat top of this two-tier shelf provides a sturdy surface for storing everyday bath needs like packaged creams and cleansers, layers of sorted cloth and bathrobes, and artistic accessories.

Buy it on Amazon.

35. DIY Folding Clothes Drying Racks

A washing machine and dryer are usually not present in tiny residences and flats. Although visiting the laundromat is unavoidable, you may clean certain clothes by yourself and leave them to air dry with small cloth drying stations that can be folded against the walls when not being used.

Three cedar 1x4s and some wooden dowels were used to make this collapsible and stackable laundry drying rack. This is an excellent DIY for a tiny house if you want to prevent your clothes from shrinkage or if you require a means to air-dry items without a clothesline.

36. Nesting Knife Set

Kitchen knife set, Mr Moos 4 piece nested knife set with magnetic bamboo holder

This ingenious knife set is merely one example of how you can limit the amount of storage the numerous goods occupy around your home. Because each of the knives in this nested series slides into the other, the entire set occupies very little space.

The knives are constructed of food-safe materials, as is the bamboo carrier. They feature magnets to hold the knives in position so they don’t fall out from the organizer and a hole in the back of the holder for effortless knife withdrawal.

Buy it on Amazon.

37. Ultra-Compact Folding Stair Designs

By using a foldable staircase, you can increase the area of your compact home, campervan, or basement. When not being used, it can be folded out of sight, making it a perfect answer for situations where you don’t have sufficient room for a normal staircase.

This space-saving option is also available in a variety of patterns and shades, enabling it to bring artistic appeal to your house.

38. Try Crate Shelves

If you don’t have enough room for a wardrobe, crates can be utilized for simple storage. Construct crate shelves on the sidewalls to accommodate anything you want from books to craft supplies. Crate shelves are usually detachable and moveable, allowing you to rearrange them as needed.

39. Wall Pocket Letter Holder

Via Designmilk

A movable hanging wall pocket provides a devoted space for important documents without taking up too much space in your worktable. You’ll just need a few extra items besides sewing pins, a craft knife, leather glue, and an iron.

Add dowels into the organizer’s top folds for extra rigidity.

40. Bedside Pocket Organizer

Via Sewcanshe

To keep unnecessary items off your nightstand and tidy your bedside, make a row of pouches! This clutter-controlling organizer is simple to sew and may be used by both children and adults. Choose quilting fabric that is vibrant and unique to make this organizer more appealing.

41. Jewelry Organizer

Via Onegoodthingbyjillee

Don’t you just hate it when your chains, earrings, and bangles become entangled? Yes, they always manage to discover a method to coil into each other, even if you carefully stored those in the accessory cases or placed them on a square netting.

You may not have tried storing your lovely items on an embroidered thread hanger such as this one. You can keep it on the wall or the back of the door.

Staying in a small space necessitates being resourceful with your space. Clutter can occur in any home of any size, but sorting in a small space is brutally time-consuming. If you’re always tight on space, you can get imaginative regarding your storage issues. It’s important to consider how you manage the area surrounding your home. Fortunately, there are numerous ways to be inventive and make the most of available space. You may repurpose furnishings, fill empty spaces, and add new items to make the most of your space. Since you don’t want to dig through piles of items to get what you’re searching for, effective home architecture is all about making optimal use of the room. Since sorting and locating storage for all of your belongings can be a task in and of itself, we hope you’ll be able to utilize these 41 brilliant storage solutions for your tiny house or any other confined living area.

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