27 Creative Yarn Storage Ideas for a Tidy Crafting Space

Yarn storage

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As a knitter or crocheter, you know how hard it can be to keep your yarn collection organized and in good condition. With so many different types, colors, and textures of yarn, it can be overwhelming to keep it all in order.

But don’t worry, there are many creative and practical yarn storage ideas that can help you keep your yarn organized and easily accessible. Whether you’re looking for a space-saving solution, a custom yarn rack, or a new way to store your yarn, there’s an idea here for you.


27 Yarn Storage Ideas for Small Spaces: Maximize Your Space

 1. Mount Tin Cans On Wall

Via Remodelormove

A true crafter knows how to find a solution to even a seemingly impossible problem, and we’re pretty sure this counts as one. Mounting tins on a wall beside your work desk or corner so that you can store yarn in them is a very suitable, efficient, and creative idea. This also saves you the floor space to keep machines, desks, etc.

2. Using Wine Rack to Store Yarn 

Via Prettyprudent

Who would’ve thought your unused wine rack would come in handy to store yarn? It does, and we have to say it is quite a clever way to do so. As shown here, a simple wine rack kept beneath a desk can very easily sort and organize yarn and, in turn, your problems.

3. Yarn Storage Wall Unit

Via Makeanddocrew

Why suffice with multiple little boxes if you have a truckload of yarn to store? This wall unit made from crates is a great DIY yarn storage idea and is suitable for those who are dedicated to allotting a good amount of space to their yarn bundles. You can even color-coordinate them to give them a more organized and accessible quality.

4. Make A Yarn Pegboard Wall 

Via Knitsforlife

This yarn pegboard wall idea is one of our favorites for two reasons: first, it makes use of already existing space and is a very easy idea to implement. Second, because it doubles up as decor, if you’re looking to add color to your room, then this idea will hit two birds with one stone.

5. Color Coordinated Yarn Crates 

Via Remodelormove

You know a color-coordinated DIY is not behind when it comes to yarn storage. Most of you would have gone grocery shopping and seen crates stacked like this. Well, now it’s time to replace fruits and vegetables with yarn to give your storage a beautiful color-sorted vintage feel. You can even use second-hand crates to save money.

6. Recycled Crib For Storage 

Via Crochetbydarleenhopkins

Finding a use for items that you have never thought of using before has its own fun just like this recycled crib. If you’re someone who took up weaving with yarn for their kids but cannot find a good way to store the supply, use the crib. Might sound weird at first but, just place it against a wall and stack the bundles to create makeshift storage and you’ll see what we are talking about. 

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7. Pile Up In A Wire Basket 

Via Caughtonawhim

Some may think of this idea of using a large wire basket for yarn as mundane, but it’s actually the opposite. Not only is it the perfect rustic addition for a crafter’s house, but it also gives you ample space without installing shelves, cabinets, or dressers. Just get a basket, fill it up and get weaving!

8. Plastic Shoe Pockets For Best Separation 

Via Remodelormove

Most of us have seen these transparent pocket holders being used to keep toiletries, shoes, and other items. But seeing it used for sorting out yarn is surely one of the most clever ideas. You can hang it beside your workstation or over the door to make the most of the available space.

9. Add A 2-Tier Stand To Your Room

VIa Remodelormove

Don’t worry if single-floor wire baskets are not your style because we have tons of options in the bag. This idea of adding a 2-tier basket stand to your room is very convenient as you don’t have to make anything from scratch. Having two baskets also helps you sort your yarn in a more organized way.

10. Sort Your Yarn Like Wine 

Via Prettyprudent

We know we’ve already given you one wine rack storage idea, but it can never hurt to have more inspiration, especially if it looks like this. This DIY black wine rack-turned dresser yarn storage is a perfect cottage aesthetic addition to your house. It is spacious, modern, and offers shelf space to keep tools as well.

11. Woven Baskets For Yarn 

Via Remodelormove

It is not your usual idea. However, it’s nevertheless fun because who wouldn’t want one of these beautiful baskets that can add just the right pop of color while providing enough storage space for your yarn bundles at the same time. You can even learn how to DIY them online.

12. Chalkboard Yarn Mason Jars

Via Raisinguprubies

The chalkboard is an old age trick that has been resurfacing whenever it comes to clever organization tricks—raising up rubies shows us how to use some very simple mason jars as brilliant storage containers for yarn by simply adding some chalkboard paint to them. This can then be sorted by color, type, or use.

13. Boho Corner Hammock For Yarn 

Via Etsy

When it comes to yarn, boho decor is never far behind. This time it’s better because not only is this hammock an adorable decor piece, but it also serves as storage for yarn. It gives you the unorganized-organized chaos feeling but ensures your yarn stays in one place.

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14. Magazine Sorters On Shelves

Via Laughingpurplegoldfish

DIY projects are our personal favorites! This idea of using magazine sorters for storing yarn has to be one of the easiest on this list. Just collect some used magazine sorters, paint or cover them to give them a monochromatic look, and place them on shelves. All you’re missing is the yarn, and you’re ready to go!

15. Diamond-Shaped Bookshelves 

Via Remodelormove

It is a well-known fact that bookshelves are versatile storage items, but we’re taking it one step further with these diamond-shaped bookshelves. Not only does this design create more storage space, but it also acts as a great separator for yarn. If you’re using an old bookshelf, then you can just add wooden planks to give it a diamond shape.

16. Rustic Yarn Cabinet 

Via Woodwoolstool

Since we’re talking about versatile storage items, how can we miss out on cabinets? Not just any cabinet but a rustic one at that. This old rustic cupboard is a crafter’s dream with the amount of storage space it offers and its aesthetically pleasing design.

17. Yarn In A Cup 

Via Sewlicioushomedecor

We are not kidding when we say you can store yarn in cups. This creative idea is suitable for people who take on smaller projects and don’t need too much space to store yarn. A sturdy plastic cup, a lid, and some DIY skills are all you need to make your very own yarn cup in no time.

18. Vases For The Win 

Via Littleladypatchwork

Acrylic vases are a beautiful item of decor but little did you know that you can use them for so much more than just holding flowers. Little lady patchwork shows us how to use vertical space the right way for storing yarn in these vases. If needed, you can add a narrow wooden plank on top of these vases to act as a makeshift shelf.

19. Containers With Labels In A Dresser 

Via Sewmanyways

Simply stacking away your yarn in a dresser by your bedside is an option, but so is finding a more organized way to keep them. Like this idea of putting them in plastic containers with labels on them to help you access and choose easily. This saves you the time of having to go through bundles of yarn when you need to find one.

20. DIY PVC Pipe Yarn Storage 

Via Abavellarblogspot

A good DIY never hurt anybody, and this idea of gluing together some PVC pipes to make a yarn organizer sounds brilliant. You can make it as big or small as you want and give it a touch of paint in case you want to creatively blend it in. It can be stashed against any wall with ease.

21. Hanging Shoe Organizer Turned Yarn Storage 

Via Craftyarncouncil

It sounds like a storage problem if your yarn supplies take up more closet space than your clothes do. The good thing is we’ve found a solution – hanging shoe storage. All you have to do is hang this organizer from the steel rod in your closet and replace the shoes with yarn.

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22. Store It In A Vintage Suitcase 

Via Remodelormove

One of the most convenient yet clever ways to store your yarn is in a vintage suitcase. This will take up only an inch of your space but will give you space to keep everything in one place, secured and sealed. It is a good idea to save your supplies from dust and damage without building a full-blown cabinet for them. 

23. Create Cubbies For Efficiency 

Via Mamainastich

Mama in a stitch has found a solution for every crafter who has collected too much yarn with too less space, and it’s just one word- cubbies! This sectioned storage idea is efficient at its best as you get as much space as that of a cupboard only with divided sections to organize the yarn more neatly.

24. Narrow Wooden Wall Glass Cabinet 

Via Jenjoycedesign

If you’re looking to get the job done without taking too much space in your house, this narrow wooden wall cabinet is the ideal solution for you. It takes up only a few inches of space that you can increase or decrease based on your needs. The glass adds a layer of protection to the yarn, which is a great advantage.

25. Tower Of Yarn Storage Idea 

Via Wonderfuldiy

The Tower of yarn is, as its name suggests, a tower built to store, keep and organize yarn. This brilliant idea uses the often neglected space behind the door to create a tower of wooden shelves. It is narrow but has multiple shelves and sections to make up for space.

26. Yarn Storage Turned Side Table 

Via Charissapraydesigns

We are always excited about multifunctional ideas that can store and serve at the time. Charissa Pray Designs has used a simple wire basket to keep yarn and turned it into a side table by adding a circular wooden plank on top of it. It keeps your yarn within reach and adds more space to your room.

27. Clothespin Yarn Storage 

Via Remodelormove

We’ve given you quite many ideas for storing bundles of yarn, but what about the little loose ends that create the mess in the first place? This idea of using clothespins to wrap around leftover yarn comes as a blessing. It ensures no yarn goes to waste or gets lost while you’re busy crafting.  

With the yarn storage ideas discussed in this article, you can keep your yarn collection organized, protected, and easily accessible. Remember, there’s no one-size-fits-all solution for yarn storage, so be creative and find what works best for you and your yarn collection. Happy crafting!

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