31 Mind Blowing Small Bedroom Storage Ideas

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Having a small bedroom space can be annoying especially if you have loads of stuff you’d like to have close to you so that you can access them at all times. But there are ways you can make use of this very space to increase your small bedroom’s storage capacity—you just have to turn a little bit creative.

Scroll down and check out 31 mind-blowing small bedroom storage ideas, so that you can transform your compact bedroom space into one with more storage, without adding extra junk.


31 Mind Blowing Small Bedroom Storage Ideas

1. Install Floating Shelves on the Walls

Rustic Wood Floating Shelves for Wall Farmhouse Wooden Wall Shelf for Bathroom Kitchen Bedroom Living Room Set of 3 Light Brown 16 Inch

Floating shelves steal the show because of their very flexible nature—they come in so many sizes and shapes and can be arranged in any pattern as per the space available on your bedroom walls. You can even buy shelves to fit in the corners of the room!

These rustic wooden floating shelves will give you more storage space without taking up any floor space, and allow you to make every inch of your bedroom wall. You can be as creative you want to be with them, and use them to store books, awards, photos, candles, clocks—you name it!

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2. Headboard Storage

Via Houzz

If you have a small bedroom, don’t pass up the opportunity to invest in a bed with a storage headboard. Headboards with storage areas are a great way of using up the space behind your otherwise useless headrest.

You will be surprised at how useful it’ll prove to be in terms of storing blankets or pillows. On top of that, you can place the bedside lamp on top of the headboard and completely ditch your bedside table; or you can keep whatever you like on the headboard—anything you want to use first thing in the morning or before going to bed at night.

3. Store Below Bed/Storage Bed

Utopia Bedding Adjustable Bed Furniture Risers - Elevation in Heights 3, 5 or 8 Inch Heavy Duty Risers for Sofa and Table - Supports up to 1,300 lbs - (8 Piece Set, Black)

Usually, beds are what take up the most room in bedrooms. So, it’s only natural to go for beds that provide space for storage—go for bed frames that’ll leave space below it. You can store stuff below the beds or buy box beds that come with storage space.

If your bed frame has space below, you can make use of boxes or crates to store winterwear, books, shoes, etc – stuff that you use less and not all year round. If your bed is not high enough for the boxes to fit, you can buy bed risers to make room; they will lift your bed.

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4. Laundry Bag

Via Pinterest

Get rid of your laundry hamper and replace it with a laundry bag that can be hung ANYWHERE on the wall. They are handy plus will clear up some floor space for storing other things.

5. Add Hooks

Via Centsandorder

Hooks are a blessing for small bedroom owners, partially because they are small in size and they can also carry a lot of things that otherwise would be lying around in the room. Hooks allow you to hang whatever can be hung, given you buy durable ones.

You can stick them anywhere, from your dressing table or the side of your bed to your wardrobe. You can hang anything and everything on them—bags, belts, scarves, clothes, jewelry, and even shoes!

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6. Hang Pants/Jeans On S Hooks

Via Simplyspaced

Folded pants and jeans take up by far the most space in your wardrobe/closet. You can maximize shelf space by using S hooks.

Hang the pants/jeans on the S hooks and hang the hooks on the rods, and voila! You can easily skim through the clothes and choose which one to wear. These hooks will also free you of bulky hangers that take up a lot of space and create clutter.

7. Install a Shelf above Your Door

Via Makespace

If there is one place that we never think about when aiming to find and utilize free space in the bedroom, it’s the one above the bedroom door. It’s a hidden gem for those people tired of not being able to store some extra items in their bedrooms.

Install a shelf on top of the door to store extra towels, linen, or any item that isn’t currently in use.

8. Mirror Jewellery Cabinet

Best Choice Products Full Length Standing LED Mirror, Jewelry & Makeup Storage Cabinet Armoire w/ Interior & Exterior Lights, Lockable Magnet Door, Touchscreen, Velvet Lining, Shelves, Drawer - White

Nowadays wardrobes with on-door mirrors are readily available in the furniture market. You can even add hooks behind one or both the doors and used them to hang jewelry. This way, they serve multiple purposes, that too all in a single space.

This mirror jewelry cabinet 4 shelves and will make your room look more stylish and also provide you with enough space to store your essentials.

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9. Store Shoes Vertically

Via Bloglovin

Storing your shoe pairs vertically instead of horizontally can do wonders for your bedroom storage space. You can either use a ladder, hooks, or even a vertical shoe rack for the same. You can use all three options for all kinds of footwear.

The best thing this hack will allow you to do is to arrange your pairs according to your needs and liking. You can put the most used pairs on the top, and the least used ones at the bottom. You can even do it vice versa.

10. Murphy Bed

Atlantic Furniture Southampton Murphy Bed Chest with Charging Station & Mattress, Queen, White

Murphy beds are pull-down beds that can be pushed back into the wall where they fit when they’re not needed. They are a great option for small bedrooms given the fact that most of the space is used up by your bed alone.

This murphy bed is made of durable pine and even has foldable shelves that can be transformed into nightstands.

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11. Corner Rack

GLENNOR Swivel Towel Bar, SUS304 Stainless Steel Swing Out Towel Rack Brushed Finish Wall Mounted Space Saving Bar

This corner swivel bar from Glennol is made of stainless steel, is space-saving, and will give your bathroom a stylish look. Its assembly is also pretty easy.

Corner racks are another solution that will make sure you use up every nook of your small bedroom and increase the storage area. These racks can be used for a variety of purposes, from hanging clothes to hanging your most-used jewelry pieces.

12. Storage Bench near the Bed

Youdesure Folding Storage Ottoman Bench, Faux Leather Footrest for Living Room, End of Bed Bench with Padded Seat, Holds up to 350lbs, Black

Storage benches or ottomans are a great option for a compact bedroom. Put them at the end of the bed and they can work as seating and storage. You can store whatever you want, snacks, books, files, blankets, etc.

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13. Wall Mounted Desk

Haotian FWT07-W,White Folding Wooden Wall-Mounted Drop-Leaf Table Desk Integrated with Storage Shelves

Just like floating shelves, you can mount a desk to your wall—it will save you floor space. You can also buy a wall-mounted desk that folds in like a murphy bed, they are available in the market.

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14. Make Your Desk Double as a Nightstand

Via Brynalexandra

Since you don’t have a lot of space in your bedroom, you probably only have the liberty to choose either of the two—A desk OR a nightstand. Why not both? Make your desk double as a nightstand and place your lamp on it.

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15. Buy a Wardrobe

ClosetMaid 8967 Pantry Cabinet, 24-Inch, White

If you don’t have a proper closet, you can buy a small wardrobe to store essentials, especially clothes. Go for a compact and classy one; you can even place stuff above the wardrobe.

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17. Layered Shelving

Via Planete-deco

Layered shelving is a great way to use up free wall space. It’s exactly what it sounds like, layered shelves on the walls. They can be used for displaying anything from showpieces to books—it’s your choice!

17. Store Shoes behind the Door

FKUO 10-Tier Over The Door Shoe Organizer Hanging Shoe Storage with 2 Customized Strong Metal Hooks for Closet Pantry Kitchen Accessory - Space Saving Solution (10 Layer, N-Black)

Another space with high storage potential we often overlook is the bedroom door. Like we said above, storing shoes vertically comes in very handy. Pair it with the unused space on the door and hang your shoes using this 12 tier hanging shoe rack.

18. Use the Space behind and above the Bed

Via Decor8

If you don’t have a headboard with storage, that’s all the more reason to use up the space left behind and above the bed. Add more shelves and keep your winterwear or extra towels and bedding there. You can also install a rod and hang clothes behind the bed. Never let this space go unused in your small bedroom.

19. Use a Coat Storage Stand

VECELO Coat Freestanding Entryway Clothes Stand, Purse Rack with Basket and 2 Shelves, Upgrade Hall Trees with 8 Dual Hooks, Vintage Brown+ Black
There is always some space in the corners of the bedroom waiting to be used. You can put coat storage in these corners, which will fit the small area and allow you to items of daily use. This is similar to attaching a rack on the corner, and both have their advantages.

This coat rack with 8 hooks, 2 tier storage shelves plus a basket is made of durable and rustproof material and will increase the storage space available for you.

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20. Use Baskets

Household Essentials ML-4002 Tall Water Hyacinth Wicker Basket with Handles | Natural, Brown, Natural

Baskets come in handy when you have a pile of clothes on your chair waiting to be washed, or socks cluttered all over the closet floor. You can slide these below the bed, on the shelves, inside the closet/wardrobe, and even hang them off the hooks.

This hyacinth wicker basket takes up less space and has a lot of storage potential.

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21. Double-Duty Furniture

Via Squareinchhome

Using one piece of furniture to serve two different purposes is by far the best trick in the DIY book. You can replace the table with a small storage cabinet, or a floating shelf with a drawer, or even a chair with some storage area underneath it.

If you want to buy furniture for your small bedroom, always look for double-duty pieces; you can save both money and space.

22. Downsize Furniture

Via Trevor Tondro|Housebeautiful

Look for furniture that is small in size and has a lot of storage capacity. It will reduce visual clutter and your room will look spacious as opposed to suffocated. If you think a nightstand is bulky, you can use a small chair as shown in the above picture.

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23. Use Every Space

Via Apartmenttherapy

We often ignore spaces that can be great potential storage spaces. Make use of every little corner and try to fit in a compact piece of furniture to store things. For example, a floating corner shelf can act as a nightstand for your small bedroom.

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24. Fold Your Bedsheets and Store Them under the Mattress

Via Apartmenttherapy

Storing bedsheets is a real headache for small bedroom people. But this hack is a great way to store the sheets and keep them clean at the same time—fold them and store them under the mattress, but fold them thin so they don’t bulge. This way, you will create storage space for them without having to do much work.

25. Store Things in Hanging Fruit Baskets

SnugLife Macrame 3 Tier Hanging Basket - Space Saving Hanging Fruit Basket for Kitchen or Decorative Boho Decor Hanging Plant Holder - Use for Produce Baskets, Indoor Planter Hangers, 42 Inches Beige

Hanging fruit baskets can do a lot for you by increasing your storage space. You can hang one in your closet with the help of hooks, or even from the ceiling and store whatever you want to. The best thing about them: they take up zero floor space.

This 3-tier hanging basket will add a rustic look to your room and maximize storage space.

26. Stack Cabinets

Via Makespace

Just like layering shelves, stacking cabinets can prove to be very beneficial for us small bedroom people. Buy cabinets and stack them on top of each other; this gives you a lot of storage area. Like shelves, they can fit in almost all areas and come in different sizes.

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27. Hanging Jewellery Organizer

MISSLO Hanging Jewelry Organizer Holder 32 Pockets 18 Loops for Accessories Storage, Beige

There are a lot of hanging jewelry organizers readily available in the market today; their purpose is to allow you to store as much jewelry as you can while taking up little storage space. Some come with hooks, some with hangers, some with pockets.

This hanging organizer has 32 pockets and 18 loops and can accommodate your entire jewelry collection in an organized manner.

28. Sort Socks and Underwear with an Organizer

Honeycomb Separator Adjustable Drawer Organizer Divider for Underwear Belt-Scarf Socks Organizer (Pink)

Just like jewelry organizers, there are drawer organizers that make it easy to organize stuff like socks and underwear. They have small compartments to toss in whatever stuff you want to store and keep it all organized at the same time.

These honeycomb-shaped organizers are pretty easy to assemble and great for organization.

29. Shrink Bulky Jackets and Sweaters with Vacuum-filled Bags

Simple Houseware Vacuum Storage Space Saver for Bedding, Pillows, Towel, Blanket, Clothes Bags

When not in use, the best way to store winterwear or bulky clothes is to shrink them and toss them in a vacuum-filled bag, so they take as little space as possible. These bags have a double seal zipper that will keep their contents safe from dust and water.

Buy it on Amazon.

30. Hanging Closet Organizers

Via Pinterest

Hanging closet organizers allow you to store clothes and ditch oversized drawers taking up a lot of space. Consider investing in one, because they can come in handy. You can dedicate one organizer entirely for your tops, another for bottom wear, etc.

31. Donate or Throw Out Old Stuff

The most important way to make sure you have enough storage in your bedroom is by throwing away whatever is not needed or donating it.

We know you don’t want to part with your favorite pair of jeans from four years ago but it doesn’t even fit you anymore! Or what about those boots that have gotten completely damaged? Break up with them, because you need to be independent and have some SPACE. Get it?

Hope this list of 31 various ideas will help you declutter and organize your small bedrooms. So what are you waiting for? Choose some ideas you can execute easily and start maximizing space already!

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