37 Amazing Kitchen Cabinet Hardware Ideas

kitchen cabinet hardware ideas

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There are two types of people in this world. The ‘pull’ guys and the ‘knob’ guys. And no matter which one you are, when choosing the right kitchen cabinet hardware, you will probably be in a conundrum. You have to attend to both aesthetics and functionality.

You may find a product that is beautiful but isn’t practical for everyday use. Or you may find a functional product that doesn’t offer much in terms of beauty.

Kitchen cabinet hardware can decide whether your kitchen looks ordinary or classy. Attention to minor details is what differentiates a normal kitchen from a great one.

If you need some inspiration for your kitchen cabinet hardware, here are 37 amazing kitchen cabinet hardware ideas.


37 Amazing Kitchen Cabinet Hardware Ideas

Kitchen Cabinet Pulls

Though there are no rules and it ultimately boils down to preference, kitchen cabinet pulls are recommended for large doors. It is advisable to buy a pull that is not more than 1/3 of the cabinet door height and 1/2 of the width of the drawer.

Cabinet pulls in bronze or blacks can become the defining factor in your kitchen, as they add oomph to an otherwise utilitarian room. This is especially useful if you have plain white cabinets and you wish to add a bit of drama to the kitchen.

1. Curved Wire Pulls

Via Directdoorhardware

This curved wire pull of brushed satin nickel is affordable and simple. It is perfect for regular use and gives your kitchen a neat and crisp look.

It is suited for small kitchens as well. Often, the protruding edges of handles catch clothing which may cause it to rip or tear, but this causes no such issues.

2. Routed Cabinet Pulls

Via Weirdwoodwork

These routed cabinet pulls have become the X-factor in this kitchen. They put the spotlight on the beautiful cabinets. As soon as you enter the kitchen, it’s the first thing you notice.

It doesn’t make the kitchen look cluttered either. The stylish design is made by creating a custom routed hole bar inside the cabinet.

3. Elegant Pulls

Via eBay

Elegant cabinet pulls are notorious for their beauty. They are better suited for your farmhouse which you visit once in a while than in the house that you live in.

In your farmhouse, you can go after opulence and luxury because that’s where you host parties. Beautiful and sturdy, they become the focal point in your kitchen. So, get ready to be showered with compliments because of these beauties.

4. Leather Pulls

Hiili & Kaala Leather Dresser Knobs, 12 Pack Knobs for Dresser Drawers, Soft Drawer Knobs Upgrade The Look of Furniture, Perfect Replacement of Metal Cabinet Knobs (Brown)
Take a break from stainless steel and bronze handles to give your kitchen a unique touch. These leather pulls are functional and make your house feel like home. They are easy to use and establish you as a person with distinct tastes in interior design.

Check out the price.

5. Dovetailed Pulls

Via Referenceforww

Dovetailed pulls are durable and last long. They are hardly noticeable when the cabinet door is closed. They need precision and expertise to be created hence you may have to shell out a bit but, they are definitely worth the price paid. If you want an inconspicuous addition to your cabinet, then these pulls are the right ones for you.

6. Metal Ring Pulls

Metal ring pulls can add a traditional touch to your kitchen. If you have wood cabinets or mission-style cabinets, these metal ring pulls help to complete the look. They are perfect additions to farmhouses and are sturdy enough to last a long time.

7. Industrial DIY Pulls

Via Welovehome

If you want to add a personal touch to your house, then these DIY industrial pulls are perfect for you. You can make them at home and add a rustic charm to your kitchen cabinet.

The materials required for making these are copper pipes, drill, screws, pipe cutter, superglue, 1/2 inch copper slip cap fittings, and 1/2 inch bell hangers. It is an inexpensive way to add a bit of drama to your kitchen. And, it gives you a project to work on on the weekends.

8. Unique Wave Pulls

Via Homedepot

Unique wave pulls are stylish additions to modern cabinets. If you want a modern kitchen, then wave pulls are the right choice. These beauties will give your kitchen a contemporary touch. They come in a variety of shapes to cater to every taste.

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9. Ornamental Pulls

Ornamental cabinet pulls are not high on functionality but add oomph to your kitchen. It is better suited to kitchens you don’t use much. Hence, farmhouses and getaway villas are the perfect place for these cabinet pulls. These pretty ornamental pulls were made to be admired and adored.

10. Bar Pulls

15 Pack homdiy Kitchen Cabinet Handles Modern Drawer Pulls - HDJ12SN Square Bar Pulls for Cupboard Doors, Stainless Steel Cabinet Pulls Drawer Handles, 6-1/4in Hole Centers

The simplistic and minimalist style of bar pulls makes them a classic. They are made with stainless steel with a brushed nickel finish and are perfect for everyday use in the kitchen. If you swear by minimalism, then these are the right pulls for you.

Check out the price.

11. Edgecliff Pulls

Via Schoolhouse

Made of solid brass, Edgecliff pulls are a symbol of luxury and modernization in any kitchen.

They are very versatile and can be used in a two-tone kitchen as well. Two-tone kitchens have both dark and light shades which may make it difficult to choose hardware that suits both. Hence, golden cabinet pulls prove to be the best choice to cater to both tones.

12. Finger Pulls

10 Pack Peaha Brushed Brass Cabinet Pulls File Cabinet Handles Edge Gold Drawer Pulls Cabinet Finger Pull 76mm/3in Center to Center, LS7030BB76

Finger pulls are a perfect combination of style and class that can transform any kitchen. These flat finger pulls are made from high-quality aluminum that’s rust-free and not fragile.

The finish adds to the beauty of the product—the edges are smooth and thick, with no sharp corners. Their installation is also pretty basic and easy to follow.

Check out the price.

13. Bail Pulls

Bail pulls give the kitchen a traditional touch and complement wooden cabinets well. These cabinet pulls have an antique brass finish. Made of zinc, they are 5.25 inches in length and width.

Many bail pulls have intricate designs that add a distinct charm to the cabinets. Designed in Bohemian style, these bail pulls will become the focal point of your kitchen.

14. Cup/Pin Pulls

Via Etsy

Cup or Pin pulls are solid, sturdy additions to your kitchen. There is no risk of them catching any cloth as there are no sharp edges. Thus, these pulls are suitable for a small kitchen as well.

15. Arch Pulls

Pack of 10, 5 Inch, Brushed Nickel Kitchen Cabinet Handles | ASKANO AP078 | Arch Cabinet Pulls, Round Foot, Furniture Hardware for Cabinet Door, Drawer, Cupboard, Dresser, Hole Centers: 5"

Arch pulls are versatile and can be used on a variety of things like kitchen cabinets, desk drawers, and bookcases. It is a functional cabinet pull that has a smooth grip and is ideal for regular use.

It has a brushed nickel finish that will look good in any modern kitchen. The unadorned and conventional design in no way detracts from its overall appeal.

Check out the price.

16. Pendant Pulls

Via Homedepot

Pendant pulls come in a variety of designs, some elegant, others antique. The design is an unconventional one, hence it will be a conversation piece in any kitchen. This pendant pull is made of zinc and has an antique brass finish.

17. Recessed Pulls

Via Homedepot

Recessed pulls give your kitchen a contemporary look. The sleek design and polished chrome finish will divert attention toward your kitchen cabinets.

Recessed pulls look good on light-colored cabinets. They don’t protrude like other pulls and also make your cabinet area appear larger as they don’t break the flow.

18. Ledge Pull

Via Linearstandard

Ledge pulls give a handleless look that is both stylish and modern and provides ease of use. A matte black finish will be the center of attention on a white cabinet. You can also play the camouflage game by matching the ledge pull’s color with the cabinets’—they will be barely noticeable.

19. Midvale Pull


Via Schoolhouse

Midvale pull exudes class and sophistication like no other. Whether you have a black or white cabinet, this Midvale pull will complement every color. Moreover, it has rounded, smooth edges, and the weight is balanced perfectly which makes it easy to use.

20. Glass Pulls

Via Homedepot

Want a break from all the antique brass, chrome, bronze, and copper? Then glass pulls are perfect for you. Glass cabinet pulls suit people who want to break from the convention and try out exciting and different things.

As glass pulls aren’t very common, you will find these beauties become the talking point of your kitchen. It will attract attention and accentuate the cabinets.

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Kitchen Cabinet Knobs

When you are into knobs rather than pulls, you are probably thought to be old school. Cabinet pulls may have replaced knobs in some modern houses these days but that doesn’t mean they’ve lost their charm.

Small hardware knobs sometimes become the focal point of your kitchen and other times they can be discreet so that the focus is on other decor items.

1. Bronze Knobs

Via Etsy

You can get a classic ornamental bronze knob with carvings like the one in the picture above. Or you can also find one that is plain with no additional designs. Both cater to different tastes.

Bronze knobs are widely used in traditional kitchens for a rustic look. You should always test bronze knobs that have carvings before buying them as they can be difficult to grip.

2. Wooden Knobs

Wooden knobs are very popular in rustic-styled kitchens. The knobs are made of durable wood and feature a very simplistic design. If you like minimalism, these are perfect for you. These knobs will put the focus on lavish cabinets instead of standing out themselves.

3. Brushed Nickel Knobs

Via Homedepot

Brushed nickel knobs never go out of fashion because of their versatility. The knob is popular because of its simplistic but practical design.

Brushed nickel knobs also offer strength and durability. They may not be very fancy but are just as functional.

4. Glass Knobs

Via Etsy

Glass knobs look regal in any kitchen setup. They particularly shine bright in kitchens with lots of natural light that help showcase these knobs in all their glory. They are also easier to clean and are scratch-resistant, but a little on the expensive side.

5. Artistic Knobs

If you want beautiful knobs, you can’t do better than this. Artistic knobs are not that common and bring in creativity – allowing you to play with the decor.

These knobs reflect your superior taste in kitchen hardware. If you have a simple cabinet, then buy artistic knobs to add substance to the decor.

6. Crystal Knobs

NORTHERN BROTHERS Dreeser Knobs Drawer Knobs Crystal Knobs - Diamond Glass Knobs and Pull Knobs for Cabinets and Drawers Crystal Knobs for Dresser Drawers and Kitchen, Bathroom Silver Knobs 10 Pack

Nothing spells luxury more than crystal knobs. These diamond-shaped knobs are sure to be the center of attention in any kitchen. Made with glass, these crystal knobs will fit snugly into your hand. The base is very strong and hence, will not fall off or break easily.

Crystal knobs may require careful handling but they are so beautiful that they are worth the investment.

Check out the price.

7. Square Knobs

Via Etsy

Square knobs, as the name suggests, have a simple, square design. They seem bold and straightforward with no embellishments. The minimalist design complements almost all types of cabinets.

As square knobs are versatile, they are very popular among homeowners.

8. Radcliffe Knobs

Via Schoolhouse

Radcliffe knobs have an unconventional design. The design allows less surface area for holding the knob so they are not that common. Therefore, if you use them in your kitchen, they will stand out.

The knob doesn’t weigh a lot and hence it is perfect for children to open the cabinet using it.

9. Hive Knobs

Hive knobs are shaped like beehives – hence the name. The knob feels smooth under your hand and is perfect for traditional kitchens. They have an antique style and will complement wooden cabinets the best.

10. Summit Knobs

Via Schoolhouse

Designed to catch the eye and inspire beautiful spaces, this knob is a charming revival of mid-century cabinet and furniture hardware. It’s suited for giving a face-lift to vintage pieces or as the finishing touch on new construction.

11. Birdcage knobs

Via Homedepot

These knobs are shaped like a cute bird’s cage. Birdcage knobs are available in many varieties, some are elongated while others are more spherical. These fancy knobs suit contemporary kitchens well. White cabinet doors look great with black birdcage knobs.

12. Cylindrical Knobs

Via Wayfair

Cylindrical knobs are on the heavier side and have a conventional design that is preferred by people who have a simplistic sense of style.

They don’t have much appeal in terms of design and beauty but these knobs are high on functionality. Small kitchens are better off with cylindrical knobs that don’t take much surface area.

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13. Bar Knobs

Via Etsy

Add a vintage touch to your kitchen with these bar knobs. Again, it is one of those cabinet hardware ideas that suit traditional or antique kitchen styles.

You have to consider the finish of the bar knob before finalizing one. Different finishes are suited to different decors and this may make or break the final look.

14. Conical Knobs

Via Wayfair

Conical knobs are common in households because they are sturdy and fit for regular use. They are designed for everyday use and are not suited for fancy farmhouse kitchens.

These conical knobs are made of zinc. They are easy to install with the help of fasteners. Finishes are again very important to get the desired final look. The several finishes include pewter, satin nickel, and stainless steel.

15. Oval Knobs

Via Etsy

These polished brass oval knobs are the show-stealer in any kitchen. These shiny knobs will be the first thing anyone notices.

Since there are no intricate carvings, these oval knobs provide a smooth grip. They lend the perfect combination of style and class to any kitchen. Based on the different finishes on these knobs, your kitchen can look rustic, traditional, or contemporary.

16. Geometrical Knobs

Via Etsy

Geometrical knobs come in different shapes—they may be hexagonal, square, or diamond in shape. They can also be quirky additions to your kitchen. You can also experiment and put different shapes on different cabinets in your kitchen.

17. Rectangular knobs

Southern Hills Brushed Nickel Cabinet Knob - Rectangle -Satin Nickel - Pack of 5 - Kitchen Cabinet Knobs - Drawer Pulls Hardware - SHKM001-SN-5

The sleek design of a rectangular knob will look stunning in contemporary houses.

This rectangular knob has a nickel finish. It has a smooth surface with no embellishments which add to its class and charm. It manages to attract people’s attention with just the exterior finish.

Check out the price.

How Do You Match Kitchen Cabinet Hardware To The Décor?

With so many options available, it becomes very difficult to zero in on one cabinet hardware that matches your décor. This post is to ease your problem.

The first step is to identify your kitchen’s style and decor. You have to understand whether it is a farmhouse style, contemporary or traditional.

  • Brass, matte black, and oil-rubbed bronze are some of the popular finishes in farmhouse-styled kitchens.
  • Chrome and stainless steel complement modern decors.
  • Crystal or glass knobs and satin nickel finishes gel well with traditional kitchens.

What Color Hardware Goes With White Kitchen Cabinets?

White kitchen cabinets are very popular and allow a blank canvas for experimenting. This is precisely what makes the decision more difficult because most colors look good with white kitchen cabinets. Some of these are:-

  • Antique pewter and copper hardware
  • Nickel hardware
  • Golden hardware
  • Brass
  • Multi-color hardware

Should I Use Knobs Or Pulls?

You are the best person to answer this question since it’s your house and your style. But, there are some things you should consider before making the choice.

  • If you want something cheaper, then you should choose knobs as pulls are more expensive.
  • Knobs are easier to install, so for easy installation, you know what you should choose.
  • If you don’t like sharp edges, then round knobs can be a better option.
  • Pulls attract more attention in the kitchen set up as they are more prominent. If you want your kitchen hardware to set the tone for the kitchen, go for pulls.
  • Knobs are more flexible from a design perspective because they aren’t that conspicuous.
  • Knobs are easier to use on the upper cabinets while pulls suit lower ones.

Can You Mix Cabinet Pulls With Knobs?

Though it’s safer to go with either one if you want to experiment you can try a mix of both.

If you have a large kitchen, the same type of kitchen hardware can become monotonous. You can counter that by mixing pulls and knobs with the same finish. This will give the kitchen a coordinated look.

This is a comprehensive guide to all kitchen hardware ideas. I hope it has made you aware of the different types of hardware and answered your most pressing questions about it. Use these ideas for your next kitchen up-gradation project!

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