41 Clever Shoe Storage Ideas For Small Spaces

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If you’re like most people, you probably have a lot of shoes and not enough space to store them. And if you’re living in a small space, shoe storage can be a real challenge.

With limited space, finding a place to store all of your footwear can be hard without making your home feel cluttered and disorganized. But don’t worry, there are many practical and creative shoe storage ideas that can help you take control of your collection and make the most of your small space.

From maximizing your closet space to creating a custom shoe rack, you’ll find plenty of inspiration and ideas here.


41 Clever Shoe Storage Ideas For Small Spaces

1. Hidden Shoe Drawer

Via Storables

Out of sight, out of mind is quite possibly the most appropriate phrase for this innovative shoe storage idea. It requires you to organize your shoes neatly in a hidden compartment drawer that pulls out diagonally when opened. You can even use it as a décor table to make extra use of it.

2. Stacking Shelves

Via Sorayacartategui

These stacking shelves are the go-to solution, especially for small spaces. Why? Because they provide the flexibility to use any available space without worrying about the aesthetic as they fit in quite nicely and look neat. They maximize vertical space and are an excellent addition to the house.

3. Sliding Shoe Rack 

Via Futuristarchitecture

Small spaces are all about creativity and functionality, and this sliding shoe rack idea is the perfect mixture of both. Using your allotted closet space to store not only your clothes but shoes as well simply by adding a sliding rack? We’ll take that deal!

4. Under Bed Shoe Storage 

Under Bed Shoe Storage Organizer Set of 2, Fits 32 Pairs, Underbed Shoe Box Storage Containers Adjustable Dividers w/ Bottom Support Velcro, Clear Foldable Shoes Storage w/ Reinforced Handles

If you go searching for the most underused spaces in a house, the chances are that your bed will be at the top of the list. Everyone uses a bed to sleep, so why not use the space available under it to store shoes in an organized way?

Use these under-bed shoe storage bags to ensure your shoes are stored categorically and don’t gather dust.

5. Revolving Shoe Storage 

Via DIYdecorcrafts

Honestly, anything that revolves is already a fun addition to your house. This revolving shoe stand is ideal for small spaces because of its functionality. You can store up to 30 pairs in a corner without overcrowding it in any way. Not to forget, it’s quite a cool thing to have in your closet/bedroom.

6. Hang Shoes Behind The Door 

Via Storables

We sure are going old school when it comes to making the most of small areas, and that means using what we have.

Your door is an ever-present entity in the house, and upon pairing it with a metal rack, it becomes a fantastic shoe storage idea. You can store all of your shoes, including party heels or casual sneakers, in this behind-the-door rack.

7. Use The Corner Of The Stairway As Storage 

Via Furnplanet

You know that little corner space between the door and where your stairs end? Yes, the one space you’ve neglected can indeed be turned into an excellent shelved space for storing shoes. This idea works perfectly for those who have stairs as entryways into the house and are looking for convenient shoe-keeping spaces for guests.

8. Underneath The Stairs

Via Yannick Milpas

Having big chunky stairs in your house and not finding another use for them seems like a waste if you ask us. So here is a storage idea that uses stairs as storage cases. All you need are some hinges, and you can turn any stair into a secret trunk-like shoe case, hidden in plain sight.

9. Place An Iron Mesh Board 

Via Thestyleindex

Sometimes adding an accessory to your small space is the best way to solve a problem, like this mesh board. Who knew a mesh board could be used as shoe storage? It is an easy, convenient fix and also a good piece of décor you can place anywhere you want in your house. 

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10. Adjustable Shoe Organizers

Moteph Shoe Organizer Closet Storage Solution with Clear Cover & Adjustable Dividers for Shoes, Handbags, Blankets, Linen, Clothing (Grey, Medium - 16 Pairs)

A linen shoe organizer that is adjustable, compact, and easy to move around sounds like the perfect solution if you’re struggling to find storage for your shoes.

You can use this organizer for shoes as well as blankets, linens, clothing, etc. It works brilliantly and provides easy access due to the clear cover on the top.

11. Floating Shoe Shelves

Via Etsy

Do you know a way you can put your shoes on display and save space at the same time? If you don’t, then it’s time to check out these floating shelves from Etsy. The simple wall-mount design makes it easy to use, and its minimal design ensures that you can use any and every available surface with ease.

12. Use High Wall Space

Via Thestyleindex

If you are a proud owner of heels that can touch the sky but have no space to store them, then we are here for you! It’s only sensible to keep your heels up high using the empty wall space you have. This solution is not only sensible and practical but also aesthetically pleasing.

13. Hang Your Shoes In The Closet 

Via Thestyleindex

Mesh hangers or fabric hangers are the trends right now, especially for storing sweaters, but you can also use them to store shoes.

This idea works perfectly for those who don’t have anything besides their closet to store shoes. It allows you to put away your footwear without taking up too much room in your closet.

14. Wooden Crates To Display Shoes

Via Jenwoodhouse

Wooden boxes and crates can be pretty cool, but it is cooler when you stack them up to make a shoe storage/display. This DIY project may seem like a lot of work, but it isn’t! It may use more space than the other ideas on this list, but it looks extremely pretty and decorative.

15. Wicker Basket Shoe Stand 

Via Thestyleindex

If you don’t have time for a big DIY project, then this could be something that fits your time and budget. All you need are a couple of wicker baskets, and towel stands to get your job done. Stack the baskets up on the stand and there you have it – a stellar shoe stand in no time! 

16. Use An Ottoman For Storing Shoes 

Via Thestyleindex

An ottoman is probably one of the best storage ideas for just about anything. You can store your shoes inside it and use it as a piece of seating furniture. It provides an excellent space for you to keep your shoes away from dust and serves to hide them when guests come in.

17. Make A Patio Shoe Stand 

Via Storables

When you don’t have enough space inside, take the problem outside. Yes, we’re talking about an affordable and easy way to store your shoes on the patio or in the backyard. You can use wood, metal, or plastic to create a small stand that doesn’t take much space but can hold all your shoes.

18. Use Diagonals To Create More Shelf Storage 

Via Thestyleindex

Diagonal planks are a great way to create additional space. If you have shelves to store shoes but want to categorize them in a better way, just add these diagonal planks. They can be used on any shelf, thereby maximizing storage and organizational efficiency.

19. Wall Mounted Shoe Storage 

Via Etsy

However hard we may try, our shoes never stay in one place. If you’re also frustrated to find your shoes scattered everywhere, then you can use these wall-mounted wooden racks from Etsy. They are easy to stick and provide easy storage and access to shoes.

20. Ladder Shoe Storage 

At Home with Katie Shelton
Via Abeautifulmess

Ladders are becoming quite popular for storage so we thought to use it for shoes! If you’re low on space, this is perfect. Simply find a corner to place a single or double ladder and place your shoes on it. You can even paint and decorate it to fit your interiors better.

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21. Make A Shoe Garage

SONGMICS Shoe Rack, Space-Saving 15-Slot Plastic Shoe Storage Organizer Unit, Shoe Cabinet, Ideal for Entryway Hallway Closet Garage, 44.5 x 14.2 x 34.6 Inches, White ULPC44S

Use these organizers from Amazon and stack them to store your shoes. This is great for all the sneakerheads out there, as it conveniently displays as well as organizes the shoes efficiently. It is your very own shoe museum!

22. Stash Shoes In Built-in Bed Drawers

Via Thetinycanalcottage

As we said before, a small household requires its furniture to have multiple uses, and a built-in storage bed is one of those. It is extremely convenient to store shoes, especially seasonal footwear like boots and skiing shoes. Makes life much easier!

23. PVC Pipe Storage  

Via Thecolumbiaclub 

It’s time to get a little crafty and constructive because this idea will blow your minds! Using PVC pipes as a shoe rack may not have crossed your mind earlier but let us tell you, it is a complete space saver. Find pipes with appropriate length and width and stack them in a pattern to create a unique DIY shoe rack.

24. Stick-on Wall Baskets

Via Dashofjazz

If you’re someone who doesn’t like to take the time to organize every shoe in order but still wants some form of organization, then this hack is for you! Get your hands on a good-quality metal basket and use wall hooks to hang them up. And just like that, you have a makeshift wall basket for all your sandals and shoes!

25. DIY Creative Shoe Hangers 

Via Pinterest

You must have seen these viral shoe hangers floating around on the internet. They are ideal for people who wish to use their closets or walls to store shoes. Moreover, they ensure that the shoes remain in shape. You can try making these at home by manipulating your old metal hangers in different ways.

26. DIY Entryway Wall Shoe Organizer

Via Emily Henderson

Some of you could be creatures of the routine like us, who like everything neat and in order. In this case, having a shoe storage space near the door sounds like the greatest plan. You can make it happen by using this idea of having a mini wall mount right beside your entryway, as shown in the image.

27. Shoe Slots Organizer 

Shoe Slots Organizer, Adjustable Shoe Stacker Storage Space Saver, Double Deck Shoe Rack Holder for Closet Organization (20-Pack)(White)

With less space comes more space utilization tools. This fantastic tool from Amazon can help you stack your shoes one over the other without spoiling their quality or reducing their lifespan. It can be kept in a neat line outside the closet or near the entryway.

28. Buy A Sitting Bench With Shoe Storage 

Via Pinterest

Are you planning to invest in extra furniture but confused between an extra sitting space or shoe storage? Why not choose both?

A sitting bench can easily couple up both and can be used as shoe storage if you pick the right design. It is also extremely convenient for guests as they can sit and tie their shoes before leaving.

29. Double Your Closet Door As A Shoe Rack 

Whitmor Non Slip Door Shoe Rack-36 Fold Up, Nonslip Bars, 36-PAIR, White

You have already come across the idea of using a behind-the-door shoe rack, but if that’s out of the cards for you and you want something more out of sight, then the inside of your closet door is a great substitute.

You can decide whether you want a metal rack or a plastic bag to store your shoes inside the closet door, depending on how much weight it can take.

30. Create A Peg Board Shoe Stand 

Via Poshpennies

You must be wondering how a peg stand could be used for shoes? A peg stand doesn’t have to be high up on the wall, and you can even make it yourself and use it to hook your shoes when they’re not in use. This reduces the mess you generally find near your door.

31. Hang Your Heavy Boots Outside

Via Pinterest

If you’re a person in a profession which requires heavy boots, we know just the way to help you store them. Your patio/garden serves as the perfect place to store your heavy boots without much problem. Keep them under a table full of planters or in a big old container so that you don’t crowd the rest of the house with them.

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32. Create Storage In Stairs 

Via Zsarchitects

We return to the stairs but in a more innovative way! Pull-out furniture is the trend for small spaces these days. You can keep your shoes organized, hidden away from the naked eye, and pull them out when you need them. It will surely wow your guests and leave you with much cleaner space.

33. Hang Them Upside Down 

Via Apartmenttherapy

Someone said it right – the world is much better upside down, and so are your shoes. So we’ve included this excellent and innovative DIY idea that involves wooden rods and two thin planks, and not much space.

Just put this near your door and place your shoes upside down upon arrival for a clutter-free entryway.

34. Hide Them With A Bed Skirt 

Via Mattressnut

Sometimes, hiding it away is the best possible solution when you cannot handle the mess. If you are someone who tends to scatter the shoes around the bedroom, just stack them under the bed and hide them using a bed skirt, as shown here. You can use baskets or containers for more organized shoe storage.

35. DIY Tiny Copper Rack 

Via Freshcrush

This little copper rack is one of our favorite shoe storage ideas on the list. It is a floating, space-saving, aesthetic copper rack that is easy to build and install. You can paint it any other color if you want as well, to fit it in with your house but we do think that the industrial vibe it gives is perfect.

36. Use Oversized Wicker Baskets 

Via Architectural Digest

This is quite honestly the most simple idea for those who have small spaces and not a lot of time. All you need here are two oversized wicker baskets or bins that can be placed under the stairs, beside the closet, or in any empty space. It keeps the shoes out of the way and your life simple, like this solution.

37. Upcycle Old Paint Cans 

Via Grillodesigns

Upcycling old things are one of our favorite hobbies, and we’ve come across this brilliant idea of using old paint cans to store shoes! You can paint the cans to give them a new look, stick them under your desk, and then use them to keep your footwear.

38. Turn Skateboards Into Shelves 

Via Grillodesigns

Did you ever think you could use skateboards as a shoe rack? We sure never did! But this idea indeed blew us away, and we cannot wait to try it out. You can drill the skateboards using some L-brackets and hang them high on the walls to display your shoes.

39. DIY Cardboard Shoe Rack 

Via Apieceofrainbow

Don’t want to break the bank but still want a separate shoe organizer to keep things neat at home? Don’t worry, because this cardboard shoe rack is the perfect solution. It is a DIY project that will give you a beautiful geometric rack to keep your shoes in just a few pennies. Pocket friendly and efficient!

40. Get a Mirror With Storage 

Via Wayfair

Doubling things up is the way to go when looking to fit in a full wall mirror and a shoe cabinet in your small house! Combining these two things not only saves space but also makes it easy for you to check if your shoes go with the outfit in front of the mirror. 

41. Hanging Shoe Closet Organizer 

Hanging Shoe Shelves, 10 Shelves Hanging Shoe Organizer for Closet, Shoes Holder Storage Shelves, Shoe Storage Hanging Shoe Holder, Breathable No-Wover Fabric for Shoes, Closet and Baby Things, 2 pack

When your closet is already taking up too much space in your house, and you cannot invest in extra furniture to store shoes, this hanging shoe organizer comes to save the day! It keeps your shoes from getting mixed up and uses only a bit of your closet space. 

Shoe storage in small spaces can be a challenge, but with these creative and practical ideas, you can now keep your shoes organized and out of the way.

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