31 Small Bathroom Storage Ideas

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Are you looking to make some storage space in your bathroom? It can get challenging to store all your toiletries, towels, soaps, and more in a tiny bathroom without making it look cluttered. But these smart storage solutions will let you use the slightest of spaces without making the bathroom look crowded and stuffed.

The bathroom solutions in this list have been written keeping in mind smaller bathrooms—they may not suit bigger ones. So keep that in mind and check out these 31 smart DIY storage solutions for your tiny bathroom to store your bathroom essentials safely.


31 Small Bathroom Storage Ideas

1. Install an Over-the-Door Shelf

Via Thecrazycraftlady

If you don’t have a linen closet in your small bathroom, it can be challenging to store spare towels, bathrobes, and more. Use the vertical space instead of the horizontal one and add a tiered shelf using wooden crates on the top of the bathroom door.

This will help keep your towels, linen items, and other supplies away but in your reach.

2. Hang Baskets on the Wall

Via Abeautifulmess

Yes, this idea is not something out-of-the-box. But this simple and easy DIY idea can give your toilet rolls, soaps, shampoo, brushes, and more ample space to be stored properly. 

This DIY project is pretty easy and just takes about an hour to complete. You would need regular DIY items like wire baskets, drywall anchors, washers, and a few screws to complete this project.

3. Create a Tower of Buckets

Via Glamour

This is one of the best DIY storage ideas to store your beauty products and sanitary items in one place. It doesn’t take much space and is so creative and aesthetically pleasing.

You can store all your hair colors, shampoo, soaps, brushes, trimmer, and more in different baskets by hanging them one over the other. Any lightweight basket would do the trick for you. 

4. Hair Tool Organizer

Your hair tools including straighteners, trimmers, clippers, and dryers can be difficult to organize in a small bathroom with all those tangling wires. They can create a lot of clutter and are prone to damage if they fall on a wet floor or into a bucket. Say goodbye to all those worries by creating this DIY stand to organize all your hair tools in the bathroom.

The vertical wood plank with aluminum slots looks pretty exquisite too. 

5. Toothbrush Holder

Via Ohohdeco

Instead of throwing away water jug caps, use them for making this unique toothbrush holder. You can just stick these on the walls as shown in this tutorial. It just takes some velcro and you’re done with it.

You can now have a different toothbrush holder for each family member without taking too much space.

6. Create a Slotted Box

Via Itsybitsandpieces

If you don’t have a vanity in your bathroom, you would need a shelf to store your utility items like toothpaste, perfume bottles, and more. Stick it above the sink just as shown in this compilation of fall ideas.

The shelf might look very slim but is indeed spacious. You can have different slots for all your bathroom utilities. You can have different columns for brushes, perfumes, lotions, and so on.

7. Bathroom Caddy for Men

Via Keepingitsimple

A shaving kit or a trimmer is essential for most men. Both these items need to be kept safely in the bathroom. That can be challenging when you have a small bathroom as you’d find it hard to set up space from where the trimmer won’t fall.

This DIY shelf is quite easy to make using a wooden board and a square dowel and turns out very effective in keeping men’s essentials.

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8. Rustic Barn Wood Wall Organizer 

Via Mycreativedays

If you love to have rustic items and accessories in your apartment, you would love this idea. It saves a lot of space, makes your bathroom look organized, and has a stylish red rustic finish to complement its utility.

You would need some old drawer fronts along with a barn wood door to create this rustic furniture for your bathroom.

9. Wood and Leather Towel Shelf

Via Themerrythought

Looking to add a classy storage option in your bathroom? What can be more exquisite than the combo of wood and leather?

Here’s a towel hanger you haven’t seen before. It’s minimalist, easy to make, and is bound to impress everyone who enters your bathroom. The shelf can be placed near the window and can work as a plant perch to spread freshness around your tiny bathroom.

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10. Personalized Tooth Brush Cups

Via Livingwellmom

Put your toothbrushes and toothpaste out of your sight with this clever idea of storing them in holders attached to the inner sides of cabinet doors. It’s a great way to segregate your brushes in the family and make them easily reachable for your kids.

It’s a good use of the otherwise wasted spaces over the cabinet. You can also attach labels to avoid any confusion and add some personalization.

11. Hidden Medicine Cabinet with Wall Art

Via Stayathomeista

Wall art can hide a lot. Like the one here hides a full-fledged medicine cabinet. This is just to ensure that you aren’t compromising on style in pursuit of making your bathroom more functional.

It’s a great idea for smaller bathrooms where you might end up making the space look cluttered by adding a host of shelves and racks. You can now hide the cabinet with stylish wall art and keep your medicines and lesser-used items out there so you aren’t exposing them all the time.

12. File Box Bin for Bathroom Appliance Storage

Via Dreamgreendiy

There is no dearth of ideas when it comes to storing your dryer, clipper, trimmer, etc. But this one is as unique, stylish, and cost-effective as it can get. The file box can be conveniently placed beside your bathroom mirror. This is the place where you’ll be trimming, shaving, and doing all the grooming.

You can also store your curling or flat iron conveniently in this file box bin.

13. Upcycled Farmhouse Bathroom Wall Storage

Via Domesticallycreative

Here is a creative idea for a stylish bathroom shelf box that would store your bathroom essentials while enhancing the decor. The label adds some nostalgia and the metallic color adds a rustic vibe. This can hold you quick use items like a roll of toilet paper, soaps, and some faux plants.

You can change the size of the shelf as per the space around your bathroom mirror.

14. Rectangular Bathroom Basket

Via Elizabethjoandesigns

These handmade baskets of jute and cardboard provide useful space to store your towels, toilet paper, and more. To keep the stuff inside clean, cover the basket with plain white fabric liner. You can change the covering every once in a while to keep it neat.

15. White and Natural Belly Basket

Via Hellocentralavenue

Can’t find a suitable place to store your bath toys? Create this cute belly basket that would store all your bath toys and much more around the bathtub. The two-toned version of the regular belly basket looks even more intriguing and is equally functional.

It is made of cheap dollar store items that you can get under a dollar. You can also place some bath towels in this basket for the guest bathrooms.

16. Bathroom Storage Candelabra

Via Housewifelectic

Have a candelabra or candlestand gathering dust in your storeroom? Take it out and put it to good use by placing it on your bathroom shelf. The candelabra can hold mason jars which will keep your bathroom toiletries clean and organized.

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You can keep all the little items like earbuds, blades, and more in these elegant mason jars. It saves some space on the bathroom shelf since candelabras are usually slim.

17. Mason Jar Toothbrush Station

Via Gatheredinthekitchen

Give each of your kids separate brushing stations. Maintaining hygiene becomes easy and you aren’t wasting space either because the mason jars are hanging on the wall next to the washbasin. You can also let your kids decorate each item on their own and personalize them.

You can attach these to a wooden placard and mount them on the wall so that they are easily reachable.

18. Master Bathroom Organization

Via Creatingmaryshome

Don’t have enough space to organize your toiletries, makeup items, dental items, lotions, and more in the bathroom? Why not use that space under the sink. Yes, you might have to clean it properly before using it. But once you do that, you can store a lot of little boxes one over the other as shown in this tutorial.

It’s a great setup for the master bathroom where we need to store stuff for the whole family.

19. Over the Door Storage Shelf

Via The2seasons

Looking to add some storage space to keep your spare toilet rolls, phenyl bottles, and more? You don’t need to add a rack or shelf and make the small bathroom more cluttered.

Instead, add some space over the door with shelf storage. It adds a kind of invisible space and the lesser-used items aren’t unnecessarily in your sight all the time. It’s an ideal place to store towels as well.

20. Rustic Jewelry Organizer

Via Blesserhouse

A bathroom jewelry organizer is a must-have. Firstly, you can remove them whenever you are about to bathe. Secondly, you will be able to choose from your favorite set whenever getting ready after a face wash or makeup.

The organizer is pretty cost-effective and provides ample space to display your favorite earrings and bangles.

21. Bathroom Storage Nail Polish Shelf

Via Domesticallyspeaking

This shelf can hold all your toiletries as well as nail polishes! It really helps those who like to get ready in the bathroom.

It’s pretty easy to build this shelf and it will give you extra space in your tiny bathroom. It also blends it quite effortlessly with both modern bathroom decor as well as a rustic one.

22. Three-tier Organizing Caddy

Via Makingmanzanita

Here’s a piece of storage for your bathroom that will not only add more space but also looks extremely elegant and gorgeous. You’ll need plywood, spindles, wooden dowel, sandpaper, and some other materials and tools.

You can store towels, earbuds, etc., and save space on your sink shelf. It looks pretty classy and can be highly functional for even large bathrooms.

23. Hanging Towel Baskets

Via Simplydiy2

Hang these stylish black baskets beside your bathroom mirror to add additional space to your tiny bathroom. Just look at the number of bathroom essentials you can keep here. You can add as many baskets as the length of the rod beside your sink.

Each basket will help segregate items. You can label items differently or mix in a few colors too to increase the functionality of the storage solution.

24. Spa Style Toiletry Holders

Via Thecreativityexchange

Bring a minimalistic and elegant spa style to your bathroom with these classy toiletry holders. You can have different compartments for cotton balls, foam wedges, bath salt, and more.

It’s pretty easy to create this setting and you can keep all the holders in a tray for better organization. You can add in all these inexpensive mason jars you might already have to create this setting.

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25. Rope Mounted Hanging Shelves

Via Athewalkerhouse

Bring some rusticity to your bathroom with a rope-mounted shelf. It might feel like a decor item but brings in a lot of space to store your bathroom essentials. It would look great hanging around the bathroom window.

You can place nice little metal as well as glass jars to store different small and large items including towels, soap dispensers, and more.

26. Small Rolling Cart

Via Anawhite

How fantastic it would be if your bathroom shelves could move around? You can bring it near you whenever you need something in the bathtub!

It would be a fun activity to create this rolling cart during the weekend. You can paint it in regular wooden paint or contrast it with the paint or decor in the bathroom.

27. Industrial Pipe Shelves

Via Cherishedbliss

Creating pipes out of shelves—sounds interesting, right? Well, it looks very intriguing too with the rustic finish. These shelves have a very chill vibe and are a useful space to store your towels as well as plants or other decor items.

It can be created out of old iron pipes and wood boards and doesn’t even take much time. 

28. Farmhouse Style Stained Wooden Shelving

Via Organized-ish

You can create these farmhouse-style shelves using some metal pipes and shelves pretty easily. It looks very elegant with those yellow light bulbs on. You can store a wide variety of bathroom essentials, medicines, makeup items, and towels on this shelf.

It’s pretty easy to make and you can mount it just over the toilet seat. In this way, all the items would be in reach and would take up the invisible and otherwise unusable space put up there.

29. Bath Tray with Bookrest

Via Humanandhost

Like to read and sip tea while taking a bath? Then this bath tray is just perfect for you. The rustic tray comes with a very useful bookstand that can help you take a soothing shower and read in peace.

It is pretty inexpensive and can be crafted out of items you would already have in the garage. Keep a little bath candle and bath toys around when you are not reading on your stylish bath tray.

30. Medicine Cabinet Organization

Via Themerrythought

Give your medicine cabinet a thorough cleaning and organize everything with the help of magnets, fabric, a paintbrush, and Mod Podge. Your metallic items such as clippers and bobby pins will stay attached to the cute magnet strips.

Use mason jars for your toothbrushes and makeup tools. Make sure you throw out expired items.

31. Magnetic Strip Organizer

Via Sprwmn

Do you keep losing metal clips and pins every single day? Why not have a metal strip organizer mounted on your bathroom wall to keep all your metal pins safe. You can stick a wide variety of metallic items that you usually use in the bathroom including fliers and clippers.

The metallic strip doesn’t take up much space and is an extremely useful item to have in any bathroom.

These were some of the most exciting ideas to make your little bathroom feel more spacious and accommodate all your belongings. Most of these DIY items are inexpensive and use cheap dollar store goods or the ones that you would already have at your home. You can modify the DIY ideas to suit your bathroom decor and needs.

If you need space for towels, you would a large horizontal or vertical shelf. But smaller items like toothbrushes and lotions would suffice with smaller shelves mounted. Choose your favorite DIY art wisely and make maximum use of your little bathroom in terms of space.

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