51 Brilliant DVD Storage Ideas

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Every movie buff has a large collection of DVDs and CDs in their house, but nothing is more unsightly than DVDs scattered everywhere. While storing and organizing DVDs isn’t always simple, it’s also not rocket science! To help you, we’ve compiled a comprehensive list of unique and easy DVD storage ideas.

This list has been carefully curated to include all types of storage ideas for DVD –  from practical to aesthetic, minimal to sophisticated, rustic to industrial, affordable to high-end, and DIY DVD storage ideas to online purchases.


51 Brilliant DVD Storage Ideas

1. Floating Shelves To The Rescue

Floating shelf for dvd storage
Via Real simple

This is a basic idea, which requires just a tiny bit of effort. Floating shelves are racks that hang on the wall because they are fastened to it. They are a great way to store and display your DVD collection. You can beautify them by adding plants, books, or frames.

2. Fun Tree-Shaped Bookcase

bookshelf for dvd storage
Via Instructables

Bid goodbye to monotonous rows of stacked DVDs. A branch-shaped bookcase would add a new dimension to your library. You can buy one, but if you’re feeling crafty, you could make one yourself.

The steps are simple to follow, and you’ll only need a few minutes and a handful of resources to finish this project.

3. Honeycomb Shelves- DIY DVD Storage Idea

Honeycomb Shelves- DIY DVD Storage Idea
Via Familyhandyman

Hexagonal, or honeycomb, shelves are all the rage right now as they are uniquely styled, stand out, and are incredibly simple to construct. The shelving unit can be hung on the wall or used as the foundation for a table.

4. Snap-N-Store DVD Storage Box

Snap-N-Store DVD Storage Box - Pack of 1 - Durable 6 x 8.2 x 16.5 Inch Movie Organizer - Disc Holder with Lid to Store up to 26 DVD Cases - White

Choose this box with exquisite chrome edges for a classy way to store your CD/DVD titles. It is the epitome of sophistication, with a leather-like finish.

It snaps together swiftly and folds away conveniently when not in use. It also has heavy-duty frames with industrial-sized snaps, and also reinforced ends for long-lasting reliability.

Buy it on Amazon.

5. Sliding Drawers

Via Shelvesthatslide

Sliding drawers can be suitable for storing almost any item you can think of. This implies it can also be used for DVD organization. To make classification easier, look for drawers with divisions.

If you can’t find them, make your own or buy some. You will never go back to normal drawers once you try these since they make life so much easier.

6. Place Your DVDs Above The Door

storing dvd above the door
Via Familyhandyman

Okay, this one is a little more ornamental yet functional than the others. People with a large DVD collection are unlikely to find DVD storage solutions that are both functional and space-saving – but this one is a sweet exception. With this, you can make your DVD collection a part of your décor.

7. DVD Storage Under the Bench

Via Sawstop

Just beneath the seating area, wooden benches have a space that can be used effectively. Generally, that empty area is large enough to hold a DVD or book library.

Even if you don’t have a DVD player, you can keep other items here, and it’s both attractive and functional. This bookshelf bench is built of poplar, but various varieties of wood can be used.

8. DVD Storage Box With Powerful Magnetic Opening

Stock Your Home DVD Storage Box with Powerful Magnetic Opening - DVD Tray Holds 28 DVD BluRay PS4 Video Games for Media Shelf Storage and Organization

This Faux Leather Stacking DVD Storage Shelf is a fashionable arranging box that can be exhibited anywhere in the house and is a perfect storage unit. It is stylish, versatile, and practical.

It can also assist you in putting together the most structured and space-saving DVD management system imaginable. To top it off, this media storage box is finished in a trendy chocolate faux leather that complements any style.

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9. Wooden Cabinets

Via Woodmagazine

Wooden cabinets are typically used to hold important files and other items, but if you have some basic DIY abilities and a large collection of DVDs that you wish to keep hidden, why not use a wooden cabinet to store them? They’re huge? Yes. Difficult to build? Nah.

You can construct custom cabinets for your home using only basic carpentry skills and a few inexpensive tools.

10. Use The Area Under Your Stairs

Via Pinterest

If you have an empty place under your stairs, then this is a viable option. If you wish to use this idea, make sure your steps are made of sturdy wood. This clever under-stair design option can lend a great deal of space to your DVD collection while keeping them in order.

11. DIY DVD Storage Closet

dvd storage closet
Via Blessherhouse

A more brilliant way to arrange a lot of DVDs is to designate a separate area for them. Construct a closet for clever DVD storage that has outstanding corner racks for storage and display. It takes very little time and may be accomplished over the weekend without spending much.

12. Make A DVD Storage Rack

DVD storage rack
Via Homedzine

A single wood plank may be used to create a fantastic DVD storage idea. Check out this functional vertical DVD shelf. Create slots with heavier wooden planks and space them evenly. They should be large enough to contain the DVDs and their covers, and you’re good to go!

13. DIY DVD Storage Index Tabs

Via Frazzledjoy

Because DVDs are small and look alike, they frequently become jumbled up, and it might take a long time to locate lost DVDs in the inventory. As a result, this index tabs hack will be a clever approach to storing DVDs alphabetically from A to Z.

Arrange the DVDs in folders and use a black sharpie to scribble alphabet tags on them so you can easily find them when needed.

14. Drawers For DVD Storage

DVD in drawer
Via Flickr

This idea, which is regarded as one of the finest DVD storage ideas, is quite basic and straightforward to implement. You don’t even need to think about how to assemble it. If you have any empty drawers – whether for clothes or other items – reuse them by adding slots or design a new one for holding your DVD collection.

Buy it here

15. Think In Circles

DVD on circular shelf
Via Instructables

With this concept, we shift from the sphere of simplicity to the world of intricacy. If you find floating shelves and drawers too basic, this idea will pique your interest. The circular design makes it one of the most distinctive DVD shelves you can find, and it also has plenty of space to properly store your DVD collection.

16. Reuse Shoe Boxes For Storing DVD’s

DVD's stored in shoe boxes
Via Handmadecharlotte

If you’re a frequent shoe buyer with a bunch of discarded shoeboxes, there’s no harm in repurposing them to hold your DVD collection. Unless you plan to embellish the box with other items that others may think are unnecessary, this one will not require you to spend extra money.

17. Wooden Crate Shelves

Via Familyhandyman

Check out these wall-mounted crates if you don’t want to invest a lot of money in storing, arranging, and showcasing your DVDs. It’s a basic and straightforward project that can be fun to take on.

Paint the repurposed crates and place them on or against the wall. This is an easy project that will take you around an hour to complete.

18. Atlantic 80 Disk Storage Manager

Atlantic 80 Disk Storage Manager - Protect and Organize Media, Durable Hard Plastic in Black, PN85012055

Atlantic’s Disc Manager Storage Drum is a terrific answer for your space-saving demands, with a sophisticated look. Within moments, you can select and play any CD, DVD, Blu-ray, or game from your collection.

This is integrated with a five-second disc recovery function and includes free online layouts for your disc organizing index.

19. Re-purpose Those Metal Pipes

Via Thedesigntwins

It’s a good idea to build shelves using these industrial pipe shelves. For starters, the concept is compelling. You get to find an aesthetic home for your movie collection, a sophisticated urban-farmhouse décor accent, and the satisfaction of efficiently filling a blank wall. This DIY shelf concept will also save you a good amount of money.

20. Build A Spinning DVD Rack

Via Anawhite

This spinning DVD rack will jazz up your storage skills and can be made easily at home. The project will take just one day to complete with minimal costs. Simply construct it out of 1/2″ hard plywood. After that, apply a long-lasting and attractive wood finishing and you are good to go.

21. DVD Shelving Unit At The Back Of A Closet Door

DVD organizer for closet
Via Thehallway

This DVD organizer for your closet door is a fantastic idea that’s also simple to implement. Locking your closet door is all it takes to hide your DVD collection. If you have hardwood doors, the shelf unit could be screwed directly onto the door. This is a terrific DVD storage concept for around $35 and about two hours of work.

22. Plastic Sleeves Storage

DID sleeves storage
Via Aneverydayadventure

These wonderful small plastic DVD storage sleeves will be a real deal-breaker in the DVD storage world! Each plastic sleeve has an inlay to preserve the DVD within, as well as the option to insert the DVD cover to make it easier to find the movie you want.

You may also put them in alphabetical order to make searching even quicker.

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23. Under-the-Bed DVD Storage

storing dvd under the bed
Via Carrotdesign

If you want to watch DVD movies in bed, why not keep your whole DVD library under your bed? Also, if you have shelves or drawers brimming with DVDs, this decluttering technique is for you. This storage solution is suitable for tiny places. Most modern beds include a pull-out compartment underneath where you can store your DVDs.

24. DVD Storage Bags

Besti Premium Quality Home DVD Storage Bags (6-Pack) Holds 240 Total Movies or Video Games, Blu-ray, | Convenient Travel Case for Media | Stackable, Easy to Carry

So, here’s a terrific way to bring all of your favorites with you on your next trip. This is a high-quality six-piece DVD storage box set that allows you to manage your household by precisely arranging films and games. Each case is made of clear plastic and the zippered opening and horizontal layout make it easy to handle and retrieve, and they have strong carrying grips.

Buy it here.

25. DIY Ottoman Storage

storing dvd in ottoman
Via Thisoldhouse

Ottomans are elegant and functional bedroom furniture that provides comfort as well as storage for larger objects or many DVDs! You can make a customized ottoman to house your DVD collection while keeping the area tidy and convenient. This is an excellent way to reliably store your collection.

26. Basket Storage

Via Organizationobsessed

Try a conventional type basket for a more durable and secure, portable DVD storage idea. Baskets are ideal for protecting your DVD collection, in fact, they are one of the best way to store DVDs.

There are a variety of designs to choose from, including handy plastic style baskets, heavier weight resin weaving style baskets, and softer fashionable fabric foldable baskets.

27. Wheeled Ottoman DVD Storage

storing DVD in wheeled ottoman
Via Chaoticallycreative

This DIY-wheeled storage ottoman is a fun weekend project that will keep you organized and provide additional seating. You can also use it to transport your family’s DVD library to any room.

This is a huge storage ottoman with plush cushioned seats as well as plenty of storage under it for magazines and mementos.

28. Store DVD’s In Labeled Bins

DVDs in sleeves and storage containers on shelf
Via Livingwellmom

This is a fantastic idea for families with children! It’s much easier to find DVDs if they’re sorted into nice, labeled containers.

These bins are quite versatile and will work for you, whether you have a handful or a few hundred films. Kids can readily treat themselves to their favorite movies because the bins can be kept within reach on a console table.

29. Make Your Own Secret Cabinet For Storing DVD’s

Floating Shelf W/ Secret Compartment (I Made It at TechShop!)
Via Instructables

You could need that secret storage space to put all those DVDs and other goods that you don’t want everyone to see. It can be accomplished in several ways, such as by constructing this shelf with a hidden chamber.

To complete this project, you’ll need wood, 2 cabinet hinges, wood glue, small finishing nails, 1′ length small chain, eyelet screws, a magnetic cabinet latch, heavy-duty keyhole picture hangers, and some paint.

30. The Wall Of Films

DVD on walls
Via Deviantart

If you have a home theater, dedicating an entire wall to display your DVDs is one of the best DVD storage ideas. It will be like having your own movie museum! All you need to do is clean them regularly.

31. Wall Storage Cabinet with Triple Width

Prepac Triple Width Wall Storage Cabinet, Black

Organizing, stacking, and re-filling your collection is a breeze with these horizontal, adjustable shelving units. Profiled MDF is used for the tops and bases, and the bases have been extended for added stability. It is easy to assemble using the instruction guide.

Buy it on Amazon.

32. Hidden Storage Floating Shelf

Via Instructables

Do you want to store your DVD collection in some secret space? Then these floating wall shelves are an excellent choice. To make this floating wall shelf hidden storage, you’ll need 8 old drawer fronts, poplar boards, red oak stain, rare earth magnets, E6000 adhesive, and wooden glue.

33. Hanging DVD Storage

Via Instructables

A good solution for organizing and storing DVDs is an adjustable set of shelves that can be relocated and can adapt to variances in weight or the number of DVDs placed on each shelf.

While this design has certain set dimensions, if you do your homework, you can adjust it to match the unique needs of your home or apartment. Since you’ll need to hang this from somewhere, it’s a good idea to understand how your ceiling is constructed.

34. Build A Wave-Shaped CD Rack

storage rack on wall

Try making a CD rack that hangs on the wall if you don’t have convenient storage space for your collection. This wiggly board sculpture is a practical rack as well as a funky, imaginative piece of wall art that would look great in any setting!

35. The Old Shutter Storage Hack

Via Furonmycouch

Shutters are useful for more than simply doors and windows. You may even use them to hold your DVD collection.

The shutters seem to look like bookshelves and are perfect for storing your movie collection. And for die-hard moviegoers, this storage idea isn’t just for their DVDs, but also for their magazines.

36. File Box DVD Storage

Via Iheartorganizing

Although this hack was for documents and coursework, it also works well for storing your DVD collection. Keep your DVDs and other items in a marked file box so that you know where to look for the one you want. You’ll only need a few folders to finish the project, and you’ll be able to keep your media clutter to a minimum.

37. Use Hanging Shoe Organizers

Via Time2saveworkshops

DVDs, video games, coloring pages, controllers, and other supplies can be kept neatly with hanging shoe organizers. You can place them on the door of your kid’s room to keep them hidden, and your youngster will always be able to locate what they need.

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38. Use Hanging Shelves

Via Organazingmadefun

Small baskets with hooks can be used to add shelving for DVD storage. You can store your movies in these under tables or in your media unit. You can hang them from cup hooks for fast storage, and the plastic baskets are also quite inexpensive. These are ideal for any home and may be used for a variety of purposes.

39. Easy & Functional DVD Storage Boxes

DVD storage boxes
Via Thehomesihavemade

Get ready to be fascinated, because this method is both affordable and lovely! This can help you save a lot of room in your home if you have a large DVD collection.

You’ll need to arrange the DVDs in bundles and get rid of broken ones. Once you’ve done so, you’ll have a better idea of how big of a box you’ll need to house them all.

40. Use A Pullout Cabinet


For a tiny problematic gap, a long, thin pull-out cabinet is the perfect storage option. Hundreds of DVDs, CDs, books, and other tiny items can be securely hidden there. Also, you can DIY one for yourself easily, just make sure the cabinet’s back is secured to the wall.

41. DIY Coffee Table With Hidden Storage

Via DIYhuntress

Construct a simple DIY coffee table with hidden storage to safely store your DVD collection. This is a highly practical idea that may also be used to store other stuff. It’s also quite simple, as all you need are some basic woodworking skills and materials.

42. Storage DVDs In Cardboard Boxes

storing in cardboard boxes
Via Thredchairblog

Simple and inexpensive cardboard boxes are ideal for storing DVDs or just about anything else. Begin with wire shelving blocks and then add basic white boxes with labels for anything that needs to be kept organized.

This design was originally intended for storing clothes, but you can simply adapt it to store your collection of DVDs.

43. DVD Storage In The Most Unusual Place

Via Shelterness

When space is limited, you must be resourceful to manage storage for all of your stuff. If the thought of DVD storage doesn’t exactly go with your living room design, we recommend confining it to your bathroom’s shelving unit. It’s odd, but it’s also ingenious and useful!

44. DVD Storage Using Pipes

Via Architecturalartdesigns

It is the most sturdy and cost-effective DVD storage option and is also extremely easy to make. This multi-tiered storage cabinet fashioned from reclaimed PVC pipes will add functional beauty to your home. This idea is quite creative and would look great in a minimalistic industrial setting.

45. DIY Media Shelf

Via Lilyardor

Are you someone who is always looking for last-minute and low-cost DIY projects? Then we have one for you to organize your DVD collection. And let’s be honest, this shelf makes the nook look so tidy! Oh, and the greatest part is that this DIY only takes around 20 minutes to complete.

46. Levels Case

Via Homedit

This case was inspired by music notes, which is why it has an aesthetic that resembles sound and equalization bars. This is a unique storage piece that’s brightened up by painting.

You can personalize it according to your preferences. To make a case as nice as this one, though, you must use laser-cut equipment to get accuracy.

47. Musical Instrument-Shaped DVD Storage

Via Homedit

Isn’t this DVD storage idea fantastic? It’s offbeat, unique, and has a lovely antique look thanks to the warm wood. This would look great in any traditional and homey living area. You can make one yourself or purchase one online.

48. Artistic DVD Storage

Wall hanging DVD storage
Via Pinterest

This wall rack design would be ideal for a nice and organized collection. You can organize your movie collection by category, name, or color. This DVD storage concept would be a fantastic wall décor for your house without taking up much space.

49. Pineapple Shelving Unit

Via Trendyhomy

This is for all the aesthetic freaks out there! If you don’t have a large DVD library but want to showcase a few of them attractively, this wall storage is perfect for you. It is a piece of wall décor that will appeal to a rustic lover’s palate and can also function as a bookshelf.

50. DVD Storage Pine Shelf

Via Thecarpentersdaughter

Every home has several awkward spots that are difficult to utilize, but we have one such DIY here to help you make the most of yours.

So, here’s a step-by-step guide for building a bespoke pine shelf for DVD storage on your landing area. It has a capacity of nearly 500 DVDs and can be made taller or sleeker to suit your needs.

51. DVD Storage For Small Homes

Via Foliver

Many people who live in small spaces constantly stress about not having enough space to store all of their DVDs. However, with this storage cabinet, you can effortlessly store your large movie collection. It’s both practical and minimalist, giving you the best of both worlds.

We understand that finding appealing DVD storage ideas for your DVD collection can be difficult. But we hope you found some helpful ideas in this article. Happy organizing!

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