51 Space-Efficient Bathroom Storage Ideas That Look Beautiful

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Organizing the bathroom is never a task most of us look forward to, yet it is one of the most important things we need to do! Why? Because a bathroom is meant to be the cleanest and the cleanest room in a house. Maintaining hygiene in even a small bathroom is like inhaling fresh air, difficult but very, very vital. 

The way to maintain and make your bathroom look beautiful is to use some fantastic space-efficient bathroom storage ideas. These will help you organize all the scattered toiletries, essential items, towels, and other necessities into clean sections without using too much space.

So, without any further ado, let’s learn 51 space-efficient bathroom storage ideas which are affordable, doable, and make your bathroom space look beautiful! 


1. Floating Shelves 

Via Hometalk

Floating shelves have claimed a trending spot in the market with their affordability, easy to re-create design and the beautiful way they match with other interiors. You can install floating shelves on any wall in your bathroom, above the toilet, or near the sink since they take up very little space.

They provide vertical space to keep items in jars, boxes, or baskets and are an excellent option for extra storage.

2. Add Low And High Hooks 

Via Goodhousekeeping

Another idea that can change the way you organize your bathroom is these Low and High hooks hack. If you’re using all your wall space planting hooks in one line, then you’re doing it wrong.

Good housekeeping shows us how adding low and high hooks can provide more space as well as more areas to hang your clothes, towels, rags, or loofahs. Ensure your hooks are in the same aesthetic as your bathroom to give the end result an excellent finish! 

3. Over The Door Shelf 

Via Goodhousekeeping

The over-the-door shelf is a brilliant idea that we couldn’t miss out on adding to this list! Many people have found this to be a genius idea when it comes to utilizing space in the bathroom.

If you find it challenging to organize towels or big bottles in the bathroom due to limited floor space, then use the ceiling space and build a shelf above your bathroom door. This shelf will be primarily unused and can serve to store heavier unused items or towels.    

4. Make A Skirt For Your Sink 

Via Housebeautiful

If there’s one thing you should be embarrassed about, it is letting the mess beneath your sink blindside your guests. Don’t worry, we found a solution, a sink skirt!

This skirt or podium cloth has many benefits; first, it provides you space to hide your everyday sanitary use items under the sink easily, and second, it gives you extra storage space without using any additional walls, hooks, etc. Use a colorful cloth if you want to give your bathroom a new look! 

5. Bar Carts For Bathrooms

Via Hgtv

Are you tired of running between the toilet, the sink, and the door without finding anything in the place you last kept it? If yes, then we have bar carts for you!

These wheel-supported carts can be shifted from one to another easily. For example, if you want it closer to the shower, that is where it will be! The no cabinets no handle also provides more space to store your toiletries in the cart.  

6. Store Toilet Paper Smartly 

Via Brepurposed.porch

If there’s one thing every bathroom will have, no matter where you go, is toilet paper. The problem is that a small bathroom has lesser space to hold the appliances that will keep the toilet paper handy.

So, the solution is to store toilet paper smartly. How? Stack it up in a basket and keep it on the lid of your toilet. This way, you can ensure your bathroom is stacked with it and is not taking up a huge chunk of space. 

7. A Ladder For The Towels 

Via Hgtv

The idea of placing ladders in bathrooms has become quite famous. It is rightfully so as well because ladders serve as the perfect storage space.

Now, you need to ensure your ladder is just the right size in terms of width and height, after which you can use it to hang towels, keep baskets, or reach the over-the-door shelf as it was meant to. 

8. Bath Caddy For The Tub 

Via Housebeautiful

You know you need to make clever use of your bathtub if it takes up more than a third of your bathroom space. Bath caddies are explicitly designed with bathtubs in mind and can store the essential items for a bath.

This is stylish and useful at the same time. Depending on your bathroom’s aesthetic, you can choose to have a metal bath caddy or a wooden one. 

9. Go Handle Free In Drawers 

Via Housebeautiful

You may argue that this isn’t technically a storage idea, but trust us when we say, it is. Drawer and cabinet handles take up so much space that we tend to overlook them.

Handle-free drawers are just the kind of storage unit you need under your sinks, over the toilet, etc. It wouldn’t come in between when you move around. It also gives the bathroom a seamless modern look which is quite beautiful.

10. DIY Bathroom Cabinet Using Glass Panels 

Via Lizmarieblog

A small bathroom doesn’t necessarily mean everything you build for storage has to be small. You can use some recycling methods and create a cabinet using the items at your house, like glass panels.

If you’re not a fan of open shelves or open storage spaces, then this DIY glass panel cabinet will be a great option for you. It has a rustic wooden antique aesthetic with white undertones that looks fairly beautiful! 

11. Magnetic Organizers For The Win 

Via Goodhousekeeping

How often have you searched for your lipsticks, balms, brushes, etc., in the bathroom cabinet only to spend minutes coming up empty? Too many to count, we may say! But those days are over because we have an amazing organization idea up our sleeve; the magnetic stripes!

You can stick magnetic strips or holders inside the cabinet in your bathroom to place your brushes and other items in a clean, organized manner. It will allow you to find them exactly where you placed them without ruining the space. 

12. Stick A Spray Bottle Hanger 

Via Goodhousekeeping

Why would you use essential storage space in your bathroom by keeping a spray bottle you use every day there when you can hang it up using an adhesive.

The adhesive hook is a great way to test the waters and see if this hack would work for you! It does kill two birds with one stone as it gives you considerable shelf space and will also ensure that the spray bottle you use frequently is within your reach wherever you choose to hang it. 

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13. Store Tiny Items In A Tray

Via Goodhousekeeping

Don’t get us started on how messy the sink looks after getting ready every morning, and the worst thing is you need to do it every single day! So why not make effective use of your small space and keep a tray on the surface?

Store your tiny tidbits like essential oils, moisturizers, creams, etc., on a tray and keep it neat and collected. Not only will you have all your favorite items within arm’s distance, but it will also stop you from turning the bathroom upside down to find stuff. 

14. Use Multiple Section Makeup Organizer

Via Goodhousekeeping

One idea is to organize; another is to effectively organize to use the maximum space with the lowest limitations possible. One way to do so for your small bathroom is to use a spinning makeup organizer.

There are two requirements for this makeup organizer; first, it should have multiple sections where you can carefully store all your items, and second, it should spin so that you can access all your products from one spot. The vertical use of storage will minimize the use of surface space, thereby saving you a lot of trouble. 

15. Vertical Metal Multi-Rack

Towel Rack Wall Mounted with Top Shelf,Towel/Wine Rack Holder Organizer with 5 Compartments and Top Wooden Shelf for Bathroom Storage Bath Towels, 30.7" L x 7" W
Via Amazon

Talking about vertical space got us thinking about this brilliantly designed towel holder rack. This rustic wooden and metal 6-tier rack is a great storage idea that can effectively be used in the bathroom (on the corner wall you haven’t used).

Even though it can be used as a wine rack, we prefer to use it as a towel rack because it takes up equal to no space while holding 6 towels easily! What more do we want? 

16. Add A Multi-Utility Cart Next To Your Sink 

Via Familyhandyman

Nobody ever said you need a lot of space to be organized, just a good eye to know what can help you keep your things in order and obviously, a concept of space. This is why we’ve added the idea of keeping a multi-utility cart next to your sink.

These kinds of carts can be found anywhere and are great for storing items that you need in the bathroom without overcrowding the sink. 

17. Towel Bar On The Back Of The Door 

Via Jennaburger

If you’ve covered areas like the top of the door and under the sink but still need more space, then you can always make use of your bathroom door. Towel bars on the back of the door make for great space-optimization tools since they are making use of something that is already there.

You can install two rods on the back of your door easily without taking up any extra space. This will give you the space to dry your wet towels as well. 

18. Vertical Wicker Baskets 

Via Spruceyournest

Aluminum rods and plastic handles are great, but if you have a more natural, rustic, and wooden-themed bathroom, we have a better idea for you! These wicker baskets, when hung vertically, can serve as a brilliant alternative for modern shelves.

You can choose the size of baskets depending on your wall’s size, but they are still very spacious and can hold your essential items conveniently. 

19. Toilet Paper Stand

Floating Shelf Toilet Paper Holder - Tilted Matte Black Toilet Paper Roll Holder for Easy Bathroom Storage - Modern Wall Mount Organizer for Rolls Tissues or Towels Above Sink or Over Toilet
Via Amazon

 A funny display stand that also doubles up to organize your toilet paper is a complete hit that we made sure you wouldn’t miss at any cost.

This toilet paper stand is one of our favorite storage ideas since it takes up just a fraction of space in the bathroom and still can effectively hold up 3-6 rolls at once. The matte black finish gives a modern look to your bathroom, thereby making it look more beautiful and quirky at the same time. 

20. Cable Clips To Hold Toothbrush

Via Showmesuburban

Some may call these cable clips toothbrush holders desperate, but we call them space-efficient! The cable clips can be stuck on any surface, including wood that allows you to decide whether you want to store your toothbrushes inside a cabinet or out in the open. It also helps you organize them effectively by using very affordable and colorful cable clips. 

21. Use Your Cabinet Doors

Via Houzz

Organizing a small cabinet means using all the space you possibly can intelligently, which is why we’ve listed this incredible idea here! Did you know you could use your cabinet doors? If you didn’t, know you do.

The idea allows you to make the most out of the limited space and securely store your appliances like hairdryers, straighteners, etc. It is a very space-efficient hack that will allow you to safe-keep your essentials in a closed space.

22. Pull-Out Storage 

Via Houzz

How will your bathroom look messy if no one can see where you store your items, right? This pull-out storage idea is one of our favorites, and we cannot wait to try it out.

The sleek pull-out area can be placed anywhere you want it- behind the sink, behind the bathtub, or even under your cabinet. You can design it based on your requirements, especially how wide you want it to be! The best part is it makes use of a space that would have remained empty. 

23. Install Rods To Use Ceiling Space

Via Hgtv

The most effortless way you can use up space without obstructing your way around the bathroom is by installing rods. You can hang them through the ceiling, on the walls, and use accessory containers to make the most out of them as these rods are not just used to hang towels.

Choose the right kind of colors and design so that it also makes your bathroom beautiful as well as well-organized. 

24. Over The Toilet Shelf 

Finnhomy 3 Shelf Bathroom Space Saver Over The Toilet Rack Bathroom Corner Stand Storage Organizer Accessories Bathroom Cabinet Tower Shelf with ORB Finish 23.5" W x 10.5" D x 64.5" H
Via Amazon

One thing not most of us think of is the amount of space that is just lying there waiting to be used around the toilet. The over-the-toilet-shelf is one of the most exciting items on this list that can be used in any and every bathroom.

This shelf rack makes the unused surrounding valuable space since it has a lot of areas that you can use for storage. The overall finish of the product goes well with both modern and natural interior designs. 

25. Hidden Storage Behind Mirror 

Via Shelterness

Every bathroom has a mirror, right? No matter how small or big your bathroom mirror is, you can always make good use of it by using the space behind it as storage.

This could be a floor-to-ceiling mirror, or a small vanity mirror, depending on your requirements and the available space. It is indeed a brilliant idea that you can recreate fairly easily in every bathroom. 

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26. Over The Door Spacious Organizer 

Via Buzzfeed

You’re not alone if you find rods behind doors disturbing every time they clash with the wall. But that doesn’t mean we cannot make use of all the space given behind the door.

This over-the-door organizer idea makes use of a closet organizer with more pockets than you can count to store the little tidbit items necessarily required in the bathroom. You can easily fit items like hair gels, shampoos, toothpaste, etc., within these pockets. 

27. Tip Out Under The Sink Storage


Via Kitchenmagic

It’s necessary to find out where you can store your stuff, mainly so that you don’t hoard one cabinet or rawer with everything. The tip-out storage idea is a  brilliant way to use the dead space beneath your sink.

Not only does it give you extra space to keep your belongings, but it also looks beautiful in a modern way. The no handle and no bars give it a very sleek look, and let’s not forget that it clears the countertop from getting clustered.

28. Double Drawers 

Via Instagram

Why settle for one when you can have two? The double drawers are one of the best inventions we’ve come across, especially when it comes to organizing any space-limited areas.

These drawers make optimum use of space thanks to their two-tier designs and can help immensely in keeping things organized. Even if you have the space for only one drawer, you can create a double drawer in that and choose to keep the items in sections so that you have the benefits of dual space in one. 

29. DIY Basket Wall 

Via Simplydiy2

The DIY basket wall by Simply DIY 2 is a great organizational idea that undoubtedly looks beautiful. It is made using some simple items like towel bars, baskets, and hooks, all of which you can find at your nearest hardware and convenience store.

These baskets have plenty of space you can use to store your stuff, and if you do install a basket wall in your bathroom, you won’t need to get a lot of extra storage! You can follow the easy DIY tutorial to make these yourself. 

30. Mesh Net For Kids’ Toys 

Via Buzzfeed

If you’re someone who has kids, you’d know the pain of having toys scattered all over your house, especially in the bathroom. So, if you are looking for a way to organize that, we have the perfect idea for you.

This mesh net has four small pockets and a big sectioned pocket that will help you keep all the toys in a single place. It is a quick and inventive way of hanging your kids’ toys in the bathroom so that they know where to find them.

31. Showerhead Hanging Caddy

Via Amazon

A showerhead caddy is a multifunctional silicone caddy that you can hang from your showerhead or by a nail on a wall. It is highly space-efficient as well as convenient because you can just store all the items you need in the shower on the showerhead.

The caddy in itself is of excellent quality and won’t break easily. It has two extra-wide shelves and a space to hang your loofahs or other items accordingly. 

32. Surround Bath Tub Storage 

Via Hgtv

Are you regretting using most of your bathroom space on a bathtub? Then we can help you turn it around using the surround storage idea! This is one of the most space-efficient bathroom storage ideas as it uses the already available space around your bathtub.

You can create in-built shelves or use the pull-out storage method for drawers. The idea is to make the most of the given space by stashing away towels or other bath necessities inside it. 

33. Use Apothecary Jars For Storage 


Via Buzzfeed

Apothecary jars have to be one of the most widely used bathroom storage ideas. Most households use these jars to separate items on countertops and to store essential items like cotton balls, Q-tips, or lipsticks.

The best part is that they usually fit in with every kind of decor and do not stand out exceptionally. They are also a very affordable option to organize your necessities in the bathroom if you’re not looking for something grand. 

34. DIY Industrial Pipe Shelves

Via Houseofhawthornes

Did you know you could transform your storage game using a few industrial pipes, wooden planks, spray paint, and nails? We love how the house of Hawthornes has used these industrial pipes to create shelves in their bathroom.

It has a very rustic aesthetic, with the natural wooden plank balancing it out. The space of the shelves allows you to store a couple of things with ease, and you can always install more than one! 

35. Recycle Tin Baskets, Cups & Crockery 

Via Hgtv

Another intelligent way you can organize your bathroom shelves, and the countertop is by using recycled tin baskets, broken cups, or crockery items.

These go really well with the idea of having a well-designed recycled space and are affordable organizational containers. They are the right step in the way to making your bathroom more beautiful. 

36. Create Shelves In Walls

Via Styleshared

One idea that can never fail you when it comes to space-efficient bathroom storage ideas is shelves on walls. If you are not a fan of overcrowding your bathroom space, then creating shelves on walls will help you organize your items in a better way.

Shoes to design any way you want. Most modern bathrooms design choose to go with this idea so that they can save more space while not compromising on storage areas and still look beautiful. 

37. Double-Decker Storage 

Via Hgtv

Double-decker storage is a prime example of using vertical storage efficiently and effectively. If you have a bathroom countertop that does not have enough width space to keep your essential items, you can use double-decker storage containers to line up your everyday use items in an organized way.

The best part about using a double-decker storage container is that you can limit the space you use while storing more items simultaneously. 

38. Hidden Step Stool To Save Floor Space

Via Houzz

The hidden step stool idea is probably one of our most exciting finds on the internet. If you are looking to save space in your bathroom while also having enough tools that help you get ready in time, then you should try installing a hidden step stool to save your floor space.

These tools can be hidden inside the draw that you can pull out whenever you meet. This way, it won’t have to move all the time, and it will be there when you need it. 

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39. Corner Shower Shelves 

Via Blog.lakeside

Corner shower shelves are a brilliant invention for small bathroom users because they make use of the space you already have. These shower shelves are great to store your shower essentials within the shower itself.

You can check the DIY by the lakeside to see how they have created and used the corner shelves for their small bathroom. These shelves will provide enough space to store your favorite items. 

40. Tiered Bathroom Baskets For Storage 


Via Flora.metromode

These tiered baskets made out of metal wires are a godsend for anyone who has too much stuff but too little space in their bathrooms. You can store anything ranging from your kid’s toys to your shampoo to your soap in the bathroom basket.

Ensure that your wired baskets are made from good quality material so that they do not break. The best part is that you can even hang these three-tier baskets from your shower rods.

41. Suction Cup Storage For Bottles 

Via Dollarstorecrafts

Organize your bottles in an orderly manner by using suction cups to separate them. We know this might sound very unique and off the table, but you can use up a lot of wall space in your shower by sticking the suction cups on them.

If you think you have a lot of shampoo bottles, body washes, or shaving gels that make your bathroom feel clustered, then you can keep them separately by allocating them to a certain suction cup. 

42. Over The Tank Toilet Roll Holder

Via Experthometips

If you do not have any space to store your toilet rolls, then you can use your toilet tank. This over-the-tank toilet roll holder is an excellent Idea if you want to keep your bathroom compact and easily accessible.

Every space in your bathroom counts when you have a small one, so using an over-the-tank toilet holder will mean that you have more space to hang up shelves around the toilet rather than wasting it on a loo roll holder.

43. Compact Shelves 


Via Kevinandamanda

Organizing hundreds of perfume bottles, body mists, deodorants, etc. can be burdensome, especially if you want to store them all neatly.

This is where compact shelves come in. You can install these compact shelves anywhere – from the back of the door to the corner wall. They are just as wide as the size of the bottles so that you can store them in neat lines. 

44. Wire Mesh Box Side Sink Storage 

Via Dreamgreendiy

Are you struggling to find a space to store your heat appliances? Then we have the perfect solution for you! A wire mesh box on the side of the sink sounds like the perfect idea so that you can keep your tools like your hair dryer or straightener right next to the sink.

This box attaches itself to the side, which solves your problem of leaving them on the counter after every use. 

45. Built-in Medicine Cabinet 

Via Homebnc

One of the best storage ideas in this list of space-efficient storage ideas for the bathroom is undoubtedly the built-in medicine cabinet. All you need to do is insert some space within your wall in the bathroom to store your medical kit’s essential items, and you’d be good to go.

This medicine cabinet is an excellent way to ensure you have the required items when you need them while they do not take up any extra space. 

46. An Open Wooden Cabinet (Under The Sink)

Via Homebnc

Going with the theme of building storage spaces under and over the items already present in the bathroom, we have this open wooden cabinet that can be built under the sink.

You can choose to replicate the design or make your own by adding or reducing the number and size of shelves. This cabinet looks as nice as it functions and is very helpful in keeping items like handwash, soaps, etc. 

47. Cabinet Door Hanging Heat Tool Organizer 

Via Homebnc

If you don’t like having your heating tools laid out or just scattered in the bathroom, then you could use this idea of a cabinet door hanging tool organizer!

It allows you to securely store your heating tools while not taking any extra space at all. You can use any cabinet to install this holder. The best part is that it prevents the cords from tangling and messing on the countertops. 

48. Over The Sink Mason Jar Organizer

Via Club.chicacircle

Mason jars are an amazing option to keep your toothbrush, toothpaste, floss, and other essentials. You can even create a wooden plank that has 4-5 mason jars connected to it. You can keep it over your sink so that it is easily accessible as well as well organized. It is a very easy-to-do DIY project! 

49. Plant Pots For Makeup Storage 

Via Hips.hearstapps

Who could’ve thought that using plant pots to store makeup brushes would be possible? This innovative and smart idea allows you to store multiple brushes while also using vertical space effectively. The two-tiered container shelf can store up to three plant pots each. It is well designed and can be placed on the counter of the sink or any other shelf in the bathroom. 

50. Old Picture Frame To Create Mini Shelves 

Via Homebnc

Home BNC teaches us how to re-use an old vintage picture frame as a beautiful display case for the bathroom using mini shelves. You can add up to 12 shelves in the frame depending on its size and the space you have in your bathroom.

It will look great if you want a more traditional, vintage aesthetic look for your bathroom. Let’s not forget the extra storage space it provides. Plus you can even place your scented candles on it to enjoy your bath time! 

51. Canvas Rope Bag Storage

Via Homebnc

If you want to take up even less space than a shelf or a basket does but at the same time ensure that you can store your essentials then this canvas rope bag storage is an excellent idea for you.

The hanging canvas bags are ideal for less space but can actually store a few small items easily. You can nail them on any bare wall in your bathroom. They are an attractive alternative to shelves and stand out from other options! 

These were some of the ideas that you can try out to convert even small bathroom spaces into beautiful multi-functional ones. Some of these ideas can help you save time and money, which is great if you’re on a budget and have limited space. 

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