61 Clever Bedroom Storage Ideas You Need to Try

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There are many reasons why you might need extra storage in your bedroom. Maybe your bedroom is small and there is not much space to store belongings. Or maybe you have a lot of things that you need to store, but you don’t have a lot of closet space.

Regardless of the reason, adding extra storage to your bedroom can be a big help. And fortunately, there are many different ways to do it. You can add shelves, cabinets, or drawers to your bedroom. You can also use baskets and boxes to organize your belongings. Whether you prefer a minimal look or a more eclectic style, there are plenty of bedroom storage ideas available to help you maximize your space and stay organized.


61 Clever Bedroom Storage Ideas You Need to Try

1. Store Books Near The Ceiling

If you’ve covered every nook and corner in your bedroom, then the ceilings are your saviors. Installing connecting floating shelves to surround the perimeter of your ceiling provides ample storage for books. You can even add colorful lights to give it a modern look.

2. Use Space Behind The Bed

Via Decor8

Do you see the unused space between your bed and the wall? Well, we know just how you can use it. Simply install a clothing rack! This idea helps you cleverly stack all your clothes behind your bed without creating extra storage.

3. Double Up Nightstand As A Desk 

One trick that will come in handy is using multifunctional furniture in your bedroom, like this nightstand that can be used as a desk when need be. It is a convenient way to remove and add a desk to your bedroom without utilizing additional space.

4. Design The Bed Frame Wisely

Designing plays a critical role in storage, as seen through this innovative bed frame. It is a clever use of the bed frame to create storage out of already available space. Using wicker baskets or organizers is an intelligent way to keep it neat.

5. A Clothing Rack That Fits In Corners

Via Tikli

When you’re someone who believes in having only a couple of clothes or has a capsule wardrobe, investing in a full closet may seem stupid. In this case, a clothing rack sounds best. Simply install a clothing rod between the two corners of any wall in your room to make good use of space.

6. Hang Your Laundry Basket Behind The Door 

A classic trend we have all followed is hanging your worn clothes behind the door, but guess what? It is an eyesore and makes your room look messy. Instead, you can simply hang a fabric laundry basket behind the door to make it look much cleaner and sorted.

7. Go For A Headboard With Storage 

As we said earlier, design can completely change the storage game, and this modern design of an inbuilt storage headboard is redefining how you store items in your bedroom. It is a clever way to hide unnecessary items from everyone and still have them within reach when you need them.

8. Murphy Desk With Shelf Storage 

Cozzzi Folding Mattress - Trifold Foam Mattress Topper with Removable Cover -Lightweight and Portable Sleeping Mat - Grey - 25"

There are a few Amazon products we swear by for multipurpose storage, and this foldable desk shelf is one of them. Just turn it into a desk when you have to and fold it back into a shelf to make more space. As convenient and impressive as it comes!

Buy it here.

9. Stepladder As A Nightstand 

While using a ladder as a nightstand is unconventional, it has some fantastic advantages. Not only does it give a unique opportunity to stack items that otherwise lay strewn across the room, but it is also a modern storage design that will add character to your room.

10. Store Your Extra Bedding Under The Duvet 

If hiding in front of the naked eye is a thing, then this is it. Why struggle to store your extra bedding when you can simply tuck them in your bed. This storage hack is a space saver, and we’re totally trying it out. 

11. Use The Wall Space Around Your Bed

Via Tikli

Using the space around your bed is a smart move as it creates sectioned storage area and makes your room look spacious. You can design a wardrobe for your clothes, or design cabinets to keep all the harder-to-store items like suitcases in the area above the bed.

12. Store Stuff Under Your Bed

A bed is not something you can take out of the bedroom, so one of the most practical storage ideas is to use it front, behind, above, and under. Under-bed storage, in particular, is a very clever way to keep your linens, shoes, sweaters, etc., in baskets or containers.

13. Storage Bench 

Extra seating space never hurt someone, especially if it came with storage! All you need to do is add a seating bench at the end of your bed, designing it in a way that can hold a good amount of items. 

14. DIY armoire 

One of the most clever storage ideas is to hide your mess in plain sight. An armoire is a beautiful almirah that can store anything you want. This DIY tutorial helps you build and design it in your own way and to fit the interior of your room efficiently.

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15. Mix Clothing Racks With Storage 

Via Tikli

This image shows you just how you can organize chaos and also make it look good. The best way to go about it is to mix some storage shelves and boxes and install clothing racks on one side to make sure a single wall of your room can hold everything.

16. Upcycle Old Dresser Drawers As Bookshelves 

One drawback of using a store-bought bookcase is that you might not have enough books to fill it, or that it may not fit where you want it to. This is where old dresser drawers come in handy. Upcycling them as bookshelves allows you to stack them either horizontally, vertically, or both.

17. Get Door Organization Skills 

You can always count on using doors for hiding items, but it’s better when they’re organized properly. Install hooks, shelves, and wires to keep and hang everyday items. You can even store your shoes, headbands, etc., which are hard to organize anywhere else.

18. DIY Drawer Organizer 

Having a nightstand in your bedroom is a great storage idea, but using that nightstand correctly is a clever one. If you plan to make the most of your drawers, then this DIY drawer organizer is the best solution for you. It makes storing small items clutter-free and neat.

19. Murphy Cabinet Bed

Night & Day Furniture Murphy Cabinet Bed with Mattress, Cherry, Queen

There are some fantastic ideas that you just can’t miss, and this murphy cabinet bed is one of them. Using this is ideal if you are short on space, as it transforms into a cabinet when you don’t need a full-fledged bed. It even has a drawer where you can keep the linens and pillows. How convenient!

Buy it on Amazon.

20. Make A Jewelry Palette 

One thing you’ll always find strewn on your nightstand is jewelry, which makes it troublesome when you can’t find it the next day. Well, guess what? You can solve this problem by using an old palette to store them in your drawer. You can even paint it to give it a more creative look.

21. DIY Trundle Bed

Experimenting with beds to make more storage is one of our favorite things to see and show! This DIY trundle bed is undoubtedly one of the best ways to make your bed more functional. Just don’t forget to add wheels below it to make it more efficient.

22. Lego For Charger And Keys 

Via Sugru

Unconventional storage ideas always find a way to sneak in everywhere, and we’re not complaining especially if they’re cute. Say goodbye to messy wires on your nightstand and use lego blocks to hang your charger and keys. It is an easy DIY, and we’re definitely going to give it a try!

23. Invest In A Mandal Headboard 

For those of you who have no idea what a Mandal headboard is, you’re missing out. This wooden sectioned headboard is a dream come true for people looking for a modern yet functional storage idea. It is designed to make it easy to stack shelves and keep items within reach.

24. Curtains In The Bedroom  

Via Tikli

Hiding in plain sight is something you must have heard often, but it is also time to practice it now. Good thing you can hide it using curtains! If you don’t enjoy looking at shelves crowded with items, you can just hide them using curtains behind your bed.

25. Floating Concealed Bookshelves

Umbra 330639-560 Conceal Floating Bookshelf, Set of 3, Small, Silver

Talking about clever ideas that make storing items seem like magic. These floating concealed bookshelves can be installed on any wall within record time. The best thing is that they’re almost invisible and can hold good weight.

Get them here.

26. DIY Over-The-Door Shelf 

We’re going back to the classics, and what is better than an over-the-door shelf to get the job done? It uses already available space, which means no extra money needs to be invested, and it ends up giving you a lot of space to store heavy items.

27. Bed Box 

Via Tikli

This is a common sight in many households where you always need more space. Your bed is the center of storage when it comes to this trick, literally! It is also a great solution to store seasonal clothes that you won’t need for a couple of months.

28. Use Risers For Your Bed

Bed rises are pretty rare, which is why we’re all the more excited to include them in this list. You can get these risers in any hardware store or online. The best part is that they can be used to add more space under the bed and act as electrical sockets simultaneously.

29. Double Up Floating Shelves As Drawers 

Via Instagram @wu.scarlett

The definition of clever storage in our book is using items that can kill two birds with one stone- like these floating drawer shelves. As the name suggests, they are both shelves and drawers, all in one, which honestly is quite mind-blowing and functional.

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30. Add A Clothing Rod Above The Dresser 

Some of you may already have a dresser in your bedroom because it provides you with additional storage, but there’s one thing you’re doing wrong – not using the space above it. Adding a clothing rod above your dresser can alleviate it to the next level in terms of its utility and look.

31. Install A Pegboard Wall


It’s time to get creative and turn a section or your entire wall into a pegboard. There are numerous benefits of this keeping aside its uniqueness. It allows you to hang items easily, create a makeshift coat rack, and keep your room tidy and organized.

32. Put Your Shoes On Wheels

Have you thought about adding a slide-out tray to your room? If not, then do so now because this idea is undoubtedly an excellent way to keep your shoes neat and organized. The tray can go under your bed or dresser without hoarding extra area.

33. Stack Trunks Beside Your Bed

Old trunks have been used as many things over the years, like coffee tables, but we fully intend to use them as a nightstand. Just find trunks that fit the aesthetic of your interior and stack them against the bed.

34. Add A Full-Length Storage Mirror 

Via Instagram @hivesandhoneybrand

Some things cannot be compromised when it comes to a bedroom, like a mirror, but making them multi-functional is something to consider. This full-length storage mirror is an ideal example of creating storage out of something simple!

35. Install A Bookcase Headboard 

Struggling to find space to store the hundreds of books you’ve bought? Well, why not use your headboard? The headboard is a very flexible storage space that can be sectioned in any way you want. You can even use some of the sections to display little trinkets, photo frames, and showpieces. It’s a win-win!

36. Hang Shoes On Tension Rods 

There are two reasons why we think hanging shoes on tension rods in one corner of your bedroom is an excellent idea. Firstly, it keeps your floor free of cluttered shoes, and secondly, you always know where to find and keep them. 

37. Mount Magazine Holders To Shelves 

You can use the space available under the shelf in an excellent way by attaching magazine holders to it. This DIY project would require you to mount these holders to the shelf. It is a very creative and helpful way to organize mail, sort documents, and organize books.

38. Keep Your Drawers Clutter-Free 


If you’re not a DIY kind of person but want to organize your drawer to store more than just a few items, this is an ideal solution for you. All you need are some old ceramic cups, trays, etc., that can fit in the drawer to categorize and hold your items while keeping them organized.

39. Use A Mounted Lamp


Instead of sacrificing space on top of your nightstand for a lamp, you can try mounting it. Use any wall, plank, or even your bed’s headboard to mount the lamp, and you’re done! More space, fewer compromises!

40. Hide Your Laundry Bag

Via Instagram @designyourhappyspace

A hidden laundry hamper is probably one of the most clever storage ideas you can add to your bedroom. This not only makes your bedroom a much neater space but also eliminates the chances of anyone seeing your dirty laundry.

41. Use Your Closet Door To Hang Stuff

Well, we can’t fault you for adding separate closet space in your bedroom, but what we can fault you for is not using the closet door! You can turn the inside of any closet door into a storage space by adding hooks and rods for shoes and bags!

42. Cover Shelves With Sliding Mirrors

Sliding doors come in handy when you have less front opening space, and we cannot help but include this excellent idea of sliding mirrors in our list. You can create a closet on one of the walls in your bedroom and cover it with sliding mirrors to give the room an expansive look. 

43. Surround The Bed With Cupboards

You must have heard of the surrounding sound that comes from all corners! Surround space is not so different because you surround the entire bed with cabinets, cupboards, and paneled storage. It is an excellent way of framing the bed and room while creating storage space.

44. Turn Your Headboard Into A Makeshift Desk

We have included many ways to use a headboard as storage, but using it as a desk has to be the most innovative one! This idea uses the pullout method and is very convenient for students looking for ways to make their space practical and multi-functional.

45. Add A Stack Of Matching Boxes Under Nightstand 

Having a table as a nightstand is not always enough, and adding another table may not be an option if you don’t have space. Well, here we are to your rescue with this idea! You can simply find matching boxes and stack them under the nightstand to create an extension.

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46. Design A Loft Bed 

If you have a room that is much more equipped in vertical space than horizontal, then we know just the way to make it work – by adding a loft bed. This works perfectly as you can also use the stairs leading up to the bed as storage!

47. Organize The Back Of The Bed

Use your bed’s full storage potential by installing a headboard with storage. It is perfect for keeping items you don’t reach out for very often.

48. A Bed On The Rails 

Don’t be disappointed if you don’t have enough space to add a loft bed to your room because there are many ways you can reach the ceiling. These rails, for example. They ensure you have enough floor space by alleviating your bed up high. 

49. Install A Wall Mounted Desk 

Prepac Wall Mounted Floating Desk with Storage, Espresso

Taking the wall-mounted shelves and drawers to the next step is the wall-mounted desk. This space-saving idea is a clever way to use any wall in your bedroom and convert it into your study space whenever you need it.

Get it here.

50. Turn The Window Seat Into Storage 

Wishing for a window seat in your bedroom to sit and read a book is not wrong, but not using the space effectively is. Turn the window seat into a complete storage area with comfortable bedding, some curtains, and a killer view.

51. Stack Books For A Makeshift Nightstand 

This is a highly doable idea that gives your books a purpose and you a brand new nightstand. All you have to do is stack your books one over the other against the side of the bed and use them as a nightstand.

52. Corner Shelves 

Greenco Corner Shelf 5 Tier Shelves for Wall Storage, Easy-to-Assemble Floating Wall Mount Shelves for Bedrooms and Living Rooms, Espresso Finish

When floors and walls are filled, we know one place that remains- the corners. Corner shelves are used and loved for storing items by a lot of people as they don’t overcrowd the room and are out of the way!

Buy them on Amazon.

53. Bunk Beds Are Not Just For Kids

Via Domino

If you still think about your childhood when you hear bunk bed, then you’ll love this idea. Bunk beds are amazing ways of using vertical space. You have not one but two beds and in-built storage to keep stuff just like that!

54. Add An Extra Bed

If a bunk bed isn’t your cup of tea, but you still feel like your room needs an extra bed for guests or sleepovers, then this idea is perfect for you. A full-blown bed below and a twin bed above sound like a great solution to us. You can even keep cushions and bedsheets on the second bed when it’s not in use.

55. Build A Wooden Platform On One Side

This idea works for someone who doesn’t require a queen or king-size bed and would rather invest the space in storage. It uses one side of the room to build a wooden platform filled with sections and storage spaces, where you can keep your items hidden and enclosed.

56. Divide Your Room With Curtains 

Having a big bedroom may seem like a blessing if you don’t have to share it with a roommate. But if you do, one way you can separate each side is by using a blackout curtain. This hack also comes in handy when you want to distinguish rooms without walls.

Get it here.

57. Hang Iron And Iron Board In One Place

Brabantia Wall-Mounted Iron Rest and Hanging Ironing Board Holder - Cool Gray, 385742, Black

This iron board and the iron hanger are, quite frankly, one of the most space-saving products. It keeps your iron up and away, and your iron board secured so that you can find both in one corner when you’re hurrying through.

Buy it here.

58. Use An Ottoman With Storage 

Joveco 27’’ Tufted Storage Ottoman- Waterproof Brown Faux Leather Square Ottoman- Upholstered Coffee Table Footrest with Sturdy Wood Legs

Planning to buy an extra seat for your bedroom? Go for an ottoman that can also open up its lid to hide your secret stash of shoes! This is an excellent way to combine both – storage and space.

Check it out on Amazon.

59. DIY Removable Top Nightstand 

One of the most inventive ideas on this list is this movable nightstand. You can DIY to create something like this for your bedroom. It can act as a desk, as a tray, or even as a mini table.

60. Minimize Space On A Headboard 

Thick, bulky headboards aren’t always the right move. This image shows you how designing a narrow headboard with just enough space to store files, and documents can also work brilliantly in your favor.

61. DIY A Wall With Holes

You must think we’re crazy asking you to create a wall with holes, but trust us, we are not! This idea requires you to put wooden rods in these holes so that you can hang, stack, and store anything you want quickly and efficiently.

These were the 61 clever bedroom storage ideas that we think you need to try! All of these ideas work effortlessly to create a well-functioning and practical bedroom space for you without taking too much time or money.

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