31 Easy to Make DIY Necklace Holders

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Women adore necklaces and pendants, but they are notoriously difficult to store safely. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! It’s time to place your jewelry storage woes to rest!

If you frequently find tangled necklaces in your drawers, try one of these simple DIY necklace holder ideas, which can be made at home in no time. You may customize your storage with leftover, waste, and reclaimed items.


31 Easy to Make DIY Necklace Holders

1. Affordable Necklace holder

Via Instructables

Want to put some effort to make an inexpensive and elegant DIY necklace organizer? Simply take a triangular sheet of foam board, place lines of transparent pushpins all along its sides, embellish it with jewels, and then begin placing your necklaces on the clear pushpins. You’re done!

2. Necklace Organizer In A Rustic Style

Via Sweetteal

It’s hard to believe that making this organizer will cost you less than $10. This necklace holder is made entirely of repurposed sticks. Simply put hooks in the twigs and install them on the walls with some macrame string. It will elegantly display and store your necklaces.

3. Wall Jewelry Holder

Via Homedit

If you have pendants, earrings, and other little accessories that need to be arranged, make a multi-functional organizer for yourself. This wall jewelry holder is a stylish way to showcase your valuables. It features those charming little knobs for necklaces as well as small bins for studs and other accessories, making it fairly useful.

4. Thread Rack Jewelry Organizer

Via Onegoodthingbyjillee

Do you need some help arranging your necklaces on a budget? If you have old thread racks at your fingertips, use them! It’s a simple, attractive, and efficient way to keep track of your valuables. Simply hang the thread rack on the inside of the door or anywhere on the walls, and fill the exhibit with your necklaces, bangles, and earrings.

5. DIY Jewelry Organization Board

Via Modernparentsmessykids

A little necklace holder like the one shown here would be ideal for a compact jewelry inventory in a modern home.

Design your personalized model with a small bulletin board, little clothespins, burlap linen, and pushpins. A bigger panel means a bigger organizer, so be open to changing the dimensions to suit your requirements.

6. Necklace Hanger

Via Intimateweddings

Take a glimpse at this super-cheap and easy-to-make rustic and vintage DIY necklace rack. To craft this, recycle a scrap of driftwood or barn lumber.

Drawer knobs or pulls, heavy-gauge picture hanging wire, washers, and screws are also needed. Simply punch holes in it and attach the colorful knobs for a stunning and fashionable necklace hanger.

7. Wall-Mounted DIY Jewelry Organizer:

Via Thehomesihavemade

This wall-mounted jewelry storage idea is our most loved solution to keep jewelry organized so that it stays tangle-free and is accessible. This activity is not only a great deal of fun and simple to do, but it’s also easy to customize. To construct this trendy hanging jewelry organizer, all you need is cup hangers.

8. Upcycled Chicken Wire Necklace Holder

Via Inspiredbythis

Among several other elements, the necklace organizer shown here is made mainly of chicken wire. Give it a shot if you feel this is the solution for you.

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Select a frame that is the appropriate fit for your space, spray paint it for a refined look, then attach chicken wire to it. All the materials for this project should be readily available at your local supply shop.

9. Jewelry Organizer For Tangle-Free Necklaces

Via Merrimentdesign

This DIY necklace organizer will keep your necklaces tangle-free. You’ll need a piece of wood that you may wrap with patterned sheets to give it a lovely, captivating look. To arrange your necklaces on the go easily, add brass cup hangers.

10. Industrial Necklace Organiser

Via Ehow

This DIY project is for you if you’re looking for a necklace holder with an industrial look. One might be simply constructed from a copper pipe, copper end caps, and fitting adapters. You’ll also require a piece of wood for the framework. It’s a fun project to take on, and an excellent addition to your vanity.

11. Inset Jewelry Wall Cabinet

Via Infarrantlycreative

Take some lumber and chipboard and with a little wood chopping and measuring, you’ll be able to put this inset jewelry case on your walls!

A simple and inexpensive jewelry storage solution for individuals who prefer to explore with their fingers! The doors will not only serve as a dust-proof barrier but also function as a jewelry-hanging place!

12. Old Frame Necklace Holder

Via Angelamariemade

An old frame can be converted into a beautiful necklace organizer, and if you can’t seem to get one, you can make one yourself using a plywood board and spare pieces of wood.

You’ll also need cloth or paper. In any scenario, you’ll want to cover the plywood surface so the jewels have a nice background to stand against.

13. Minimalist Necklace Holder

Via Fashionlush

A necklace holder can also be used as wall art, which is ideal if your walls are lacking in color, design, and decorations. Just remember not to get too crazy with the aesthetic. It will seem clean, sophisticated, and fashionable if you keep it basic.

This necklace holder is a simple DIY project that requires few materials and is ideal for minimalist décor lovers.

14. Copper Pipes Necklace Holder

Via Acraftedpassion

This DIY necklace stand adds a lovely industrial edge to your jewelry collection. Make this simple necklace holder by repurposing plumbing pipe scraps and simply fitting them together.

The cap fittings are useful for giving your pipes a more sophisticated look, but if you want a more natural style, you may leave them off. Decorate the pipes before installing the connectors, and use metallic paints to finish.

15. Decorative Wall Hooks

Via Girlinthegarage

Use ornamental hooks to organize your jewelry and decorate your walls at the same time! To complete this organization hack, all you need is an ordinary hammer and nails. You can also spray paint all of the hooks in shades that match your decor.

16. Tiered Jewelry Organiser

Via Cherishedbliss

This is a fantastic hack if you have a lot of necklaces and earrings to organize! Industrial knobs, corner braces, white paint, paintbrush, aluminum sheet, and turnbuckles are all you’ll need. It’s both a practical and aesthetically pleasing piece to hang as home décor.

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17. Repurposed Spice Rack Necklace Holder

Via Homedit

Upcycled objects are used in a variety of DIY projects mentioned in this article, including this one, where a spice rack has been transformed into a jewelry holder.

Each piece of jewelry is held in place by small hangers, and the roof of the rack serves as a compact shelf that can store a few other accessories. If you want the rack to complement the rest of the room’s décor, paint it. It’s one of the simplest and cheapest solutions you’ll ever come across.

18. Abstract Necklace Holder Art Piece

Via DIYs

Maybe you’d like to create something a little more imaginative, something that doesn’t seem like your typical DIY necklace organizer such as this fashionable jewelry station.

Two 90-degree elbow copper pipes, two copper pipes, two wooden dowels of various diameters, a wood foundation, adhesive, a hammer, and nails are all you’ll require to craft this beauty.

19. Old Window Frame Necklace Display

Via Theborrowedabode

Repurpose old window frames into a clever DIY jewelry organizer! Attach customized hangers to a recycled window pane and use it as chic jewelry storage. Make sure to customize it to complement the rest of your home’s décor, and don’t forget to add extra knobs for storage and functionality.

20. Cutlery Drawer Necklace Organizer:

Via Thediymommy

Make the most of a cutlery drawer by using it for something other than forks and knives. Instead, add some lovely knobs and transform them into a useful necklace organizer! This task will require you only a few hours to finish, and all of the supplies for this can be found easily at home.

21. Antler Necklace Display

Via Goodcleaningfuneating

Conveniently showcase some of your favorite bits of jewelry using this hanger. A fashionable antler piece is a fantastic way to maximize both aesthetic and functionality. For all the vintage vibes it exudes, this idea is a no-brainer, and we think you should give it a shot!

22. Rake Hanger Necklace Holder

Via Thethinkingcloset

Nothing is more fun than repurposing something you already have when it comes to DIY projects. Take a look at this DIY, in which a metal rake was disassembled, repainted, and strung with lovely twine to make the cutest necklace holder. Not just that, the designer also added an extra strand of twine to make a nice earring holder.

23. Pegboard Accessories Station

Via The36thavenue

To arrange and showcase all your jewelry that is usually tangled in old plastic storage containers, use this beautiful pegboard jewelry organizer.

The board must be hung on the wall, so you must first frame its backside. This is such a simple DIY project, that even if you don’t have any design skills, you’ll be able to do it.

24. Mountain Necklace Holder Display

Via Themerrythought

If you’re one of those people who only own a couple of beautiful necklaces, then you may desire a project that is on a smaller scale than the ones listed thus far.

Try constructing these stunning mountain necklace exhibits, which are so simple to build (all you need is some wood slicing and polishing). Don’t be reluctant to paint your mountains to complement your home’s decor.

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25. Tree Branch Jewelry Holder

Via Homedit

The earthy and creative design of this tree branch jewelry organizer doubles as a decor item. It’s arguably the most straightforward project on our checklist.

All you have to do is select a suitable plank of wood and nail it to the wall. You can spray paint it, cover it in yarn, or even use printed paper to decorate it.

26. Necklace Holder from Wood Scraps

Via Housefulofhandmade

Use pieces of wooden leftovers to start arranging your jewelry stylishly. On a round wooden disc, insert a robust wooden dowel and connect two horizontal wood dowel lengths to the upright one.

To do so, use an attaching wooden block with drilled holes. This project is all about cutting costs and recycling!

27. DIY Necklace Holder For Travel

Via Cleverlyinspired

All of the necklace organizers on this list are fantastic, but what if you need to travel? Before you even get there, things might get tangled!

Make a portable necklace case with this DIY hack, which requires you to roll your necklaces to lay them straight while traveling. Because it’s made of fabric, you can make it in any shade or design you like.

28. DIY Ombre Wood Necklace Rack

Via Wellitsokay

Design a trendy jewelry organizer out of common and discarded household items! Mount some corks to a plank of wood and you’ll have a lovely necklace stacker.

Use unique paint colors to customize the organizer as per your liking. This is a simple but effective way to de-clutter your necklaces and keep them tangle-free.

29. DIY Jewelry Hideaway

Via Garrisonstreetdesignstudio

If you need to keep your necklaces arranged but don’t want to put them on display, we’ve come across a fantastic concept that you might appreciate.

This is a hinged mirror that, when opened like a door, reveals a plethora of hangers inside. The pegs are separately fastened and can be arranged in any way you like.

30. Expandable Wooden Dowel Jewelry Holder

Via Diypassion

This necklace organizer is ideal for displaying necklaces. It’s made of wooden dowels and may be hung on the wall or attached to the inside of your wardrobe doorway. You can install more dowel rods if necessary.

This can also be used to keep track of your bangles. Pipe ties, a piece of wood, screws, wood adhesive, and sturdy tape for fastening are all you need in addition to the dowels.

31. DIY Leather Strap Necklace Holder

Via Homedit

Another practical necklace organization alternative is to have a separate leather strap for each necklace, making the entire layout more versatile and adaptable.

These leather tabs can be attached to a panel or a wall. If you don’t want them to be visible, you can mount them on the interior of a cupboard door. In either case, this leather tab necklace carrier will be stunning.

Jewelry – so delicate and lovely, but also difficult to organize and store. Necklaces are the most popular ornaments among women. We’ve compiled a list of the greatest necklace storage ideas that are both economical and simple to make. We hope that these have helped you in staying organized.

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