41 Best IKEA Furniture Hacks to DIY

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IKEA is one of the most loved places because it has so many decor items available at inexpensive prices. Some claim them to look dull and tainted, but little do they know how amazing they can be once they are transformed. 

Trust us, with just some supplies like paint, tools, and patience (of course), you can ace your home decor at a low cost! The best thing about these hacks is that they are simple and can completely spruce up your home in no time. Yes! Within a few days, you can make your interior look stunning.

With that being said, here are the 41 best IKEA furniture hacks that will get you started.


41 Best IKEA Furniture Hacks

1. Gold Office Chair

Via Aliciatenise

IKEA’s Skruvsta swivel chair is super stylish because of its soft cushion and sleek finish. If you’re wondering why we’re bringing in an already good enough product into a DIY, here is the answer. If you’re in for decorating your office or bedroom to look cozy, then some fluffy blanket/towel thrown on the chair and some gold paint sprayed on its legs will up your decor game. 

2. Long Storage Unit

Via Honeybearlane

Having a storage unit is helpful especially when you have kids and require loads of space to store stuff. To get this long storage unit get done, you’ll need an IKEA Expedit and a tall bookcase. With these two important items and some tools, you can transform your space into a perfect storage unit.

The best part about this is, you can also paint it according to your room’s color so that it acts as a decor piece too.

3. Diy Mudroom Closet Transformation

Via Theorangehome

Kallax shelves can be used for many purposes and when they are in black, the uses are abundant (because the color black almost fits everywhere). You can transform your mudroom by making a closet with this shelf, MDF boards, wood planks, and tools. 

Color the closet in such a way that it pops or blends in with the rest of the room—it’s your choice!

4. Ivar Cupboard Makeover

Via Wearescout

If your cupboard is all cluttered and overflowing, then you should check out this cool makeover idea. The IKEA IVAR cupboards are extremely useful and they’re affordable as well. All you need to do is gather chalk paint, decoupage adhesive, and varnish as well as furniture legs for this makeover. 

5. Bed Slat Wall Hanger

Via Ichdesigner

Did you recently buy a new bed and now have a not-anymore useful bed slat? Well, let’s make it worth it once again. With some nice hooks, you can easily hang a bed base on the wall, followed by adorning it with beautiful objects and accessories.

If you love this idea and don’t have a bed slat, then you can easily acquire one from IKEA because they’re only around $10. Trust us, it will enhance your room and also save a lot of space!

6. Farmhouse IKEA Moppe Hack

Via Decoart

Moppe is truly one of the best hackable products and we can’t say no to adding it to our list. The little chest of drawers has a plain birch finish that lends itself to easy hacks! This adorable box definitely gives a farmhouse vibe to the room it is added on to.

The drawers can store cups, jewelry, and other important items. 

7. DIY IKEA Desk Hack

Via Prettyprovidence

Working in a beautiful atmosphere keeps one active and happy. With an inexpensive IKEA desk and two cube storage shelves, you can give your room or office a complete change. You’ll only need a large desktop from IKEA, some bookshelves (tiny ones), and a cart (optional) for this look to be completed.

Overall, it’s a really low-cost and sensible method which also transforms a room fantastically. 

8. DIY Feather Lampshade

Via Pillarboxblue

One chandelier is enough to make a room look stunning. But it must be the right one or else, it will be either over the top or too boring. Truth be told, chandeliers are expensive but today we are presenting an easy DIY using the IKEA Regoit lampshade.

This project approximately costs only $18 but turns out to be great. Give it a shot!

9. A Bench with Storage Space

Via Iheartorganizing

Honestly, benches are a great invention, especially for a large family. Speaking of benches, boring designs have gotta be changed right? Thus we introduce this DIY which simply adds storage space along with it and beauty! With IKEA’s Expedit bookcases and fabric cushions, the 2 in 1 bench is ready to roll!

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10. Painted Chair Makeover

Via Sugarandcloth

If you have an old chair lying around, give it a makeover. This tutorial uses the Tullsta chair—it is comfortable, inexpensive, and infinitely adjustable. But its simple look might bore you soon and so, to elevate its presence, all you need is some spray paint and creativity. Check it out!

11. Antique Finish Side Table

Via Hunker

Would you like to have furniture that exhibits an antique vibe? If so, this hack that transforms an Arkelstorp Console from modern to Gustavian is your go-to. It will look so posh as the furniture comes in an exquisite shape with stunning detail.

This table will be a great display in a corridor or entryway. 

12. Rustic Wood Shelves

Via Simplystyled

Having shelves installed in a room saves a lot of space. Speaking of shelves, this rustic design DIY works gloriously and they all cost only around 17$ or so (each). You can easily make your shelves with brackets and wood planks from IKEA.

They can be used to place photos, flowers, books, and so on.

13. Bookcase Makeover

Via Jpetite

We all know that IKEA bookcases are so inexpensive but sometimes the design might not match your taste. This makeover can be done with some wrapping/wallpaper and a bookcase that only costs around $55! Once the hack is done, it adds character to any area and brightens up any dull space.

Come on, grab one and use your imagination to make the best out of a bookcase.

14. Custom Cork Board 

Via Oheverythinghandmade

Cork rounds are really useful in the kitchen and they only cost about $2 in IKEA. One can change these cork rounds into a corkboard in which you can keep track of dates, pin pictures, hang jewelry, and so on! 

You can glue the rounds onto the walls or tape them or even hang them using yarn and nails.

15. IKEA Map Lamp Hack

Via Pillarboxblue

A simple retouch can sometimes completely change something boring into something magnificent. That is why we bring you this lamp makeover that will add a wow factor to your home. Lampshades indeed look pretty but only on the outside as the insides simply look plain.

To enhance it, you only need a nice map to fix it. Sounds interesting, doesn’t it? Through this hack, you’ll have a pretty lamp and an interesting conversation starter right there!

16. Farmhouse Table

Via Eastcoastcreative

Do you have a rectangular table at your home or did you find one at a cheap price at an IKEA? Grab it right now for we’re about to turn it into a farmhouse-style decor. IKEA tables are versatile but indeed might contain basic design.

With some power tools and patience, you can make this authentic farmhouse table in no time! You can even distress it with the tools to give it a weathered and authentic look!

17. Kids Play Step Stool

Via Mommodesign

Would you believe you can make a beautiful play stool for under $70? This IKEA step stool costs about $65 and has a great finish to it. Now, to turn it into a play stool for kids, you only need chalk paint and some painting skills.

You can simply make this step stool look like a mini stove on which kids can cook. It’s a great way to save money rather than spend on expensive play toys!

18. DIY Lantern Terrarium

Via Thouswell

IKEA has plenty of inexpensive and beautiful lanterns. With them, it is easy to make lovely DIY decor and it surely brings liveliness to any space. To make this, you’ll need an IKEA Borrby lantern, plants, potting soil, moss, and adhesive sealant—that’s it. 

You can use decorative rocks or charcoal to make this look more beautiful.

19. DIY Cabinets

Via Studiovea

IKEA Ivar cabinets look extremely elegant and people can’t stop simping over them. To make them even saucier, all you need is to alter them with golden washi tape. We aren’t lying, it will look super elevated and will spruce up your room or office.

You can also add some golden planters to enhance the look.

20. Plastic Bag Holder Hack

Via Heatherednest

If you’ve got an additional plastic bag dispenser, you can simply transform it into an area to keep toilet paper, umbrellas, socks, and more. In this hack, you can use this product to hold ribbons, gift wrappers, especially during the Christmas season.

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The hack might seem simple but it does accentuate your home decor.

21. Charging Station

Via Polkadotsinthecountry

This DIY hack introduces a creative concept through which you’ll simply change a towel rack into a charging station. Simply attach it near the plug, hang some potted plants as decor, and a black rail in which you can place the phone until it gets charged. Cool idea, ain’t it?

22. IKEA Dresser Makeover

Via Inmyownstyle

Desks are necessary and they are also quite heavy. To move them around your room or home, there’s going to be a lot of labor work. To evade that, this makeover hack is here to your rescue! IKEA dressers are affordable and look pretty.

If you’ve got one or are planning to buy one, buy some wheels and a drilling machine to turn it into a portable pretty desk!

23. MOSSLANDA Picture Ledge Hack

Via Ikea

This hack is pretty interesting and is brought to you by IKEA themselves. Picture ledges are handy when it comes to displaying items. But they can also be used in immense ways. In this hack, use the picture ledge as a bedside table in which you can keep your phone, specs, or books.

Your essentials will be within your reach and your space will not look cluttered also.

24. DIY IKEA Makeup Vanity 

Via Polkadotchair

Would you like to have a makeup vanity that is easy to move around? For this DIY, you only need an IKEA metal cart and paint. Your morning routines will become so easy once you prep this hot product and keep it rolling around. You can place all your essential makeup items categorized. Sweet idea, isn’t it?

25. Malm Bed Into A Four-Poster 

Via Hestershandmadehome

A four-poster bed has a traditional and wonderful feel about it. They’re also, for the most part, pricey. But with this hack, you’ll cut down the expense! By upcycling an inexpensive IKEA Malm bed, you can rock your new bedroom.

All you’ll need are some tools and some beams for it to turn out lovely!

26. Waterbed Frame

Via Ikeahackers

Most of us were fascinated with waterbeds as children and maybe still are. Nowadays they’re not common but with this IKEA hack, you can easily get one. All it needs is Kallax shelves with which you’ll be making a waterbed structure.

You can customize and pour your creativity into this fun project and please your inner child. 

27. DIY Two-Level Cat Entertainment Unit

Via Ikeahackers

Cat lovers, this one’s for you! This two-level cat play unit is the ideal gift for your furry friend. The process of making this won’t cost you much more than cat trees, particularly if your cat isn’t declawed.

All one needs to do is place an IKEA Lack side table on top of an IKEA Lack coffee table to create this masterpiece.

28. DIY Outdoor Cat Lounge

Via Cuteness

We’re adding another cat-based IKEA hack to our list because why not? Providing your cat with an outdoor lounge is like giving them freedom and therapy. Truly, this type of outdoor cat sofa would be ideal for those hot summer days. It also is safe for cats and will keep them in one place when you’re working or busy. 

You’ll need two Hejne shelves, chicken wire, two wooden boards, and other basic tools for this project.

29. Bookshelves Turned into Kitchen Island

Via Goldenboysandme

Do you want to spruce up your clumsy kitchen? Having a shabby kitchen isn’t an abnormal thing because most households go through that trouble. That is why you can easily follow this hack and turn your kitchen look adorable.

You’ll only need to add a couple of IKEA Billy Bookcases and turn them into a kitchen island. They are pretty affordable too!

30. Play Kitchen Makeover

Via Daintydressdiaries

Who wouldn’t love having a kitchen that looks just like out of a playing set? You just need to refurbish IKEA Duktig into a luxurious kitchen. With colorful paints and marble contact paper, you can bring life to this project. 

You can even let your kid play over here (under your guidance, of course!)—the contact paper will be able to withstand the impact.

31. Cute Dining Table

Via Acutedesigns

Are you bored of a plain wooden dining table and want to turn it into a stylish table? It’s possible! Convert the Jokkmokk table by applying a layer of wood stain to the tabletop’s surface and attaching a set of hairpin legs. 

You can also use the Gerton tabletop for this hack.

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32. IKEA Kura Bed Hack For Kids

Via Hunker

The Kura reversible bed is already a fun place for youngsters to sleep, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make it even better. Through this hack, you can recreate an aesthetic and Scandinavian version of this Kura bed.

To get started, you’ll need wallpaper, curtain clips, flag garlands, café curtains, scissors, measuring tape, and, of course, your imagination.

33. Spice Racks for Bathroom Storage

Via Marthastewart

No one likes an unorganized bathroom—especially if many family members use a single bathroom where products are bound to get mixed up. To avoid it, you just need to install IKEA’s Bekvam spice racks so that you can keep all the goodies stored in.

You can use these racks to store cosmetics, towels, and other supplies that are expensive or hazardous to kids. You can also allocate one rack for one member and there won’t be any mixups!

34. Grain Sack Bag Organizer

Via Homeroad

Are you not able to organize small kitchen supplies? Are you looking for a quick and easy method to arrange them? Say no more! With an IKEA board of wood, wood varnish, and linen napkins, you can simply make your own sack wall organizer.

This is a fantastic method to keep track of the goods you frequently use!

35. Yarn-Wrapped IKEA Stool

Via Hunker

IKEA stools do look cheap sometimes but with DIY hacks, you can turn them into great-looking decor pieces. This hack is apt for kids and parents to enjoy during summer. To make your design, you’ll need an IKEA Sjalvstandig stool, heavy yarn in your choice colors, a scissor, and masking or painter’s tape.

Your kids will thoroughly love it while doing this project with you.

36. Metallic Salt and Pepper Shakers 

Via Brit

This is going to be the easiest yet stunning DIY hack for your kitchen. We all require pepper and salt shakers, right? But if they look dull, they’ll make the space look dull too. So to bring in a fun and elegant vibe, pick up a set of IKEA salt and pepper shakers and cover them in copper contact paper.

You can use any sort of contact paper that will give you a metallic finish and you’ll not regret it.

37. Boho-Style IKEA Bedside Table

Via Burkatron

The IKEA Nesna bedside table is a low-cost basic piece of furniture that you can quickly change into a boho-style decor. You’ll be needing cane webbings, a staple gun, sticky glue, and scissors for this project which are easily available. Give it a try!

38. DIY Pegboard for Craft Room

Via Iheartorganizing

Are you a person who loves to do a lot of crafts but also misplace the materials? If you’re in for creating a place for your craft tools, this is your chance. This massive DIY pegboard will help you in storing all your craft goodies in shape and place.

Use an IKEA Ribba frame for this DIY—it has metal hooks that can hold the pegboard in place.

39. Industrial Wall Shelves

Via Lemonthistle

Are you still short of space to store things despite buying many cabinets? Well, here’s a lifesaver hack. Hanging a few DIY shelves on the walls of your kitchen is an effective way to arrange dishes and other kitchen supplies.

All you’ll need for this easy DIY is a couple of IKEA stainless steel wall brackets and a beautiful piece of wood to carve into shelves!

40. Succulent Planter Made from a Picture Frame

Via Hunker

Succulents are lovely indoor plants that look beautiful but require minimal care. For this hack, you’ll need to use the IKEA Ribba picture frame and succulents in an unusual way. You’ll also need moss, chicken wire, a staple gun, wire cutters, and scissors in addition to your succulents and soil.

Remember to take the succulent frame off the wall and lay it flat on a surface before watering the plants.

41. Headboard Hack

Via Domino

IKEA Ivar is such an amazing product because of its multiple functions. This clever DIY makes use of an Ivar side unit, nylon webbing, and other tools and materials to make this floating headboard for the bedroom. This headboard can enhance the decor of your room and is pretty easy to make too!

There you go! These were 41 of the best IKEA Furniture hacks that will make you feel skilled and also enhance your home. Choose the one you’re most comfortable with or in dire need of, and get to work!

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