21 Cleaning Hacks Of Lazy People With Clean Homes

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Adulting is hard. Period. Maintaining steady jobs, cooking on our own, doing taxes—all these can make anyone feel overwhelmed. There are always a million things to do and so little time! And cleaning somehow always takes a backseat while you focus on other things. The next thing you know, you’re living in a dump. 

How do our parents do it so effortlessly? How do some of our friends maintain their places without breaking a sweat? Surely there’s some secret that we are not a part of!

To be honest, there’s no big secret that they are hiding from you—the people with clean homes work smart and efficiently. Not everyone is a Monica Geller who loves cleaning! They just know ways of keeping their places neat without putting in a lot of effort.

So, we’ve curated a list of 21 cleaning hacks that you’re going to love (especially if you’re a lazy bum like me). You don’t have to put in much effort but you’ll get great results. Go ahead and take a look!


21 Cleaning Hacks Of Lazy People With Clean Homes

1. After Shower Treatment

Clean showerhead

A dirty showerhead and tile grime is the biggest turnoff while trying to relax in the bath. No one likes to be in icky surroundings while you’re having an important conversation with the shampoo bottles! 

But cleaning your private “conference room” isn’t that difficult!

After your finishing your bath, spray the wet tiles with a shower cleaner. Also, cover the showerhead with a plastic bag filled with ½ parts vinegar and ½ parts water making sure it is immersed in the solution completely. You can take off this bag after 7-8 hours. 

Now there’s no need to spend hours scrubbing your bathroom!

2. Coke To Your Rescue

Clean toilet bowl

No one likes a dirty toilet. A toilet bowl with black and brown rings is the last thing you would ever like to see. And no one likes cleaning toilets either. 

Do you remember your folks telling you not to have coke because they heard that it is so acidic that it can clean toilets? Well, that’s true. So, why not put coke to good use?

Pour coke into the toilet bowl in a way it covers the entire surface. Let it sit for some time. Now using a brush, scrub around a little, and flush. Done!

3. Dark Hides The Flaws

Dark towels

Making a minor change in the selection of various commodities you buy can drastically change your life! Don’t believe me? You will, after using this hack.

Whenever you go to buy your towels and napkins, you might gravitate towards the whites as they give you all those “spa feels”. But, there will get dirty very quickly and turn unappealing. 

So instead of going for whites, try black or gray towels and napkins—I bet you’ll never turn back. The dark shades will mask most of the smudges and dirt and will keep on looking elegant. But don’t forget to toss them in the washer once in a while!

4. Avoid Having Lots of Belongings

Okay, let’s think practically. If we don’t have a lot of things then they don’t scatter all around the house. And when they don’t scatter, there’s no mess at all!

Always think about what you need and be vigilant while buying. Use your precious space economically. 

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5. Tongs For Blind Cleaning

Clean window blinds

Your window blinds are one of the most overlooked places while cleaning. As a result, they accumulate a lot of dirt and dust and when you finally do notice it, you don’t feel like cleaning them.

Here’s a hack to clean them efficiently—take a pair of tongs and tie pieces of microfiber clothes to the two ends. Secure these with rubber bands. Now grab one blind at a time with the tongs, and wipe away the dust. Pretty easy, right?

6. Roll Away the Dust

Lint roller

Are you bored of the usual dusting ways?? 

We have a life-saving hack for you! Replace your traditional dusters with a lint roller. The roller will efficiently grab all particles of dust, dirt, and your hairy pet’s hair strands. This is a new hassle-free and effortless way of tidying your carpets, couches, and other places. And more importantly, this method is a lot more fun!

7. Foam the Couch

Shaving foam

Does the whole upholstery cleaning routine freak you out? But at the same time, you can’t bear that coke stain on your couch from yesterday’s house party. 

If this exactly defines you then we have an offbeat hack for you! And guess what, it’s hidden in your bathroom cabinet!

To clean any stains from your furniture, grab that can of shaving foam and generously spread it over the affected area. Leave it there for around an hour and come back later to blot it with a clean cloth. No more gross stains!

8. Pillow Covers for Fan Blades

Clean ceiling fan

Cleaning the fan blades always seems like a messy process. Dusting the blades with a broom and duster will leave all the dirt scattered on the furniture and floor—and then you end up cleaning those too!

But, nothing is a problem if you work SMART. 

Take a pillow cover and slide it over the fan blade in such a way that the blade is fully inside the pillow cover. Now slide the cover out by pressing and dragging it across the blade—all the dust will be collected inside the pillow cover.

You just saved all the time you would have spent dusting.  

9. Repurpose Your Chenille Socks

Use chenille socks as swiffer cloth

Are you looking for a way to decrease the dirt and dust on your floors without breaking your back trying to mop it? Use your old stretchy chenille socks for this!

I’m sure most of you can find a pair of chenille socks from your sock drawer that you hardly wear. You can repurpose them as static swiffer cloths. All you have to do is pull the stretchy sock over the base of your swiffer.

The static electricity generated by the sock material will attract more dust. Pretty cool right?

10. Antimicrobial Doormats Are Important!

Rugsmith Sanitizer Doormat, 24" x 36", Black

Ever thought about how fruitful it would be if we shut down one of the main sources of dust and dirt in our homes?

Most of the dirt and harmful germs enter our homes through our shoes. But what if there was an option of leaving all those germs out?

If you ever thought of the same then an Antimicrobial Doormat or Sanitizer Doormat one is all you need. Unlike usual doormats, it keeps all the dust and germs to itself, protecting you from all the harm.

Buy it on Amazon.

11. Make Use of Your Dishwasher

Put toys in the dishwasher for cleaning

Not everything needs your one-on-one attention. Let your other household appliances do the cleaning. For example, your kid’s toys don’t actually need you to wash them personally—put them in your dishwasher instead. Now there’s no need to go through those tiring sessions ever again. 

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12. Get Storage Baskets

Storage basket for gathering things

Are you panicking because you have guests coming over and there are a million things strewn over the floor? Does your house look like a battleground with all the toys your kid has left lying around?

No worries! All you need are a few storage bags.

Keep one storage bag for each room and put all the misplaced things in it whenever it’s time to clean up. Do this for each room with a different bag. This is an effective way of dealing with clutter.

13. Peel Out The Mess

Does scrubbing the curry stains off the stove seem like a nightmare after you’ve made your favorite dish? You begin to wonder if making the dish was even worth all the cleaning!

What if instead of scrubbing you could just peel the stains off? Sounds impossible, but it isn’t!

Invest in some stove burner covers. These sheets can be stuck to your stovetop and save you from all the cleaning and scrubbing. They can be washed multiple times too. 

Buy it on Amazon. 

14. What’s Life Without Dishwashing Liquid?

A clean blender

I’ll just go ahead and say it—food particles stuck in the blender jar are hard to get rid of. I bet you too are having a hard time reaching all the corners of your blender jar.

But, we can turn these jars into self-cleaning equipment, that too without all the mechanical and electrical modifications. How? You just need some very easily available ingredients.

Add lukewarm water and some drops of a dishwashing liquid into the jar. Now turn on the blender for some time. After a few cycles, rinse the jar with clean water. All the particles will be gone! 

The same hack works for dirty water bottles. Pour the same solution into the dirty bottles and shake it vigorously. 

15. Vinegar Is An Elixir

Clean microwave with vinegar and water

Cleaning all the hardened splatters off the microwave walls is a very hard job. If only there was something that would loosen all the debris for us easily. 

You can create a special mixture for this purpose to get rid of all the splatters.

Mix 2 parts water and ½ parts vinegar and spray it all inside the microwave—make sure you cover all the splatters with this mixture. Now keep the microwave on high for around 10 minutes. Wait for it to cool down and then take a cloth and wipe all the stains off.

16. Gather Glass Shards With Bread

  Bread slices can collect glass shards

Picking up broken glass pieces is not at all an easy task. The bigger pieces are relatively easy to handle but the smaller ones scattered all over the floor can be really dangerous. They are also very difficult to spot and you might end up stepping on them and wounding yourself. Great, now there’s a bigger mess on the floor!

Instead of using a broom to sweep away the glass shards, use bread slices!

Even the tiniest of glass pieces will stick on the bread slice. This is a great way of avoiding cuts and cleaning the floor efficiently.

17. Oil Removes Oil

Wipe away greasy soot marks using oil

The greasy layer on the walls behind and above the stove can look really nasty. No one likes to see these dirty layers anywhere near their food. Also, simple wiping doesn’t help in eradicating all the grease.

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But what if the problem itself is the solution? Well, in this case, this is how it is. Pour some oil on a clean napkin or towel and wipe the greasy area with this.

The major problem is solved. Now get rid of the excess oil by using a soap sponge and wipe it off. You don’t need any fancy cleaning agents for this!

18. Baking Soda And Vinegar For Messy Utensils

Use baking soda mixture to clean burnt pans

Have you ever tried cooking something and come out of the whole ordeal emotionally and physically scarred? Then you notice that the utensils are covered with burnt food particles. Ugh! Spending hours scrubbing away is not that appealing.

Baking soda is one of the best cleaning agents you can find out there. If mixed with vinegar, this can be exactly what you need right now.

Mix water, vinegar, and baking soda into a paste-like consistency and apply it over the burnt parts. Let it sit there for some hours and then scrub it away using a non-abrasive scrubber.

Your utensils are going to shine again!

19. Lessen Your Work With Aluminum Foil

Messy muffin tray

Has a messy muffin tray ever driven you crazy? Somehow the batters always spill onto the tray and sometimes you get it messy while decorating the muffins and cupcakes. What if I told you that there was a hack that will help you keep this tray clean forever?

All you need for this hack is aluminum foil and cupcake liners! First, cover the entire tray with the foil and tuck in the edges. Now take a knife and make a small X incision with it in each hole—this will allow you to push in the cupcake liners easily.

Now your muffin tray is going to stay clean even after all that baking and decorating.

20. Vinegar And Orange Will Save Your Fridge

Clean the fridge with a orange-vinegar solution

The refrigerator interiors always attract some food splashes—it’s mostly the soups and the sauces that are the culprits. And the task of scrubbing off all the hardened splashes and oily stains is always cumbersome—who needs that stress in life?

Here’s a hack that will make your life easier—make an orange-scented vinegar solution! Just place some orange peels cover in vinegar for a couple of days and transfer the solution to a spray bottle.

Spray this solution on all the splashes inside your fridge and let it stay there for 30 minutes to 1 hour. You can wipe everything away with a cloth. Your fridge is going to look amazing after this!

21. Cleaning The CleanerPut sponge inside microwave to clean it

Cleaning sponges are the most important part of any cleaning routine. But they deserve to be cleaned too—otherwise, mold and bacteria will start growing on them. Use your microwave to clean them!

Pop your dirty sponges in the microwave for about half an hour on low heat and soon you’ll find yourself with clean sponges. Easy and effective!

Everyone likes to have clean surroundings, but no one likes to put a lot of effort into it. But, the right hacks at the right time and place can make you achieve your dream space without any hassle. Smart work is KEY! So, go ahead and try out these effective hacks.

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