21 Handy Uses For Zote Soap Around Home

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You must be familiar with a lot of good laundry bars out there in the market but Zote soap is not just a regular soap bar but an amazing cleaner with conventional as well as many unconventional uses.

It’s natural and very cost-effective, which makes it even better. And don’t you like it when one product, that too a laundry bar, can be used in various ways around the house? Zote soap could be your go-to product especially if you’re a clean freak.

But before we dive into uses for Zote soap, let’s know a bit about it.


What is Zote soap?

Zote soap is an eco-friendly bar soap primarily made from tallow(a type of fat) and other all-natural ingredients. It is known for its ability to remove stains and odors from clothing. It is also a popular choice for hand-washing delicate items such as baby clothes. 

Zote soap is popular in Mexico and Latin America, and it is known for its pink color. The soap is also available in other colors, including blue and green.

Along with Beef Tallow, Zote soap also contains:

  • Coconut oil
  • Citronella oil
  • Optical Brighteners
  • Dye (Pink and Blue Bars only)

You can easily buy Zote soap from Amazon.

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Let’s get started with some handy uses of Zote soap around home other than laundry.

21 Handy Uses For Zote Soap Around Home

Given the incredible ingredients that go into the making of this soap, it’s not surprising that it has numerous different uses. The ingredients also make it antibacterial, a good degreaser, stain remover, gentle cleanser, and your go-to cleaning requisite.

1. Hand Washing Laundry

The primary purpose of Zote soap is to help in washing laundry by hand. You can use it as laundry soap, spot remover, and whites brightener. It removes the stains effortlessly when washing laundry by hand.

2. Detergent For Washing Machine

Even though Zote soap is available in bars, you can still use it in the washing machines by converting it into powder. For this, note the following steps :

Step 1: Grate the Zote bar and pour it into a container.

Step 2: Add half a cup of soda ash and half a cup of borax to the mixture for each bar of Zote soap that you grate.

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Voila, your laundry detergent is ready.

3. Washing Makeup Brushes

Don’t want to buy a makeup brush cleaner? Zote soap got you covered. As far as washing makeup brushes go, Zote bar soap has become a staple.

Brushes will be thoroughly cleaned of all the grime by simply wetting them and rubbing them into the bar of soap. It also makes them smell amazing.

4. Fix Dripping Pipes

You might need some time until the plumber arrives or until you can gather the supplies and equipment required to repair it! This is how to fix tubes or pipelines in such a situation:

Step 1: Make a soap and sugar mixture.

Step 2: Apply the paste to the area that needs


This will temporarily clog the hole and stop the leak.

5. Stove And Oven Cleaner

Tired of the greasy stains and muck on the stove or inside the oven? Zote soap got your back. It works quite well as a degreaser and removes the stains and cleans it thoroughly.

6. Dishwashing

Tired of buying expensive dish soaps that may not even do the job well? Let Zote soap be the one for you.

Since it’s a degreaser and a gentle cleanser, it cleans utensils well and leaves no oily stains behind. It also has antibacterial properties.

7. Mosquito Repellent

We’re all annoyed with mosquito bites, especially when we’re trying to sleep.

Zote soap contains something called Citronella, and mosquitos hate this. When you want to spend a bug-free evening outside, grate the soap and throw it around or keep it on your bedside to have a peaceful night.

8. Deodorizer

Even before you put on your clothes, Zote soap can help them smell fresh if you follow these tips :

Your smelly shoes are the ideal area for the fresh scent of Zote soap to deodorize. Place a bar in each shoe’s foot until you need to use them again.

Keeping sachets in the closet will also keep your clothes smelling good.

9. Pre-Gardening Treatment

While Zote is useful for washing filthy hands, you may also use it as a pre-treatment before wearing gardening gloves. Rub the dried soap under your fingernails before starting the messy work of gardening.

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When it’s time to wash the dirt off your hands, it will help you create a beautiful foaming lather while also keeping the dirt out.

10. Catfish Bait

It makes good catfish bait. Follow these simple steps:

  1. Combine 4 tablespoons of water and 400 grams of grated Zote soap.
  2.  Let the mixture melt fully over low heat.
  3. Add 4 tablespoons of bacon grease and 4 minced garlic cloves to the melted fat mixture.
  4. Prepare catfish baits by pouring the heated bait into molds and molding it into the right size and shape for hooking.

Pro tip: Keep them in a plastic container that can be sealed to keep air out. To aid in the solidification of the baits, store them in a refrigerator.

11. Repairs Gas Leaks (Temporarily)

Another use of this soap became popular a while ago which is that it can repair gas leaks, momentarily if you follow these steps :

  1. Grate the soap and convert it into powder.
  2. Mix salt with the soap.
  3. Add water to the mixture and make it into a pulpy form.

This pulp can be used to plug the gas leak, provisionally.

12. Pet Washing

We totally understand if you don’t want to spend your money on expensive shampoos for your pets!

Zote soap can be used to bathe pets, mainly cats and dogs as it is neutral and gentle. It fights bad odors and takes care of their skin and makes their fur soft.

13. Car Cleaner

It works well as a car cleaner as well if you dilute the bar of soap in a bucket of water. Clean your car with this mixture for a shiny and spotless look.

14. Mold Removal

It can be used to get rid of the mold if you follow the steps listed below.

Step 1: Dilute the soap with a spoon full of chlorine and two liters of water.

Step 2: Once the mixture is ready, humidify the mold paths of the walls, roofs, and floors and let it sit for an hour.

Step 3: Clean the paths with a brush.

15. Plant Cleaning

Zote soap can help in cleaning plants and leaves them looking fresh and green.

For this, Dilute a piece of soap in two liters of water and clean the plants. It acts as an insecticide and allows better photosynthesis.

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16. Skin Problems

We see all kinds of skin care products but this soap has grabbed our eyeballs. It’s worth the attention because It helps with dermatitis and acne issues as it’s a neutral as well as a gentle cleanser.

It eases swelling, lessens itching, and hastens the healing process. It removes excess sebum without leaving the skin feeling dry.

17. Hair Problems

Itchy and flaky scalp? Let Zote soap be your go-to hair cleanser.

It helps get rid of a greasy scalp, treats dandruff, and cleanses the scalp well. One of its primary ingredients is coconut oil. Numerous studies support coconut oil’s effectiveness as a hair growth stimulator.

18. Showerhead Cleaner

We love a good shower but hate it when the pressure of the water is not right.

Oftentimes dust and debris get stuck in the pores of the showerhead, Zote soap deeply cleans the pores which in turn results in better water pressure. It also leaves it looking clean and shiny.

19. Shoe Cleaner

You don’t need to think twice before buying the pair of white shoes you’ve been eyeing because it gets dirty too soon.

Because some soap cleans the shoes without making them look old or rugged, simply use Zote soap and water mixture and use a brush to clean the shoes. It works especially well for white canvas shoes.

20. Fabric Softener

Tallow, an ingredient found mainly in commercial fabric conditioners, is a component of Zote Soap and is made from rendered animal fat. So, you can use Zote soap as a natural fabric softener.

21. Shaving Soap

If you are looking for a natural alternative for shaving cream, Zote soap is the perfect solution. Zote soaps lathers well and when the lather is applied to the face, it can be used instead of shaving cream.

The fact that a soap primarily made for hand washing laundry can also be used for better skin, healthy hair, gas leaks, bathing pets, gardening, washing utensils, and so many other things make it worth a try. Now, you know not one, two, or three but 21 handy uses of Zote soap around the home.

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