6 Amazing Uses Of Butcher’s Wax

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Butcher’s wax is a paste-wax created by Charles Butcher, who created this product in order to give a protective covering to his wood-based products. Today, we can use this product for the same purpose. Here’s a list of ways through which a can of Butcher’s wax can become useful to us. 

What is Butcher’s wax?

Before listing down its uses, let’s get a better understanding of what Butcher’s wax actually is. 

Butcher’s wax is created when a mix of carnauba and microcrystalline waxes are combined with turpentine and mineral spirits. We can also refer it as Bowling alley wax. 

It is usually applied on the surface of the wooden articles so that they are protected from contamination by the surroundings.

6 Amazing Uses Butcher’s Wax

1. Polishing Furniture

Butcher’s wax is a great asset when it comes to polishing the wooden furniture at your place. It’s easy to use and effective at the same time.

In order to make the furniture at your place look brand new :  

  1. Clean the wooden surface properly.
  2. Apply the first layer of the paste wax and let it dry up. 
  3. Add another layer of the wax and then wipe off the excessive oil.

2. Wooden Flooring

We can also use this product to make the flooring at our households shinier and attractive. All that we have to do is apply the wax gently on the floor and we’ll achieve a smooth and lustrous wooden flooring. 

This product was earlier used to provide a fresh, smooth and shiny finish for the lanes in the bowling alleys. That’s the reason we also call it as Bowling Alley wax. 

3. Sculptures

A little can of Butcher’s wax is enough to polish an average size wooden sculpture and make it look brand-new. Sculptors all over the world use this wax in order to increase the durability of their creation. Not only wooden, this product even works on materials such as bronze or other metals. 

4. Antiques, Artwork, and Leather

A lot of artists and the collectors of artwork need this wax in order to maintain the luster of their wooden antiques. Therefore, if you wish to own an antique sculpture, you’ll have to keep this wax in order to maintain its shine. 

Another utility of this product is that it can also be used to clean leather. If we try and clean leather using conventional means, we might end up damaging the material, but this wax will keep the quality intact and simultaneously will give the best results.

5. Plaster

One more way the wax can be useful is by using it to give a final coating to the Venetian Plaster on the walls. It helps to retain the natural luster of the walls and also gives a contamination proof layering on the surface area. 

6. Marble

Finally, butcher’s wax can also be utilized to give a shiny appearance to marble articles. It also prevents any kind of damage which may take place on the outer layer of the marble article. The finished coat of the paste wax must be applied between regular intervals of time for the best results. Protecting the articles from damage by water is another of its utilities.


Butcher’s wax is a valuable product that you must keep at your place. You can use it in a wide number of ways in which its primary utility is to protect the surface area of the wooden accessories from various pollutants.

It is used to polish and a protective layer to various articles like, furniture, wooden flooring, sculptures, antiques, artwork, leather, plaster, and marble. 

Thus, none of your wooden articles will look old or rusty again once you start using the butcher’s wax to polish it regularly.

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