8 Goo Gone Uses For Cleaning and Stain Removal (Cleaning Hacks)

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Want to get rid of those stubborn hot glue stains? Are you trying to find an easy method to clean tape residues? 

Say no more and welcome Goo Gone to your rescue! This commercial cleaning product, which needs no introduction, has been a common household item for years. With its citrus powers, it can do wonders when it comes to cleaning stains, no matter the surface or the stain type. 

Goo Gone can be safely used on surfaces like metal, glass, wood, and fabrics. It is available in gel, bottle, and sprays so that one can use it with full efficiency. So, it is time to say no to all those greasy messes that are a part of our normal life. 

For best results, always follow the guidelines and adhere to them. If you are confused about any surface, test it on an unseen area and check the results before going ahead.


1. Armpit Stains in Shirts

Goo Gone has always proved its efficiency when it comes to fabric stains. So, it can help remove those stubborn yellow stains from the armpits of a shirt.

Such stains are caused by excess sweating and perspiration but they can vanish just by soaking the area in Goo Gone. You need to scrub the part with a scrub brush after letting it sit for an hour.

Lastly, wash the shirt in the washing machine for a clean look, and don’t forget to add some extra detergent this time. Once dry, you will have your old shirt back, shining like a new one! 

2. No Stickers Please!

Tapes and stickers are very stubborn once they are attached to the glass and it is very difficult to part them. I mean, they do come off but leave behind a sticky residue that is unbearable. Goo Gone can make it get rid of the residue and bring back the shiny surface. 

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Use it to clean newly bought plates, bowls, and wine glasses and get rid of the stickers at one go. You can use this method for your car glasses to clean those parking stickers or tapes on your car dashboard that are affecting the look of your dear wheel buddy! 

3. Crayon Removal From Walls

If you have toddlers in your house, it is obvious that you would have crayon marks on almost every wall. Remove those stains by using Goo Gone and give yourself some polished and clean walls. 

You need to spray the stains with Goo Gone and then rub the area with a clean cloth unless the marks are visible. Wipe the area clean with soapy water for a final touch. Nail polish remover can be a good alternative in case you don’t want oil-based Goo Gone on your walls. 

4. Makeup Stains

The title might sound weird, but many a time I leave lipstick stains on my clothes, accidentally. Since I am a laundry freak and I cannot keep my favorite clothes like that, I use Goo Gone for those stains. Just soak the affected area in Goo Gone for ten to fifteen minutes and then wash the clothing with extra detergent.

You will get similar results for any oily and greasy stains like mascara, foundation spill, and shoe polish stains.

5. Construction Adhesives

If you have recently moved into a new apartment, you must be having a tough time with all those stains from construction adhesives on your furniture. Well, it’s time to use Goo Gone and bid those stains goodbye! 

Spray it on the adhesive residues and then wipe it with a clean cloth. You can easily try it on painted cabinets or even newly painted walls. Goo Gone is safe and they can remove those tacky stains at one go! 

6. Wax Stains

Unless they are on the candle stands, wax stains are unwelcome and it’s important to get rid of them as soon as possible. Yes, I know we can use sharp objects but this can cause scratches. Being the ultimate cleaning product, Goo Gone can make any surface free from wax stains easily. 

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You can also use it on brass or copper objects like a vintage candle stand and clean it with minimal effort. Say hello to those beautiful candle stands! 

7. Hot Glue Stains

Hot glue resin and fabrics can never be friends and unfortunately, hot glue is a crafter’s best friend. So, if you use hot glue often, you won’t be surprised if it leaves your carpets stained. A commercial cleaner like Goo Gone can make the stains go away at one go. 

If you have time, keep the affected fabric in the freezer for some time. When you take it out, the glue would be off with your fingernails or a dull knife. Use Goo Gone to clean the remaining residue.

8. Sticky Utensils

Just like those fabric stains, glue can be annoying when you find kitchen utensils like scissors and spoons are sticky and tacky. Dip those utensils in Goo Gone solution and keep it for a few minutes. Use a soft cloth to wipe the residue clean and you have your shining scissors back!

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Goo Gone is an amazing product that has so many uses when it comes to cleaning and home hacks. Do follow the directions and happy cleaning!

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