39 Murphy’s Oil Soap Uses for Better Cleaning

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Still choosing from an overwhelming variety of cleaning products?

If yes, it must not be an exciting life you are living!

Well, if you have been piling up your cabinets with crazy varieties of home cleaners, then this post is a ‘full stop’ for your cleaning woes.


Because we recommend using Murphy’s Oil Soap, a tried and trusted product, and it is not just a suggestion, we have 39 Uses for Murphy’s Oil Soap that can make your life easier.
Murphy’s Oil Soap was designed exclusively for cleaning hardwood, but it turned out to be an effective tool for cleaning a lot of other things as well. With 98% natural ingredients, Murphy oil soap is an ideal and effective non-toxic cleaner.

Here are some brilliant cleaning uses of Murphy’s oil soap.


39 Murphy’s Oil Soap Uses in Cleaning

1. Cleaning Wooden-Carpeted Floors

clean carpet floors with  murphy oil soap

Wood carpeting without prints is fabulous and most importantly budget-friendly. But after 5-6 months, the story takes a U-turn. The spots and spills on the floor are easily visible. If inhabitants are toddlers, then it’s a mess.

To counter this, Murphy Oil Soap is the perfect solution. Just add a teaspoon to a spray bottle and add warm water. Shake well before use and just spray and mop it up. It will be clean as ever.

2. Cleaning Wooden Cabinets

Are you daydreaming about painting or renovating your kitchen cabinets for the past few months because grime, grease, and spills are all over the place even after ‘regular’ mopping?

Reality check, using the Murphy Oil Soap can cut through grease and grime very smoothly and leave a neat and smooth cabinet surface.

Moreover, you don’t have to go through the offensive odors phase because Murphy Oil soap comes with different scents from orange to mint to lemon.

3. Stainless Steel Appliances

clean stainless steel appliances using murphy oil soap

Unlike wooden surfaces, there are high chances of the formation of dark-colored spots after using chemicals on chrome plated and steel surfaces including faucets, sinks, dishwashers, etc.

While the greasy doors of a microwave oven and a grimy plate of chimneys cannot be cleaned with ordinary cleaners, Murphy Oil Soap ensures clean spotless sinks and faucets with no degradation of any kind of surface.

4. Furniture

For an antique collector, who resells furniture, Murphy Oil Soap is a cash-raiser. We know that the antique furniture customer will want the product in as original condition as possible, so Murphy Oil Soap can be preferred for sanding and refinishing.

Mix Murphy oil soap and paint thinner in equal ratio, and apply with a paintbrush or sponge. To clean the dirt, wipe the solution with the help of a rag. The furniture will be shining as if it has never been used, but we know otherwise. And wait for the customers to arrive!

5. Cracking and Popping of Laminated Floors

cracked laminated floors

You paid a professional floor installer thousands of dollars for sub-flooring and laminating the floor and ended up getting attacked by cracking and popping in the floor? Now what?

Don’t fret, believe it or not, but Murphy Oil Soap can rescue you from this fiasco. Mop the floor with Murphy Oil Soap, the oil will get down into the cracks and condition the boards, and help them to settle down. And, the upcoming day, the unpleasant cracking sound will vanish.

6. Organic Pesticides

If you practice organic farming, it is quite easy for you to understand the difficulty of keeping pests and insects like aphids, beetles, and borers at bay; they reduce production by 30%. On top of it, it is even tougher for you to find organic and effective pesticides. This leaves the probability of ‘making pesticide on your own.

Making White Oil to be used as a pesticide is an easy and inexpensive task. Now, the question arises “What is White Oil and how does it prevent pests?”

White Oil is a mixture of one cup of vegetable or mineral oil and one-fourth of Murphy Oil Soap. It is our concentrated solution. Dilute it with water and spray on the inner side of the plant’s leaves (because most of the pests are present there).

The mixture sticks around the pest or insects like mites that suffocated them; as a result, the pests die. Use this White Oil to get rid of your garden of pests.

7. Cleaning Grime on Wooden Banisters

Like a normal home, periodic dusting and wiping are some rituals done upon wooden banisters every Christmas or New Year’s Eve. Sometimes stockings are hung over them; other than that, they acquire grime throughout the year.

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Use the Murphy Oil Soap, and clean them. A peel of grime will roll down the wood and ta-da! It’s time to see the original masterpiece.

8. Homemade Cleaning Wipes

Since Murphy Oil Soap has 98% natural ingredients, it can be used to make non-toxic homemade cleaning wipes approved by mothers. No mother wants her children to touch or use toxic chemicals that are harmful and poisonous.

Here is what you need to make homemade cleaning wipes:

  • 2 cups warm water
  • 1 cup white vinegar
  • 1 tablespoon baking soda
  • 1.5 tablespoon Murphy Oil Soap

Mix them well in a bowl and store this mixture in a container. Soak microfiber rags and use them as cleaning wipes. It is safe, cost-effective, and natural.

9. Cleaning Non-wooden Surfaces

The same mixture of Murphy Oil Soap and warm water is also safe to use for cleaning other surfaces in your home; for example, you can wash your car, clean the ceramic tiles in your bathroom, or clean vinyl surfaces.

10. Cleaning Leather Material

leather material

Cleaning leather furniture and accessories along with fabrics is time-consuming as well as dangerously difficult because many soaps leave behind stains due to the presence of harsh chemicals. Murphy Oil Soap, however, is safe for any kind of leather material.

The process is simple. First, wipe off the dirt or dust from the leather with a clean rag, because it might hamper the cleaning process. Then, make a solution by mixing 1-2 drops of Murphy’s oil soap in a cup of water.

Now, dampen a rag or sponge in this mixture and rub across the leather. Make sure to squeeze it thoroughly and work a small area at a time so that leather does not absorb water.

Finally, dry each section of the leather with a towel after cleaning and continue until the leather is completely clean.

11. Cleaning Craft Materials

Murphy Oil Soap found its way to cleaning craft material like dried paintbrushes, which have been petrified because you let the paint dry on brush bristles. But it’s easy to restore them to their original form.

Just soak the brushes in a cup of Murphy’s oil soap not above metal ferrule (otherwise, bristles will come off) for 24-48 hours; paint will dissolve and bristles will soften.

Murphy Soap Oil solution can be used to clean stencils, permanent marker imprints on clear boards, or when your dry erase markers aren’t coming off as they were supposed to. Murphy Oil Soap and warm water mixture can dissolve paint easily; thus, cleaning it.

12. Remove Stains from Clothes

Murphy’s soap oil does not joke around with its ability to clean almost anything. You can easily lift off stains and marks off clothes by using this magic cleanser. Thanks to its composition of natural ingredients, you won’t have to risk the quality of the fabric in any way.

Its natural properties also make it a much healthier alternative to bleach when used to lift off stains on clothes. You can test it out by applying a good amount of Murphy’s soap oil to the area in question and then tossing it in the machine.  It’s that simple and effective!

13. Polish Horse Tacks

polish horse tacks with murphy oil soap

Who would’ve thought that the Murphy oil soap could be put to use on a horse tack as well! But it can be since most of the horse tracks are made using either leather or metal.

If you have a stable that holds some tacks that need to be cleaned, then this is the easiest way out for you. Clean your horse tacks instantly using just a little bit of the iconic Murphy soap oil.

Add half a cup of this soap oil cleanser to a bucket of water and cover your horse tacks in it. Once dried, scrub the leftover rust with a cloth and look how your horse tacks shine.

14. Clean The Wheels Of Your Car

Do you often wonder what would it take to finally get that dirt and grease out of your car wheels? Well, the solution is easy-peasy! All you need is murphy’s oil soap to get those wheels shining like brand new.

You can either use the soap oil in full strength or add a quarter cup to a liter of water until you get a dissolved solution. This is a quick fix and ensures that your wheels are cleaned well and deep.

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While you’re cleaning the wheels, you can just include this in your entire car cleaning process too! It is much more cost-efficient than shampoo and will prove as quite a good cleanser for your car.

Just be careful with the amounts you use for cleaning, for example, while using it for cleaning seats, you will need just a peanut-sized drop added to the vacuum foam and you’ll be good to go.

15. Lubricant For Jewelry

You can now easily polish those jewelry pieces using Murphy’s oil soap. Just mix a litre of warm water with 1 cup of murphy’s soap oil and you’ll get the magic solution!

Now you can either choose a brush or another tool to clean your jewelry and once done, just rinse it off. Please do make sure the oil from the solution is completely rinsed off and your jewelry is not slippery or slick.

Use an absorbent cloth to dry out the excess solution from little gaps and holes.

16. Remove Stains From Carpets

use murphy oil soap as stain remover

Getting rid of stains from a carpet sounds like a task, but not really! Thanks to Murphy’s oil soap, you can magnify your cleaning expertise and remove stains from the carpet.

There are actually two ways you can use murphy’s oil soap oil to remove carpet stains. For the first method, you will need to add a bit of this wondrous soap oil to your vacuuming solution and steam clean your carpet. This method is great if you have delicate thread rugs or carpets you prefer to steam.

The second method involves directly applying murphy’s oil soap to the affected area on the carpet. After applying, let it sit down for a while and then rinse it out. You can figure out how long to leave the cleaner on the carpet depending upon the type of stain.

17. All-Purpose Home Cleaner

This may not even come as a surprise to you given the many uses we have listed of the amazing Murphy’s oil soap but you can replace it with your store-bought home cleaner instantly using only three items.

Just mix warm water, essential oils, and oil soap in a spray bottle and you will have your very own all-purpose home cleaner ready. This cleansing solution is not only pleasantly aromatic but incredibly cost-efficient and usable.

You can use it to clean every surface ranging from wooden cabinets to leather couches. It will truly remove any trace of dirt from your lovely house.

18. Clean Your Bikes

Having bikes are pretty common among households especially those with kids. Kids love riding bikes so, regular cleaning is needed. Is water just enough? Not really. Hence, mixing a few drops of murphy’s soap oil with water will clean the dirt and also give the bike some nice shine.

19. Cleaning Garden Tools

clean garden tools using murphy oil soap

For a gardener, having the tools in good condition is one of the main priorities. Hence, to extend the life of your garden tools, cleaning them with Murphy’s oil will be a great choice.

20. Odor Killer

Room fresheners are a must-have for every household because a lovely odor lifts up one’s mood. To make a great-smelling odor killer, all you need is a murphy oil soap, aromatic oils, a spray bottle, and warm water.

21. Swiffer Jet Refill

If you own a Swiffer Jet or any type of spray mop, you know how expensive it can be to replace it. But not anymore! Make your own solution with Murphy Oil Soap which will clean your floors and also save you a lot of money.

22. Clean Painted Walls

Murphy Oil Soap can be used to safely clean painted walls inside your home. You can easily remove stains from the painted surface with a rag using this murphy’s oil soap and it guarantees to leave no other mark on the wall.

23. To Silence Squeaky Hinges

lubricate door hinges with murphy oil soap

We do know how annoying the squeaky sound of the windows or door hinges is after it gets old. To avoid such noise, try Murphy’s oil soap and apply a few drops of them on the hinges. After 5-10 minutes, you’ll see the wonder.

24. Remove Labels Off Bottles

The sticky remains of a label after trying to pull it out from a bottle or container can really spoil their look of them. Thus, to completely remove the labels, you can use a few drops of Murphy’s oil soap and wipe it all off.

25. Cleaning Horse Brushes

Horsehair is super shiny and regularly brushing them is mandatory. Moreover, their brushes must be very clean to avoid any sort of rashes. And so, using 2 tablespoons of Murphy’s oil soap in water can really be effective in cleaning the brushes spotlessly.

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26. Natural Shoe Cleaners

Murphy’s oil soap can be used to clean the dirt off your soiled shoes in no time. Fill a bucket halfway with lukewarm water and add 1-2 tablespoons of Murphy’s oil soap, then brush it off. Simple yet very effective.

27. Restore Old Handbags

Do you have an old handbag belonging to you, your mother, grandmother, or girlfriend? Be it whoever’s, old handbags can be restored to their original elegance with Murphy’s oil soap. With some murphy’s mixed in water, you can give the sparkle to any bag.

28. Clean Window Blinds

get clean window panes with murphy oil soap

Be it a window blind made of plastic, wood, or metal, they’re all prone to grease and dust. To clean them, you needn’t have to buy expensive liquids. Simply use Murphy’s oil soap to effortlessly wipe off the dirt.

29. Hairbrush And Comb Cleaner

Hairbrushes and combs are always exposed to makeup dirt and hair (of course).  To keep the brushes clean and bacteria-free, combine 1/2 teaspoon murphy’s oil soap and 1/2 cup warm water. Then immerse the comb/hairbrushes for 30 minutes and rinse it off.

30. Shampoo For Your Dog

For your furry friend’s good health, use murphy’s oil soap and protect them against fleas. You’ll only need to stir up a quarter cup of murphy’s oil soap and 4 cups of water to make this natural shampoo. P.S. If your dog has a skin condition, then don’t!

31. Remove Pen Stains

Do you have kids at home who scribble with a pen on furniture? Or did you accidentally break an ink bottle over your wooden furniture? Fear not! You can clean those stains easily using murphy’s oil soap in one go.

32. Cleaning Glass Stovetops

Clean glass stovetops with murphy oil soap

Murphy’s oil soap cleans and shines your glass stovetop as well as removes grease. In a spray bottle, combine 2 cups of lukewarm water and 1 tablespoon of murphy’s oil soap. Spray it, scrub it and wait for 5 minutes then wash it off. Squeaky clean!

33. Cleaning Trash Bins

Let’s be honest, nobody likes a funky-smelling trash bin. To clean those bins fill a spray bottle with 1 tsp murphy’s oil soap and 1 cup of warm water, squirt the solution into the trash bin, scrub with a brush, then rinse with water. Voila!

34. Insect Repellent

To clear out the insects in the garden or home, you can make an easy repellent by combining 1 cup of rubbing alcohol and water, 1 tbsp murphy’s oil soap, and 3 tbsp lemon juice. No more insects, yay!

35. Clean A/C Unit

Since A/Cs are made of plastic, one must be careful in cleaning them to avoid stains and other damage. Hence, simply wiping plastic surfaces with a dry rag and a few drops of Murphy’s oil soap is a good choice for cleaning air conditioners.

36. Porcelain Face Basins Cleaner

Clean your dirty porcelain face basin using murphy’s oil soap to give it the old glisten back. Use 3 drops of Murphy’s oil soap onto a moist towel or sponge to clean and shine the face basin.

37. Cleaning Weapons

Do you have your ancestral rifle or other sorts of hunting gun for display at home? If so, then regularly cleaning it will keep its life on a good stage. You can use murphy’s oil soap to clean the weapons which will also add shine.

38. Crayon Stain Remover

remove crayon stains with Murphy oil soap

Did your child scribble on the wall with crayons? Or even worse, did the child do that at a rented house? Either reason, to make it look like the crayon print never existed, you can wipe it spotlessly using murphy’s soap oil!

39. Clean Granite Tiles

Granite tiles are pretty shiny and cleaning them can be tricky. Because certain liquid cleaners can make the floor slippery which might cause accidents. Surprisingly murphy’s oil soap can be used to clean them and it won’t make the floor sticky but shiny.

For so many problems, Murphy Oil Soap is ‘an effective’ solution. So why spend a fortune buying different products for different purposes when Murphy Oil Soap can handle almost every situation easily? It is truly a one-in-all warrior that fights off the dirt from everywhere, naturally and efficiently.

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