31 Best Bookshelf Organization Ideas

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Is your bookshelf becoming an eyesore? Have you been haphazardly shoving your novels in the tiniest of available spaces? You know your books deserve more. So, continue reading to discover 31 different ways to organize your bookshelves to make them look nice and appealing!

Also, if you’re trying to figure out ways to add more space to your home, these bookcase styling tips will make the process easier!


31 Best Bookshelf Organization Ideas

1. Behind The Door Narrow Bookshelf

Via Thepaintedhive

Make the most of any space, which includes the often-overlooked region behind the doorway. The shelves are mounted to an empty cavity plaster wall here. Avoid using anchors if you have a concrete wall. These shelves are extremely cost-effective and convenient.

2. Color-Coordinate Your Books

Via Honeywerehome

If you’re the sort of person who associates narratives with their covers, or if you just like the idea of an aesthetic bookshelf, this is for you. The best aspect of this technique is that you can be as inventive as you want. Layer your hues, try a gradient arrangement, or go for a spectrum effect.

3. Sort By Alphabetical Order Or Genre

Via Pinterest

Color-coding is the most visually appealing way of arranging books for most people. But if your collection is extensive and frequently used, have a categorization strategy that makes it easy to locate any book. If this is the case, sort your collection alphabetically by author or genre.

4. Make Use Of Baskets

Via Matches

Baskets can be used as aesthetic storage options. On bookshelves, baskets of many dimensions, colors, and textures can be utilized to occupy space while also adding texture. These also come in handy when you wish to categorize your books according to genres or authors.

5. Bookshelf Under The Bed

Via Etsy

Bookworms never go to bed by themselves. They prefer to be accompanied by a literary friend at all times. So why not bring the entire bookcase with you? If you have a tiny residence and a large collection of books, this idea is perfect because it saves valuable wall space and prevents clutter.

6. Use the Law Of Two-Thirds

Via Mydomaine

The ‘two-thirds rule’ is recommended by experts to reduce crowding. Allow for some free space or a spot to put an accessory or two on each shelf by keeping it only two-thirds full. The importance of open space cannot be overstated. This helps you incorporate your trinkets into a variety of spaces.

7. Bookshelf Under The Stairs

Via Betterafter

Thankfully, the area below a staircase, which is often overlooked, is great for a book collection. Take some ideas from this reading nook. Under the stairs, a built-in bookcase with a nice chair and soothing lighting provides the ideal setting for getting lost in a novel.

8. Layered Bookshelf

Via Thecreativityexchange

Spacious bookshelves allow you to experiment with layering. Place paintings against the back of the shelf, anchored by books or heavy items. Place a couple of tiny sculptures on the very front of the shelves to provide dimension to the bookcase.

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Boxy vases or ornamental plates can be hidden under modest frames while maintaining their individuality.

9. Pick Modern Shelves

Via Insider

Consider adding floating shelves if you wish to showcase several of your treasured books but don’t have enough floor room for a whole bookshelf. These slim shelves blend in seamlessly with the wall. This would be perfect in a tiny living area, a bedroom, or above a workstation.

10. Organize With Bins and Boxes

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Arrange books on the bottom shelf in huge coordinating baskets if you need them to be semi-accessible. You could do that with any book that is unsightly, torn, or unsuitable for exhibition. Make sure you pick a color scheme for your storage to make it look cohesive.

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11. Stack Books


It’s no longer necessary to keep all of your books in perfect rows. Stack a few of your favorite books to make them stand out. Stacks can be organized by theme, color, or size. A fantastic book stack in a nook or beside a bed may not only lend a unique, earthy feel to your room but can also help you prioritize which books to explore next.

12. Store Heavy Bins At The Bottom

Via Beneathmyheart

On the bottom of the shelf, place your biggest storage containers. Shelves simply appear nicer when the bottom sections are filled with similar containers. It’s also a smart way to change up the types and patterns of your containers so that it is more personalized.

13. Add A Built-in Storage On the Top

Via Thriftdiving

This concept is perfect for you if you want to make your bookcase more functional and attractive. Through this DIY project, create a built-in storage section for stationary or smaller items that are usually scattered around your house. You can also paint the shelf to match the rest of your house.

14. Build A Leaning Bookshelf

Via Fishandbull

Design and build a learning bookshelf to store your books and other items. You’ll enjoy this concept because it could keep a lot of the items that were causing clutter on the desk or the ground. You’ll need a chop saw, table saw, power drill, pine boards, screws, and sandpaper to get started.

15. DIY Aesthetic Bookcase

Via Ohohdeco

Build your book collection at home by undertaking this simple DIY bookcase project. You’ll be amazed at how many books this bookshelf can accommodate in terms of volume and weight. Furthermore, it is not only useful but also highly attractive. It’ll only take a single afternoon to build!

16. Turn A Bookcase Into A Coffee Table

Via Beneathmyheart

Make a coffee table with storage out of an old bookshelf for more efficient and utilitarian use. This is a fantastic solution for all those old books you want to keep but don’t want to showcase. You can simply store them here and keep them hidden from curious eyes. This DIY project is also extremely simple and cost-effective.

17. DIY Sawhorse Bookcase

Via Shanty2chic

To get rid of the clutter in your home or bedroom, try out this sawhorse bookshelf. You can freshen up your decor like an expert with just a few tools and equipment! This very creative bookcase is excellent for any area and can be built with only three tools and less than $50 in supplies!

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18. Utilize Vertical Space To The Fullest

Via Ehow

For a variety of reasons, a vertical bookshelf is great! For starters, it’s a pencil-thin unit with a lot of styles. It’s an ideal beginner’s project because it doesn’t require any architectural sophistication. This five-shelf stand vertically arranges a lot of books while also saving horizontal space and providing stacked volumes a beautiful, sculpture-like aesthetic.

19. Make Use Of Multipurpose Furniture

Via Jenwoodhouse

This one is for you if you want to make something that has dual functions. Place this mid-century side table in any nook of your bedroom, corridor, or living room to add sophistication and refinement! This idea is really attractive and might assist you in organizing your room’s clutter and disarray.

20. DIY Crate Bookshelf

Via Lovecreatecelebrate

Everybody has an abundance of empty containers in their garage, just laying there uselessly. What if we told you the trick to turning those crates into this adorable DIY bookshelf?

This is one of the most effective ways to organize all of your books. You can also buy a couple more crates and combine them with the old ones to make a larger unit.

21. DIY Triangle Bookshelves

Via Ispydiy

This triangular bookshelf is a clever way to make the most of your limited space! It may also store more stuff efficiently, leaving no room for mess. You can also include a variety of geometric pieces inside this DIY bookshelf.

One of the finest ways to incorporate bookshelves into your home décor is to do so in this fashion. This is also ideal for folks who do not have a large number of books to store.

22. DIY Rotating Bookcase

Via Anikasdiy

Discover how to make a rotating bookcase that is ideal for adding storage to your room’s nook. This bookcase has shelves on all four sides and fits beautifully in a corner while taking up minimal space.

It offers a total storage capacity of almost 13 books per shelf. It also has the added benefit of being able to store games, craft tools, and Lego masterpieces!

23. Book Bins

Via Helenmilan

Are you a book lover in search of a new home for all of your best reads? Unlike typical vertical, wall-leaning shelves, this is a horizontal book bin that can hold a large number of books and other items. It’ll look great beside your closet, living room, or hallway! You can recycle old bookshelves or utilize wood pieces from the local hardware shop to make this.

24. Ladder Bookshelf Storage

Via Hertoolbelt

This DIY project for making a leaning ladder bookshelf and workstation is ideal for any child’s room. It adds so much space to what was previously a tiny area, and it also looks nice! These leaning ladder shelves are fashioned from huge crates and are simple to construct while being inexpensive and flexible. This unit can be customized to fit your specific needs.

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25. Layering With Art and Photography

Via Pinterest

When it comes to designing your bookshelf, art and images are a great way to add personality and vibrancy. Layering little objects on top of your enormous stack of books and closed baskets is a good idea. They also provide structure and shape. You’ll appreciate how it adds a personal touch. An art easel is wonderful to use for better positioning on deeper shelves.

26. Arrange Height-wise

Via Domino

Your volumes should be sorted from tallest to shortest for an even more polished look. It also makes it easy to store books because you can see precisely where each one will fit in the available storage. It will also make it easier to locate books.

27. DIY Scrap Wood House Shelf

Via Sawdustgirl

This is a simple DIY activity that you can do with reclaimed wood. The top is made from two pieces of 1 x 6 of 7″, one piece of 1 x 6 of 5″, and a portion of 1 x 6 of 5″. Also, brad nails and wood glue are needed. You may customize this shelf to meet your demands, but be sure to adhere to the usual dimensions.

28. Invest In A Book Wallpaper

Via Serenaandlily

Put up a bookcase patterned wallpaper to recreate the perfect vintage library and make use of the cathedral ceilings. With the floor-to-ceiling black bookcase, the lively wallpaper will offer harmonic balance. Modest and medium motifs, which are less striking, also look well. To create a cohesive and appealing display for your living area, group books by color.

29. Make A Shelf Out Of Books

Via Instagram @mybookbath

Have you run out of wall space? Don’t worry! Simply gather all of your books that won’t fit on the shelf and construct a shelf out of them. This is one of the most effective strategies to reduce the amount of clutter on your bookshelf, and these items also serve as lovely decor in any place where they are kept.

30. Remove Dust Jackets For A New Look

Via Heirloomartco

Remove your dust jackets from your books and store them safely if you want to give your shelf a unique design. Although it’s understandable to want to keep dust jackets on to safeguard your books, there’s often a lovely cover hidden beneath them.

31. Don’t Forget Bookends

Via DIYprojects

Vintage or unique themed bookends are a great way to keep your books tidy while also providing a retro touch. Visit antique stores, thrift shops, and resale stores to find them for a low price. Also, avoid over-cleaning or over-polishing antique treasures to preserve their weathered texture. These are excellent methods to keep your books organized on tabletops or shelves.

Every bookworm understands the importance of having a method for arranging their bookshelf. Regardless of whether you want to sort by author, title, or genre, you should constantly keep things in order so you remember where your personal favorites are. We hope this collection of 31 bookshelf organization ideas was helpful and inspired you to start organizing!

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