37 Genius Kids Playroom Storage Ideas

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Do you feel like there’s never enough space for all of your child’s toys, games, and art supplies in their playroom? Are you tired of constantly tripping over clutter and feeling like the room is never truly clean? Well, you’re not alone!

But, just because you have limited space doesn’t mean you can’t create a functional and organized playroom. In this article, we’ll explore some creative playroom storage ideas that will help you make the most of the space you have.

From DIY space-saving ideas to ready-made options, we’ve got you covered with a wide range of ideas that will help you to create the perfect playroom for your little ones.


Out of the Toy Box: 37 Innovative Kids Playroom Storage Ideas

1. Tiered Storage Unit

Via Anawhite

Kids require a lot of storage space for their possessions, and when they don’t have it, there is clutter everywhere. This problem can be solved by using a tiered storage unit to house all of your child’s playroom supplies and toys.

Make the most of vertical storage space in the playroom and match the unit’s design to the aesthetics of your child’s playroom.

2. Stitched and Etched Canvas Bins

Via Haberdasheryfun

Construct these simple canvas boxes and use a freezer paper stencil and fabric paint to create patterns of your preference. Alternatively, you can purchase the cloth bins and paint the drawings to identify which toys belong in which bins.

These containers offer a lot of space, so when the fun is over, your kids can quickly organize their possessions!

3. DIY Rolling Storage Cart

Via Sweetteaandsavinggrace

A wheeled trolley is ideal for storing art and playtime items. It keeps everything in one place, allows your kid to see all toys at the same time, and it’s portable.

4. Store Art Supplies in Hanging Buckets

Via Bethbryan

These adorable buckets are not only a brilliant solution, but they also look adorable. Because it’s simple and attractive, this is one of the most popular kid’s playhouse storage ideas among parents. To design any arrangement of storage options, blend and pair buckets, wicker baskets, and hangers. It’s cute and affordable!

5. Wood Swing DIY Toy Storage

Via Allfreekidscrafts

This DIY Toy Storage is far superior to those enormous hammocks that clog the room’s nook and cranny. This is a terrific way to have a nice, orderly aesthetic without investing loads of money. Your kid’s belongings will not only be off the floor but will also look good!

6. Easy Decoupage and Painted Wood Storage Bin

Via Modpodgerocks

To make a plain wood storage bin exciting for the playroom, insert appealing, vivid colors and designs. A bin has a lot of space, and you can use it to store books or small toys. You can also make it fit the playroom theme.

7. Storage Under the Bench

Via Sunlitspaces

The majority of your storage issues can be solved by using smart furniture! Here, a bench converts as a storage space. These bins are simple to remove and replace. Also, since children can view what’s in each bin and get it quickly without causing clutter in the playroom, these containers are fantastic for toy management.

8. DIY Chalkboard Toy Box on Wheels

Via Abeautifulmess

While stuffing goods like balls and toys into a cupboard is one way of hiding mess, recovering those items, particularly when they’re jammed in the back section, may be a nuisance. A toy basket on wheels can be swiftly drawn out during playtime and then swiftly pushed back into hiding when the fun is finished.

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9. Plush Toy Corner Cage

Via Redbuddrive

Do you have an overabundance of plush animals in your home? To make storing them simple and enjoyable, construct this lovely stuffed animal frame cage. You also don’t have to be an expert craftsman to construct this!

10. DIY Artwork Picture Frames

Via Schoolmykids

Youngsters will bring wonderful paintings back from school or engage in their creations at leisure regularly. Figure out a way to exhibit their best pieces so that the playroom isn’t overrun with papers. If your child is a toddler, you can even involve them in these activities and let them help you make these cute frames.

11. Cube Organizer with Metal Base

TomCare Cube Storage 9-Cube Closet Organizer Shelves Plastic Storage Cube Organizer DIY Closet Organizer Storage Cabinet Modular Book Shelf Shelving for Bedroom Living Room Office, Black

Even if you don’t have much space, a compact cube storage container like this can help you arrange your children’s toys. When the youngsters aren’t playing, put their belongings in the cubes to keep the room tidy.

This storage unit comes with 9 cubes, and you may customize the layout of the organizer to match your demands and space limits.

Buy it on Amazon.

12. Crate Stool Storage

Via Theeagerteacher

These brilliant little creations are fantastic because they provide a comfortable spot for your children to sit while also storing toys and books underneath. These are extremely simple to make and just require a few basic materials. You can also personalize it using different colored fabrics to your heart’s content without worrying about the cost!

13. Use Woven Baskets

Yarlung 3 Pack Natural Banana Leaf Woven Baskets with Handles, Cube Nesting Baskets Handmade Water Hyacinth Bins Organizer Storage Box for Kitchen Pantry, Bathroom, Laundry Room, 3 Sizes

We adore these hampers for rounding up stuffed toys or utilizing them as a soiled laundry basket when creating a child’s playroom. When not in use, these three different-sized baskets may be stacked inside one another for easy organization.

In addition, each hamper has two side grips for easy portability. The ruffled liner gives the basket a charming flair while also protecting children from sharp edges.

Buy it on Amazon.

14. Toy Storage with a DIY Bookshelf

Because books can easily accumulate everywhere, it’s best to organize them in a way that allows your youngster to pick a title without needing to pull them out one by one. So why not design a system that includes a bookcase and toy storage at the bottom?

15. LEGO Storage

Via Obseussed

If you’ve ever trodden on a LEGO piece, you know what it’s like to be in immense pain. Transform ordinary food containers into distinctive LEGO boxes to keep those small toys. You can even let your child help with this craft.

16. Plush Toy Storage Ottoman

Via Sustainmycrafthabit

With this handy and adaptable canvas DIY storage ottoman, you can bring some excitement and cleanliness to the playroom. Craft a canvas storage basket that you can load with plush toys and other soft objects.

17. Use Wall Pouches to Organize Puzzle Sets

Via Themerrythought

It’s never a bad thing to have a few puzzle sets stored around the household! It’s a fantastic method to get youngsters to engage in some good classic playtime. Arrange each of the sets in their wall bag and drawer. Sewing these pouches is also a breeze!

18. Lovely Pencil Case

Via Crazylittleprojects

How many times has your child required a pen and been unable to locate one? That will no longer be an issue!

This simple activity is ideal for keeping your children’s stationery arranged. There are numerous styles to choose from, and these cases will aid in keeping their belongings orderly.

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19. Totes for Toys

Via Hgtv

Make a fabric storage tote that your child can carry their toys around the house. It can also be stored in a corner in the playroom or on a shelf. You may also use these tote bags to keep things like socks, pants, and other clothing items in your child’s wardrobe.

20. DIY Stuffed Animal Storage Hammock

Via 5outof4

Teddy bears are always scattered about, making the playroom appear congested and untidy. A designated area for lighter toys like balls or plush toys can be created by a swinging fabric storage hammock.

To achieve a similar look, you can even try a mesh hammock or a multicolored drape.

21. DIY Matchbox Car Garage

Via Aloandbeholdlife

Does your child have a collection of toy vehicles laying outside? You may easily make your DIY parking garage to hide away some vacant wall surfaces rather than dumping them in baskets.

22. Under-the-Bed Hidden Storage Compartments

Via Heatherednest

When you construct this rolling beneath-bed storage hack, you can wave farewell to cluttered homes. Arrange all of the books and toys into storage units that you can bury under the bed to get done with the mess once for all.

You can also apply this hack to a couch in the playroom.

23. DIY Plywood Kids Chairs with Storage

Via Ourhousenowahome

These chairs can be used for resting and reading, but they can also be used for storing! The nicest aspect is that plywood is so inexpensive to buy, and the project is quite modest for what it produces. These chairs also add to the aesthetic appeal of your child’s room.

24. DIY Rustic Toy Storage Unit

Via Housefulofhandmade

Construct this simple toy storage container to keep all of your children’s toys in one location. Never worry about tripping on a block again!

Using a handful of large, uncovered boxes, make this homemade storage unit. Then, to keep larger toys, you can also place a bunch of wooden crates beneath.

25. Keep It Simple with Clear Bins

Vtopmart Clear Plastic Pantry Organizer Bins, 6 PCS Food Storage Bins with Handle for Refrigerator, Fridge, Cabinet, Kitchen, Countertops, Cupboard, Freezer Organization and Storage, BPA Free, Medium

Whenever it concerns playroom storage, we are big fans of simple plastic bins. We suggest using clear plastic containers that are uniform in size so that youngsters can view what’s within and get to it quickly.

This set of 6 bins is made of superior BPA-free durable polyethylene material and is designed to store refrigerator supplies, but it may also be used for playroom organization.

Buy it on Amazon.

26. DIY Reading Spot

Via Ikeahackers

Creating a lovely small reading area in your kid’s bedroom or playroom is a great idea to get them used to have a relaxation place where they may sit and read a book. What’s the best thing about making your reading nook? It has secret chambers and may be used as a storage unit!

27. Three-Way Divided Organizer Caddy

Via Sewspire

These homemade caddies are ideal for keeping books, toys, socks, and other small items. Honestly, they’re not so awful when it comes to traveling.

Generally, these will assist you in keeping your drawers or shelves tidy, particularly if you have more than two children. Each of the children can now have their caddy with all of the necessary supplies and toys.

28. DIY Floating Shelf

To enhance storage in the playroom, think vertically and employ a floating shelving structure. Not only will you have plenty of storage space, but it will also look lovely in the playroom.

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Floating shelves are durable, easy to construct, and affordable. They’re also sturdy despite the lack of visible brackets.

29. DIY Bookshelf Bed

Via Doityourself

When it comes to storing, every centimeter matters. If your child doesn’t have a separate playroom and plays in their bedroom, attach a bookshelf to the bed. This shelf could be used for toys, video games, or just about any other form of stuff, and it would look great.

30. DIY Desk Organizer

Via Craftyhacks

Do you need some more room to store all of your children’s artwork without cluttering their desks? Here is the answer to your problem! It’s a lot of fun to upcycle cereal boxes at home. Particularly when it comes to creating a useful organizer.

These types of long-lasting craft projects are not only simple to construct, but they will also last a long time.

31. Wooden Crates

Via Storyoffive

Toys can also be stored in these wooden crates so that your child can easily access them. Make sure you add casters to the crates so that the kids can wheel these around while cleaning up the toys.

32. DIY Drawer Dividers

Via Craftyhacks

No matter how cautious you are, the interiors of your drawers, whether in the playroom, living room, or study table will become cluttered. That’s why, to keep the chaos under check, you’ll need to split the space in drawers.

Your children will discover that everything has a designated area once you divide the drawer space into various compartments using cardstock.

33. Pegboard Toy Display

Via Inspirationmadesimple

Pegboards aren’t limited to the workplace or the garage. Attach a pegboard to the wall to make it much easier for you and your kids to get to the goods they’re always searching for! Plus, it’s quite inexpensive!

34. Under the Floor Storage

Under-the-floor storage is one of the finest ways to make use of the otherwise unused territory. Merely toss the toys into the hole and reposition the flooring! This one isn’t going to be perfect for everybody, but it’s still really amazing for those who can give it a try.

It also just costs a little money to take advantage of all that space!

35. Peek-A-Boo Storage Containers

Via Heytherehome

As your toddler grows bigger, their toys become more intricate and contain many parts. Stitch clear vinyl strips to these storing containers so you can see what’s inside while keeping everything organized. These are ideal for games that require a lot of parts and need to be kept out of sight.

36. Kid’s Table and Chair Set with Storage

Via Hertoolbelt

For your child’s playroom, discover how to construct this set of adorable tables and chairs. The table’s top pulls away to provide housing for a few of the small miniature toys as well as all of the necessary art equipment.

t’s a long-term solution to the majority of your playroom storage problems.

37. DIY Ladder Shelf

Via Anawhite

Choose taller storage components, such as this ladder shelf, to optimize storage space in a child’s room. It has plenty of areas to hold all of the soft toys and other playroom items, and it’s also a breeze to make! It also turns ‘storage’ into a stylish and strikingly beautiful setting.

With these playroom storage ideas, you can create a functional and enjoyable playroom for your child, despite the limited space. Remember to involve your child and make it fun for them too.

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