41 Best Crystal Glassware Brands

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If you’re looking for a luxury addition to your house, there is nothing that should stop you from going for crystals. Timeless, elegant, and pristine, a good crystal showpiece or menagerie can add a certain charm to any space it is put into.

But how do you go about choosing one? Over the years, several brands have perfected the art of crystal-making, earning them the recognition and status they deserve.

So whether you want a family heirloom or an exquisite addition to your home, here are the best crystal glassware brands to choose from. 


41 Best Crystal Glassware Brands

1. Amara

Established in 2005, Amara is a relatively young crystal glassware company. However, it has more than proved itself worthy to be among the timeless brands it goes up against.

Aside from making beautifully colored crystals, Amara also provides acrylic glassware alternatives. Since people are anxious about breaking crystals, this is an excellent alternative.

2. Artel Glassware

Nothing speaks luxury quite like handmade masterpieces. And that is exactly what Artel Glassware represents.

Its name is derived from Czech artisan collections, Artel Glassware makes artistic crystal which is unconventional. Despite being on the pricier side, they are custom-made pieces, with each set following a very specific motif and theme.

3. Aerin

Aerin’s motto has always been to make life more beautiful and sublime. And one look at their collection will prove that they can help you do just that.

Based on the lifestyle of the founder Aerin Lauder, Aerin’s collection strives to be effortlessly classic with a modern touch. Every crystal piece is designed to deliver both beauty and refinement.

4. Baccarat

Founded by the Bishop of Metz in the reign of King Louis XV, Baccarat is a centuries-old brand that has stood the test of time by being the oldest and one of the finest crystal makers in the world.

Known mostly for its intricate designs, hand-blown perfume bottles, and chandeliers, Baccarat is exceptionally good at sandblasted glassware. You know you can trust a company when it has been the best before some of your ancestors were even alive!

5. Daum

With a history of working with Salvador Dali, Daum has time and again proved to be an influential figure in the art of crystal making.

From vases to sculptures, Daum has a flair that is hard to miss or not be enchanted by. Daum is also the only crystal-making company to use the glass paste process instead of glass-blowing. Their signature style is fluid shapes with striking uses of colors.

6. Cashs Ireland

A brand that people will buy off of its name itself, Cashs Ireland has been spotted in just about every social elite’s home. From presidents to athletes, to Hollywood stars, Cashs has been trusted for generations in terms of crystal making.

What sets Cashs apart is the commitment of designers to translate the beauty of Ireland into every handcrafted crystal piece characterized by its delicate details.

7. Iittala

A company that is committed to providing both aesthetics and lifelong functionality, Iittala is known for simple yet visually stunning pieces of crystal glassware. With Iittala, you can be assured that you’re buying glassware to last you a lifetime

Based in Finland, and focusing on Scandinavian-like aesthetics, Iittala’s designs are deceptively simple as well as practical. And if that wasn’t enough, most of their works have a colorful pop you will have a hard time finding anywhere else.

8. Lalique

Lalique has long been synonymous with one-of-a-kind crystal glassware designs. Their aim has always been to stand out from the crowd with inspired works of art in every glassware piece they make.

They hire some of the best designers in the industry to make crystal lighting, perfume bottles, vases, and even shot glasses with motifs of dancing nymphs, fish, dragonflies, and so on. Any Lalique purchase is guaranteed to be a sought-after product for years to come.

9. Lenox

What started out as making exquisite art in ivory china from an art studio, has lasted years and turned into a high-quality glassware company.

With a reputation for designing unique crystal glassware and china for the US President and Vice-President in the White House, you can trust them to make truly striking glassware.

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10. Moser

A name you are bound to hear whenever you’re around people who know their crystal glassware, Moser is a company you do not want to miss.

Moser has always been a sought-after brand for its art and design that is always ahead of its time. Their designs range from being intricate to being equivalent to an optical illusion. Regardless of a vintage or modern design, Moser is definitely what will catch the eye at any dinner party.

11. Oertel

Dating back all the way to the Austro-Hungarian empire, their designs have stood the test of time, being some of the best in all of Europe.

Be it the glamor of Art Deco, modern designs, or just the traditional style, Oertel has a crystal piece for every kind of person who appreciates art.

12. Waterford

Chances are that at every crystal glassware store you go to, you are bound to find a Waterford creation on display. It has been a brand synonymous with the word “quality” ever since the 1780s.

Don’t let its availability fool you though, Waterford is still a default pick for anyone looking to add a touch of luxury to their homes. They have a distinct cutting pattern and have made trophies for several prestigious Formula One races.

13. Wedgwood

Wedgwood has been a symbol of the British elite ever since they made their 952 dinner service piece for Empress Catherine II of Russia. Now, Wedgwood still upholds this status of being considered the greatest British crystal glassware maker.

Be it a vintage piece or a modern look, Wedgwood creations are always in high demand by auctioneers.

14. Steuben

Expertly crafted and made to be nothing short of flawless, Steuben strives to live up to the term “crystal clear”.

From making glass slippers for Disneyworld’s Cinderella to making two trademarked glass specialties: Aurene (translucent) and Intarsia (colored), Steuben has been at the forefront of design and aesthetics. Even with all their achievements, they still believe in the power of handcrafting their pieces.

15. Tiffany

There is a reason you will see Tiffany in a timeless Hollywood classic. Tiffany has been catering to affluent and elite clients for decades, for everything from water bottles to small menageries.

Tiffany continues its legacy by making simple yet ornate crystal glassware, everything from various drinking glasses to crystal boxes.

16. Swarovski

A name you’re bound to hear everywhere you go when looking for crystal, Swarovski has a simple, yet eccentric collection of glassware to choose from.

Aside from its iconic swan, Swarovski offers beautiful pieces which range from a single bead of crystal to figurines, watches, perfume bottles, etc. These pieces are fragile, but exquisite pieces to liven up any room.

17. Riedel 

Looking for a crystal-making company specifically for wine glasses? Riedel and their expertise in making the most intricate yet stunning wine glasses have you covered.

Utilizing the latest in machine-blown technology, as well as decades of experience has made Riedel a pioneer in making wine for specific types of wine. The stem, the rim, the bowl, everything is crafted to perfection in order to bring out the best in every kind of wine.

18. Galway

Influenced by the surrounding environment of the beautiful city, the titular Galway is a brand that promises to pass on the history and heritage of Ireland in every crystal piece.

A company renowned worldwide, Galway makes everything from ornate crystal tumblers, to wine glasses and even chandeliers. The handcrafted expertise is apparent in every etching.

19. Marquis by Waterford

Be it luxurious-looking decanters and carafes, or any kind of crystal drinkware, Marquis by Waterford is a company you cannot afford to miss.

Their collection includes everything from contemporary pieces to traditional styles with a hint of modern sensibilities. Aside from home décor, Marquis offers four kinds of glasses – goblet, continental champagne, wine, and iced beverage.

20. Nachtmann

For years, Nachtmann has been defining and leading the forefront in terms of affordable luxury. Contrary to most crystal glassware, Nachtmann’s creations are durable and dishwasher-safe.

All this, without sacrificing the quality of the product! Their cut crystal collection suits every style and occasion you can think of.

21. Nambe

A company catering specifically to people who want to make their homes beautiful with a purpose, Nambe makes crystal glassware that is both exquisite as well as useful.

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Nambe pieces are handcrafted to perfection, and each stroke and polish is made with a specific artistic intent in mind. You can be assured that a Nambe piece will bring any dinner party to life.

22. Orrefors

Ever since receiving the Grand Prix award for creating the goblet gifted to the City of Paris, Orrefors has been a name you will find in everybody’s recommendations.

Years of honing their technique and acquiring designers that understand how to make the highest quality creations have made Orrefors a constant in the industry. From wine glasses to candleholders and perfume bottles, you have an abundance of choices in terms of sprucing your house.

23. Ralph Lauren

Starting off with humble beginnings as a tie collection, Ralph Lauren has now evolved into an influential company for quality products to liven your home with luxury products.

From expertly crafted wine glasses to unconventional modern approaches to drinking glasses, Ralph Lauren has a crystal piece for every requirement you might have.

24. Rogaska Crystal

Steklarna Rogaska is about the highest in terms of price and quality, and one look at their collection will prove just that. Rogaska aims to create not just everyday utility items, but instead, they focus on the specific function as well as the aesthetics of the brilliant pieces they make.

Every crystal they make is handcrafted, and an effort to conserve the tradition they are proud to be a part of.

25. Schott Zwiesel

Schott Zwiesel has been the leading pioneer in the field of crystal making. And with achievements like being the first automated blown glass production company, to being the first lead-free crystal maker, you can see why they still hold this title for over 100 years.

With high-quality crystal glassware, flawless drinkware, and durable structure, Schott Zwiesel is a must-have for anyone on the lookout for crystal glassware.

26. Spiegelau

What started as making fine glass mirrors has led Spigelau into translating beautifully handcrafted crystals into automated machine production with cutting-edge technology.

Representing the Bavarian heritage, their crystal glassware is simple, yet made to be visually stunning. With new-age technology, they have been the first choice for many high-class consumers worldwide.

27. Ajka Crystal

The variety of products that you will find in Ajka Crystal is a sign that it is a company that has stood the test of time.

From making decorative and ornate goblets for Hungarian elites to high-quality colorless lead crystal products for the most demanding of today’s customers, Ajka Crystal has proved time and again that it harbors some of the best designs and artisans, passed down for generations.

28. Asprey Crystal

For the longest time, Asprey has been considered the prime luxury lifestyle brand in Britain. From jewelry to crystal, Asprey has a reputation that is hard to match.

Their crystal collection is vibrant and certainly experimental. Asprey’s crystal collection is not only colorful, but meant to be pieces that have their own personality, and will catch eyes no matter where you put them.

29. Christofle Paris

Christofle understands that a truly perfect crystal is the center of attention anywhere it is presented.

Be it for an occasion or something to bring together the aesthetics of your dining room, Christofle Paris offers colorful and intricate designs that stand out by themselves. Decanters shot glasses, and highball glasses all have a distinct personalities when it’s made by Christofle Paris.

30. Linley

The crystal collection of David Linley is certainly a sight to behold. Standing true to its promise of visually stunning and inspired designs, Linley’s collection is designed to be a part of your day, all day!

From wine to cocktail and juice glasses, Linley aims to be simple yet the finest crystal glassware to accompany your mood and occasion.

31. Noritake

What started as a trading company importing dinnerware, Noritake has come a long way to being an internationally renowned crystal maker.

Their commitment to perfection and detail shows in their array of drinkware for champagne, wine, and iced beverages. Their crystal is crafted with precision to have detailed engravings.

32. Bottega Del Vino Crystal

Bottega Del Vino describes its goal as creating the finest possible wine glass to have the best experience to honor the years of toil in the vineyard. They believe in using traditional methods and handcrafted expertise to make the perfect crystal wine glass.

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Every crystal from Bottega Del Vino is lead-free, mouth-blown, and crafted specifically to have a very particular kind of wine. You’ll find a crystal for everything from young reds to medium-bodied reds, and even stemless crystal glasses.

33. Varga Art Crystal

Another example of timeless Hungarian craftsmanship, Varga Art Crystal has long been of keen interest to several presidents, dignitaries, corporate elites, and so on.

Varga Art Crystal’s collection features everything from traditional and contemporary crystals, and each piece is meticulously crafted by select artisans to achieve a very specific depth and detail. They go as far as to sign every skillfully crafted and engraved masterpiece.

34. Vista Alegre

Boasting some of the best crystals, the Atlantis crystal, in its making of timeless pieces, Vista Alegre brings the heritage of Portugal to every one of its elegant designs.

Bringing together contemporary designs with shaping the best crystal in the industry, Vista Alegre makes everything from barware to candlesticks, Decanters, and so on. They utilize generations of knowledge to make crystals with a one-of-a-kind sparkle.

35. William & Son

William & Son brings together excellent traditional craftsmanship with the best materials to present a British perspective of the finer things in life.

Despite standing for the ages of experience in expert craftsmanship, William & Son constantly innovates designs by hiring a new generation of artists to breathe new life into traditional-looking crystals.

With intricately detailed barware and glassware, William & Son always pushes the envelope with each new addition.

36. Villeroy & Boch Crystal

Villeroy & Boch crystal believes in enhancing the homes of thousands of customers. They want to add an aesthetic touch to several homes, with crystal glassware that combines design with innovation.

From simple glassware designs to colorful standalone pieces, Villeroy & Boch is committed to making timeless crystal products.

37. Val Saint Lambert

Val Saint Lambert is backed with a rich heritage and tradition of manufacturing crystal that it hard to match. Their knowledge has been passed on for generations, and they use this to innovate by combining traditional expertise and new-age designs.

Each piece comes with a “Made in Belgium” label and is guaranteed to be a timeless masterpiece to add an elegant flair to any room you put this glassware into.

38. Theresienthal

A world-famous supplier and manufacturer of crystal goods to several European Royal Courts, Theresienthal is still unrivaled in terms of sheer artistic expertise.

Every crystal glassware is handcrafted, engraved, polished, and cut by craftsmen who have dedicated their lives to this art.

Their craftsmen have accumulated knowledge over multiple generations to create crystal pieces that can almost double as a central showpiece when put into any home.

39. David Redman

A name that you will find comes up as soon as you look around for luxury glasses and crystal drinking glasses, David Redman’s collection is an array of sophisticated glassware to enliven your dinner party.

From wine glasses to champagne flutes, and decanters to just a water tumbler, you’d be surprised to find everything you’d ever need for an affluent drink party in one place.

40. William Yeoward Crystal

Inspired by the crystal collections of antique pieces from the 18th and 19th centuries, William Yeoward Crystal is your opportunity to experience luxury with a practical sensibility.

William Yeoward Crystal pieces are distinguished by their unusual cutting and engravings, each piece being handcrafted. Despite being influenced by traditional designs, they ensure their pieces are a perfect addition to modern, contemporary homes and synergize with them perfectly.

41. Saint-Louis Cristallerie

Often referred to as the “haute couture of crystal”, Saint-Louis Cristallerie is the oldest as well as the most prestigious crystal manufacturer in Europe.

Despite this, Saint-Louis is always exploring new boundaries by innovating with modern contemporary styles, enriching tableware, glassware, lighting collections, and so on, with each new piece.

When you’re on the lookout for the perfect crystal to draw your eyes onto, it can get a little overwhelming.

However, you now know the most influential and best crystal glassware brands in the world. With each one having its own signature style and approach, look into their collections till you find the one which speaks to you just right!

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