21 DIY Headboard storage ideas for Bedroom

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Your bedroom is your safe haven. It is just so comforting to come back to this room after a hard day at work and relax, so it is important that your bedroom is tweaked to perfection, just as you like it.

But just because your bed has to look pretty doesn’t mean you can’t put your bed to use! Multi-functional storage setups are so in fashion. And having some extra storage space is always useful, right? So, here are some cute headboard storage ideas that you can easily DIY for your bedroom!


21 DIY Headboard storage ideas for Bedroom

1. Modern Floating Headboard

Via familyhandyman

This gorgeous wooden headboard will surely compliment your bed really well. The floating cubbies look amazing and they act as bedside stands, so you won’t have to keep additional stands in your room! The cubbies are pretty slim so this is the perfect setup to opt for if you want a minimalistic look.

2. Repurposed Shutter Storage

Via apartmenttherapy

If you have old wooden shutters lying around with no use anymore, build small headboard storage using them! You can build a nice space behind the bed, and cover it using these shutters. It looks discreet and totally subtle!

3. Modular Shelving


If ‘Too many books, too less of a storage’ is a recurring problem for you, get rid of it once and for all by building some modular shelving units for your headboard. You can store books, pictures, and any other small items in these small cubbies.

4. A Discreet Headboard Storage

Via Hoemdit

This is a fun project to take up in your free time because you will be done with it so quickly. Make a small storage space behind the bed, to keep books, glasses, electronics, or even a glass of water. This headboard is very subtle and classy.

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5. Build Around the Bed


If you have plenty of wall space above the bed, build cabinets for extra storage. Repurpose old furniture and place a slim cabinet beside the bed. Make sure your entire setup is uniform so it looks good. This removes the need for a bedside stand and also adds storage!

6. Simple Box Shelves

This setup is very classy and perfect for a minimalistic look. The open shelving setup allows you to keep your books and other items within a hand’s reach so you can reach for them anytime. The glossy white paint adds a touch of elegance to complete the classy look.

7. Repurpose Wooden Crates

Add a touch of paint to some old wooden crates and fix them to the wall beside your bed for a cute rustic look. It creates ample storage space, and the project can be done in little time!

8. Build Face Frame Cabinets

You can build some gorgeous wooden cabinets and mount them over the bed space for some extra storage. Since they are closed cabinets, it acts as a hidden storage system.

9. White Paneled Headboard

This gorgeous headboard design is very simple and elegant. It has just two slim cubbies to accommodate all your essential items. The white finish blends well with the look of the bed.

10. Stack Wooden Cubes

Via manmadediy

Stack wooden cubes on top of each other and fix them besides the bed to create some extra storage for your books, different vinyl records, etc.

11. Open Storage Shelf

Via Kreg

This open storage shelf behind the bed is a very basic setup. It has one long shelf, but you can add dividers if you prefer such a design. You can choose the wood for this setup based on the look you are going for, contemporary or traditional.

12. Wood and Metal Shelving Unit

Via sportsmomsurvivalguide

This setup is perfect if you’re looking for ample space to keep your books or decorative items, but you also don’t want a closet cabinet system. The floating wooden shelves are held together by plumbing pipes, instead of metal rods so it saves you some money as well!

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13. Repurpose a Bookcase

You can use an old bookcase, add some finishes to it and mount it behind the bed for some extra storage!

14. Combine a Headboard to a Wall Unit

To maximize your storage space, you can combine a storage unit and a low padded headboard. This way, you can store even your shoes and accessories in the wall unit to free up some closet space.

15. Recessed Shelves

A bed with a padded headboard pushed against a recessed wall unit is perfect for storage because it doesn’t take up a lot of space in the room while providing storage to keep your books and records.

16. Concealed Headboard Storage

Via tinyhouepins

This padded headboard has a comfortable storage built-in, so you can keep your pillows or blankets inside it. It is totally concealed so it won’t look messy as well!

17. Floating Shelves

If you find cubbies and bookcases a bit cluttered, go for a simple look by installing some floating shelves over the bed space. You can keep your pictures, some lightweight books, and other miscellaneous items on them.

18. Closet Behind the Headboard

This headboard design has two functions, it acts as a classic headboard while providing storage like a closet. You can have multiple drawers and cabinets to store all your linen, pillows, and blankets. However, it takes up considerable space in the bedroom, so it is a great unit for fairly spacious rooms.

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19. Dresser Headboard

If your bed is not pressed to the wall, it is a no-brainer to choose this setup. Repurpose an old dresser and fix it on your bed. The dresser is open from the back so you can store books and other things in it and can easily be accessed from the back.

20. IKEA Mandal Headboard

Via apartmenttherapy

Extra wall storage often comes at the cost of drilling your beautiful walls. But don’t worry, there is an extremely simple solution for this. Install multiple IKEA Mandal headboards on the wall behind your bed, and you can fix your floating shelves right on the headboard. It looks elegant without damaging your wall, all while fixing your storage issues!

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21. In-Built Headboard

This headboard is a part of a wall unit that covers the entire wall. With one long open storage cabinet to keep your items, it gives a very modern and contemporary look to the bedroom.

These simple headboard storage ideas will definitely make your life easier and free up some space in the bedroom that otherwise stays occupied. Make sure you choose a setup that goes with the overall look of your bedroom.

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