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    15 Types of Bathroom Tiles

    As someone who takes more than a passing interest in interior decoration, I believe when I say that there never can be too many options. With the Internet at our fingertips, we have access to a vast range of information and architectural styles to incorporate into our homes. Bathrooms, until quite recently, had been rather […] More

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    14 Best Alternatives To Sandbags For Flooding

    With the increasing change in climate, floods have, of late, become a more common occurrence than they were before. With changing times and with many areas of the world witnessing heavy floods, the relief measures for preventing flood water have also seen a shift. In the recent past (even now, sometimes), it was very common […] More

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    12 Best Drop Ceiling Alternatives

    Whether it is a change in aesthetic or necessary repairs, ceilings often are the hardest to remodel. Even more so when they are drop ceilings that need to be refurbished. These ceilings are a secondary illusion ceiling, made from metal grids and acoustic tiles. Drop ceilings, otherwise known as suspended ceilings, are characteristic of old […] More