25 Creative Vinyl Record Storage Ideas

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As a vinyl enthusiast, you know the importance of properly storing and preserving your record collection. From the warmth and richness of analog sound to the nostalgia of flipping through your records, there’s nothing quite like the experience of listening to your favorite albums on vinyl.

But, with a growing collection, it can be challenging to store your vinyl records. That’s why we’ve put together a variety of vinyl record storage ideas that will help you keep your collection organized, protected, and easily accessible.

Whether you’re a serious collector or just starting to build your collection, this article will provide you with inspiration and practical solutions to store vinyl records.


Spinning in Style: 25 Creative Vinyl Record Storage Solutions

1. Combine Them With Other Decorations

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Your vinyl storage doesn’t need to be a stand-alone item. This image shows how you may use a large shelf to display some of your treasured albums as pieces of art. Select some of your most classic or beloved records and arrange them along with other decorations for maximum visual impact.

2. Construct A Contemporary Cubby

For quite a significant vinyl collection, a basic modern cubby room is ideal. The collection can be exhibited beautifully without appearing cluttered or crowded. You can come up with a scheme based on genre or composer to find what you’re looking for easily. 

3. Filing Cabinet With Alphabetical Dividers

GK‑R34B Vinyl Record Divider Card A‑Z Horizontal Label Record Organizer Index Card for Vinyl Record Shelf Storage, Gift for Vinyl Record Lovers

Reuse an existing filing cupboard to house a large vinyl collection, then fill the rest of the wall with musical artifacts. Buy a divider set that allows you to keep your albums alphabetically to get your music library as orderly as possible.

This divider here features a dust coating protection for the horizontal sorting card, which can be handled with your palm to maintain clarity.

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4. DIY Vinyl Record Storage Crate

A basic wood record storage container can be an excellent first project if you’re new to DIY. If you have a huge vinyl collection, you can make multiple extra-record storage crates. This is a low-cost project that requires a few basic materials.

5. Make Your Own Vinyl Display Stand

Even if you don’t possess a large vinyl collection, you’ll probably want a means to show them off. This singular record stand can be built with any type of wood using a table saw. Once you’ve mastered it, you might find it simple to construct a few more.

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6. DIY Vinyl Display Table

A bit of effort is required to create this masterpiece, but with this, you’ll be able to make many units to house your record collection. Plywood and hairpin legs are required for this project. It’s a little difficult to get the proper legs, but these make vinyl record storage genuinely unique.

7. Invisible Vinyl Records Wall Mounts

PRO SPIN Vinyl Record Holder - 6-Pack Vinyl Record Storage Hangers for Display & Decor - Clear Acrylic Vinyl Record Wall Mount Racks for Music Collection - Easy-Install Album Storage - 12.5x1.6 Ledge

This beautiful layout makes it appear as though the records are hovering in the air, which is a great example of simplicity. It is an excellent way to showcase your treasure trove on the wall and store it properly. Because they’re all that you can view, the records are the main attraction. 

Check them out here.

8. Wheeled Storage Box

Put some wheels on the base of a wooden plywood box and you’ve got yourself a vinyl storage container that can be wheeled about the room. This is an extremely convenient and cozy solution. 

9. Record Frames

Framing and keeping records isn’t heading out of style anytime soon. To define the tone of your area, decorate these frames in a variety of shades and retro designs, or stick with traditional black framing. If you don’t like putting records on floating shelves or ledges, this is a great method to create a vinyl display wall. 

10. Tiered Shelves

To support your vinyl records, use tiered shelving. Rather than keeping them with the edges pointing out like textbooks, you can display them face-forward so that the design can be appreciated. This shelf system may be configured with any number of rows to suit your area.

11. Floating Wall Shelves

You’ll appreciate some well-designed floating wall shelves if you want a simplistic look. To expand your restricted capacity, use floating shelves or construct longer racks to store your collection. 

12. Vintage Suitcase Bar Cart

You could always recycle or DIY a classic suitcase bar cart for a smaller, more attractive solution. This one is incredibly efficient, and it safely stores records. With this, you’ve got a complete system on your hands with a few vintage wine crates on each end as additional storage containers.

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13. Storage Ottomans

Furniture that is practical and stylish is something we adore. This eye-catching ottoman has a pop-up top that can hold a few records and serve as a coffee table. This is a great concept for small flats or nooks where you want to keep your treasure hidden but accessible. 

14. Consider Baskets

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We love using baskets to decorate every corner of the household since they are inexpensive, adaptable, and provide an antique vibe to any space. This storage hack demonstrates how a thin woven basket can be used to store records. 

15. DIY Small Side Table

A little side table can be used stylishly in any space. An open countertop, like this one, can also be used as a temporary vinyl record storage box or you can simply use a stylish pair of bookends to keep the records straight. 

16. DIY Record Ledge Shelves

Ledges are another wonderful and basic solution. They may only contain a modest collection and hence cannot promise the amount that other alternatives can, but they certainly do elegantly showcase your cherished belongings. With the various types available, you may create a ledge shelf that complements your desired aesthetic. 

17. Crown Molding Shelves

Have you ever considered how handy crown molding can be? If you’ve never had a simple, inexpensive way to showcase and organize your vinyl record collection attractively, this DIY is for you! It’s quite simple to set up and cost-effective. 

18. Vinyl Record Storage And Carrying Case

Victrola Vintage Vinyl Record Storage and Carrying Case, Fits all Standard Records - 33 1/3, 45 and 78 RPM, Holds 30 Albums, Perfect for your Treasured Record Collection, Black

You should invest a few bucks on a vintage vinyl record storage case. With the capacity to carry up to 30 records and features such as heavy-duty components, corner protectors, and a safety lock mechanism, this record holder and transportation case protects your valuable records from dirt, scrapes, jerks, and crashes. 

Buy it on Amazon.

19. Repurposed Pallet Shelf

Pallets are a great bohemian style choice for vinyl storage. Pallet vinyl storage can be used in a variety of ways, including leaning against or affixing to a wall. It can store approximately 100 records, leaving you with a safe and secure location to store treasured vinyl records. 

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20. Incorporate A Built-In

This is a fantastic idea for any vinyl collectors out there. A built-in cupboard was built especially to house a couple of records in this compact corner. If you like the customized, built-in design and have space in your home to dedicate to your record collection, this is the best idea. 

21. DIY Modular Angled Vinyl Storage Shelf

For quite a significant record collection, a modern shelving unit is ideal. These are one-of-a-kind, stylish, and give the area an aesthetic appeal. You probably wouldn’t believe that it’s created out of a single sheet of plywood! 

22. Record Props

Record Props - Vinyl Record Display - Combine Vinyl and Album Cover on Wall. Doubles as a Now Playing Tabletop Stand.

Record props are an excellent multi-purpose exhibition device if you choose not to do the difficult work of hustling on a DIY. It enables you to show off both the records and the covers, which look fantastic, particularly if you have multicolored albums. Additionally, this set includes a playing stand! 

Buy them here.

23. DIY Cabinet With Doors

For your library, a customized cabinet can be the ideal vinyl storage option. This is doubly useful if your music collection comprises a wide range of record albums that you’d like to keep hidden behind closed doors. This storage unit is enormous and can be utilized for a variety of purposes. 

24. DIY Storage Benches

Create a sitting corner in your room that has all the musical vibes! This picture here shows a beautiful way to store your vinyl record collection using multipurpose furniture. It is a very functional option for anybody who is always short on space or has a small house.

25. Corner Shelf

Make the most of your space by utilizing the nooks of your home. All you need is a corner shelving system, such as this one. You can make it yourself easily. And the best part – you can keep books and other stuff too! 

With so many creative and practical vinyl record storage ideas, you’re sure to find the perfect option for your collection. Whether you have a small space or a large collection, these ideas will help you keep your records organized and easily accessible.

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