41 Smart Office Organization Ideas

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Have you ever cringed just looking at the messy, unorganized space your office has turned into? Well, we might have, and we can indeed say it is one of the most annoying feelings. If you are experiencing the same problems in your office space, then you’ve arrived at the right place. 

Be it electrical cords, stationery items, lack of space to keep your files, or a cluster of items on your desk that leaves you with a headache, this list of 41 Smart organization ideas will help you find a way to organize every item commonly used in offices. 

There are some pretty innovative ideas in here as well that will inspire you to transform your office into a DIY transformation project. So what are you waiting for? Let’s learn some hacks to organize your office space. 


41 Smart Office Organization Ideas

1. Hide Electrical Cords 

Via Lovegrowswild

Nobody likes having wires all across their desk space, especially if they get tangled and messy. So why not resolve this issue altogether by hiding your electrical cords using this organization hack. All you have to do is tape and then securely attach the electrical cords of any device you use in your office to the legs of your office desk. It will instantly give your office space a much more sophisticated look. 

2. Magnetic Strips to Hold Paper Clips 

Lockways Magnetic Whiteboard Strip Set, 4 Pieces 2 x 15 Inch Bulletin Board bar, Blue Stainless Christmas Decor Adhesive Backing Memo Board for Holiday Décor

Searching for your paper clips but can’t find them when you need them? Try organizing them using this magnetic strip, so you know exactly where they are when you need them.

This magnetic strip has a self-adhesive backing and can be put on the desk or the wall in front of the desk. It has been tested and reviewed to ensure that it can hold up paper clips, memo notes, etc., nicely for a long time. 

Buy it on Amazon.

3. Divide Your Drawers with Trays 

STORi Clear Plastic Vanity and Desk Drawer Organizers | 6 Piece Set

You must be nodding your head when we say drawers are one of the most unorganized places in the office, and understandably so because everything is just stuffed there. However, there is one way you can ensure there is some semblance of organization there using these transparent boxes.

These stackable boxes can be placed inside the drawers and used to separate your stationery into different categories as needed. It also helps in creating sections so that you can actually find the things you want on time. 

Buy it on Amazon.

4. Tiny Baskets for Stationery 

TAKMA Small Metal Buckets with Handle - 6 Pack Colored Galvanized Bucket for Kids,Classroom,Crafts,and Party Favors (Multi-Colored, 4.3" Top)

Another way you can store your stationery is by using these tiny metal baskets. What sets it apart is its quirkiness and innovativeness.

You can choose to either hang these baskets on a side wall near your desk or place them on the desk, whichever is more suitable for you. If you want to add a pop of color to your otherwise boring office, there’s nothing better than these tiny colorful metal baskets to do so. 

Buy it on Amazon.

5. Create a Geometric Chalkboard Desk

Via Sugarandcloth

How many times have you needed a notepad to jot down a quick number or word but couldn’t find it to save your life? Plenty to remember, right? Well, here’s an amazing DIY geometric chalkboard desk that lets you note down anything you want on your desk in an instant.

It is a very unique idea that not only makes smart use of the desk but also looks like a modern desk design and decor. 

6. Color Coordinate Your Supplies 

Via Akailochiclife

We don’t know about you, but one organizational idea we can definitely get behind is this color coordination scheme. The vibrant office space is perfect for any artist who would want to be surrounded by colors.

Not to mention, this idea of organizing your supplies based on color is actually pretty smart since you can easily remember which items are placed where. 

7. Modern Storage Caddy

PAG 2 Packs Desktop File Organizer Metal Stackable Horizontal Letter Tray Paper Holder Rack, Gold

When you don’t have enough space on your desk and want to ensure you don’t just clutter all your items on the surface, the best thing to turn to is a storage caddy. This storage caddy can be modern or traditional, depending on your decor.

This set of 2 gold storage caddies fits right in with the overall theme of the decor and helps in keeping the files, cases, other items organized. 

Buy it on Amazon.

8. Build a Standing Desk 

Via Abeautifulmess

Now you must be thinking, how does a standing desk help? More storage of course! The space below the standing desk can be used to store files, printers, or other organizational boxes that hold your essential items.

It is not just a great way to save space but also works wonders in giving the entire office space a more open, clean space. 

9. Use Floating Shelves 

Via Meganhopp

Floating shelves, unlike dressers or tables, are much less space-consuming. They can also be used for storing the less frequently used items away from the essential ones. You can ensure your desk is clutter-free and all your materials are kept safely away from your workspace, but also near enough in case you need them.

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10. DIY Wooden Desk Organizer

Via Sugarandcloth

If it were up to us, we’d recreate this organizer instantly since you don’t need nails, hammers, or drills to put it together. More importantly, it is freestanding so you don’t have to worry about disrupting a rented office space by putting nails in the wall. 

11. Add Muffin Trays in Drawers 

Via Bhg

This idea of adding muffin trays in drawers has to be one of the most innovative and easily accessible organization ideas we’ve come across. You can use used muffin cups or buy new metal ones from any dollar store or general store around you.

Not only does it add a quirky character to your office space, but also offers a great way to store your little pins, paper clips, keys, coins, tapes, etc.

12. DIY Wooden Keyboard Tray

Via Yellowbrickhome

If you’re someone who loves to organize their office space, you would know expensive it can be. Even something as basic as a hidden keyboard tray can cost you plenty, so the best way to go about it is to build it yourself.

You can follow this easy tutorial to create your wooden keyboard tray and hide your keyboard when it’s not in use. 

13. Hanging Bed Assemble 

Via Ichdesigner

Did you know you could use a slatted bed base as an organizing tool for your office?

You can place it on the wall beside or in front of your table so that all the items are within reach. You could try shortening the length of the assemble as per your needs. 

14. Shoebox Stacked Storage 

Source unknown

Make use of your empty shoeboxes by stacking them up to create a lovely organization space on your desk. You can upcycle these used shoeboxes by covering them in colorful print paper and gluing them together to create a stacked space where you can keep books, files, stationery essentials, etc.

It is an affordable idea that can be created within a couple of hours! 

15. Canvas Mail Sorter Organizer  

Via Brightandblithe

This amazing organization idea uses canvas mail sorters as stocking pockets for files, mail, and tasks. You can recreate this by using some unbleached cotton fabric and making a connected thread of pockets. Label them as to-do, important, on-hold, etc. to simplify your tasks as you place your files in them.

It is a great way to organize your mail and your files and also ends up saving space. 

16. Under the Desk Candy Bowls 

Via Bhg

We bet you didn’t know candy bowls could be used in a much more innovative way. These DIY under desk candy magnetic bowls are more than you could’ve asked for in terms of office organization ideas.

They save up a lot of desk space and their placement under the desk makes it very easier for you to use them when you want. Using magnetic lids is indeed a very smart way of attaching them under the desk. 

17. Pegboard Wall 

Via Placeofmytaste

Who knew you can transform the boring wall in front of your desk into a multipurpose wall using a few materials? This DIY tutorial on how to create a pegboard wall from scratch by place of my taste is an incredible way to get started. It will help you organize all the scattered items on your desk and place them on the wall inside buckets, boxes, or shelves.

The best part is you can give it a design of your preference. 

18. Organise an Entire Wall

Via Letsdiyitall

This organization look is very rustic—it includes a corkboard, wooden shelving, planters, a sign with wooden framing, etc. Use mason jars attached to a wooden plank for organizing your stationery.

Take inspiration from this idea and personalize your office’s wall.

19. Recycled Radiator Screen Bulletin Board

Via Pernille Loof|Marthastewart

Talking about recycling got us thinking about this recycled radiator screen bulletin board. We usually do not look at radiator screens and go, “Oh this may be a great office organizer” but thanks to Martha Stewart, we’ve found out that the radiator screen can be repurposed into a bulletin board.

Some thumb pins, your important documents, and spray paint can help you in upcycling it to a beautiful bulletin board for your office. 

20. Clear Glass Wall Calendar 

Via Bhg

Making good use of space is one of the first things you should master if you want to successfully organize your office space. One of the ways to do that is to use a clear glass calendar for every task. You can do so by hanging a large sheet of plexiglass. The next step would be using dry-erase markers to mark out the days, weeks, and months on the glass.

You can choose to leave space at the bottom in case you have to list out notes/reminders.

21. Use Wire Racks 

Sorbus Desk Organizer Set, Rose Gold 5-Piece Desk Accessories Set Includes Pencil Cup Holder, Letter Sorter, Letter Tray, Hanging File Organizer, and Sticky Note holder for Home or Office (Copper)

How can you organize your desk and make it look presentable at the same time? Simple, by using these wire racks. Who doesn’t want their desk to look clean, modern, and sleek? We definitely do, which is why this set of wire racks is a godsend with its incredible design and sturdy quality.

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Wire racks are one of the easiest ways to segregate your pens, files, notes, and memos into sections without spending a lot of money.

Buy it on Amazon.

22. Recycled Clipboards For Memo Notes 

Source unknown

Losing important documents in a sea of files is never a surprising thing when your office is messy, but we’ve found a solution that will help you locate your important documents easily: clipboards!

Yes, you can recycle your own or your kid’s clipboards by spray painting them to look brand new. And that’s it, hang them up on walls and stick your sheets so that you don’t lose them! 

23. Rope Baskets for Your Desk 

Via Craftsyhacks

Cleaning up your desk doesn’t mean you have to turn it into a boring space. Use ideas like these rope baskets by craftsy hacks to ensure that your office has that spark of creativity in it.

These are great to organize pens, stationery, markers, staplers and can be kept right near you so that you can use them whenever you need them. It is a DIY project you can easily do at home! 

24. Recycle Chest of Drawers as a Desk 

Via Bhg

More space to store your items directly translates to less mess on the outside. This idea of recycling and using a chest of drawers as a desk is quite innovative and economical.

If you don’t have an antique chest drawer dresser at home you can always try to shop it from thrift stores, where they are quite easily available. It can double up to serve as a display stand while also providing you with enough space to carry out your day-to-day work. 

25. Label Your Cables 

Via Thecrazyorganizedblog

Isn’t efficiency the aim of every person who wants to organize their office? We hope it is because we’re here with an idea that will help you sort out one of the most complicated items in your office: the cables.

All you need are markers and washi tapes to ensure that you have no trouble finding the right cord.

26. Use Closet Rack to Optimize Space

Via Joe Lingeman|Apartmenttherapy

We know this is right off the bat, but really, what’s more, innovative and smart than using a closet rack to save space in the office? You can hang your backpack, use a divider clothing organizer to keep your stationery items in separate sections and store your files safely in boxes that can be kept at the bottom of the rack. 

27. Faux Quilted Wall 

Via Bhg

This faux quilted wall is one of the best office organization ideas, thanks to its efficient usefulness and functionality. You can turn a section of your wall into a quilted wall if you don’t feel like turning the whole wall into one.

It is, however, a great way to keep track of all important documents and organize them accordingly so that you can access them at any given time.

28. Head to Toe Corkboard 

Via Bintihomeblog

If a faux quilted wall does not fit your idea of a woodsy rustic office, then we have another similar idea in the bag for you. How about a head-to-toe corkboard? You can take a section off any of the walls in your office and use it as a head-to-toe corkboard where all your important files, documents, and sheets can be pinned up.

This helps in organizing the important files you may need at a moment’s notice and takes up less space. 

29. Chalkboard Labels 

196 Chalkboard Labels Bulk - Premium Reusable Chalkboard Stickers with White Chalk Marker for Labeling Mason Jars, Parties, Craft Rooms, Weddings and Organize Your Home & Kitchen

Labeling is always an excellent way to organize your stuff into sections. It also helps after you’ve stored these labeled boxes and find them later, as you instantly know what is inside them. One of the ways you can label your office items is by using chalkboard labels.

These waterproof chalkboard labels come in a pack of 196 along with a white liquid chalk marker pen. These are pretty affordable and easy to use, making your work ten times easier. 

Buy it on Amazon.

30. Hanging a Magnetic Board 

Via Bhg

The hanging magnetic board idea can save you from a lot of lost receipts, keys, and such items. All you have to do is hang a big magnetic sheet or a set of small magnetic sheets on the back of your desk and safe-keep your items safe by sticking them there.

You can use a hook for keys, a clipboard to hold your invoices or receipts, etc. You can even mark important dates on a calendar and stick it there. 

31. Spice Rack to Store Small Stationery 

Source unknown

We’re all about getting innovative, and this spice rack organizational tool idea is one way to prove it. You can now turn a spice rack into a collectible place where you can store your paper clips, thumb pins, and more such tiny items that are frequently used in the office.

This will help prevent them from mixing and getting lost while also ensuring you have them right where you need them on time.  

32. Use Corner Desk Spaces 

Via Thelovelydrawer

Our desks have more space than we’re ready to admit and most times in our need to organize and clean we fail to make optimum use of said space. This DIY organizer for your desk is an excellent way to ensure the corners do not go to waste.

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You can recreate it using solid metal rods and wooden planks. It is also very helpful in keeping your important files or notes just on the side. 

33. Stackable Desk Organizer 

Blu Monaco Desk Organizers and Accessories Stackable Paper Tray - 4 Tier Stackable Letter Trays - Silver Metal Mesh File Holder Organizer

If you’re someone who cannot spend hours building or looking for something that will help you organize your office space in a better way, then you can always use a store-bought organizer like this stackable paper tray.

This 4-tier stackable tray can be kept on the desk, hung on a wall, or kept on the floor as you like. It is sturdy and good for sorting files. The top tier even has compartments that can help you store staplers, markers, paper clips separately. 

Buy it on Amazon.

34. Upcycled Document Holders 

DEFLECT-O Conversion File Jackets And Pockets, (DEF93604), Black, Pack of 1

You’ve made a pegboard wall, now what? Or let’s say you’ve used up all the space under/over your desk and you have no space left to store your files. This is where the document holders come in.

These beautiful pockets are amazing to store your files easily and safely. The best part is you can hang them onto any nearby wall and they’ll not even take up a lot of space since they are vertically designed. 

Buy it on Amazon.

35. Gold Acrylic Knob Dollar Store Organizers 

Via Monicawantsit

If you’re not a fan of collecting too much stuff in your office and have only a handful of items you want to keep organized, then you can use the dollar store containers to do it. However, ‘Monica wants it’ to have a fun DIY tutorial that will help you elevate those containers to get a more detailed and sophisticated look for your office. 

36. Under the Desk Machines 

Via Apartmenttherapy|Jess Isaac

The most efficient way to eliminate mess? Hiding it under the desk! Now, we don’t want you to just pick everything up and stuff it under your desk. What we really mean is that you can create a small compartment under your desk which can be used to store big machines like the printer, CPU, and all your electrical wires with it.

37. Rolling Cart for Files

Via Cleanandscentsible

Building a drawer may take you a lot of time and not all of us have that, so what can be a great alternative is this rolling cart. You can buy one from Amazon or a nearby store as it can be very helpful to store magazines, notebooks, files that you may need for your office.

This rolling cart as a storage idea is quite innovative and can be functional as well when you have to move things around. 

38. Stacked Mason Jars 

Via Hgtv

How can we forget to include the hero of all organization ideas’ lists? The mason jars! You can store almost anything in mason jars, but there’s a great way you can make it even more efficient.

Stack up around 5 mason jars together using a glue gun or duck tape and you’ll have them all in one place. Now it will be up to you how you want to use them! 

39. Accordion File Organizer 

26 Pockets Accordian File Organizer,Expanding Filing Box with Mesh Bag,Accordion File Folders Expandable Cover,Portable Paper/Bill/Receipt/Document Organizer with 3 A-Z Alphabet Tabs(A4/Letter Size )

If you have more files in your office than you can count, then we have something that will help you keep a track of them while keeping your space organized. This accordion file organizer can be used as a desk display or be kept hidden in underdrawers or desks if preferred. Either way, it is a very useful organizational tool as it has 26 pockets. 

Buy it on Amazon.

40. Use Paper Clips Effectively 

120 Pcs Multicolor Paper Clips, Smooth Steel Wire Paperclips for Office Supplier School Student(1 inch / 25mm)

You would know how easy it is to lose notes when you have a cluttered desk and even a messier office. We, however, know how you can easily resolve that problem using a simple organizational idea: paper clips!

Yes, paper clips can be incredible for holding little bits of paper which have important notes on them and you can ensure that you are storing these paper clips safely. You can use colorful, designer paper clips if you want a more cute office!

Buy it on Amazon.

41. Charge All Your Devices in One Place 

YAMAZAKI home 2707 Cable Box-Outlet Cord Storage Organizer, Cover Protector, One Size, White

Last but not least is this all-in-one hidden cable box from Yamazaki that will help you charge everything from your phone to your laptop in one place. It has designated spots for each device’s chargers and hides the electrical wires to ensure no mess is left behind as you continue your work.

It is the perfect product for anyone who has a lot of devices that require charging while in the office.

Buy it on Amazon.

These were the 41 smart office organization ideas that will surely help you in cleaning up your office. The good thing is that most of these ideas are very easy to see through so they won’t take much of your time and money, and will still leave you satisfied with their results. 

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