27 Smart Coat Closet Organization Ideas

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Not having enough closet space is a huge millennial problem. Your home may be too small for your liking, or you may have issues with keeping stuff organized. A messy closet can put you off for the rest of the day. You can never find the piece of clothing you have been so desperately looking for in messy closet space.

Luckily for you, we have some quirky ideas that will help you create some space for your closet. Be it a larger closet space or a relatively smaller one, we have several ideas you can implement in your everyday life to make it slightly easier!


27 Smart Coat Closet Organization Ideas

1. Use a Clothing Rack

Via Fantasticfrank

A separate clothing rack outside your wardrobe will do wonders in increasing your closet space. You can hang a few pieces of clothing on this rack and empty your closet to make space for new items.

They also look cool in your bedroom if you organize your clothes right! For example, hang your clothing in a color-coordinated fashion so it is appealing to the eye. You can also hang your hats or caps and empty the upper space of your closet.

2. Add Extra Storage

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Many people usually keep their accessories in separate dressers outside the closet. But a very smart and fun idea to organize your accessories in your closet is placing your dresser inside your wardrobe.

This is a great idea if you wish to keep everything in a single place and you have space at the bottom of your wardrobe. You can purchase an extra dresser and keep it on the ground. You can also add a small shoe rack to organize your shoes.

3. Use Shelf Dividers

Lynk Tall Shelf Dividers - Closet Shelf Organizer (Set of 2) - White

You may not find ample space to keep your folded clothes in your wardrobe, and you can’t you’re your woolen clothes getting stretched because of a hanger. Shelf dividers are a great way of keeping all your folded clothes in a single place, be it your woolens or your loungewear.

You can also keep small cloth baskets to store some essentials, on the shelves.

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4. Use Cubbies for Storage

Via Thecontainerstore

Shoe storage can get messy quickly if you don’t get it under control. You can use small cubbies to keep all your shoes at the bottom of your closet. You can also try keeping your shoes each facing the opposite direction to save some space.

Cubbies can also hold your small bags and purses, so the top and bottom of the closet are neatly stacked!

5. Make Space for Storage Baskets

Via Justagirlandherblog

Storage baskets are an effective way of keeping your items divided but in one place. This is a great trick if you have old storage baskets that are no longer in use. Utilize those baskets and store your linens, folded clothes, and accessories in different baskets, so you can find what you are looking for easily while getting ready for work.

6. Use Divider Tags

12 Blank White Clothing Size Dividers Adults or Baby Nursery Large 5.25x3.5 Inches (Regular)

Clothing tags are really useful for keeping your clothes in check.

You may want to separate your clothes by color, fabric, or even style. Many people prefer keeping their coats in one place, dresses in another, and sweaters in a different place. But often, closet space is a huge issue.

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With clothing tags, your closet space will be divided and you won’t have to worry about finding extra space for your clothes as well!

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7. Double Your Clothing Space

Via Abowlfulloflemons

If you have some extra space below your hanging clothes, you can easily install a second rod and make some extra space for your closet. This is a great way of arranging bulky clothes in a coordinated manner.

8. Use Old Boxes on Your Top Shelf

StorageWorks Storage Bins for Shelves with Lids and Handles, Canvas Storage Basket, Gray/White Stripe, Medium, 3-Pack

Your top shelf has more space than you can imagine! If you have old rectangular boxes lying around at home, now is the time to put them to use. Store your shoes and accessories in these boxes. You can also purchase some storage bins if you want.

These bins often come with handles, so they are smart to use if you can’t reach your top shelf easily.

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9. Hang Your Jewelry

Via decluttrme|Instagram

There is never enough space to hang your bags and keep them away from damage. Use a hanging organizer to organize your jewelry and small accessories and keep them away from damage. All your items will be on display because the organizer is transparent and you can hang it on your clothing rack itself.

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10. Use Drawer Organizers

Hanspace Underwear Organizer 4 Pack Dresser Drawer Dividers For Clothes Sock Bra Lingerie Storage Closet Organizers Washable Foldable Oxford Cloth Box Grey Color

Your undergarments, socks, or accessories may get misplaced in a storage drawer, so use drawer organizers to arrange your items and keep everything upfront.

You can fold your garments and keep them separately in a single place with the help of these organizers. This helps in grabbing your garments easily when you are in a rush.

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11. Install Hooks on the Closet Door

Via Howtonestforless

The inner side of your closet door can easily accommodate your accessories that have no place in your closet. You can attach some hooks and hang your belts, bags, caps, scarves, and some small jewelry on these hooks.

This makes your actual closet space less crowded as well as makes the inside of your closet door pop!

12. Invest in Hangers

Via Awwsam

The hangers in your wardrobe practically take care of your clothes. So, take some time of your day and look for good hangers that will help your clothes stay uncrumpled and fabulous. Get rid of your wire hangers and get a set of matching hangers, so your closet looks a bit more organized and tidier.

Matching hangers are also very appealing to the eye, so if your closet space is open, focus on the presentation of your closet!

If you have a set of hangers that have gone old, you can also spray paint them and make them look new as ever, instead of buying a new set.

13. Make Ample Use of Labels

Via Abeautifulmess

Whether it is your extra bins and baskets or vanity drawers, label all the closed spaces you use so that you can easily grab anything with just one glance. This is also a great organizing idea if you have a small kid at home.

14. Keep a Laundry Hamper

Via arlynnweibe|Instagram

Instead of letting your dirty clothes clutter the bedroom floor, keep some bottom space in the closet for a laundry basket where you can keep your dirty clothes till you have a laundry day. A great tip to distinguish between even your dirty clothing is keeping separate hampers for light and dark-colored clothes.

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15. Get a Separate Accessory Closet

Via Coveteur

Free up your closet space by getting a separate accessory wardrobe where you can keep your bracelets, rings, earrings in the drawers and hang your neckpieces. Depending upon the number of accessories you own, you can purchase an accessory closet that suits your needs and fits in your bedroom.

Bonus: You can also store your sunglasses, any makeup and skincare items, and other smaller items in this one that take up unnecessary space in your main closet.

16. Get Smart with a Metal Grid

Via Burkatron

Hang your stilettos on display with a cute metal grid. This way, you can easily grab your stilettos if you are in a rush, rather than searching for the perfect pair under your closet shelves. You can keep this metal grid inside your closet if there is ample space, or it can be accommodated in your room, either way, this is a really cute organization method.

17. Make Proper Use of a Ladder

Yamazaki Home Leaning Ladder Rack, One Size, Black

Ladders are very versatile. They are one of the best tools one can use for some extra storage space. They can be used in bathrooms, kitchen, and you’ve guessed it, for your closet space too!

Place a ladder beside your wardrobe and hang extra scarves, ties, or even shirts and pants that don’t fit in your wardrobe. It makes for some great fast space but at the same time, the ladder looks cool in your room.

Another great use of the ladder is to convert it into a coat rack. Attach some hooks on the top step and you have a great coat-hanger, made right at home!

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18. Beautify Your Closet Space

Via Architecturaldigest

If you have ample space in your walk-in closet, make due use of it! Your closet space must be up to your taste so that you get a rush of pride whenever you enter the space.

Adorn it with a cute rug that goes with the overall aesthetic of your closet or a floor-sized mirror so you can get ready properly.

Add and a small chair, so you can have some sitting space while you decide your outfit of the day. The chair comes in handy when you want to put on your shoes too.

19. Replace Your Closed Drawers with Acrylic Ones

Via Itsimplypatrice|Instagram

This is a great use of your top drawers is to store your jewelry. With a transparent front, you will be able to pick out the jewelry you want without opening the drawer several times. You can also keep photo frames, scented glass candles, and other decorative items to make your closet look homely.

20. Downsize Your Closet

The best way to get rid of some closet clutter is going on a clothing purge. A great mantra for a clothing purge is: remove every item you haven’t used in the past six months. You can shift them to another space if required, toss the damaged ones out, and donate the good clothing that you don’t wish to wear anymore.

Arrange your clothing based on seasons as well, so for example, keep your winter clothing elsewhere or in storage baskets, and bring them out during the season, and vice versa.

21. Add Baskets to the Side

Honey-Can-Do STO-02882 Nesting Banana Leaf Baskets, Multisize, 3-Pack,Natural

Just like the laundry hamper, you can keep small baskets on the floor of your closet so that there is no clutter inside your closet. Keep a basket for donations so you can drop all the items you no longer need in it to discard them when you get the time and another small bin just for the trash.

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Make sure you label your baskets correctly so you don’t drop an item in the wrong basket.

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22. Consider an Island

Via shelbyrusse_|Instagram

For a relatively larger walk-in closet space, consider installing an island. The island will be at the center of your closet, so it attracts maximum attention.

It will also give you ample extra space to store any extra items. You can decorate it so that it looks fresh and neat by adding a vase with pretty flowers, a small clock, lights, and more.

23. Add a Vanity to Your Room

YOURLITEAMZ Vanity Table with Light Mirror and Vanity Bench Stool and Makeup Organizer, Adjustable Light Brightness

A small vanity brings a different look to your room. People mostly use it to do their makeup routines. Of course, an added benefit is the extra space it brings with it. You can take out all the smaller items from your closet and store them in the vanity.

Get a comfortable chair and a small-sized mirror, and you have a whole space set up for you!

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24. Install Lighting

Via Buzzfeed

Brighten up your closet with some lights, so you can view the items hidden away as well. Be it a confined closet or a small and cozy walk-in space, few lights also amp up the ambiance automatically. You can also opt for colorful LED lighting instead of regular white lights.

These motion sensor LED lights are easy to install—they come with adhesive pads. Make sure that you don’t place them close to each other—they need a dark environment to work properly.

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25. Hang Your Jeans

2 Quality Pant Skirt Trouser 4-Tier Pants Metal Hangers Heavy Duty Metal and Clips, Great for Slacks, Trousers, Jeans, Towels (2)

Folding jeans takes too much space because the denim material is usually bulky. Use a multi-tier hanger to hang your jeans and skirts in a single place, which will automatically free up a lot of space in your closet.

These hangers are light yet firm, so you won’t have to worry about your jeans being crumpled or damaged.

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26. Pull Out Drawer Cart

HOMZ 05563BKDC.01 3 Drawer Medium Storage Cart, Set of 1, Black

Imagine your regular clothing drawers, but smaller and on wheels! Store your smaller clothing materials like socks, pants, undergarments, and even accessories like belts and scarves in a multi-tier drawer cart.

This 3-drawer cart from Homz is easy to push around, very light, and even transparent. You can keep it in your closet if there is some space to spare, or anywhere around your room where you can access your clothing easily.

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27. Get a Splash of Color

Via Casawatkinsliving

No one ever said closet organizing can’t be fun! When you look at your closet, you should automatically sense pleasure with the way you have managed it. So, no matter the size of your closet space, style it up with some colorful wallpaper or paint, whatever you prefer.

It’s also not necessary that the closet door has to match the room’s walls. You can make it stand out by painting it with a different color.

Color co-ordinate, eliminate, and add to keep your closet moving. Also, remember, for every cluttered mess of a closet, there is always a solution. Keep researching and organizing your closet to perfection.

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