41 Brilliant Closet Organization Ideas

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Ever had a hard time tracking down that special dress from your closet or bought a new outfit but need more closet space?

Everyone loves an organized closet, after all, it looks tidy and makes room to buy new clothes. Plus, a clean and organized closet streamlines the daily routine and reduces stress, not to mention the time you save by having an organized closet.

But let’s face it, closet organization is not an easy task but is vital especially if you have a tiny closet.

That’s why here is a list of some of the best Closet Organization ideas which are clever, effective, and help you in maximizing space in the closet. Get ready to organize your closet once and for all with these closet organization ideas!


41 Brilliant Closet Organization Ideas

1. Hang Strategically

If clothes are not hung properly, then they will occupy unnecessary space which otherwise could be used for keeping more items.

All you need to do is just make sections in the closet for different clothes so the group of similar clothes is always together and organized. For example, you can keep your jeans together in one section and t-shirts in another section.

2. Use Pegboard System

A brilliant and easy way to keep small things in your closet is to use pegboards. Now, pegboards are commonly used to organize your garage, but they work equally well in closet organization as well. All you need to do is to install pegboards on the walls of the closet to keep items tidy, visible, and easy to access.

You can cover the pegboard with fabric and no one will know that you are using pegboard to organize your closet. You can check the entire step-by-step tutorial here.

3. Store Accessories behind the Door

MISSLO Over The Door Shoe Organizer 24 Large Mesh Pockets, White

Accessories take up a lot of space in the closet which otherwise can be used to keep other things. An easy way to keep all the accessories organized in one place and easily accessible is to use a shoe organizer to keep all the miscellaneous items in it.

Here is an easy solution for it! Simply, hang this shoe organizer over your door and stuff all miscellaneous items in the pockets. It’s simple, cheap, and works great in keeping accessories organized!

4. Make the Most of Drawer Space

Drawers are great for storage but if not organized they can turn into a cluttered mess. Make the most of the space available in drawers by making drawer dividers to divide them into sections and keeping them organized.

Making these dividers is child’s play, all you need to make these dividers are cardboard and double-sided tape.

For an instant solution, you can even place shoeboxes in drawers. Your drawers will never be messier again!

5. Divide and Rule

Evelots Closet Wood Shelf Divider-New & Improved-Separator-Easy Clip-Steel-Set/8

Shelves are amazing and quite handy for storage, but items on shelves can easily get disorganized. And before you know your T-shirts would be all over shirts or jeans.

Prevent this trespassing of clothes into each other’s category by using these wire shelf dividers.

An added benefit of using shelf dividers/ clothing dividers is increased storage space as you can make higher piles to stack clothes which otherwise is not possible.

6. Create Double Clothes Hangers with Can Tabs

A brilliant way to double the space of your closet is by doubling the number of clothes you can hang at once. All you need to do is use a can pull tab to hook the two hangers together as shown in the image.

It’s probably the easiest way to add more storage space to your closet and also keep the closet organized at the same time.

7. Extend Your Closet

LANGRIA Heavy Duty Commercial Grade Clothing Garment Rack, 2-Tier Entryway Metal Coat Rack and Shoe Bench Storage Stand with Single Rod and 4 Hooks for Home Office Bedroom Max Capacity 66.1lbs, Black

So your closet space is full even after properly organizing and you still need extra space. You can easily extend your closet to your bedroom with this clothing rack. The best thing about this is that it also makes for stylish bedroom decor when you hang up your favorite fashion items on it.

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8. Double Up Your Closet

Credit: IKEA

A brilliant idea from IKEA for adding more hanger space in your closet. Instead of using brackets to hold up a shelf, flip them over and use the rails to add extra hanger space in your closet.

These curtain clips will be quite handy for hanging clothes.

9. Get Creative with Bulky Clothes

Zober 5-Shelf Hanging Closet Organizer - 6 Side Mesh Pockets Breathable Polypropylene Hanging Shelves - for Clothes Storage and Accessories, 12" x 11 ½ " x 42" (Black)

It only takes a few bulky clothes like sweaters to add a whole lot of bulk to closet space. Use this closet organizer and say goodbye to littering your shelves with clunky sweater stacks.

It adds more hanging space to a closet, so you can also keep other items in this organizer which will help keep the closet clean.

10. Use Vertical Space For Scarves

We often miss what is right in front of our eyes, like the vertical space beside the closet or the unused wall space on the side.

If you have been wondering where to keep your Scarves so that they don’t wrinkle or get lost in the sea of clothes, this idea is perfect for you. What’s better is you can organize them in terms of design and color to make them look more appealing.

11. Double Rods For Extra Storage 

Whitmor Double Closet Rod - Heavy Duty Closet Organizer- Chrome

Using double rods to hang your everyday clothes may seem like an unconventional idea, but it is quickly gaining attention.

Most people find it helpful when they have not one but two rods in their closet to organize and keep their daily wear sorted. You can choose where to place these rods, side by side or one over the other.

Buy these rods here

12. Stack Baskets On The Closet Door 

If your closet is merging with your bathroom, then more often than not, you might be using it to store essentials. Now, that could be a problem on top of storing your clothes, so why not use baskets?

You can use something like a wired rack to stack baskets on the closet door. This will also provide you with more shelf space to organize items carefully.

13. Label Everything 

Having baskets and bins with labels on them helps you find the right thing at the right time efficiently and also makes your life ten folds easier. It is one of the easiest closet organization ideas you can implement today.

14. Separate Your Sunglasses 

Linens and clothes are easier to find a place for in the closet, but the accessories suffer the rustling around. Specifically sunglasses. If you have one too many pairs of sunglasses, why not choose this idea that will also help you display your fantastic collection and keep them organized at the same time. 

15. Use A Do-It-All Belt/Scarf Hanger

Organize It All Belt/Scarf Ring Storage Closet Hanger, Metallic and Black

Still, searching for the jeans you last wore your belt with? Well, stop wasting your time and find yourself a do-it belt hanger as we have. This ring will come in handy for hanging all your belts and other accessories in one place.

16. DIY Jewelry Storage

If you’re someone who constantly loses earrings, rings, and other jewelry, then this is the perfect jewelry storage idea for you. Utilize the wall space to create wallboard to keep all your precious trinkets in sight.

17. Raise The Bar 

So we’ve come to the point where we’re asking you to raise the bar, quite literally. Every closet system has a bar to hang shirts, dresses, pants, and whatnot, so we’re asking you to raise it up.

This height increase will allow you to use the shelf placed below to store more clothes or bags without needing extra space.

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18. Hang Your Bags In Style 

Why not hang your handbags? You don’t even need anything other than stick-on hooks, as you can use the closet door to make hanging space for your handbags.

19. Organize Socks Using Boxes 

Organizing socks is something we don’t take lightly, which is why this idea of using storage containers is perfect. The best way to stack socks is by color and wear- formal or daily wear. You can even follow the same method to organize your undergarments in a better way.

20. Place Lazy Susan In Your Closet

Lazy susan is often seen in the kitchen, but nobody said it couldn’t be used to make your closet look more organized. It is an easy and cheap closet organization idea for those who have more items but not enough space.

21. Stow Away The Seasonal Clothes

Seasonal clothes take up more space than they should, so it’s only reasonable they are stored in a place that is hard to reach.

If you wear something for six months and not for the rest, it is time to stash it in the below part of your closet to keep the ones you need handy. 

22. Bottoms Hanger Organizer

DOIOWN S-Type Stainless Steel Clothes Pants Hangers Closet Storage Organizer for Pants Jeans Scarf Hanging (14.17 x 14.96ins, Set of 3) (3-Pieces)

This hanger organizer from amazon has been reviewed by a lot of people for its functionality. It can be used for towels, scarves, and of course clothes.

We suggest you pair pants on the basis of their color group and organize them using these special hangers for easy access.

23. Install Wall Mounted Shelves 

Shelves add a distinctive look to the entire closet, but when you don’t have any space left in the closet, where do the shelves go?

On the walls. These open shelves serve as excellent items to keep your hats, blankets, boxes, etc., out of the way and still presentable.

24. Keep Things In Order Of Use

This is one of the simplest hacks that we’ve been taught since we were kids. Keeping things in order of how much you use them helps you find something you need every day faster.

It also ensures that the extra bottle of lotion stays out of the way until you need it, which is everything the organization is about.

25. Place A Rug To Feel Comfy 

Another tactic to organize your closet is to make it a comfortable place. Cramped and devoid of any style can turn any place unorganized, so we completely agree with real simple’s suggestion of placing a rug in your closet. This amplifies the aesthetic and makes your closet look beautiful. 

26. Don’t Restrict To The Walls

Your closet doesn’t end behind the walls of the wardrobe; it also includes the dresser and tables you leave unorganized. The best way to include more items in a neat way is to add a spacious island or table to store your knickknacks. You can even use flowers or photos to amp it up! 

27. Add A Dresser To Your Closet 

A dresser is something we can totally envision in a grand closet. The best thing about adding a dresser to your walk-in closet is the added storage it brings. And let’s not forget about the fact that it hides everything that would have been scattered in plain sight.

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28. Built-In Hamper For The Win

The conventional idea for a laundry bag is either a wicker basket or a fabric basket. But what if there was a better idea? This built-in hamper is an amazing way to stack away your dirty clothes without having anyone else look at them! 

29. Compartmentalize With Pull out Storage Baskets 

madesmart 2-Tier Organizer, Multi-Purpose Slide-Out Storage Baskets with Handles and Dividers, Frost

These slide-out storage baskets are a best seller because they help you categorize what is needed and what’s not. It has handles and dividers that will make your life easier. 

30. Add A Ladder For Efficiency

If you’re going for a rustic, chic look for your closet, we know one thing that will fit right in – a painted ladder. Having a tiny ladder in your closet means you don’t have to worry about reaching the high shelves. You can even hang it up if you don’t have enough floor space for it. 

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31. Use Shower Rings For Scarves 

This shower rings scarf storage idea was one of the most viral closet organization ideas. We still can’t get enough of it because it is highly affordable, easily doable, and takes almost no space.

This means it is ideal for people who have small closet spaces as it helps save drawer space.

32. Separate With A Curtain

If your closet is right behind your bed and you are not keen on using a door, then a heavy curtain is just what you need. As you can see, a curtain of the right design will not only use less space than a door but will also glam up your closet

33. Keep The Floor Free Of Shoes

If you want your closet absolutely clutterless, one rule you must stick by is to keep your floor free of shoes. Store shoes in this cute way that looks great as well as keep the closet organized.

34. DIY Drawer Jewelry Organizer

Via Thriftdiving

The DIY drawer jewelry storage uses scrapbook paper to create compartments so that you can keep your jewelry and other small accessories organized.

35. Hang Your Jewelry 

BB Brotrade Hanging Jewelry Organizer,Accessories Organizer,80 Pocket Organizer for Holding Jewelries (Beige)

Not everyone is crafty or creative to make their own jewelry organizers, and for those people, this idea of hanging jewelry in a clear bag organizer sounds ideal.

36. Slide Out Belt Organizer

There are all kinds of hangers for hanging items like scarves and belts, but all of them end up taking more space than you think. This slide-out organizer is a fantastic closet organization idea.

37. Hang Handbags To Keep Them Sorted

Who knew shower hooks came in handy for more than just hanging loofahs? This DIY project allows you to create space in your closet for hanging purses.

38. Caps Go In The Corner

You know the corners where you think nothing can fit? Think again! Blesser house shows us how it’s done with this creative idea of changing caps just in a little bit of space. You can use stick-ons or drill hooks in the wall to hang your collection up!

39. Use High-Ceiling Space

High ceilings often mean there is a lot of space over cupboards and shelves, and generally, it is overlooked. The best way to use it is to stuff boxes of seasonal clothing or heavy boots up there- so that you can have more space on lower shelves.

40. DIY Embroidered Laundry Bag 

One of our favorite ideas on this list has to be this adorable embroidered laundry bag. It is a perfect addition to kids’ closets since they always have clothes lying around. More importantly, it is off the ground, which means they cannot turn it over to create a mess. 

41. Storage Bags For Optimum Organization

[3 Pack/105L]Clothes Storage Bag Upgrade Thick,Extra Large Blankets Storage Box,Foldable Fabric Closet Organizer with Reinforced Handle Zipper for Comforter Bedding Toys,28Gal

Last but not least is a traditional way of organizing clothes – using closet bins. These storage bags are fantastic items of use since they fit under your bed or closet quite easily. They are also easily accessible with clear pockets and handles.

We hope some of these closet organization ideas hit the nail for you when it comes to organizing a closet. Most of them are easy to implement and require only a few items to turn any messy closet into an organized closet!

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