21 Impressive Home Office Organization Ideas

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A home office that looks like heaven- that’s super rare!

Most of us fall on the other side of the spectrum, as our home offices look like a disaster. A variety of papers, files, accessories, wires, and other general clutter fills our home office as if it’s some dumping ground. This lack of organization not only hampers your productivity (and in turn growth) but is also a cause of unnecessary stress.

However, the thing is – organizing a home office isn’t as difficult as it seems to you! There are a ton of simple ways in which you can transform your dedicated workspace at home.

Here we have covered 21 amazing home office organization ideas that will make working from home a clutter-free and unimaginably productive experience for you.


21 Amazing Ways to Organize your Home Office

1. Label Wires with Old Bread Tags

Image Credit: The Photographer’s Life

We all have been there unplugging the wrong cord. Creating unnecessary trouble and breaking the flow when you are trying to be productive. This awesome hack will ensure that you will never unplug the wrong one ever again. All you have to do is to grab some old bread tags and you are good to go.

2. Rolling Cart to Hold Additional Items

Don’t you hate it when you enter your home office and your work table is completely messed up with all sorts of clutter?

But this hack by Clean & Scentsible will prove to be extremely helpful and will organize all your important files, books, planners, etc. Get a Rolling cart (like the one below) from IKEA or online and there you have the best way to organize paper files and other office supplies.

3. Murphy Desk for a Small Home Office

A few of us do not have a separate room for our home office and just work in just a small corner of a room.

If you fall in this category too, then you can invest in a Murphy desk as it’s one of the best functional minimalist desk organization ideas anyone make use of. It doesn’t occupy much space and is foldable, which means when you are not using it you can fold it up. If you prefer to go DIY route then Shanty2chic has a tutorial to create your own murphy desk. Or if you prefer not to go into the hassle of making one, then you can buy one from Amazon here.

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4. Mini Office in a Chest

With this simple tutorial by Marth Stewart, you can make a DIY mini office in a chest where you can store all your files and office supplies, in a super tidy and extremely efficient manner. DIY office supply organization ideas would not only save your money but trust us, they work really well and are pretty easy to make!

5. Spice Rack to Contain Office supplies

Pushpins, rubber bands, paperclips, etc. are some really small but significant office supplies hence require office organizersas well. Their small size makes it very easy to lose items. You can use this simple hack by RedBookMag where you can use a spice rack to contain all those tiny little office supplies in an organized manner.

6. Washi Tape for Planner

YUKUNTANG Washi Masking Tape Set, Decorative Writable Washi Craft Tape Set 28 Rolls for DIY Crafts Book Designs

We all Scribble over our planners and make mistakes that can’t be undone. An untidy planner with ruined pages makes for a really bad planning experience. Using Washi tape for your planner can make planning much more enjoyable. You can use different colors for different purposes and can even peel it off if there’s a change in your plan. The best thing is they are relatively inexpensive and easily available on Amazon. Click here to buy one.

7. DIY Book Shelf Using Old Crates

Owning a bookshelf could be one of the most investment worthy steps when it comes to the organization of products as it can not only help you in organizing things well, but make your room look really neat. However, if you want to buy a bookshelf you must have a good budget, because it might be expensive.

But don’t you worry as this DIY hack by CalmCradle can solve this issue as if it’s a piece of cake! You just need to buy 4-5 unfinished wood crates, a few nut-bolts, and your choice of paint. Perfect way to declutter your home in no time.

8. Chalkboard/Whiteboard/Corkboard on the wall

Image Credit: FamilyHandyman

Having one of the above-mentioned boards on your home office’s wall can add a lot of value to it. My personal favorite is a whiteboard, as you can use magnets on it to stick your memos, calendars, current projects, or you can use your non-permanent marker to make to-do lists or write motivational quotes to inspire you for the day ahead.

9. Dresser as Printing Station

Image Credit: FamilyHandyman

You can use your old dresser as your printing/fax station. But what’s the point? Well, you can use the drawers of your dresser to store those papers, files, books, and other important things which make up for a huge mess otherwise. Plus you can store the printer ink and paper supplies right where your printer is, isn’t that quite handy?

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10. Computer Monitor Rising Stand

FITUEYES Computer Monitor Riser Stand Laptop Desktop Stand Workspace Organizer DT203801WB

Owning one of these cool looking adjustable monitor stands will ensure that your desk looks super clean and you can store and organize a little more stuff on it. This one has an extra edge to it as it comes with an in-built stand for charging phones. Again, relatively inexpensive and available on Amazon.

11. Adjustable Display Shelf

Jerry & Maggie - Desktop Organizer Office Storage Rack Adjustable Wood Display Shelf | Birthday Gifts - Toy - Home Decor | - Free Style Rotation Display - True Natural Stand Shelf Black

This cool looking and extremely well made wooden shelf can make your table look really chic and highly organized. The best thing about it is that it’s adjustable, so you can arrange it according to your needs and it can fit in different spaces. Click here to buy now.

12. Mason Jars Stacked Together

This awesome hack from  looks super cool and is easy to pull off. All you’ve gotta do is to grab 5-6 Mason jars and some hot glue. With the help of the hot glue, stack the jars together and leave it to dry. Then you can place it on its side and use it to store your stationery and other miscellaneous items.

13. Organized Drawers with Inexpensive Supply holders

This simple but outstanding hack by Kristin Mansky of Modish & Main can make your drawers look neat and clutter-free. She bought these supply holders from an office supply store. But you can find it even in your nearest dollar stores for pretty decent prices.

14. Old Book Mail Organizer

A pile of mails is not only unpleasant to look at but can also drive you crazy when you are looking for that one important mail. Thanks to beyond the picket fence for this amazing hack. All you would need are a few hardcover books, cool-looking fabrics, and some paint, and you are good to go.

15. Keeping Things Mobile

You can use this awesome idea by FamilyHandyman to store your important papers, files, projects, etc. on this handy kitchen cart on caster wheels. While working you can keep it beside you, once you’re done, just roll it under the table and done. This is so cool, right?

16. Organize Important Papers with Accordion File

24 Pockets High Capacity Multicolour Accordian File Organizer Portable Stand Expandable Business Accordian Folders Plastic A4 Letter Size Expanding File Folder

This Accordion File can help you big time with organizing your important paperwork, cancelled checks, receipts, etc. Each pocket of the file is separated with the help of labels. Plus, don’t you think it could add up to the aesthetic things for your desk? Click here to buy now.

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17. Wire basket to hide cords

Cords are extremely important but they look pathetically ugly when they come into sight. Untangling them is an irritating task and it can take a whole eternity to do it successfully (not exaggerating). And these untangled wires look even worse. But, no need to worry as you can easily hide them using wire baskets. Just grab a wire basket and four screw hooks from your nearest dollar store and attach them underside your desk. Plus, it’s a very inexpensive way to organize your cords.

18. Keeping a Dustbin

AmazonBasics Mesh Trash Can Waste Basket

This one is pretty obvious but people easily forget about it. A dustbin is an important thing to consider if you are willing to look for the best ways in organizing office supplies at home. People very easily miss this one and end up having a room full of mess. Keeping a dustbin right next to your desk ensures that while you are quite engrossed in your work, you don’t end up messing up the cleanliness of your home office.

Buy it now from Amazon.

19. Free Up the Desk Space with Open Shelving

Image Credit: HGTV

A messy desk can wipe away all the inspiration to achieve new levels of productivity pretty easily. These easy to build and good looking shelves can help you in freeing up space from your desk and keep your important files or books nearby.

20. Dry Erase Board & Desktop tray

This is a really easy and cool hack by Chelsea of Twotwentyone. She used an 8×10 picture frame, removed the glass and wrapped it up with good looking masking tape. You can use this board to create a to-do list or as a tray for office supplies.

21. Bed Spring Letter Holder

Image Credit: ETSY

This is an outstanding way to hold official papers. All you would need is a small wooden board and an old bed spring. And with the help of glue or screws, attach these two to make your home mail organizer. It will be a perfect Letter holder for your official papers.

As you can see, organizing a home office is surely not as difficult or as expensive as you used to think. So try these simple hacks and transform your home office into an amazing place where anyone would love to work.

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