51 Amazing Hat Rack Ideas

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Hats are an indispensable part of our wardrobe. They add character and dimension to our outfits apart from offering obvious benefits like protecting us in scorching heat or cold weather. But seldom do we have separate storage spaces for them.

Storing a hat poorly can ruin its shape forever and even make it unwearable. Hanging it in direct sunlight can make its color fade. And of course, we all experience the problem of not finding our favorite hat at the right time because we don’t have separate storage space for our hats. You would know the struggle if you are a hat collector or at least have more than 5 hats in your wardrobe.

But don’t worry, we have curated a list of 51 amazing hat rack ideas with which you can not only store your hats properly but also make them a part of the decor. Most of the ideas in this list are DIY crafts so you can have a customized hat rack on a budget.


51 Amazing Hat Rack Ideas

1. Steampunk Hat Rack

Via Pinterest

If you’re a lover of vintage fashion, you need these industrial and steampunk-style hat racks in your living room. Instead of installing light bulbs on the steampunk rack, you can hang your large hats on them.

Place it at a convenient height for you to reach as it will be hung from the ceiling. If your ceiling is too high, you might want to think about lowering the rack for comfort.

2. Beach-style Hat Rack

Via Donpedro

For all those looking for a minimal piece of decor, this beach-style rack is just apt. The rack uses a paddle for connecting the hooks, which adds a beach vibe to it.

This rack adds a strong style statement and takes up little space on the wall which makes it a perfect hat rack for wall. You only need to ensure that you don’t mistakenly crack the paddle when placing the hooks.

3. DIY Fun Hat Rack

Via Crazycozads

This hat rack is vibrant and can brighten up any dull wall. This hanging hat storage idea would be ideal for your kid’s bedroom too if they have a colorful cap collection. It is minimalistic and yet vibrant. It’s cost-effective too. All you need are wooden strips and some plastic dinos as hooks to create this fun rack.

4. Personalized Baseball Cap Rack

Via Medaldisplay

If you are passionate about baseball, you are likely to have a large collection of baseball caps. Have you ever thought of a diy baseball hat rack? Create a personalized rack to match your baseball caps and bring a sporty vibe to your room. You can also buy this customized rack which can hold as many as 8 caps at a time.

5. Animal Wall Pegs

Via Countryliving

You can also consider purchasing this animal wall peg as a hat rack solution if you want a highly distinctive décor piece for your home. It’s just as practical as any other hat rack, and you can use it to hang belts, purses, and other items as well.

You can also repurpose your kids’ animal toys lying around and make this DIY organizer. Cut the animals in half and drill holes for the dowel screws for easy mounting—soon you’d have an inexpensive yet cute animal hat rack ready.

6. DIY C-Hook Baseball Cap Organization

Via Passionpinkandpearls

You don’t need to worry about losing your matching baseball caps if you have this kind of baseball cap organizer. It can be crafted in just under 10 minutes and you don’t need to wait for the weekend to do this.

These hats can be easily arranged on a curtain rod with C-hooks. The overall baseball hat holder for the wall is simple to build and highly useful.

7. Bedroom Hat And Scarves Organizer

Via Ikea

If your bedroom has minimalistic but modern decor, you don’t need to add a fancy hat rack. Instead, opt for a simple and understated style hat rack like this one. It would look quite cool with some houseplants and vines around. 

This type of hat rack is better suited for fashionable hats than regular ones.

8. Clothes Pins Hat Rack

Via lindahstyle|Instagram

This high-quality yet simple clothespin hat rack will save you a lot of money and you won’t have to invest a lot of your time in making it. A plain piece of wire mesh can be hung on the wall and turned into this hat organizer quite easily. You can then use clothespins to hang all your hats.

This kind of hat rack organizer is perfect if you have an abundance of hats in your collection.

9. Hat Rack from Wall Gun Rack

Via Sadieseasongoods

Do you have an old and dusty gun rack lying in your garage? Why not upcycle it and use it in this unique way as a hat or cap rack organizer? It will provide a vintage look and enhance your decor.

You can spray paint it and distress the edges to achieve that vintage vibe. If you want to increase the storage area, add a strip of wood along with some golden hooks to it.

10. DIY Copper Hat Rack

Via Bloglovin

Copper racks look minimalistic and add elegance to your modern decor. You would need a shiny piece of copper pipe, rope, and pegs to make this rack. You can also repaint an old one to save cost too.

Place ropes of different lengths on the pipe with some space between them, and then use pegs to hang the caps to the ropes. It will be simple for you to organize hats of all sizes here.

11. Use a Coat Rack as Hat Rack

AMAPON Wooden Accordion Expandable Wall Hanger Coat Hat Rack 13 Hooks (Pegs) Hang Jackets Rucksack Coffee Mug Towels Cap Leash Scarves

Wooden racks look natural and are easy to DIY. But you can also save your time and effort and just buy this coat rack which can also function as a hat rack. These are inexpensive accessories that won’t hurt your wallet anyway.

The wall mounted coat and hat rack are absolutely inexpensive accessory that won’t hurt your wallet anyway.

Buy it on Amazon.

12. Over the Door 2 Strap Cap Organizer

Perfect Curve CapRack18 Over-The-Door Cap Organizer, Two Straps, Holds Up To 18 Caps, Black

The hats and caps that protect you from the intense heat and give your clothing personality, but they may create quite a mess at home. I occasionally lose my caps and can’t find them when I need them.

You can create a wall hat display with an over-the-door cap organizer like this one. It makes use of minimal and unused space over the door and does its job quite effectively. You can also create these from inexpensive items like peg boards, hooks, and hanging hooks.

Buy it on Amazon.

13. Hat Rail with Over the Door Hooks

If you want a compact option to fit in your bedroom or dorm room, consider this little hat rail. You might be surprised to know this compact hat rail can accommodate as many as 7 hats. It has over-the-rail hooks that make it easier to store baseball caps.

Buy it on Amazon.

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14. Cowboy Hat Hanger

American Made Cowboy Hat Holder STAR

If you have a collection of vintage cowboy hats then you definitely need to put them on display in your house, that will help in making your decor look classy.

Cowboy hats hanging on a rustic hanger looks quite fashionable and decorative. This powder-coated steel cowboy hat rack with gold stars will create a farmhouse-style style vibe in your room. It will add a western feel to your room and also keep your precious hats in shape.

Buy it on Amazon.

15. Tree Style Hat Rack

Deluxe Wooden Coat Rack Tree – 8 Hook Adjustable Height Hat, Jacket and Sweater Hanging Stand – Easy Assembly – Elegant Design for Home or Office Hall and Entryway

If you are looking for something out of the box, take a look at this tree-style hanger with branches. Its branches can accommodate 8 hats with even spacing. It’s sleek and adds a fashionable element to the decor.

It will look excellent in the entryway, living room as well as in your bedroom. You can easily assemble this without the need for complicated tools. 

Buy it on Amazon.

16. Baseball Cap Organizer 

Instead of stuffing your baseball caps in the closet and ruining their design, try adding this organizer to the back of the door. 

The baseball hat hooks will not only keep your hats organized but will also conceal them from plain view. It’s essential to manage your baseball caps in this way especially if you have more than 3 caps in your wardrobe. Clip hangers take the least of the spaces and still can keep hats straight down to the length of your door.

17. Entryway Tree Branch Rack

Wall Mounted Coat Rack, Wood Tree Branch Design, Entryway Hall Tree, Hanging Organizer for Jacket Hat Handbags (Color : White, Size : 8hooks)

The shape of this hat rack is similar to a tree branch but it isn’t free-standing. Instead, it will be attached to the wall and will contribute to your decor. This wall-mounted tree branch rack is made of sturdy wood, takes up minimal wall space, and is also easy to assemble. 

Buy it on Amazon.

18. Industrial DIY Hat Rack

Via Pinterest

You might have never have seen such a unique design before. It has 7 hooks and a metallic shine that adds an industrial look to the decor.

To create this hat rack, all you need is some sturdy industrial cast iron hooks and an old pipe from the local charity shop. Quite fascinating, huh?

It would need to be later sprayed with metallic paint. It is a demanding yet entertaining weekend activity.

19. DIY Pallet Inspired Hat Rack

Via Pinterest

Wood pallets make for excellent racks as shown in this image. They are strong and can even be used to hang coats and purses apart from hats. You can paint the planks in pop and vibrant colors before assembling them—don’t forget to add metal hooks too!

You can place this wooden pallet hat rack in any room since it’s compact and slim.

20. Wall-Mounted Zig Zag Hat Rack

Via Houseandhome

The wall mounted hat stand isn’t just functional but also adds an element of fun to your wall. You can add vibrancy to any room if you add differently colored hats in such an arrangement.

The instructions are easy to follow and it will take less than a couple of hours to create this one. You’ll need unfinished 1″ x 1″ lumber (wood of your choice), wood pegs, picture hangers, wood glue, and some other supplies. 

21. Stand-Up Stick Rack

Via Frankie

This hat rack looks more like a part of stylish decor. If you have enough floor space, you can use this stand-up hat rack that looks so cool.

It adds a charming appeal despite its minimalistic and easy setup. You can also place this hat rack in your verandah or gallery. The entryway is also a good place to have it so that you won’t forget to wear your hats while going out.

22. Clothing Line Hat Rack

Via Stilettobeats

Make this hat rack organizer a part of your wall decor with a clothing line hat rack. The idea is pretty simple, functional, and doesn’t cause any fuss. Adding this to your wall will not affect your decor adversely.

Place your hats intelligently to make a contrast or let the arrangement be understated. All you need is some string and some clothespins to create this.

23. Mismatched Hooks on a Designer Board

Via Redbookmag

This hat rack idea from Redbook is so adorable and unique that we can’t help but add this to our living room. Not just the hats, but these mismatched hooks can also hold your keys, scarves, and more. It looks so trendy and funky.

Grab some adorable and differently shaped hooks and add them to a designer board to create this trendy design. This way, you can easily brighten up the mudroom or the foyer or any dull room in that case.

24. Trophy Hat Rack

Via Designsponge

What do you do with all your old trophies from childhood? Instead of storing them in a corner in a box, put them to use in your living room. You can still brag about your achievements and yet make a trendy hat rack on the hardwood.

The shiny metallic trophies look excellent on the solid wooden pallets. The idea is irresistible especially if you have a large collection. Otherwise, you can add metallic hooks to the wooden board too. It won’t look that out of the box but would be functional enough.

25. Sleek and Modern Wood Wall Mounted Rack

Via Familyhandyman

If you are looking for something understated and modern to store your hats, check out this sleek wall-mounted coat and hat stand. It is extremely easy to make and can suit all kinds of decor. The rack will fit in just about every entryway. You can place it in your kitchen, bedroom as well as the foyer.

Find smooth dark wood panels for a sleek and sharp look that would exude a modern vibe. Also, opt for square hooks and pegs.

26. Dowel Wall Peg Hat Rack

Via Themerrythought

This hat rack idea can give an attractive yet minimalist look anywhere in your house. It doesn’t have to be in a specified space but it will look excellent in small spaces like kid’s rooms, studios, and other modern spaces.

You can also sand down the dowels and smooth them into a softwood shade. You can also paint it in pop colors or use them as it is. It is a cost-effective DIY craft with easy-to-follow instructions that require no expertise.

27. DIY Hanging Copper Hat Rack

Via Collectivegen

If your hat collection is as large as your kid’s comics collection, you would need a large organizer for your hats. With this hanging copper hat rack, you can accommodate as many hats as you want. And the organizer won’t even seem overstuffed and you can hang these without a lot of hassle.

All you’d need is a copper pipe, some clothespins as well as some regular rope. It would take some other easily available supplies and just about an hour to create this functional accessory. This rack would blend easily with modern as well as rustic decor. 

28. Pegboard Multiutility Hat Rack

Via Themerrythought

If you want to keep a few other essential commodities on your hat rack, consider using this pegboard multi utility rack. The plywood looks all classy and trendy and you can store a variety of stuff including houseplants to avoid making it look like a regular hat rack.

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The design is a bit more advanced as it requires a miter box. But the instructions are easy to follow and this project won’t take up your whole weekend. The rack will also add a sleek and rustic look to your mudroom or foyer. You can place your hats, caps, keys, and even your sunglasses here which makes it a multipurpose organizer.

29. Vintage Records Bag and Hat Rack

Via Wooddesign

This record-style hat rack idea can add a vintage yet modern look that would please any music lover. It would add to the funky and trendy vibe of your room decor, especially if you’re a bachelor.

You would need to score some LPs from a thrift store or use your father’s old ones along with a pre-made hook set. It’s easy to create yourself and won’t take much time either. Just don’t forget to use a heavy-duty adhesive to ensure the organizer lasts long.

30. Freestanding Baseball Sport Cap Holder

Bonarty Baseball Sport Cap Hat Wigs Display Holder Storage Rack Shelf Free Standing - Black, as described

Are you looking for a hat rack for your sports room? Or do you need one for the cupboard? If any of that is what you’re looking for, this elegant hat holder is perfect for you. This rack will add some classiness to your decor and is pretty cost-effective. It is perfect for your winter and baseball hats.

Buy it on Amazon.

31. Old Shutter DIY Hat Rack

Via Grecodesign

Reclaimed wood and stylish furniture that has been repurposed have a rustic appearance and can give any space a vintage look. So why not make a hat rack out of an old shutter? It’s basically a low-cost DIY project.

You can look around the flea market for a suitable shutter and paint it with your favorite color. You can also grab some doorknobs, old hooks, and cabinet knobs to go with the old shutter. It will take a few hours from your weekend to get the job done.

32. Industrial Hat Rack

Via Prettyhandygirl

Rustic design lovers would love this kind of hat rack design. It looks vintage and picturesque, and all it requires are materials like iron flanges, iron plugs, wooden plank, and others.

The organizer will blend easily in your bedroom, mudroom, and even the kitchen. You will just need a quick trip to the hardware store for the supplies. You may even have some of these in your store from your old projects.

33. Building Block Hat Rack For Kids

Via Diynetwork

You might need to be a little skilled to create this one, but this hat rack idea is super cute and just ideal for your kid’s room. It would look excellent in the closet, the nursery, or even the living room.

The tutorial is suited for a small stand but you can get a longer dowel for a taller option. You can use an old lamp and some toy wooden blocks to create this adorable hat rack.

34. Fedora and Cowboy Hat Rack

YYST Cowboy Hat Rack Hat Holder Hat Organizer Hat Wall Mount - 4/PK No Hat

These metallic hooks will make a great industrial hat rack for your fedora and cowboy hats. It looks sleek and classy. You won’t find a neater option than this especially if you have a light-colored vacant wall.

These hooks would also help keep your hats in shape while also making sure that they remain hidden while the hats are properly displayed. That is essential in case you have expensive fedora hats that require special maintenance.

Buy it on Amazon.

35. Countertop Hat Display

Via Theskunkpot

Hat racks in the form of candlestands are available in metal or wood. It can serve as a decorative accent and give your home a luxury touch.

And it’s as functional as any other hat rack. You can hang your hats, scarves, and more easily on this one. You should choose a metallic or wooden piece for longevity as well as to add a dash of elegance. The prices of the wooden pieces would depend upon the quality and type of wood used.

36. Cap Storage System

Via Artofstyle

If you have an overwhelming collection of baseball caps, you can buy a cap storage system like this one. It can store more than 20 caps in an organized manner. 

You would need to have some wall space to hang this organizer though. Each of your hats will remain clean and in shape because of sufficient as well as neat storage space. 

37. Bohemian Hat Rack

Via Oraclefox

This bohemian hanger exudes a country vibe and provides a comfortable and relaxed outlook. It’s ideal if you have the farmhouse-style decor in your living room.

You can find such a commodity at an antic shop or online. It would be challenging to find it in your local store because of the uniqueness of the style and the rarity of the item. But once you find it, you would find it hard to resist buying this unique piece!

38. Wooden Layered Wall Mounted Rack

Via Pinterest

Here is another wooden wall mounted hat rack with shelf that looks unique and offers ample storage space for all your caps and hats. You can place this in between two doors. You should choose walnut wood to craft this one since it’s easier to cut and carve.

The chocolate brownish color adds a natural feel to the organizer. You can add as many hooks as you want to hang a variety of accessories like coats, hats, caps, scarves, and more. But it’s especially perfect for storing your baseball cap collection.

39. Rustic Maplewood Hat Rack

Via Pinterest

If you are a sucker for rustic decor, this Maplewood hat rack is the right choice for you. The compact hanger is quite flexible too and you can hang it anywhere in your house. It would look excellent on a light-colored wall that has little accessories.

40. Walnut Hardwood Hat Rack

Via Pinterest

Here’s another walnut hardwood hat rack that is unique in shape as well as functionality. This kind of hardwood hat rack is ideal for storing larger and uniquely shaped hats. Its light brown colored wood and black rod contrast looks stunning and would enhance any decor.

You won’t find this kind of rack in a regular home improvement store. Instead, you would have to indulge in a DIY project and build this one at home. That also provides you with the liberty of choosing your wood and color schemes. You can make desired changes based on your requirements.

41. DIY Taxidermy Coat Hanger

Via Kristimurphy

Buy antlers from Etsy or any other online store and create this unique taxidermy coat hanger that adds vibrance to any room. Make sure that you hang these on a large wall because they can protrude out and look awkward in smaller spaces.

You can hang multiple accessories like bags, hats, and more on a single antler. Paint it in different color combinations or just let its natural color come to the fore depending upon your decor.

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42. Woolly Mammoth Hat Rack

Via Instructables

If you are looking for a cute hat rack idea, it would be hard to find one cuter than the woolly mammoth. It will indeed take some time and effort to create this but you don’t have to be an expert at this since the tutorial is so simple.

Such a rack will surely grab the attention of your guests so put it in the entryway or the living room.

43. Driftwood Beachcomber’s Towel Rack

Via Sustainmycrafthabit

You might wonder why we’re suggesting a towel rack here. But this driftwood rack looks so rustic and beautiful that it could blend seamlessly in your farmhouse-style decor. And your cowboy hats, as well as caps, would look excellent when hung on these.

You can place it behind the door as well. It’s compact and sleek and hence can fit in the smallest of spaces. 

44. Colourful Hat Stands

Via Makingniceinthemidwest

The true hat collectors would like a color coordinated hat rack organizer for their hats. You must consider these vibrant hat stands if you are one of them.

These colorful hat stands made from gauge wire, craft wire, and yarn are easy to create and would enhance the beauty of your hats. You will be able to show your enviable collection with these exciting stands. These also act as cute pieces of decor in the living room as well as the foyer.

45. Baseball Rack with RealBalls

Via Scrappygeek

This wall rack organizer is ideal for baseball enthusiasts. You can keep all your baseball caps in a trendy fashion. It also looks quite decorative with all the real baseballs and also acts as sporty decor in your room.

It is a bit expensive to create but will look unique and display your enthusiasm for the game. You would have to cut the ball’s tip and then stick it on the wooden panel. Your balls will then act as hangers. You can also add other simple ornaments like a B letter and more.

46. Using Recycled Boards for Rustic Hat Rack

Via lipstickandsawdust|Instagram

If you have old scrap boards or recycled boards in your home, you can create a farmhouse-style vibe by cutting scrap boards of similar sizes. Nail them together and hang them evenly spaced to make a rack for your hats.

You can add as many regular knobs or hooks as you want. Keep in mind that the knobs are evenly spaced. And attach the knobs and hooks in such a way that there will be some space in between your hats.

47. Scrap Wood Pallet Rack

Via Bowerpower

Another out-of-the-box creation made with baseballs, this pallet rack can hold a lot of hats for you. All you would need is some wall space and a wooden pallet.

You can pick up the right pallet at the local flea store. For a rustic look, avoid painting it and let its natural color and texture stand out. You can cut the base of your old baseballs and stick them on the rack to hang the hats. 

48. Stylish Hat Organizer Boards

Via Ryobination

This is not just a hat rack, it’s a masterpiece. The panel consists of several boards of pinewood, hooks, screws, and frames. It’s very intricately designed and painted in a rustic fashion, yet it will suit both rustic as well as modern decor.

It’s a distinctive layout that appears fairly original and artistic. On this one, you can hang various handbags, scarves, and jackets.

49. Mannequin Head Hat Storage

Via Teenvogue

It’s always cooler to have an uncommon hat rack such as this mannequin one. If you have more hats than caps in your collection, you can store them one upon the other and it won’t ruin the shape or posture of the hats.

You can also make it a bit decorative and use the neck of the mannequin to hang your scarves and necklaces. 

50. Macrame Hat Hanger

Via knotted.within|Instagram

This macrame hat hanger is simple and just a variation of a regular bar with macrame thread. It is sleek, modernistic, and looks ideal in a relaxed decor. 

Use clothespins to attach the hats to the macrame cords. If you have large and elegant hats, this rack is just perfect to display those. 

51. Standing Hat Rack with Mirror

Via mc_projects_oside|Instagram

How about a hat rack with a mirror for a dressing table style? You can easily store the baseball caps and hats on the top two shelves in this.

You can place this mirror near the entryway or in the mudroom and can quickly get prepared before going out. That would also let you select the best hat or cal for each occasion as you can judge by checking out your reflection in the mirror.

Quick Tips for Storing and Organizing Hats

Hats are excellent accessories to add character to your outfit and save you from extreme weather conditions. But they are challenging to store too. If you store them in a pile, there are high chances you’d permanently reshape or damage them.

Here are a few quick tips you can keep in mind while using any of the above storage methods:
–Choose Hats That You Can Hang Up

You can hang most regular hats, caps, cowboy hats, formal hats, and more on pegs or hooks. They won’t get reshaped and you can have a large display of these hung on the wall. But avoid hanging fragile and antique hats whose shape might get ruined when hung downwards.

–Choose Pegs Wisely

You will find a large variety of pegs to choose from in your neighborhood home repair store, decor shops, as well as furniture stores. You can even choose from a vast collection online. But you can also save costs by using regular nails or hangers. Keep in mind that your pegs should be long enough to hold the largest hat in your collection—2-inch pegs are enough for most hats.

–Choose The Right Space To Hang The Rack

Choose the space you are hanging your hats wisely. It shouldn’t be dusty, dirty, or come in contact with direct sunlight.

Hanging the hats behind the door or in the entryway is a smart option although you can make the hanger a part of your wall art too. Whichever way you want, your hats’ protection should be the priority.

–Space Pegs According To Hat Sizes

Each hat should have proper breathing space. If you put the pegs too close, your hats will be curved at the edges that would ruin their look. Keep around a 1-foot distance between pegs if you have fedoras or baseball caps. Cowboy or wide-brimmed hats will require more space.

We hope your head is brimming with hat rack ideas after checking out all these racks. It’s a more intelligent option to craft your hat rack because you can customize it the way you want. You can also add more pegs or increase the space evenly which can’t be done in readymade options. You can also paint it to blend seamlessly into your decor too!

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