13 Quick Nerf Gun Storage Ideas To Keep Them Organized

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Are you tired of your kid losing their Nerf gun, nerf darts or any other nerf gear now and then? Then it would be best if you had a dedicated nerf guns storage area to keep your kids’ nerf guns organized.

But it might not be as easy as it sounds especially if you have a small apartment or home. It can even be tricky for larger rooms as guns aren’t the easiest toys to store because of their shape.

And you also have to take care of dart storage as well. That’s where this list of brilliant nerf gun storage ideas comes in handy.

We have curated a whole lot of smart yet inexpensive storage ideas to organize and store Nerf guns, nerf blasters, darts, and other accessories.

Check out this list of nerf guns storage ideas and see which nerf storage-cum-display idea suits your collection and storage needs!

13 Brilliant Ways to Store Nerf Guns

1. Nerf Gun Storage Peg Board Wall

Peg board for storing nerf guns
Via inspirationmadesimple

A pegboard sounds like the easiest and most effective idea to store and organize nerf guns. It’s almost like ‘why didn’t I think of it before?!’ You can choose from a wide range of pegs to suit differently sized nerf guns from Nerf’s huge range.

Whether your child owns a couple of Nerf guns or has a massive collection, a pegboard makes the perfect storage option for both cases. Add some attractive stickers and tapes and you have a ready-to-use gun storage space right on your empty wall!

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2. Shoe Rack Converted to Nerf Storage

nerf guns stored in shoe rack
Via Mooremagnets

If you don’t have enough space on your floor, you got to think out of the box for storage ideas. What about the space behind the doors?

Here you can have your shoe rack bags converted into brilliant nerf gun storage. All the nerf darts, nerf guns, and other Nerf gear can be stored in one place that is easy to access and displays your kid’s love for Nerf in a grand fashion.

3. Nerf Elite Blaster Rack

NERF Elite Blaster Rack

Here is a compact Nerf gun storage rack that is inexpensive and can easily store up to 6 blasters in addition to all the nerf darts and other accessories.

It has useful drawers and can be put in a corner of your child’s room. If you want, you can even hang it by the wall! The rack is easy to assemble and surely a great storage idea for your kids growing collection.

Buy this rack here.

4. A Bucket!

HOMZ - 0417BKDC.02 Homz Plastic Utlity Tub with Rope Handles, 17 Gallon, Black, Set of 2

As unusual as it may sound, a laundry bucket is one of the most inexpensive storage ideas for storing Nerf guns. It can be placed anywhere around the room and can store a lot of guns and darts in it.

It’s as easy to store all the nerf guns as it comes even when you’re living in a small apartment. Of course, you can use the bucket you already have or get a new one for yourself right here!

5. Railings on the Walls or the Door

Via shescraftycrafty

If you want to rally your guns and keep them well organized, here is a creative storage idea that hardly costs anything.

With just a little bit of work, you can order these hanging railings from IKEA. Be ready for the Apocalypse by keeping all your Nerf guns handy before the zombies arrive! It can store guns of all sizes pretty conveniently.

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6. Nerf Storage Rack

nerf storage rack
Via Pinterest

Storing Nerf guns in a wired rack gives you the convenience of having all your Nerf darts, guns, and other nerf products in one place.

Stop losing those darts around the house by storing your expensive guns in this simple yet useful wired rack. You can hang a couple of baskets under it to extend the storage.

7. Nerf Guns on a Towel Rack

Put some S hooks over a towel rack and that’s it! You have a quick and slim Nerf gun organizer that can keep all the guns easily. Space all the hooks evenly and hang them using the gun’s trigger or handle.

S hooks can easily be bought from your nearby home improvement or hardware store. You can also hang the hooks behind the door or on your wall if you don’t have a towel rack.

The best part about this idea is that it can accommodate even the smaller nerf guns.

8. Portable Shelving

Get slim portable shelving big enough to keep your whole inventory of Nerf guns. Put some acoustic foam on both sides so the guns don’t slip after you put them in their place.

Now you can easily accommodate all the nerf guns in a vertical fashion. Make sure the barrel should face upwards so the storage looks clutter-free and organized.

9. Dedicated Cabinet with Glass Doors

glass door cabinet for nerf guns

If you are a fan of displaying your Nerf gun collection, this is the perfect nerf gun storage idea for you. A cabinet with glass doors.

Instead of getting an expensive custom cabinet, you can remodel your old cabinet using your DIY skills. You can make several different compartments depending upon the size of the collection.

Just make sure to keep the compartments high enough to store even the biggest guns vertically.

10. Wooden Hook Storage

wooden hook storage

You can buy this type of wooden hook storage for your walls and place your Nerf guns easily. It is one of the most convenient and inexpensive storage options.

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Make sure you don’t hang the wooden storage on your doors as it might slip while you open or close the door.

The storage won’t be able to hold your accessories but you can hang a transparent bag on the hooks to accommodate them.

11. PVC Rack for Storing Nerf Guns

nerf guns stored in pvc rack

Improvise a PVC rack and remodel it into one of these excellent nerf gun storage ideas.

By using some old pipes, you can create a simple and compact rack that can hold a wide variety of Nerf guns as well as accessories. This is an inexpensive idea to store toy guns even if you have to buy new pipes from the store.

You can use anything from simple metal wire hooks to S hooks and hang accessories in a bag.

12. A Complete Cabinet

nerf guns organized in cabinet

How cool is this wide cabinet that can store your whole collection of Nerf guns, nerf darts, and more! This can perhaps become a complete toy storage center and is ideal for large apartments or houses.

You can decorate this cabinet using LED lights, stickers, and whatnot! You can make the compartments larger if you have bulky guns.

13. Comprehensive Wire Grid Wall

Nerf guns hanging on grid wall

If you are looking to store your Nerf guns but don’t have enough space on the floor, a wire rack on the wall would do great. This comprehensive tutorial for would help you create your space step-by-step to keep your nerf guns organized.

The metal rack won’t cost you much and would only take a couple of hours to build. It can be a fun DIY activity to do with your Nerf lover kids.

These were some of the most convenient yet useful Nerf gun storage ideas for your home. Your kids would find it very easy to store and display their enviable collection of Nerf guns!

Written by Pulkit D

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