21 Best Snack Storage Ideas to Keep em Organized

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Raise your hands if you get those midday and midnight cravings for snacks. Well, I can totally relate and honestly, this is the case with most of us. The snack storage section is probably the most raided place in our homes!

This also means your snack storage zone is far from clean and organized, and this post will change that. There are several snack storage ideas that will streamline your pantry and keep it clutter-free. From DIY snack station and Lazy Susans to easy door organizers in the pantry, here are some useful and practical snack storage solutions which have proven their worth.


21 Best Snack Storage Ideas

1. DIY Snack Station

Via 100things2do

Have you ever come across such a beautiful snack display stand? Don’t let the finish fool you, the snack station is made of wood but it looks stunning. The DIY project is super easy to make if you’re into woodworking and it is undoubtedly one of the best ways to keep snacks organized and clutter-free! 

2. Colorful Drawer of Candies and Snacks

Via Thehomeedit

If you have a big drawer, fill it up with chocolates and candy bars to make it a full-fledged candy tray. You will need clear bins and some closed bins, preferably of the same size—arrange them in an orderly manner. Finally, fill them with sweet delights and you can also fill some with tortilla chips, pasta, and more snacks.

3. Stackable Plastic Bins

Via Mom4real

Rush to the dollar store right now and buy a bunch of these colorful plastic bins. Stack them vertically in your pantry and fill them up with those snacks and candies. It’s that easy to give your pantry a makeover!

This additional food storage idea is also very helpful when it comes to packing lunch. 

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4. Extra-Organized Pantry

Via Ninahendrick

A chic and beautiful pantry like this one is a dream for many. From clear containers to wired baskets, it has got everything impeccably arranged. Store those snacks and soup cans in wired baskets and keep wine bottles and sodas in the jute ones.

5. Lunch Packing Station

Via Theshirleyjourney

The three-tiered storage unit can be used as a lunch or snack organizer and it would give easy access to all the items. You don’t have to overturn the pantry while packing lunch right before work anymore! 

6. Lazy Susan 

Mind Reader 2 Tier Lazy Susan Granola Bar and Snack Organizer,Home, Office, Breakroom, White

Right after the big, lunch station, here is a small and sweet Lazy Susan to take care of your snack storage needs. The two-tiered spinning caddy has 12 slots on the top level with a big slot on the lower one.

Buy it on Amazon.

7. Add Hooks 

Via Fennellseeds

A pile of chips and candies in your pantry or freezer would never look good as they cause clutter. Switch to some handy hooks instead and hang those bags of chips and pretzels in style. You can use the pantry door to fix those plastic hooks.

8. DIY Candy Jars

Via Onegoodhtingbyjillee

If you want some candy shop vibes in your kitchen, buy some inexpensive, clear jars with screw-on lids, silver paint, knobs, and glue from the dollar store and fill them up with colorful candies. 

9. Small Drawer Storage

Via Howtonestforless

A compact space like this can be transformed into organized snack storage without any hassle and the results are great. Buy a few plastic trays—long and narrow—and place them in the drawer.

Dedicate each tray to a particular item like how it’s done here.

10. Hanging Metal Bins

Via Lilblueboo

This DIY project using metal bins is a great way to store snacks too. It provides you extra space and keeps them out of sight. 

Label each aluminum tub according to its contents and the pretty bins are ready to serve you! 

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11. Plastic Canisters

Airtight Food Storage Containers Set [14 Piece] - Kitchen Pantry Organization and Storage, BPA-Free, Plastic Canisters with Durable Lids Ideal for Cereal, Flour & Sugar - Includes Labels, Marker & Spoon Set (14)

Airtight containers are a necessity when it comes to storing snacks because who would want them going stale? Here is a set of BPA-free, plastic containers with airtight lids that would keep items fresh for days. The set comes with cute labels, markers, and colorful spoons.

You can keep also them on your countertops to make them pinterest worthy.

Buy it on Amazon.

12. Penny Candy Jars

Folinstall 4 Pcs 50 oz (1478ml) Penny Candy Jars with Lid, Glass Cookie Jar, Glass Storage Canister Great for Cereal, Nuts, Sugar, Flour, Chip and Cookies. Extra Labels and Chalkboard Pen Included

If you need a decor piece for your kitchen as well as jars to store snacks, then these penny candy jars are a perfect addition to your kitchen countertop. Fill the penny jars with lots of snacks and candies and place them on the countertop or shelf.

Buy them on Amazon

13. Small Pantry Makeover

Via Seevanessacraft

Whether you go for baskets or labeled containers to store your favorite munchies, the pantry would be a happy place after this makeover. You can also dedicate the pantry door to snack storage by attaching wire baskets to it.

14. Box Organizer

Via Twotwentyone

You can either buy boxes like this and give them a pop of color or make a few of them and store those chips and candies. They definitely need to be labeled for easy accessibility but this organization sure beats using normal plastic boxes.

15. Pantry Organizers

Utopia Home Set of 8 Pantry Organizers-Includes Organizers - Organizers for Freezers, Kitchen Countertops and Cabinets-Clear Plastic Pantry Storage Racks

Here is a set of plastic pantry storage racks to make your kitchen clutter-free. The strong construction makes them durable and the transparency makes your snacks easily accessible. 

This set contains 8 organizers in 2 different sizes. They have handles that make it easy for you to carry them around.

Buy it on Amazon.

16. Shoe Organizers for Snack Storage

Via Realmomkitchen

I am sure you have come across these plastic shoe storage organizers and they are quite functional, thanks to the spaced compartments. Hang it on the pantry door to store snacks and surprise your kid with the organized display of finger foods and sweet delights. 

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17. Chic and Pretty Chalkboard

Via Decorandthedog

This chic and modern pantry design has two dedicated shelves for snacks and munchies but that’s not the highlight. The chalkboard paint on the doors makes it special because it can be used for quick notes like leftover lists, freezer lists, etc. 

18. Bamboo Kitchen Organizer

SOGUAOLO Bamboo Ziplock Bag Storage Organizer and Dispenser for Kitchen Drawer–Food Storage Bag Holders Compatible with Ziploc, Solimo, Glad, Hefty for Gallon, Quart, Sandwich & Snack Variety Size Bags


A bamboo storage organizer like this would be the best way to store snack bags and sandwich bags. This durable bamboo box has a smooth surface and is very easy to clean. It’s compatible with most Ziploc bags and even has a keyhole in the back so you can hang it on the wall.

Buy it on Amazon.

19. Smart Shelves for Snacks

Via Momendeavours

Inexpensive baskets or bins are available at the dollar store and you can paint them in two different colors that match your kitchen pantry. Arrange the baskets in a row and label them

20. Ziplock Bag for Freshness

Via Mrshappyhomemaker

Ziplock bags have always been our savior. From keeping sweaters safe from dust to locking freshness of food, they come in handy many a time. Take four to five of these, label them, and hang them on the pantry door, done! 

21. Reusable Food Storage Bags

Reusable Food Storage Bags - 12 Count BPA Free Reusable Freezer Bags (2 Gallon & 5 Sandwich & 5 Snack Size Bags) Tangibay Leakproof Freezer Safe Bag for Meat Fruit Vegetable

Inspired from classic zip locks, these reusable food storage bags feature a double zipper closure for extra safety. Use them to store snacks hassle-free and also in the freezer, if you may.

You get 12 bags of 3 different sizes and all of them are waterproof and safe for utilizing. Because they are transparent, you can easily grab the item you want.

Buy it on Amazon

So, these were 21 of the most functional and versatile snack storage hacks. They are here to save you from clutter no matter what. Don’t wait around, get to organizing your snack stash! 

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