How To Clean Porcelain Sinks – Easy Cleaning Hacks

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“Pale? I’m not pale. It’s called Porcelain and I’m rocking it.” If every porcelain sink had a mouth, it’s probably what it would spontaneously spout out.  Porcelain sinks often seem daunting to clean. Kind of like buying a pair of Louis Vuitton shoes that you’ve saved up for, for approximately 6 months….but are extremely scared of cleaning.

Not to worry, porcelain sinks aren’t that scary to clean. They’re a gorgeous addition to your bathroom or kitchen, but they do have the ability to easily be scratched or ruined. That being said, practice makes perfect.

By cleaning it the right way, your porcelain sink will be clean for a very long time…..right around the time, you may want to start handing down your crystals to your grandkids. Without further ado, let’s jump into the simple ways you can make your porcelain sink sparkle!

1. Gentle Sponge and Dish Soap

Keep it simple guys. A little bit of soap and water never hurt anybody. It really can’t be broken down more than this. Basically, turn the water up as hot as it can go. Or rather, how hot you can tolerate touching it.

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Use some grease-cutting soap like dish soap and rub the entire sink with soap and hot water. Use circular motions to really massage the soap into the porcelain. The hotter the water, the shinier the sink.

2. Bleach It

Sometimes, yellowish stains can mess up your pristine sink. Sort of like when you pour the perfect pancake and are super proud of yourself! Until you realize……there’s still a small blob that accidentally plopped out of the bowl you were pouring from. Don’t you hate that?

Spray the sink down with bleach….try really hard not to get some on your shirt. OK, I’ll wait while you clean up the bleach you definitely spilled. Done?   Let the bleach sit for a bit so that it can really sink in. Get it? Give it a thorough scrub again and watch your sink come to life.

3.Coffee Stains

A late start to your morning? That’s probably why your trying to curl your hair in the bathroom while drinking coffee at the same time. Only for your hand to accidentally knock it over while you reach for your mascara. Trust me, I’ve been there. It ain’t pretty. And the lecture my mom gave afterward about waking up early? Ugh.

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Dip a washcloth in baking soda. Make sure that the washcloth is damp. Use circular motions and wipe down the sink. Give it 10-15 minutes before you do your normal cleaning routine of soap and hot water!

4. Rust Stains

If there’s rust on your sink, it may be too late to restore it to its pristine state. But don’t fret! You can still try your best to take it out.

Mix about 1 cup of borax and 1/4 of a cup of lemon juice to make a thick paste. Rub it all over the sink with a sponge, and have a great time with it. Personally, it’s about as fun as playing in the dirt when you were a kid. Good memories right? Rinse it clean with warm or lukewarm water to cut through all the lemon and weird paste consistency.

5. Grease Spots

Don’t ask me how, but with a dog and kids…suspiciously random spots just don’t shock me anymore. Seriously. Give me a pair of rubber gloves and cleaner, and it’ll look as good as Beyonce always looks. Sorry, did I say good? I meant flawless. 24/7. Seriously, how can someone look so perfect for so many years?

Mix about a tablespoon of ammonia with a gallon of hot water. Pour it over the sink and wait for about 10-20 minutes. If any grease remains, repeat this process until the grease is gone.

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6. Pumice Stone

Now I know what you’re thinking. It’s usually used on problematic feet and sensitive skin. But actually, due to its volcanic properties and lightweight, it’s perfect for this use. Make sure it’s wet while you rub it over the stains. Stone on a stone isn’t a bad idea, so don’t freak out!

Pumice stones have unique properties that make it perfect for the job.  Like who would have thought Robert Downey Jr. would have single-handedly jump-started an entire franchise? Anyway, use the pumice rock. Before I start a full-on super fan breakdown of his Marvel movies.

7. Cream of Tartar and Vinegar

If you’re a baker, you definitely have these go-to items on hand. They’re cheap and quite multi-functional around the house. Mix equal parts of cream of tartar and vinegar and form a mixture. Apply it over the sink, and then do your normal general cleaning routine.

You can also use equal parts of cream of tartar with hydrogen peroxide. Both work equally well. It just depends on what you have on hand at the moment.

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