41 Amazing Lego Storage Ideas You Must Know

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Do you remember that irresistible pain when you accidentally stepped on a Lego block? Are you sick and tired of collecting and displacing the blocks over and over again? Well, it is time to stop those colorful, torturous bricks from getting on your nerves!

While Lego bricks are one of the best toys to keep your children occupied for hours, they are an organizational hazard. You want to keep them off the floor, way out of sight, but you can’t keep them tucked away because the kids need to find the right piece. Hello, creativity!

Thanks to these amazing lego storage ideas, beat the Lego storage blues right away!


41 Amazing Lego Storage Ideas You Need To Know

1. Lego Table with Storage

Via Bumptobaby

Lego tables are great as kids can enjoy building Legos in a dedicated place. It is also functional when their friends come over, and they can be creative with the puzzles together. 

Build a DIY Lego table with built-in bins! This easy DIY project has used a Dream Cart creatively and uniquely for children. The versatile craft table/cart folds down easily to display the colorful bins. 

2. IKEA Bookcase As A Lego Cabinet

Via Bumptobaby

One of my favorites from the lot, here is an epic storage solution if the Lego count in your collection is in thousands. All hail the IKEA bookcase with glass doors for convenient usage.

The extra-long, vertical bookcase was fitted with lights inside to promote visibility to the maximum. Your final step would be to arrange and organize the puzzles in colors, shapes, and so much more in the bookcase and enjoy!

3. Lego Storage Mat

Via Kidsactivitiesblog

Not just storage, but picking up those puzzles after a nice and long play session is a Herculean task. Bid goodbye to all the blues right now and buy this fascinating storage and play mat.

Yes, the puzzles would be in a messy state and you would have to separate pieces, but it is the most time-saving solution. The DIY pick-up and play mat are made of sturdy fabric so, your child can easily fold it and put it back without any clutter. 

4. DIY Hanging Buckets

Via Inspiredmama

Kids’ toy organization is a real challenge when you have limited space and the toy collection is ever-growing. Your best bet would be to use the wall space.

Make this DIY bucket wall Lego storage and give those puzzle blocks a new home. Buy some plastic buckets or bins with handles from the dollar store. Use curtain rods as the base and S hooks to hang them. Paint it perfectly with your favorite color and you’re done! 

5. Lego Organizer For Big Collections 

Via Brickarchitect

To all the Lego lovers and proud parents, if your Lego collection is more than 50 thousand, this giant storage idea is right for you. From collecting multiple copies of the same puzzle set to colorful figurines from earlier decades, any massive collection like this is a treasure trove of wonders and they deserve organized storage. 

Either make a Lego room or utilize ultra-wide wall space to arrange huge drawer cabinets like this. Put labels on each of the drawers to make it convenient and functional. 

6. A Giant Lazy Susan

Via Instagram @mywellkeptnest

Who said Lazy Susans are only for your kitchen and vanity? Clear storage like this can be dolled up with the colorful Lego blocks. Buy a couple of these and stack them up in a cabinet and you have a storage system in place. The one in the picture has been color-coordinated but you can always categorize them the way you want. 

7. Cool Lego Board

Via Crispcollective

Did you ever think that a Lego board could be a storage solution for those scattered blocks? If you don’t want to deal with bins and messy drawers and put out a nice display board with blocks, this is the right DIY project for you.

You will need a chalkboard or a wooden structure for the base. Next, get some Lego baseplates – there are inexpensive options available online. Use clear glue for sticking them onto your base. Use box cutters if the baseplates need trimming. All you need to do now is place the Lego pieces on top and voila!

8. DIY Lego Tray Table

Via Busycreatingmemories

A compact, portable Lego table can be a great storage solution for small collections. This DIY Lego table is made from a breakfast serving tray and three green Lego baseplates. Use vinyl letters and stickers to decorate the table. Something like this is perfect for budding builders as they are the building blocks of creativity.

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9. Under-bed Storage

Via Danielsicolo

If you love woodworking, DIY a jumbo caster and roll it under the bed. This fascinating storage can be used to keep the Lego blocks safe and organized. Usually, hollow buckets and bins aren’t very useful when you need to find one particular block. Things are easier when the collection is on display and the kids can carry out a project without any hassle.

10. DIY Lego Table

Via Kidsactivitiesblog

Wanting the largest Lego building surface in the playroom is not weird. It’s quite smart and one of the most effective storage solutions. If you are familiar with woodworking, you would know how to build a customized table that would gel the best with your interior. Rest is all about buying Lego baseplates and altering them to fit the surface. Sweet and easy!

11. A Lego Travel Box

Via Dukeandduchesses

Just like the portable tray table for Lego, here is a versatile travel box to raise the bar. This is how you can repurpose an old metal case into a box of colorful wonders.

It is all about being creative with the décor of the box and finally, fixing a Lego mat on the insides to add some more layers. You can have the Lego figures standing and the box filled with assorted Lego pieces.

12. Lego Figure Display Case

Via Practicalperfectionut

People who have a hobby of collecting Legos, also have a knack for classic and timeless figurines like this. Don’t keep the collection hidden, put them out for the world to see. This sleek and beautiful shelf stores the figures neatly and keeps them organized. There is also a life-size logo above it and it serves as a label.

13. Colorful Lego Vases

Via Say yes

This is a super unique and unconventional storage solution that is failsafe. Hit the dollar store right now and buy these clear vases. Go for plastic ones since they’re safer for kids than the glass ones.

Make sure you pick varieties of shapes and make the setup special. The Lego storage would be fun and engaging if you ask the children to sort the blocks according to the colors and fill up the vases.

14. Beautiful Lego Wall

Via Pinterest

The ultimate Lego wall is here to wow us with its super-detailed storage solutions that will leave us in awe. From the regular green storage trays at the bottom cabinet to the fancy shelves full of Lego figurines, you can take inspiration from everything. You can always add more shelves and fill them with blocks and puzzle pieces if your Lego collection is larger.

15. DIY Shelving Unit

Via Confidencemeetsparenting

A Lego storage solution under budget would look something like this and it’s so classy. You only need those clear bins and trays from Target or the Dollar Store and an open cabinet with shelves. The manuals are tucked inside a file binder which is placed in a gap. Keep the figurines on display in the topmost rack and you can also put the creations there. The expensive and unique blocks won’t be bent, stepped on, or lost from now onwards.

16. Lego Meets Lack

Via Centsationalstyle

Don’t deal with the horrors of the piles of unorganized pieces and save your feet from the dreaded corners of the small blocks once and for all. One of the easiest ways to convert a Lack table to a Lego play table is right here in this DIY.

Rush to the IKEA and get your favorite Lack table and transform it into a wonderful play station for your kid. The storage unit below can accommodate up to 8 big boxes which are enough for a regular Lego collection. You can also keep the manual files there.

17. The Ultimate Lego Room

Via Motherdaughterprojects

This all-green, magical Lego room is a wonderland for children who love Lego and love to be creative. There are many shelves with no-door cabinets and all of them are organized to make them clutter-free. My favorite would be the cubbies and the foldable storage bag at the center. It looks great and unique.

18. Lego Brick Drawer

Via Thebrickblogger

Why settle for just one statement Lego brick drawer when you can build an entire storage system of drawers? Imagine having a Lego room like this where you can mix and match the decor! These drawers are quite efficient and accommodate a large number of blocks without any hassle.

19. Color-coordinated Drawers

Via Iheartorganizing

Semi-transparent bins are also a popular choice when it comes to Lego organization, especially because you can label them. Dedicate a big shelf and stack those bins neatly. Use bigger bins to store the Lego boards and the smaller bins can be used to store the blocks arranged by colors.

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20. Lego Walk-in Closet

Via Nubcakes

Another playroom that can inspire anyone with its charm as you will get all types of storage spaces here. There are clear bins all around, cubbies, drawers, display units for Lego figurines, and my favorite, a built-in shelf full of Lego bins!

This is also ideal for displaying those attractive Lego creations right above the cabinet. A big Lego table rests at the center with enough surface space where kids can play and have fun.

21. Lego Cart

Via Practicalperfectionut

Here is something for a small Lego collection – a Lego cart! The clear boxes are stacked up one over the other and the blocks are separated by color. Label the color name on top and place the divided boxes at the top for smaller, assorted pieces. It is extremely convenient due to its mobility. I can’t wait to try it out!

22. Lego Desk Drawer

Room Copenhagen, Lego Desk Drawer - Stackable Tabletop Storage - 6.2” x 6.2” x 4.5” - Brick 4, Black (40201733-Parent)

Add some sass and style to a regular Lego storage with this extremely pretty desk drawer that resembles a Lego block. The decorative storage solution is made of BPA, PVC-free plastic and is stackable, thus accommodating more blocks. Buy a few of these customized brick boxes and make a full-fledged storage unit. 

23. DIY Lego Room

Via Happyjoyfulhome

A pretty Lego room with a statement wall can easily be the highlight of your house! All you need are some floating shelves from IKEA to make this awesome craft room. 

The Lego table below has huge storage space and is full of clear bins which can store tons of blocks in them. The floating shelves act as extra storage and you will have the Lego table free for experimenting and creating more figures. 

24. Lego Storage Head

Room Copenhagen, Lego Storage Head - Stackable Storage Solution, Holds up to 100 Building Bricks - Mini, Boy

Don’t let the small size deceive you, as this fascinating storage head can store up to 100 blocks at a time. The shining yellow color with the black facial features looks striking and it can be the heart of your Lego storage system. 

You can choose from 3 different sizes and tons of emoji faces from the lot. Pair it with other decorative storage pieces and make Lego organization fun and creative. 

Get it on Amazon.

25. Sliding Puzzle Tray

Via Thriftydecorchick

Remember the casters DIY for under-the-bed storage? Here is a similar one. This one is not about storing the blocks but making a large play surface for the children. 

You will need a wooden tray for it and the rest is all about buying some Lego baseplates and gluing them down. Don’t forget to add two handles on both ends to make the slide-in slide-out easy. 

26. Drawers Under The Table

Via Ikeahackers

Here’s another Lack-to-Lego DIY for a smaller collection. The short and compact table has attached drawers underneath which makes it very functional and clutter-free. Your kids would be pardoned from the effort of transferring the Lego pieces from one place to the other.

You will need one lack table, four racks about 50 cm lengths, and other tools like screws, a drill, and pencils for best results. If you have basic woodworking skills, go ahead and surprise your kid with this beautiful table. 

27. Lego Sorting Labels

Via Boymamateachermama

I have already mentioned labels and how they can bring more organization to a Lego storage system. Let’s take it up a notch by using colorful and differently shaped labels! 

The beautiful shelving unit consists of functional, clear bins stacked up and as a bonus, you have labels on them that make it easy to follow. 

28. Attractive Figure Cubbies

Via Thenopressurelife

Cubbies are one of my favorite storage solutions that can even store colorful puzzle pieces. Based on the style and age of your Lego builder, you can go for an open bookcase like this and display those stylish figures.

29. DIY Lego Storage Project

Via Mymoderntudor

This brief and beautiful Lego storage wall is super attractive and can be your child’s favorite play corner. You have the efficient Lego tabletop and right below are bins full of colorful pieces and figures.

30. Lego Manuals Organization

Via Makinglemonade

An essential part of a Lego set is its manuals. You must store them carefully as they are great guides for new builders. 

Buy some plastic binder envelopes from the dollar store and use old file binders. Fill the file with those envelopes and label them with the manual name and you will have them all in one place. 

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31. Simple Lego Table

Via Infarrantlycreative

If you love DIY projects, you will surely have the urge to convert an old table into a brand new, Lego storage for the kid’s room. This project uses a parquet table with glass inserts for the base and manipulates it using nails and a saw. Those glass inserts can also be replaced by Lego base plates. Use paint and primer to finish off. 

32. Creative Lego Room

Via Pinterest

This Lego room doesn’t have any extra furniture or creative display structure, the magic is in the way those shelves are organized. By upping your shelving game you can build a Lego room in limited space as well.

The long, L-shelves can store any and everything. Put those figurines on display, make the creations the center of attention, and use boxes and bins to store the colorful blocks. You can also buy a free-standing cabinet and keep the bins out of sight.

33. Lego Compatible Storage Unit

Bins & Things Lego-Compatible Storage Container with Lego Compatible Building Baseplate Lid (8 x 8 x 3.25 Inches) Durable Toy Carrying Case with Plastic Handle - Brick Toy Storage Organizer

A toy carrying case like this is very important when you go on vacation with your children. This building brick organizer has an easy sliding plastic drawer that would keep the Lego pieces in place. There is a building baseplate lid right on top of the container as well.

Check it out on Amazon.

34. A Swoop Bag

Much like that Lego storage mat, a swoop bag is about swooping those blocks off the floor and tucking them inside the bag. It is just big enough to spread the Legos in it and play. A sturdy bag like this would end those endless and irritating complaints about messy blocks for a long time.

This is especially functional if you have more than one child to play with. All of them can have dedicated bags to play with and be creative.

Get it here. 

35. Lego Organized Setup

Via Pinterest

I am also in love with this super organized, chic, and modern playroom full of Legos. The statement matching stools which make it more attractive. 

It has two long floating shelves, and two Lego tables with storage below. Every shelf is full of clear bins and all of them are labeled for convenience. The Lego masterpieces are displayed on the top which adds to the room’s décor. 

36. Simple and Maintainable Lego Corner

Via Thesimplyorganizedhome

It is time to use hollow corner space in your home and transform it into a stunning Lego storage zone. This one also has a few floating shelves on the top and a functional no-door cabinet below.

The slots are filled with clear boxes and Lego manuals. Fill the racks with cute and colorful figurines and the setup would make for a dainty little corner. 

37. Lego Brick Box

Room Copenhagen Bright Red Lego Storage Box Brick 1

Adding a statement brick box to your Lego storage would be one of the best decisions you could make! This stackable box is a storage masterpiece that can store 100 blocks. Available in many colors, something like this would also encourage kids to make their play sessions neat and organized.

Buy it on Amazon.

38. Clear Storage Boxes

Via Onemilehome&style

Almost every DIY or storage solution here has used clear bins or drawer organizers to keep the Lego pieces safely and here is another solid example. These 3-drawer organizers fit perfectly in the cubicle shelving units and also look pretty cool. There is also a wooden shelf at the top with small partitions which can be used to store the figurines. 

39. Stackable Storage Container

4-Tier Stackable Storage Container Box with 40 Adjustable Compartments, YOCOMEY Plastic Organizer Box Transparent Storage Case for Kids Toys, Art Crafts, Jewelry, Supplies, Fuse Beads, Washi Tapes

These containers are much like those jewelry boxes – they are very functional and versatile. You can choose between 40 and 70 adjustable compartments to store the mini bricks and figurines in style. The display case is loaded with dividers that keep things organized and the snap-lock trays make it convenient and easy to use.

Get them here.

40. Sort By Set

Via Thehomesihavemade

You must have some un-built, brand new Lego sets which have lost their original packaging and they are now all over the place. Organize them in sets and label the name to make them reachable without any hassle. You can use clear containers like this and keep them separately.

41. Toy Stop Container Case

Matty's Toy Stop Brik-Kase 2-GO 13" Travel, Building, Storage & Organizer Container Case with Building Plate Lid (Holds Approx 1,500pcs) - Compatible with All Major Brands (Red, Green & Yellow)

Much like that pull-out drawer briefcase, you have the popular brick case to help you carry the pieces outdoors. The massive storage container can accommodate over 1500 pieces!

Buy it on Amazon.

I hope you found some unique and helpful ideas through this article! Choose your favorites and hit the Lego corner right away. Happy organizing!

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