13 Brilliant Liquor storage ideas for small spaces

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Whether you’re a liquor expert or just a lover, wishing for a wine cellar in your home is completely understandable, but of course, not possible for everyone, isn’t it? But that shouldn’t de-motivate any liquor connoisseur to drop the plan of showcasing their beautiful liquor bottles.

Often people wonder how to save such tasteful drinks in a secure place so that children will not access them or get hurt by the glass if it falls down. Well, to answer this problem, we have certain amazing storage hacks and ideas. Yes! Here are 13 brilliant liquor storage ideas that will help you seal your booze collection.


13 Brilliant Liquor storage ideas for small spaces

1. DIY Coffee Bar Cart

Via freshmommyblog

Yes, yes we know this is about liquors and not about coffees. The reason why this DIY is on our list is that it can of course be used as a liquor bar cart as well. “Fresh mommy blog” has come up with a fresh DIY idea that we believe will work perfectly to store the booze bottles. 

2. DIY TV Cabinet Turned To Liquor Cabinet

Via Instructables

Are you planning on throwing your old TV cabinet or did you come across an old cabinet thrown away by your neighbor? If so, then it is high time to make use of those old goodies and make a brand new liquor cabinet out of them. Wondering how? Well, click on the source which will guide you to a tutorial video.

3. Liquor Drawer

Via Instagram/sullivanscabinets

We’d have seen a lot of built-in pantry drawers, but we’d have probably never seen one with booze in it. Now, this is why we believe this is a fantastic concept!

Especially since the drawer allows you to view what’s hidden behind it, this idea definitely is a cost-effective one. Wanna try it out?

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4. IKEA Hack – Bar Cart

Via lifestylethreesixfive

IKEA hacks are definitely a lot of people’s favorite for IKEA products are super inexpensive and also serve the purpose fairly. We bring you this amazing IKEA hack where you’ll be adding the VITTSJO laptop table with a few modifications to your room to bring the bar alive! Isn’t it sounding incredible?

5. Repurposing An Old Cabinet

Via Instagram/allissabrooke

People who dislike throwing away old stuff should really consider repurposing them. For instance, look at how this Instagrammer has styled an old cabinet with some paint and simple decors such as adding a neon sign and a plant pot. Isn’t it unique? If you’re in for this idea, then this idea is a great inspiration.

6. Wine Barrel Into a Cabinet

Via Instructables

We’ve all seen wine barrels in a cellar, right? Now that we don’t have much space to build a cellar why not bring the most out of that wish? Here’s an amazing tutorial from “Instructable” where a wine barrel is turned into liquor storage. This idea is a go-to for those who yearn to have a rustic theme in their home.

7. Vintage-Inspired Cabinet

Via abeautifulmess

Are you a fan of the old times? Well, if you want to bring some nostalgic vintage wine vibes, then this DIY idea from “A Beautiful Mess” is an ideal one. They’ve given step-by-step detailed instructions for the DIYers, so you can definitely ace this idea if you’re planning to.

8. Another IKEA Cart Idea

Via thisfairytalelife

The Raskog utility trolley from IKEA is one of the top-selling products and we all know why! It is an ideal stuff for storing liquor as it is multifunctional, cute in design, and portable. It’s also large enough to hold your liquor collection without taking up too much room. Plus, it does not cost a fortune. 

9. Mini Fridge Makeover

Via ctrlcurate

As we’re talking about storage ideas for small places, considering a mini-fridge is a game-changer. If you’re a person who loves cold booze, then storing them up in a cute mini fridge will help you. Sometimes, it is not always about showcasing your booze collection but about savoring it personally, isn’t it?

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10. DIY Jerry Can to Liquor Cabinet

Via Youtube

Here is another video tutorial that will help all the alcohol-loving petro heads to make something they love and will cherish. To make this DIY cabinet out of a Jerry can, all that’s needed are hinges, wood screws, rubber seals, 1cm of plywood, and windshield adhesive. With the video’s guidance and the tools, the end result will stun you.

11. Piano To Bar Cabinet

Via instructables

If you own your grandparents’ old rugged piano and don’t have the heart to sell it, then giving it a makeover to store classic liquor bottles is a stunning choice. This one will surely captivate a lot of people’s hearts when they visit your home.

12. Unused Speaker Into Mini Liquor Cabinet

Via Instructables

Here’s another idea that works like magic for those who dislike throwing old goods and for those who love music. This DIY presents an old speaker transformed into a cabinet using speakers, of course, then wood boards, paint, screws, hinges, and an LED light. Are you in for this idea? 

13. DIY Pallet Wood Liquor Cabinet

Via homeconstructionimprovement

This tutorial’s major requirement is pallet wood, which is widely available almost anywhere. Additionally, you’ll need some basic tools such as a hammer, nails/screws, and a woodcutter. Once you’ve got all this, you can kickstart and wind up with this aesthetically pleasing wooden liquor cabinet in no time with the tutorial.

Liquor storage has its benefits especially when it is customized. We hope you’ve found your choice and if so, feel free to drop your experience in the comment section. Have a nice day!

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