21 Innovative Clothes Storage Ideas When You Have No Closet

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Lack of closet space in a rented apartment or new house can be a deal-breaker, but thanks to some brilliant clothes storage ideas in this post, you can store all your clothes even when you have no closet.

You no longer have to pile up your clothes on that corner armchair or live from suitcase to suitcase because these innovative ideas will give you enough inspiration to create your own storage space!

Not only are these clothes storage ideas affordable, but they also make use of the given space so that you don’t have to go out of your way to store clothes.

So, without wasting any time, let’s find out easy ways to store clothes without a closet. 


21 Innovative Clothes Storage Ideas When You Have No Closet

1. Hang Your Clothes and Use a Curtain 

This idea operates on only one rule: the mess doesn’t exist if you can’t see it! Curtains are a godsend when you do not have enough closed space to convert one of your rooms into a closet.

So, what to do? Hang those clothes on one side of the room using racks and bars. Cover it all with curtains so that it’s practically another room. It does have many benefits—you can keep storage baskets on the floor, stack your shoes inside, and separate your living area from the mess that your ‘closet’ is. 

2. Organize Corner Space With Drawers, Shelves And Hangers 

Via Thespruce

The best way to store your clothes and all other items that are supposed to be in the closet is to create a makeshift closet. Pick any corner of your room and combine your favorite drawers, shelves, hangers to convert it into a designated storage space.

The key here is organization—you need to ensure that you make use of as little space as possible while storing as many things as you can. A low dresser to make room for the clothing rack and some floating shelves all combined will give you ample space. 

3. Hang Your Shoes on the Back of the Door

Whitmor 18-Pair Over The Door Shoe Rack, Unisex, White


Hanging shoes on the back of the door is quite frankly one of our favorite ideas on this list. It is downright innovative and helps you make use of already available space so that you have more room to store other items.

This is an excellent inspirational idea for someone who hoards shoes like there’s no tomorrow. But if you don’t have a lot of shoes, then you can use this rack to hang bags, hats, or scarves. 

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4. Use the Space Under Your Bed

Via Theidearoom

We’re going to opt for the classic way of hiding things under the bed, only this time it is a little bit more organized. Anything from rolling drawers, laundry bags, short plastic bins can be used to store your clothes and then stuff them under the ample space you have under the bed.

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If you want more permanent storage space, you can hire someone or DIY to create an organized sectional space under your bed, according to your requirements. It is also a good spot to store clothes you wear less frequently. 

5. Recycle Bookshelves to Create a DIY Closet

An amazing idea to create a DIY closet using bookcases from creativefashionblog. It can help you create your own closet/dresser using just a recycled bookshelf. If needed, you can make the required alterations and install clothing rods, but even by itself, a bookshelf cabinet can store multiple accessories with ease.

You can even allocate the bottom two shelves for shoes and organize them nicely. 

6. Stack Up Wooden Crates

Via Minto

You can pick and select the kind of wooden crates you’d want or recycle the ones you may already have. Paint them or leave them as it is by giving them a new wooden polish.

Now all you have to do is stack them together in a pattern that gives you enough space to store clothes, shoes, accessories in this wooden crate closet. 

7. Hang Scarves on Shower Rings 

Via Hip2save

Scarves are one of the most complicated items to store when you don’t even have a closet. Lucky for you, we have found a perfect solution right here.

To avoid hanging your scarves separately and taking up too much space, you can hang them on one hanger. We know what you’re thinking; they all get stuck together and wrinkle. Well, here is where our secret weapons—shower rings—come in.

Just wrap each scarf around a ring and attach it to a hanger. 

8. Repurpose an Old Trunk 

Via Twopurplecouches

Sometimes, traveling back in time can be a good thing, like with this storage idea that involves you storing clothes in any old unused trunk. If you do not have enough space in your room to build a closet, you can substitute it by placing an old trunk in one corner.

They are pretty spacious, which means you will not find it too difficult to store all your clothes in them.

Pro tip: if you want to make it look better, go for a vintage-looking upcycled old trunk. 

9. Use an Open Shelved Rack 

IRIS USA, Inc. PI Standing, Metal Garment Wood Shelf, Clothing Rack with Shelves, 3, Black

An open shelved metal rack is like a display case but only with clothes and accessories. It is a great closet idea if you can manage to keep it organized and clean. Choose the size according to your preference and space—if you have more items to store, a floor-to-ceiling rack would serve better than a bed-sized length rack.

Don’t forget to use baskets and bins to make sure you can store all kinds of items in them.

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10. Vacuum Pack Your Off-Season Clothes

Vacuum Storage Bags Space Saving Bags for Comforters Clothes Pillow Bedding Blanket Storage, Double Zip Lock Seal & Leak Valve, Free Travel Hand Pump Included (4 Pack Medium - 28 20 inches)

Now, this might not seem like the brightest storage idea because who asks you to vacuum your clothes, but trust us, it is pretty innovative.

Off-season clothes can take up a big chunk of space, especially if they’re heavy sweaters. If you don’t even have closet space, how can you manage to keep clothes you don’t need outside? These space-saving bags and travel hand pumps are here to your rescue.

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Just store the clothes in the plastic bags and remove the air using the pump to reduce their sizes.

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11. Install Floating Shelves for Hats and Accessories 

Ballucci Floating Coat and Hat Wall Shelf Rack, 5 Pegs Hook, 24", White

One of the easiest ways to make space anywhere is by installing floating shelves. Even if you successfully manage to store your clothes somewhere, the lack of a closet leaves you with no space for bags, hats, and other accessories.

This is where you use your wall space and install floating shelves. You can keep all your tidbit items in an organizer, and place them on the shelf without any worry.

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12. Hang Hooks to Use Wall Space

Let’s not leave out the wall when we are discussing potential storage spaces. Hanging hooks through the wall can be an effective way to store all your clothes without a problem.

If you don’t want to add too many hooks to your wall, use pipes to create a hanging cloth wall rack.

13. Store Your Clothes in Cupboards behind the Bed

Via decor8

Optimum use of the area is the number one rule when we have to use space innovatively. So, it is only natural to store your clothes in cupboards or racks behind the bed. If you’ve searched the whole house and cannot find a suitable place to store your clothes, you must have missed the surrounding space of your bed.

You can either DIY cabins and shelves or buy narrow shelved racks to place in the space behind your bed.

14. Storage Benches for 2-in-1 Usage

Have you seen those fancy bed benches that are kept at the end of the bed? Well, you can create one for yourself because they can double up as storage for you!

It serves the same purpose as a closet by storing everything from your bedsheets, sweaters, boots to handbags. The best part is that it will blend in with the other decor and furniture in your bedroom. You can keep it at one end of the bed and let it serve as a clever accent table.

15. Use a Movable Clothes Rack

Simple Trending Double Rod Clothing Garment Rack, Rolling Clothes Organizer on Wheels for Hanging Clothes,with 4 Hooks, Bronze

Using a clothes rack to hang your daily wear is probably the one thing anybody who doesn’t have a closet can do. It is even better if your clothes rack is movable so you can easily shift it from one place to another.

You can keep some of your clothes in a cloth bag on the bottom shelf of the rack, hang the ones you need daily on the rack, and then swap them out whenever you want!

It is an easy, affordable and practical option to go for.

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16. Add a Shelf Above Your Hanging Rack 

Via Madefromscratch

A shelf above the hanging rack may sound far-fetched but it can store off-season heavy clothes when you have no other space to do so.

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The shelf can be wooden, metal, or plastic depending upon your choice. However, we suggest you carefully pack the items you want to place there in a basket, preferably with a lid, to keep them clean and organized.

This idea gives you more space than you asked for to effectively store everything without making a mess.

17. Use Dressers for Double-Duty Storage

Via Freckleschick

This idea to use a dresser as double-duty storage is brilliant for two reasons. Firstly, you can store all your accessories including shoes, bags, glasses, makeup, etc. on the vanity and in the drawers. Secondly, it adds a sophisticated look to your room. For someone who doesn’t want to put their clothes out on a hanger, it is a good choice! 

You can visit a nearby thrift store to get a dresser at a low cost.

18. Create a DIY Space Efficient Shoe Rack 

Via Apieceofrainbow

This DIY space-efficient shoe rack takes up only a section of your floor space and is incredibly easy to create. Made out of cardboard, which you can readily find anywhere, this shoe rack is cost-effective and can hold multiple pairs of shoes at one time.

If those fancy shoe racks are out of option for you, then this handmade one may interest you. 

19. Use Leftover Spaces to Hang Sunglasses

Via Fabeveryday

Do you have more useless sidewalls than room space in your house? Well, not anymore because we’ve found the perfect way to use them, and it involves some metal rods. Convert those awkward leftover spaces on your sidewalls to hang sunglasses, belts, or other such accessories.

All you need to do is nail a metal rod, using which you can turn the useless space into a useful storage area. 

20. Reuse a Ladder

Via Rockthathorse

A ladder may be the farthest thing on your mind when it comes to a substitute for a closet but it can be placed anywhere to store and hang clothes. If you want to makeshift a closet for your kids then this innovative idea will be brilliant for you.

You can also attach it horizontally to the ceiling to hang your clothes and bags from. All in all, it can be used in many ways, all of which scream storage space! 

21. Place Sweaters in a Cloth Shoe Organizer 

Via Askannamoseley

This brilliant and innovative idea is for storing sweaters as they can’t be hung—they’ll lose their shape!

Since you do not have closet space, we are here to tell you how you can create one for your sweaters using a shoe organizer made out of cloth. You can fold your sweaters and fit them inside the compartments, after which all you have to do is find a door or a hook you can hang it on.

We hope you found these innovative clothes storage ideas helpful and inspiring, especially since most of them don’t cost a pretty penny and can help neatly store clothes even without a closet.

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