21 Completely Genius Home Organizing Hacks from Japan

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Ever wondered how the Japanese keep their home so well managed and tidy all the time? Not even a sock is lying somewhere it shouldn’t be!

With a rise in apartment living spaces that usually have smaller interiors than a regular home, the KonMari Method, which is somewhat based on the Japanese method of home organization, has witnessed a sudden hike in its followers.

Japanese homes typically have shrunk interiors and the people there have a busy lifestyle. Due to these factors, the Japanese have mastered the art of fulfilling a lot with fewer efforts, and most importantly, in lesser time.

Now, the scenario is no different for us. So, why not opt for the same ways proven to solve the same problems?


21 Completely Genius Home Organizing Hacks from Japan

1. Verticle Placing

Via nao|Roomclip

A lot of Japanese homeowners adopt vertical storage strategies to make efficient use of storage space.

Vertical stacking and placing have a lot of wonders to offer like keeping things clean and organized. Roll or fold your towels and place them vertically to get the best results.

Be it towels, underwear, or tops, this trick works for everything in your wardrobe.

2. Use Grid Panels

4 Pack Wire Wall Grid Panel | Photos & Pictures Display Grid Wall Panels | Black, Magnetic & Metal Grid | Wall Grid Organizer | Photo Grid | Grid Wire Board | Hanging Home, Office & Kitchen Decor

Grid panels are an excellent means to hang all you want without drilling holes into the wall. 

Install these grids on the walls and cabinet doors and organize all items keys, packets, photos, etc. with the help of magnets, clips, and hooks available with these wall grids. These can also be used as pretty wall decor.

3. Install Towel Rods Vertically

Via Pinterest

Here’s another Japanese vertical organization hack, this time using two towel rods!

Instead of drilling them horizontally, drill them vertically on the walls. Now, roll your towels and insert them inside. This way, they’re always in place and the folds won’t open up as they used to when on a horizontal rack. 

4. Use a Coat Hanger

YAMAZAKI home Coat Hanger, One Size, White

Make your closet less congested by hanging your Fendi coats, handbags, and scarves on a coat hanger. This coat hanger is from Yamazaki, a brand that claims to incorporate the Japanese lifestyle into the designs they create.

It is made of wood and steel and is sturdier than it looks. It’s also very easy to assemble.

5. Use a Glass Jar

Glass jars are one of the classiest options to organize and display your everyday things. This is the most clever way to display your not-so-displayable accessories in an aesthetic manner.

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Keep things like pennies, cords, hair ties, and everything you can think of in these classy jars to embellish your shelves and desktops.

6. Shoe Cabinet Organization

Via Organizingmadefun

Shoes are the most annoying members in the closet. From taking up all of the shelf space to making the closet floor look utterly messy, they tend to get on our nerves. 

But, why not we give them a separate space of their own? Assign a cabinet for your shoes, preferably near the entrance, and organize them with the help of baskets and wire racks. 

Pro Tip- Go for baskets having divisions in them, they make it easy to keep the shoes upright.

7. Keep Cutlery in Place

Via Nytimes

The main big drawer under your countertop is the most used as it holds all your cutlery and ladles, the things that are used almost every day.

Now, this drawer can be a bit tricky to keep in order as all the cutlery tend to scatter all over the place. Keep it in place with the help of baskets.

Keep multiple baskets matching the color theme of your cabinets. Make sure to keep your silverware in separate baskets.

8. Keep Plastic Bags in Place

Via Tomshouse

Keep all your plastic and garbage disposal bags in one place so that you won’t have to hunt them down every day with the help of plastic pocket files and sponge sheets.

Fold all the plastic bags and keep them neatly folded in the pockets, you can even label the files. This way, everything will be nice and tidy and easily accessible.

9. Organize with Baskets

Via Inmyownstyle

Categorize everything with the help of baskets. Be it in the kitchen, closet, or bathroom, they will help keep everything in place.

Keep all your towels, or toys, or pasta, or lingerie—basically anything in these baskets—and keep them on the shelves or in the closet. Add fancy labels to make them easier to access.

10. Grocery Bag Organizer

Via Pinterest

Always remember to carry grocery bags whenever going to collect your monthly groceries by keeping all the bags near the main door.

This can be done with the help of a multi-tiered magazine organizer. Install one such organizer near your main door by mounting it on the wall and you’ll never forget to take the bags with you and end up paying for them. 

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11. Keep an Umbrella Stand

Via Ballarddesigns

During the rainy season or summer, our umbrellas lie here and there in our entryway making it look cluttered. Keep this handmade and stylish Umbrella Stand near your main door to get rid of that mess.

12. Kitchen on a Cart

Via Organizingmadefun

Complete your kitchen chores by moving all around the house with the help of this movable kitchen cart. 

This helps to chop your vegetables while watching your favorite sitcom on the living room couch.  After all, why stick to boring when things can be fun! You can always keep a spare set of knives and cutting board on the lower rack of this cart.

13. Hooks and Containers

Via Abowlfulloflemons

Keep everything in order and your shelves neat and clean with the help of hooks and plastic containers in the cabinet under your sink.

Be it the kitchen or the bathroom, this place mostly comprises all the cleaning supplies and paper towels. Keeping all of these organized will ensure that you can access everything easily.

Tension rods also will also help a lot to organize your cleaning solutions. 

14. Maximize Storage Space

Via charin|Roomclip

With generally small living spaces, the Japanese have always been into using all the space available to them and keeping everything tidy in the best way possible. Applying rails and hooks is the right way to do this.

Increase storage space in your kitchen by installing curtain rods and hooks, and hang all your ladles and pots on them, making space for other cookware in the cabinets.

15. Tension Rods in Closets

Via Little-Bambi|Roomclip

Make the most out of the space in your closet by installing tension rods in such a way that they act as fancy shelves.

Now, these pretty and modish shelves can be used to stack all your hundreds of pairs of shoes or dozens of those handbags.

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16. Binder Clips to the Rescue

Via Homebliss

Prevent the food inside your open snack packets from ruining your fridge’s interior with the help of binder clips.  

Fold the top of the packets and hang them from the rails of the refrigerator shelves by securing them using binder clips. This hack keeps all the food fresh and you won’t have to worry about water condensing inside the packets anymore.

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17. Shower Shelf

Via Familyhandyman

Install a shelf in your shower to keep all your toiletries right where you need them. This way, the insides of your bathroom cabinet and the area near your washbasin will be free of clutter too.

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This shower shelf can be achieved with the help of a thick glass sheet, cables, and a cable shelf bracket. 

18. Cleaning Station

Via Cleanmama

Do you always struggle to find your cleaners and scrubs every time you decide to clean your windows? If this is the case, then this hack is for you!

Keep all your cleaning supplies in place with the help of a caddy—all your cleaning solutions, brushes, towels, dusters, and scrubs in one bucket. This bucket could be your cleaning station, and you’ll never have to hunt for the supplies all over the place. 

19. Bin Organizers for Accessories

Via K-JMRR|Roomclip

Keep all your hair accessories, jewelry, and makeup in a well classified and organized manner with the help of plastic bins or baskets.

In your drawer, keep a separate bin for each group of items you have, and make sure to place the things back from where you picked them up. This way you won’t have to clean up every weekend!  

20. Add Bathroom Storage with Carts

Yamazaki Home Rolling Kitchen Storage Cart-Portable Organizer Shelves, One Size, Black

Things with mobility are always preferred over those that don’t have it. This rolling cart from Yamazaki is much more convenient to keep your toiletries instead of stacking them on a shelf far away from your shower. 

Keeping a moving cart in your washroom makes everything easy and gives you a kind of luxurious feel while having your dream warm bath. Stack it up with magazines or keep your favorite bottle of wine to keep you company whenever you want! 

21. Give Away What You Don’t Need

I know, it is a bit hard, but it isn’t wise to keep the things you no longer use. They just add to the mess around your place and take up precious space. 

So, instead of just throwing them away with a heavy heart, collect all these discarded things in a bin and give them away to those who need them more than you. Charity doesn’t hurt anyone!

After going through this list you must have understood that it doesn’t take a lot to keep your homes as organized as Japanese ones. All these clever tips and tricks will help you achieve the home of your dreams. So what are you waiting for? Get started right away!

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