21 Dollar Store Closet Organization Ideas

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Closets can be of many shapes, sizes, and colors and serve many purposes. Needless to say, closets are an important component in every household- whether it is a cleaning closet or one in the bedroom.

It is essential to have an organized closet that is actually accessible and is not merely a dumping ground for the articles it houses. The organization, one may say, is the key.

Contrary to popular belief, however, the organization does not always have to be tedious. Or expensive. Or both. It can be done on a minuscule budget, as well.

Here are 21 ways in which you can achieve the closet organization of your dreams, without having to burn a hole in your pocket.


21 Dollar Store Closet Organization Ideas

1. Wooden Clothespins

Via Lanaredstudio

A game-changer, even allowing for the existence of hangers. Use wooden clothespins to hang up articles of clothing you would otherwise stow into a drawer or absently chuck into the closet. Particularly useful for hosiery, you can use the clothespins to hang up socks, tights, and underwear.

Available at every Dollar Store, an alternative to a wood clothespin is a plastic one.

2. Canvas Bins

Via Projectnursery

Imagine a separate bin for every category of clothing in your closet- how many hours of frenzied ransacking will it save?

Exactly the purpose that a canvas bin serves, you can get one of them for every category and label them- trousers, dresses, jackets, etc.

3. Ice Cube Tray as a Jewelry Organizer

Via Yesterdayontuesday

A trick I picked up recently is to use an ice cube tray as an earring organizer. It is the perfect solution to absent-mindedness and helps keep each piece of jewelry in its little cube.

Additionally, it helps prevent the inevitable loss of the screw tops that go behind smaller, hooked earrings.

A smart and inexpensive jewelry organizing device.

4. Shower Curtain Rings to Hang up scarves and shawls

Vis Ftdofsmcp

Here is an ingenious way to put spare shower curtain rings to good use- to hang up all your scarves and shawls!

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The hack, in itself, is deceptively simple- all you have to do is put the rings all on a single hanger and line them up. Proceed to then twist the scarves around the rings and secure them with a knot.

A space-saver and a simple solution to what might seem like an insurmountable problem.

5. Plastic Crates as Storage Shelves

Via Hometalk

Purchase a handful of plastic crates on your next trip to the Dollar Store and have them act as quirky storage shelves. You can either attach them to the walls or stack them up on the floor, either way is accessible and attractive.

The shelves can then be used for books, toys, and other items.

6. Cheese Grater as an Earring Holder

Via Misscheekychic

As bizarre as this may sound upon the first mention, it is a trick that does work, and how?

You would, of course, require a larger cheese grater and preferably one that can stand by itself.

Use the crevices to hang earrings.

7. Cutlery trays to hold toothbrushes

Via Familiesthatstick

A different spin on how to organize your bathroom closet, invest in some sturdy plastic trays (they are available at every Dollar Store) and use them use toothbrush holders.

They can also be used to store chains, nail files, and other bits-and-bobs that you might want to keep from tangling.

8. Carabiners for Hair Ties

Via Hiitsjilly

A nice and neat way to keep all your hair ties in one place, and most importantly, be able to find them when you need one.

9. Foam Floaters for Boots

Via Rethinkborders

Boots can be hard to store. Especially when they are made of a pliable material that causes them to be all floppy and take up too much space. An easy and inexpensive way to remedy this is by stuffing the boots with foam floaters.

The floater helps the boot retain its shape, and stay in place. It also keeps the material from creasing.

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10. Paper Towel Holders

Via Perpetuallychic

Paper towel holders are an undiscovered and underrated gem in the world of closet organization, given their ability to hold in place anything that fits the dimensions.

Towel holders or tissue holders can be used to store belts, purses, cards, etc.

11. Cabinet Handles

Via Craftaholicsanonymous

Closet space does not only entail the racks and drawers and cubby holes, but it can also expand to include the less obvious places of storage, in this case, the handles.

Cabinet handles (the ones on the inside) can be used as the perfect hanger for your ties.

Alternatively, you can even upcycle an old cabinet handle by drilling it and using it to hang up loose ties.

12. Soap Box Organizer

Via Shadytreediary

A new personal favorite if I were to be honest, for these are so damn cute!

Use soapboxes as organizers for cards, trinkets, and even earphones. Any small item.

13. Pizza Pan for a Spice Rack

Via Hometalk

Make yourself a custom, magnetic spice rack using a pizza pan and magnets. All from the Dollar Store.

14. Coat Rack to Hold Coffee Cups

Via Alightthatshines

Here is an organization idea which you can implement in your kitchen closet or pantry- use a coat rack to serve as a holder for coffee cups and larger mugs.

It adds a structural element to an otherwise linear plan (as is the case with most kitchen closets) and certainly does what it promises.

15. Vintage Locker Bins

Via Aehomestylelife

A project that converts ordinary Dollar Store plastic bins to metallic paint sprayed vintage locker bins, complete with an inscription, lock, and key.

These locker bins are a throwback to earlier times, times of safety vaults, and hard-to-locate secreted caskets in sprawling mansions. Of course, the purpose of these may be far more prosaic- they probably will hold flour or butter.

But a little grandeur never hurts, does it?

16. Plastic pails to store Stationery

Via Therewasacrookeshouse

I have always found the idea of using buckets to store pens particularly appealing. The Dollar Store comes equipped with a wide selection of buckets and pails, some of which are exactly the right size to function as a pen holder.

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Highly useful and a fun organization idea for your desk, to boot.

17. Decorative Tins

Via Thebudgetdecorator

Decorative tins are my absolute favorite item to shop when I am at a Dollar Store, so it is rather fortunate for me that the stores are full of them.

Use a decorative tin as a jewelry organizer, sewing kit, or greeting card storage kit- the possibilities are plenty.

18. Plastic/Rope Baskets

Via Thedomesticgeekblog

I like to use baskets as organizers- plastic for toys, rope for magazines, fabric ones for throw blankets, and pillows.

I also recently discovered the joys of having baskets in one’s refrigerator. Not only is it an absolute godsend for messy people( it truly is), it effectively implements segregation so you can find your way around the fridge easily.

19. Plastic Cups as Separate cord Holders

Via Imperfecthomemaking

Finally, a way to keep your cords separate and (hopefully) free from tangles. Buy plastic cups (colored/ clear) and use them as holders for earphones and cords.

20. Magnetic Strip Roll

Via Sprwmn

As functional as it is chic, a magnetic strip roll is an answer to all your bobby pin woes. Can be used for tweezers and files and clippers, too.

21. Bottles for Headbands

Via Cookeatgo

A lovely and chic way to repurpose old glass bottles is to use them as holders for headbands. The headbands can go around the narrow stem or the broader base, depending on the stretchability of the material.

Use the bottles as vases simultaneously, for fresh or faux flowers.

The organization, I hope this article sufficiently evidences, need not be tedious. It can be fun, simple, and entirely affordable.

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