34 Creative Halloween Costumes for Best Friends to Slay Together

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Isn’t it amazing how your BFF just understands everything about you? Celebrate this friendship with best friends Halloween costumes that are super easy to copy and you can even act silly together!

I know how intriguing choosing the right costumes can be, but you can just lean on your BFF or girl gang for this, right? It doesn’t matter what kind of best friend you have, or it is a group of besties, you know you can get weird together and that is the best part about friendship.

From super cute to downright scary costumes, easy DIY ideas to outfits you can buy if you aren’t feeling crafty, we have dug deep to bring this list of creative Halloween costumes. You can decide your favorite by choosing your mutual interests like books, or films that you guys love. Planning is half the fun, so put your heads together and pick a cute costume.

Check out 34 Creative Halloween Costumes for Best Friends to Slay Together with your BFF or big squad and get to the assembling right away!


34 Creative Halloween Costumes for Best Friends

1. Golden girls

The Golden Girls Complete Costume Wig Set | Synthetic Hair Fibers Cosplay Wigs | Includes 4 Unique Wigs, Dorothy, Sophia, Rose, Blanche | Look Just Like Your Favorite Golden Girl | Sized for Adults

Who can forget the iconic Golden girls? The 1980s sitcom had taken the audience on a whirl and now it’s your turn. Get on those wigs and glasses, step into the big party with your squad and you are ready to slay it together!

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2. Elsa and Anna

Disguise Women's Disney Elsa Frozen 2 Deluxe Adult Costume, Blue, Small

If you have ever dreamed about being the Disney Frozen princess, here is your chance. Get into the character of Elsa and Anna with your BFF and steal the spotlight of the Allhallows eve. Also, you would have the ability to control snow and snow for a day, isn’t that cool?

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3. Ghostbusters

Tutorial Via Livingaftermidnite

So, you are going to attend Halloween this year with your BFF but you aren’t sure about the costume? If you are looking for something badass, opt this sassy ghostbusters costume! Trust me, you are going to steal the attention because the outfit deserves it in every sense.

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4. Powerpuff Girls

Via Livingaftermidnight

One of the craziest and convenient choices for a girl gang is the Powerpuff girl’s costume, and we can see why. They are a perfect combination of bravery, sass, and lots of humor. You don’t have to mimic them entirely, your look could also be loosely based on them and it would still look amazing.

Recreate this costume:

Sleeveless Dresses   Blossom Headband   Ruffle Socks

5. Pink Ladies

Via CamilleStyles

You don’t need weeks of planning if you choose this one and it has got those good looks as well. So, if you and your squad are trying to find something sexy and glamourous last minute, you have the Pink Ladies costume to the rescue!

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6. Linda and Dorothy from ‘Wizard of Oz’

Via Polkadotchair

If you are a fan of Wizard of Oz, you must be Glinda and make your BFF Dorothy for Halloween this year. Take your coochie dog to the party to complete the look. This one is very easy to copy and people would simply love it.

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Recreate this costume:

Glinda Costume    Dorothy Costume

7. Troop Beverly Hills

Via StudioDIY

A simple and classy one, this classic comedy from the 1980s has won every heart back then. Celebrate the legacy and bring the characters to life again this Halloween and relive the bygone era. Trust me, people would love to see you guys as the nostalgic vibe never makes us feel bad.

Recreate this Costume:

Tan Dress   Beret Hat and Scarf  Belt  Knee High Socks

8. Bandits of Halloween

Via Sayyes

It doesn’t matter if you have a girl or a guy BFF cause badass bandits have no gender, right? Get into these black and white lines and DIY a bandit mask to make them look authentic. You can also carry the $ bag with you for some extra flair, and it would also be easier to guess your costume that way.

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9. Campfire and S’mores

Via awwsam

I have fallen in love with the campfire look of the girl here and I am sure you would appreciate it as well. S’mores, the popular campfire treat has been depicted so well and it looks so appealing. If you are good with crafting and DIYs, you must go for this one and I am sure you would slay the show with your BFF.

10. Bacon and Eggs

AMSCAN Bacon and Egg Halloween Costume for Adults, Standard, with Included Accessories

Take your love for this delicious breakfast combo to the next level and get into the disguise of bacon and eggs with your BFF. The neighborhood would simply adore your Halloween costume this year and it feels great to receive tons of compliments for your hard work, right?

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11. Palm Tree and Beach Ball

Via StudioDIY

The title itself is so relaxing and it does remind you of those wonderful beach vacations. You can relive those days yet again with this ultimate Halloween costume. Your fellow party-goers would also enjoy it because the winter is right at the door, and it would be a bliss to get some summer vibes, right?

12. Party Animals

Via Laurenconrad

The entire concept of party animal costume is super hilarious and I am always amazed by the creativity involved. This girl gang did it right by getting into their sensual personalities with an all-white gown paired with animal masks. The looks are worth appealing!

13. Essential Oils

Via abeautifulmess

Your BFF is very essential to you, I know that, but are you guys aware of the goodness of essential oils? If yes, then you must show how essential you are for each other with this awesome costume. Besides, you can also make people aware of the benefits of these oils by writing them down on the attire.

14. Fro Yo and Spoon

Via StudioDIY

Can you ever enjoy frozen yogurt without a spoon? I don’t think so because it would be a messy affair. So, a spoon completes that bowl of yogurt just like you and your best friend complete each other!

15. Chucky and the Bride of Chucky

Via Livingaftermidnite

Yeah, a much-awaited horror flick, Chucky must have scared you on screen and now it’s your turn to slay the look on Halloween. You and your best friend could be the Chucky couple and scare your fellow party mates.

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Recreate this Costume:

Chucky  Chucky’s Bride

16. Pool Float

Via StudioDIY

Exploring some summer vibes right before winter can be super fun because you have to wait for months before you get to relax at the pool. Get into pool floating costume with you and your squad and grab attention at the party.

17. School Lunch

Via StudioDIY

Remember those recess hours in school? How fun it used to be, with all those lunches in one place, everyone is sharing it. Life was simple and fun, right? Relive those precious moments by dressing up as lunch yourself and slay!

18. Ice Cream and Cotton Candy

Via Treasuresandtravelsblog

Ice cream and cotton candy is a delicious, sweet-tooth combo and it is our guilty pleasure as well. Since our love for ice creams is eternal, celebrate the bond by dressing up as the combo this Halloween and I am sure you will earn lots of compliments.

19. Hotdog, Ketchup, and Mustard

Via Thelittlesloth

Yes, another spicy and delicious combo. What is a hotdog without ketchup and mustard? It’s just two pieces of bread and meat, absolutely no flair. We are nothing without our best friends as well and Halloween is the best way to act weird together. Be the hotdog combo with BFFs and enjoy the Halloweekend.

20. Wilma and Pebbles Flintstone

Via Livingaftermidnite

A fun fictional character, if you have loved Wilma and Pebbles, you can be that for a day and slay together. The look is very easy to copy and it is also super creative. Choose this one if you don’t have much time, but you want to look your best.

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21. Catwoman and Poison Ivy

Via Sydnestyle

This pair is oozing hotness and sass with every glance and I can’t seem to take my eyes off this one. So, if you are looking for something badass, go for it! You buy or rent the costume and take down the neighborhood with those sexy vibes.

Recreate this costume:

Catwoman  Poison Ivy

22. Sanderson sisters from ‘Hocus Pocus’

Via Brit&co

Some fictional characters do leave their mark on us, and it stays forever. If you have a girl gang, you can be the Sanderson sisters and make your Halloween grand and hilarious. You can wear wigs or style your hair accordingly and I am sure you guys will nail it.

Recreate this Costume:

Winifred Sanderson  Mary Sanderson   Sarah Sanderson

23. Sunshine and Rainbow

Via Sayyes

The ultimate feeling of completeness and life is when we are close to nature with the cool breeze, smiling sun, and yes, a rainbow would be cherry on top! Celebrate nature with the sun and rainbow this Halloween as you step into the party with your soul sister.

24. The Grady Twins

Via dollskill on Instagram

Halloween is associated with so many emotions, laughter, fun, love, and scare! So, if you are there to scare the crap out of people, choose the Grady twins costume! Yes, the famous The Shining twin had given us nightmares and it is time to relive it with your best friend.

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25. Peanut Butter and Jelly

Adult Peanut Butter and Jelly Costume Standard

Both of them are found in every breakfast table and we get to choose our spread every day. People also taste both and I have heard it does taste good. You can be the bread and jelly with your peanut butter and bread best friend for Halloween this year!

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26. Mario and Luigi

It is super fun when you choose a role from the opposite gender. It becomes extra-hilarious if you pair it up with some dialogs or moves. Here comes Mario and Luigi with mustaches and they are looking so good and funny, too!

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27. Salt and Pepper

Salt and Pepper Halloween Couples Costume - One-Size Funny Adult Food Costumes

I don’t think any dish is complete without salt and pepper, and here we have the sexy girls who took this to another level and made the combo look ultra classy. This would be very easy to copy, you buy the outfit or DIY the S and P letters. Either way, it would look super good and sassy.

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29. Netflix and Chill

Via makncheesefries

Nothing is better than Netflix when you want to chill and relax on a leisure day. It was also a go-to activity for all of us in the quarantine and we know how satisfying it is. Celebrate the happiness of chilling with Netflix with your best friend this Halloween.

30. Princess Leia and Rey

We have always adored princess Leia for her beauty and Rey is no less. Celebrate this timeless classic this Halloween and make everyone nostalgic. Also, everybody loves to see their favorite characters come to life and you have that chance to slay!

Get the Costumes:

Princess Leia  Rey

31. Cowgirls

California Costumes Women's Cowgirl-Annie Oakley-Adult Costume, TAN, Large

Checked shirt, denim, and high-rise boots, yes, that’s all it takes to make this super sexy cowgirl outfit. You can own this dress together with your girls this Halloween and make people fall for your sass. Complete the look with a rustic hat to get those Mexico vibes and you are good to go!

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32. Cheerleaders

ZTie Women's School Girls Musical Party Halloween Cheerleader Costume Fancy Dress Uniform Outfit (S, Black)

This could remind you of your college days when being a cheerleader felt so important and you are like the center of attention. Life was so fun, right? Enjoy that feeling all over again with your BFF on the Allhallows eve this year and grab eyeballs with your sass.

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33. MnMs

After Hershey’s kisses, I am a fan of M n Ms and I know you could relate on some levels. You could be those colorful drops of heaven with your best friends for the costume party. It is super easy to copy and you can be as creative as you want!

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34. Cookies and Milk

Forum Costume, As Shown, One Size

A delicious breakfast or snacking combo, milk is sort of incomplete without cookies and it is a must for every sweet tooth. Just like your BFF is milk to your cookie, you can show off your bond with these food combos. Be as creative as you want because the only goal here is to slay together!

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Halloween would be nothing without the fun of costume planning and implementation and no doubt, we enjoy the rush to be the best. If you are confused, don’t be. Just choose your favorite from the list and get to work with your best friends. I am sure you guys would nail the look and grab every eye!

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