31 Best Classroom Organization Ideas

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The classroom is not just a room of study, but someplace where the students find their best academic, creative, and individual self. Most times, it can be difficult to organize everything to fit the needs of all students, but luckily, it’s not impossible. 

Here are some ideas we swear by when it comes to classroom organization as they not only help in managing workload but also allow students to understand positive behavior. Some of these work on rewards, while some on discipline, so let’s find out the best one for you! 


31 Best Classroom Organization Ideas

1. Use A Designated Folder For Every Month

Via teachingeverafter

The folder system is one of the best inventions there has been because not only does it help you minimize unnecessary litter, you also know where what is. Using a designated folder for every day of the month will help you keep track of tests, assignments, and projects efficiently in one place. 

2. Old Containers For Bulletin Board Borders

Via time4organization

One serious issue most teachers and students often go through has to re-use crooked bulletin board borders. You can’t keep them stashed away in a corner and also cannot fold them, so the best solution is to roll them and use old containers for storage. It will ensure they stay clean, neat, and ready to use again! 

3. Tupperware Buckets To Store Unit Materials

Via time4organization

Every teacher understands the pain of collecting unit materials, distributing them back to the class, and so on. It is pure chaos where something is sure to get lost, well, not anymore if you follow this awesome Tupperware hack. Just use Tupperware buckets to categorize materials from every unit and place it back after use in the same place. 

4. Create A Number Board 

Via 3rdgradethoughts

If you struggle in organizing your students’ behavior, then we know one thing that will surely help- a number-job board. All you need to do is assign numbers to your students and place those numbers against the tasks they are responsible for on a chart. This will help remind them of their position of responsibility and get the job done at the same time! 

5. Combine Loose Papers In A Book 

Via nicoleslearninglab

Going the old school way is sometimes the best possible solution. As shown in the image, Nicole, a special education teacher, found it helpful to bind all the feedback papers in one binder/book. It eliminates the chances of losing the data of any student, plus you have all the information you may need in one place.

6. Organize Table Supply Bins 

Via 3rdgradethoughts

Handing out tools like markers, scissors, and colors to every student in the class can be a tedious little task. This is why the idea of creating table supply bins, which hold all the necessary tools in one neat corner. Students can pick the items they need from these bins and place them back here once done.

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7. Use Book Boxes

Really Good Stuff Rainbow Name Labels Durable Book and Binder Holders, 5¼" by 12½" by 7½" (Set of 12) - Ideal for Narrow or Vertical Storage Needs Like Magazines, Books, Folders - Color-Code Your Room

Sorting books every day after your students hurriedly stack them up in a corner can be time-consuming, but not if you make some changes. Adding and using book boxes in your class ensures your students know where to put the books. You can also categorize these boxes per student or based on color- whatever you find more ideal.

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8. Create DIY Library Pockets To Sort Papers

Via scrapbooking

We love DIYs that make our life easier, like these library pockets that come in handy for every teacher when they’re trying to organize their classroom table. You can choose to use these library pockets to hold post-it notes, attendance sheets, etc. since these things are used more often. 

9. Attention Bell To Keep The Students Alert 

Zingers Attention Bell, Answer Buzzers For Classroom Educational Learning Games, also Great Tool for Activity Transitions, Buzzer for Game Show, 5 Color Push Buttons


This product has the potential to become your lifeline. If you’re a primary teacher with kids, you cannot stay alert no matter what. The attention bell is a buzzer with various ringtones you can use to let your students know when to pay attention. This buzzer also comes in handy when you want to reinforce positive behavior.

10. Daily Check-In With Students

An excellent way to organize your classroom is to let your students know you care for them, and one way to go about this is a daily check-in. You can also pose questions that your students can answer using the four-connect game, as shown in the image. It is a creative and fun way to grasp attention. 

11. Create Flash Cards To Minimize Questions

Via Instagram/miss.gortons.class

If you’re a primary teacher in charge of a bunch of curious kids, you know how chaotic everyday questions like ‘what do I do with this or ‘where do I put it’ can get. Creating flashcards that answer these questions will help you to get a moment of peace and also teach your students the importance of following guidelines.

12. Use A Board Of Activities

Hitting two birds with one stone is kind of necessary when it comes to students, and this idea indeed does the same. This board of activities is the perfect solution to engage students, as it not only pushes them to complete what they’re doing so they can pick an activity of their choice but also keeps them from making trouble.

13. Assign Pencils In A Travel Toothbrush Case

Via Instagram/thelitracydrive

A solution to all the pencil struggles – a travel toothbrush case. It holds 5 pencils inside- one for every day of the week! At the end of the week, students turn them in and the pencils are resharpened. At the end of the month, their pencils are replaced.

14. Color Code Books And Worksheets

Via Prodigygame

Not able to find the right binder for geometry class? That’s probably because you’ve mixed all subjects in one color. Color-coding your books, class materials, and assignments is one of the best ways to ensure that you find them instantly. It is an excellent organizational method most teachers swear by.

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15. Store Anchor Charts In A Laundry Bag 

Via thecreativeappleteaching

Every class has bulletin boards, and inevitably, every class has anchor charts or other study charts that need proper storage space. The creative apple shows us the best way to do that is by using a laundry basket! It has enough space and does not fold your charts or wrinkle them up. 

16. Use Dry Erase Instead Of Paper

Via Prodigygame

Sticking dry erase on desks instead of using paper is a genius idea if we’ve ever come across one. This is not only a great way of saving paper and making your students more environmentally aware, but it also reduces the chaos of distributing paper in every class. 

17. Simplify Individualized Education 

Via especiallyeducation

One of the best methods of organizing your classroom is to focus on every kid’s requirements. An ideal way to go about it is to create data like shown in the image for every student in your class. It will ensure that they have clean piles of their materials in one place, ready to go! 

18. Create A Parent Communication Calendar 

Parents are supposed to be the supporters when it comes to students, so you should take communication with them quite seriously. This calendar allows you to create a communication passageway with parents and ensure your kids are regular in classes. 

19. Keyring To The Rescue 

Having an information binder of all your student’s data might be the best solution for you, but what happens when you forget to carry it everywhere? The best solution, in this case, is an information keyring with all the emergency data you may require. You can attach everything from timetables, allergies, and student contacts in this keyring. 

20. Color Code Chromebooks

Via everydayteacherstyle

These days digital classrooms are the trend, but that doesn’t mean organizing them is any less complicated. With Chromebooks come wires and the responsibility of handling each student their own set. Jenny, from everyday teacher style, came up with this fantastic idea of color-coding Chromebooks and their wires with color duct tape to reduce the mess.

21. Use A Cabinet To Create A Supply Corner

Akro-Mils 10126, 26 Drawer Plastic Parts Storage Hardware and Craft Cabinet, 20-Inch W x 6-Inch D x 10-Inch H, Black


Using a multi-storage cabinet in your classroom is one of the simplest and easiest ways to declutter the desks. It ensures that all the items you and your students need are in one designated corner. This cabinet on amazon is compact enough to fit in classrooms and does the job quite well.

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23. Keep A DIY Medical Kit

Via babsprojects

A good teacher is always prepared for emergencies, and if you are finding it difficult to understand how to do that, here’s a good solution. This DIY school medical kit is compact enough to fit under your desk but holds everything that you may require in any injurious situation.

24. Use Spice Holder For Storing Play Dough

Via extremecouponingmom

The best storage hacks are those that use already existing items in an innovative way- like this spice holder. If you have too many playdough tubs but too little space to organize them in a neat pile, you can use an old spice holder to arrange them, as shown in the image.

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25. Create A Birthday Board 

Source: Unknown

Every student deserves the right to feel special, especially in the classroom, and nothing is worst than forgetting their birthday. Good thing there is one solution for both these problems- a birthday board. You can use your students’ help to turn it into a bonding activity too!

26. DIY Coupons As Rewards 

Via Instagram/storiesbystorie

Who doesn’t like coupons? Students are no less than adults when it comes to cashing in coupons, so why not use it to your advantage? Organize your classroom with a coupon reward system to give out prizes like ‘10 minutes of free time’ if someone performs a positive act. It will push your students to act in a disciplined manner.

27. Morning Cart For Less Chaos 

Via glitterinthrid

Asking your students to submit their homework, pick up their schedules, and supplies every morning can quickly turn into a disastrous situation. So we recommend you use a cart instead. Just place this morning cart with neat baskets outside the classroom, and ask your students to pick and drop before entering the class.

28. Issue A Fix-It Ticket 

Via Instagram/Lifebetweensummers

Modern problems require modern solutions, and disciplining is no longer an abusive activity. Who needs to shout at their students when they can issue a fix-it ticket to understand what needs to be worked upon. This ticket idea is ideal for teenage classroom organizations as it instills them to react responsibly.

29. Make DIY Passes For Permission 

Via prodigygame

Hall passes and library passes are some of the oldest organization tactics, and we still recommend them! You can create cute DIY passes for your students in an effort to encourage them about permission and kindness. It helps in instilling rule-following behavior while maintaining peace in the classroom. 

30. Hang Math Games To Have More Space

Mysmallpotatoes understand how cluttered it can be to store math games in the corner of your classroom or when you have to take them back home. So, their idea of hanging them up to create more space is, in fact, one of the most brilliant ideas we’ve come across.

31. Store Small Items And Earbuds In Numbers

Via inspirelovelearn

Kids work well when they have assigned numbers to work with. This organizational idea includes keeping their small tidbits or earbuds in a storage container labeled with their assigned numbers. It prevents their essential items from getting lost and remain from wrangling into each other.

These fantastic ideas work in making your classroom efficient learning space, minus the chaos. It is beneficial for smaller sections as well as high-grade learners who find it difficult to stack materials in order.

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