17 Storage Shed Organization Ideas You Must Try

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Outdoor sheds are meant to store everything that couldn’t find space inside the house. It is obvious from this that you may easily load it with all kinds of clutter. Lawnmowers, tools, shovels, cleaning chemicals and many other things fill it up to the brim, making it look almost like a junkyard.

An organized storage shed can make your life hassle-free and extremely smooth. But most of us don’t do much about our messy sheds as we aren’t sure about how to go about it. We have carefully chosen the best shed organization ideas that will help you make the most of your shed.


17 Best Ways to Organize A Shed

1. Pegboard for Tool Storage

Wall Control 30-P-3232GV Galvanized Steel Pegboard Pack

This one is my favorite! If you have a pretty small shed and aren’t able to allocate a specific place for your tools, then this one will solve your problem. Just grab a pegboard and fix it on a wall in your shed and attach some hooks to it.

Now hang your equipment and accessories as you like. The best part of this hack is that by hanging all of your tools on the pegboard wall, it will enable you to make extra room on the floor to organize all other kinds of things.

Buy a pegboard.

 2. Open Shelving: A Miraculous Storage Idea

Open Shelving: A Miraculous Storage Idea

Are you looking for a quick and easy method to organize your shed which is also pocket-friendly? Then you can invest an afternoon and less than $60 to make this DIY shed organization. For detailed instructions, visit

The best part about open shelving is that your shed will end up looking much more spacious and clean (than ever before). It is truly a miracle!

3. Magnet Bar for Tool Organization 

Vanitek 4 Heavy-Duty 12" Magnetic Tool Holder Racks | Super Strong Metal Magnet Storage Tool Organizer Bars Set | Great for Garage/Workshops (Mounting Screws Included)

Do you find yourself in a situation where you are not able to locate your tools? Having a specific place to store all your tools can solve the problem.

A magnetic bar works pretty well! You can fix a strong magnetic bar on a wall in your shed, it can hold up the tools perfectly and you can organize them according to your needs. This shed organization hack can be applied to both garden tools and other tools from your shed.

4. Utilizing Shed Door Space

Utilizing Shed Door Space
Credit: Overstock

Don’t have sufficient space in your shed?

Installing hooks on the doors is all that has to be done. Now that you know how to use this space, you may properly store your tools, equipment, and other items that can be hung. This trick works really well and helps you in ensuring efficient and effective use of the shed area.

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5. Organizing Tools in a Golf Bag

Organizing Tools in a Golf Bag
Credit: HGTV

Are you a golf enthusiast who is willing to organize their shed better? Then you can use your old golf bag to store your garden gloves, shovel, trowels, etc. A golf bag is durable and has an upright shape which can help you to store long-handled tools.

But that’s not it! You can use its pockets to accommodate smaller tools quite effectively! For a handy tool storage option, you must try this one out!

6. Hanging Jar Organizers

Hanging Jar Organizers
Credit: Chez Larsson

Tiny hardware items are necessary for every household and are never easily found inside the home. Nails, bolts, screws, etc. these items are so tiny that it is really easy to lose them. But losing them is not the biggest trouble. If they end up on the floor you or a loved one can step upon them and face an injury.

All you need to do is to fill each jar with those small pieces of hardware. Attach each jar to the bottom of a shelf. This will make all those screws and nails easily accessible and well organized.

7. Ceiling Storage to Organize your Shed

Ceiling Storage to Organize your Shed
Credit: Family Handyman

Almost every storage shed has a few things that aren’t needed right away. But you also can’t get rid of them. What if you could store them in your ceiling?

Yes, you read that right!

To do this you need to cut 3 pieces of wood and nail them together forming an I-beam. Attach these I-beams with proper spacing. Then simply store all those items in storage boxes and fix them on the ceiling. You can grab them back with the help of your ladder as and when needed.

8. PVC Garden Tool Organizer for your Shed

PVC Garden Tool Organizer for your Shed
Credit: Home Stories A To Z

This is a cool shed organization hack, where all you have to do is grab some old PVC pipes and make the best use of them.

Here’s How!

Cut the PVC pipes into smaller pieces. Attach these small pieces onto the walls of your shed and store your long-handled garden equipment. This trick can transform both – your gardening experience as well as your garden shed. Try it out!

9. Pegboard Slides for Tool Organization

Pegboard Slides for Tool Organization
Credit: Listotic

We already shared a pegboard related hack with you. But this one will change the game completely, especially if there is a lack of space in your shed. In this hack, you would need to build up pegboard slots underneath your workbench.

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These pegboard slots can be used to store all your tools and any other miscellaneous items. In this way, you will be able to create lots of space for storing your tools in a compact area.

10. Hang Garden Tools on Shed Outdoor

Adjustable Storage System 48 Inch, Wall Holders for Tools, Wall Mount Tool Organizer, Garage Organizer, Garden Tool Organizer, Garage Storage

Another cool way to store your garden’s long-handle tools is to store them on your shed’s exterior wall. You can buy a garden tool hanger and fix it on a wall outside. But keep in mind you can make the most out of this cool hack only if the exterior walls of your shed are protected with a roof overhang.

This not only keeps your tools organized but also easily accessible.

11. Pegboard Plastic Cup Organizer

Pegboard Plastic Cup Organizer
Credit: Flickr

We already used pegboards in our previous shed organization hacks, but this one works amazingly well (especially for storing smaller items). Fix a pegboard on one of the walls in your garage. Grab a few plastic cups and drill two holes in the back of these cups (two inches apart from each other). Using zip-ties attach the cups to the pegboard. Now you just need to put all your items inside these cups. Voila!

12. DIY Tape Cutter Dispenser

DIY Tape Cutter Dispenser

This one might not seem as important to you but believe me, it surely is! I hate it when I am not able to find tape (especially when I need it desperately). This DIY tape cutter dispenser by solved my problem, big time!

You would just need a little wood, a hacksaw blade, a few screws and your general tools. If you follow this hack correctly, you would never ever get irritated again (as you would never lose your tape again!).

13. Labeling the Boxes

This shed organization idea is so common yet most of us forget about it quite easily. But by labeling items such as boxes, jars, etc. you can organize your shed in a better way (a million fold!). This hack will not only save your time (which you invest in finding things) but will also make sure that your shed looks neat and well managed.

Pro-tip- You can label items according to their usage for example garden tools, electrical supplies, woodwork, etc.

14. Repurpose your Cabinet to Store Hazardous Materials

Repurpose your Cabinet to Store Hazardous Materials

It is extremely important to keep hazardous materials far from the reach of our children and pets. But instead of limiting your children/pets from going into your shed you can invest in a wall cabinet. I found this cool looking cabinet at Amazon.

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You can very comfortably store all those pesticides, chemical-based cleaners, pool cleaners, etc. in a wall cabinet. Let your children play with exuberance before they turn old!

15. Utilizing Corners to Organize your Shed Space

Rubbermaid 5A47 30-Tool Corner Tool Rack

If you are mad over tools but aren’t able to organize them well then follow this amazing shed organization hack. All you have got to do is to utilize the corners of your shed. You can buy a corner tool rack to organize all your tools in the shed.

This corner tool rack Amazon can store up to 30 tools. A clutter-free and well-organized shed can smoothen up your life beyond your expectations (speaking from my personal experience).

16. Coat Rack on the Shed Wall

You must try this inexpensive shed storage idea. You can attach a coat rack on the exterior wall of your shed. During a rainy day, you can use this rack to hang your coats, wet clothes and umbrella on it. By doing this simple thing, you can ensure that your house remains clean and tidy even during a rainy day.

This coat rack is just too good. But this is not just about a rainy day, you can also hang your light-weight garden tools on this rack.

17. Utility Cart on Wheels

Rubbermaid Commercial Products 2-Shelf Utility/Service Cart, Small, Lipped Shelves, Standard Handle, 500 lbs. Capacity, for Warehouse/Garage/Cleaning/Manufacturing (FG9T6600BLA) Utility Cart on Wheels

This idea will work well for you if you love gardening or working inside your shed. You can purchase a cart that has wheels on it. I use this utility cart and it works perfectly well for me.

You can use it not only to store small items but can also move it around your shed or in the garden area. This hack saves so much time and effort. But don’t just believe me, you should try it out for yourself and then thank me later!

Buy the best utility cart.

Found some useful shed organization ideas? Share it with your loved ones!

By now you must be clear about this one thing that organizing your shed is easier than you ever thought, isn’t it? But in order to realize the potential of what we have shared with you, you must try it out and share it with your near and dear ones!

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