21 Brilliant Comic Book Storage Ideas

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Collecting comic books has been popular since time immemorial as it is such a great pastime for many people. Whether you’re a fan of the X-Men, New Avengers, Spiderman, etc, having those wonderful copies must be preserved and showcased at its best. If you don’t want rats or insects to spoil your books, you need some sturdy comic book storage.

Here, we’ve covered some clever comic book storage ideas to store your comic books. These solutions will also help you organize your collection for good. So, let’s get started.


21 Brilliant Comic Book Storage Ideas

1. DIY Comic Book Spinner Rack

Via Youtube


The comic book spinner rack will be commonly seen in stores but they’re pretty huge and expensive. If you’re a comic book collector and want a stylish and small spinner rack, then this DIY is perfect.

This amazing spinner rack can be finished within a small budget and will also look very neat. You can also choose the books you particularly want to showcase and place them in this rack. 

2. File Folders

ABC life Expanding File Folder with Zipper Closure/Mesh Bag,13 Pockets Colored Accordion File Folder Document Organizer Expandable Zip File Folder with Sticky Label,Acordian File Keeper Letter A4 Size

This one is a step up in your comic book collection, especially if you’ve just started to collect them. These organizers are highly long-lasting and can even give your comics a professional appearance. While these are designed to hold paperwork, they work just as fine even for comic books. You can buy it here.

3. DIY Comic Can

Via cheapthriftyliving

You can use this DIY Comic Book Can project to show off your comic books in a new and unique way. This simple DIY project is suitable for older children and is a fun way to turn a plain metal can into a fashionable storage idea to store your priceless comic books.

4. DIY Bed Custom Bookshelf

Who wants to waste the space between the wall and bed? Certainly, this blogger is the one who didn’t want to waste it and also made a tutorial for others to follow it as well. Check out how John & Sherry from younghouselove has made creative use of the space by installing a bookcase directly into the bed frame.

5. Drona Box

IKEA Drona Box (Dark Gray, 3 Pack (L:15" x W:13" x H:13"))

The Drona storage boxes are built of sturdy cardboard and covered in fabric. It’s available in a variety of colors making it possible for you to pick the one that matches your home. These wonderful IKEA boxes are tall enough to store comic books and also protect them from rodents. Since these boxes don’t have a lid, you can lie them on their side, and voila you have a mini bookcase.

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Buy them here.

6. Custom Comic Book Boxes

Via Instructables

The printed comic box has become popular among the storage ideas as the outer design shows comic scenes. Now, you can buy such boxes but let’s look at an easy DIY alternative. All you’ll need are some card boxes and some printed comic pictures.

7. Comic Book Bin Storage Box

Wooden Comic Book Storage Box - Holds up to 170 Comic Books, Premium Wood Top Loading Stackable Comic Book Bin, Includes a Comic Book Display Window, Easy to Assemble - WHEAT

This wooden comic book bin can be a good option if you’re in for some rustic-themed storage. Its wooden exterior will provide any space with a sophisticated and classy appearance because of its sleek design and finish.

It comes with a panache design with a front panel that slides in. And a holding capacity of 100-150 comic books, makes it a jackpot product for comic collectors. You can buy this here.

8. DIY Book Ledges

Via thediyplaybook

We’ve all seen how at the comic stores there are some charming book ledges that hold the comic books in place with style. You can easily make a tiny comic library with all of your favorite books in it with this idea. These shelves can also be used to exhibit photos or artwork as well.

9. BCW Short Comic Book Storage Box

BCW Short Comic Book Storage Box(3-Pack)

This storage box is perfect for those who want a simple yet functional storage idea. BCW short comic book storage boxes are not made of plastic or wood, but still, guarantee durability while serving the purpose well.

The reason is unlike ordinary cardboard boxes, these boxes are composed of white corrugated paper that helps cushion the contents of the box. With that being said, you can surely keep some valuable comic books here to keep them safe from dust and sunshine.

Buy this box here.

10. DIY Crate Comic Bookcase

Via maisondepax

Who knew that crates bought in the dollar store can be used to turn into a big bookcase? Surely, “Maison de pax” blogger has thought of it, that is why this unique idea has been shared by them. This DIY does not require the use of skillful tools but just some crates, lights, and other decors that you wish to add on. It only takes a few wooden crates to make this wonderful comic bookcase.

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11. Collapsible Magazine File Holder

Leven Collapsible Magazine File Holder/Desk Organizer for Office Organization and Storage with 3 Vertical Compartments

Magazine file holders are a wonderful way to keep small batches of comic books, whether it’s to store what you’re reading or to showcase them. This magazine holder can be used to fit comic books nicely and also be kept close. With this product you can easily reach out, pick up the book, read it and keep it back.

12. DIY Book Bin

Via thislittlestreet

Speaking of DIYs, the best part about them is that you can customize them according to the vibe you love. So if you’re in for a mid-century modern theme, then this classic DIY book bin is a wonderful choice. With detailed instructions provided by the “this little street” blog, you can bring out this book bin to store comics easily. This bin would look great in any environment and is quite unique.

13. IKEA Lixhult Cabinet

IKEA Lixhult Cabinet, Metal, Gray

IKEA Lixhult cabinets are a good choice for storing comic books. They come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors, so you can choose as per the size of your comic book collection.

While it helps in storing comic books even in small places, it also accentuates the decor element thanks to its neutral shade. Not to mention, it’ll also keep your collection safe since it’s a closed cabinet.

Buy it here

14. DIY Leaning Bookshelf

Via Fishandbull

People who love a wood finish, minimalist furniture, do know that most of the ladder bookshelves falling in that category cost around 200 dollars! But to help those who want it seriously, this DIY is right here. This stunning ladder bookshelf can help you store your comic books in an aesthetic way. All you need are a chop saw, table saw, power drill, pine boards, and fasteners, to bring this DIY to life.

15. DIY Bookcase with Crates

Via Familyhandyman

For a true comic book reader, the pleasure of having plenty of books is a big boon. For those adorers of comics, here is another bookcase made out of crates. Made out of crates and little below grease, this DIY becomes a significantly cheaper alternative to ready book storage.

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16. DIY Spool Bookcase

Via thistlewoodfarms

This smart small bookcase is a great add-on to your home as it can be used as an end table and as a comic bookcase. This beautiful spool bookcase will look beautiful whether it’s a bedroom, living room, or study room. 

17. The Fireplace Display

Via Youtube

Do you have a fireplace that you hardly ever use or willing to make use of it for another purpose until winter? If so, then this DIY project will help you turn your fireplace into storage for your favorite comic books.

It will look even more amazing if you have a large fireplace so that you can add shelves to make it look like a built-in bookcase. Either way, this comic storage will look totally unique.

18. DIY Spine Bookshelf

Via Shadesofblueinteriors

Wall-mounted spine shelves can save space and also keep the comic books neatly organized, promising a clutter-free room. This DIY tutorial will help you in making your own spine bookshelves within a few hours and does not cost a fortune.

19. Easy DIY Comic Book Display Shelf

Via Makezine

This comic book display rack is ideal for showcasing your favorite comic book and also keeping them stored securely. As comic books are too frail to stand on their own, this bookcase will be a big help to those. You will be able to store around 10 comic books on one shelf. If you have more books to store, you can add extra shelves!

20. Cool Comic Book Display Cabinet

Via Instructables

If you are looking for something unique to display your cabinets while also being able to swap them out quickly, this cool comic display cabinet is a great choice. With bright LED lights that match the tone of the comics, this comic storage cabinet looks really cool. Who wouldn’t love to look at their favorite comic book shining underneath the glow of LED lights?

21. DIY A Bookcase In A Weekend

If you’re someone who likes DIY but doesn’t want to spend much time on it, then this easy project is for you. Within a weekend, you’ll be able to make your own mini-library at home by following the tutorial at “ohohdeco”. Once you finish the project, you’ll be amazed at how stunning it looks.

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