21 Brilliant Laundry Closet Organization Ideas

laundry closet organization ideas

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Laundry is one of the most dreaded tasks, and it’s hard to keep your laundry closet organized. It seems like every time you turn around there’s another mess to clean up. And when you finally get everything sorted, it only takes a few loads of laundry for the closet to become cluttered again.

Check out our list of best organization ideas for laundry closets. We have tips and tricks to help you get your laundry closet organized so you can focus on what’s really important – getting your clothes clean!


21 Brilliant Laundry Closet Organization Ideas

1. Shelving for the Laundry Closet

Add open shelves to any laundry closet or tiny laundry room to increase storage. There’s no finer way to add space to your laundry area than with high-quality shelves. Shelves can be used to store and arrange items such as cleaners and laundry sheets. 

2. Use Baskets

Do you have random objects in your laundry cupboard that need to be put away? Put all of your washing supplies in baskets or canisters. Bigger objects can be kept in storage baskets to keep them organized. Baskets are extremely attractive and can even be used as decoration. 

3. DIY Washboard Cupboard and Memo Station

Make a structured notepad stand out of an old washboard. Use this DIY antique washboard memo station in your washing room as a one-stop destination for all of your cleaning supplies, and modify it to suit your requirements. This would be a fantastic addition to your laundry room. 

4. DIY Wall Mounted Drying Rack

To preserve room, use a drying rack or a dangling bar above your machine and dryer. Rather than wasting precious floor space, mount a few drying racks directly on the wall. You may roll these up if they’re not in use so they do not come in the way of laundry or folding. 

5. Use The Backs Of Doors To Your Advantage

If you require additional storage space, use the back of the door! They are frequently ignored but are a great storage option. To store laundry detergents, perfumes, cleaning solvents, lint brushes, and other small goods, attach a door rack to the rear of your laundry room or cupboard door. This idea, originally intended for gift wrapping, is indeed very functional and keeps all the things concealed.

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6. Skinny Laundry Room Cart

A small gap adjacent to or between the laundry basket and clothes dryer is common in laundry areas, and it’s usually where socks and lint lurk. Build a basic plywood laundry room cart with fixed rollers to house cleaning products and other laundry goods to reap the benefits of this excellent organizational space. 

7. Pedestal For A Washing Machine

When it comes to organization, laundry pedestals are a godsend! Hundreds of dollars might be spent on pedestals for front-loading washers and dryers. You may cut costs by making your own washing pedestals out of common wood in about an hour. Because washing pedestals tend to shift around, it’s important to make them as stable as possible. 

8. Ironing Board that Folds

Make this foldable ironing board rather than hauling out that enormous, uncomfortable ironing board each time you need to iron. It has all of the features of a traditional ironing board, but it takes up considerably less room and can be conveniently stored in your closet. When not in use, it folds flat against the surface and draws down quickly. 

9. Keep A 3-bag Hamper 

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This hack is for you if you need a system for organizing clothes. Your life will become much simpler with a 3-bag hamper! This one has wheels, making it simple to transport from your dormitory or laundry closet to the washing room. And because everything is properly sorted, you’ll save precious minutes and effort. Isn’t it fantastic? 

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10. Stacked Laundry Closet

Stackable machines are the solution if you think a washer and dryer could never fit into either of your cupboards. These, on the other hand, will fit into a variety of closets, including some that are quite narrow. Stacking machines give enough space for accessories like a mini basin, ironing deck, or foldable desk, even in a standard-sized closet. 

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11. Arrange Hampers on Top of Each Other

Adding stylish wooden shelves and stackable baskets to your small laundry room can give it a boho vibe. This can help it appear more attractive and well-organized. Make a wooden shelving unit with sufficient slots to stack two or three laundry baskets on top of each other. This will also provide you with a lot of storage space for all of your necessities. 

12. Install a Free-Standing Shelving Unit

A free-standing storage shelf can contain all of your washing equipment without obstruction. Detergents can be kept at chest height, portable devices should be kept below, and extra hooks and cleaning supplies should be kept above. It may also be easily moved from one location to another as necessary. 

13. Tool Holders

If you keep all of your cleaning materials and equipment in your laundry room, a tool holder that attaches to the walls or inside the closet will make them easy to grasp and keep things sorted. This project here is easy and does not necessitate any special equipment or expertise. 

14. Transparent Jars To Store Stuff

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Arrange your laundry goods by storing them in one location, such as on a table platter. Purchase nice and clear containers that complement your laundry room. You can also put them in glass jars for a more refined look and easier access to goods. Use large mason jars for soaps and detergents to make dispensing easier.

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15. Mount A Pegboard Wall

The laundry room or closet can quickly become a jumbled mess. To keep all of your housekeeping products and odd objects organized, hang a pegboard on a bare wall. It’s really practical and very economical!

16. A Workbench for Laundry

This strong workbench may be used as a potting table or a laundry room workstation in addition to crafting. Spray two coats of polyurethane varnish to the countertop and shelving if you want a top that is simple to maintain and safeguards against spillage. This is an excellent storage and organization solution for the laundry area. 

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17. Make a Dispenser For Dryer Sheets

Turn an old tissue box lid into the ultimate dispenser for dryer sheets with this convenient and simple DIY. It has a very stylish appearance, making it an excellent enhancement to any laundry closet or shelf. 

18. Canvas Baskets with Labels

Better arrange the items you intend to store on your shelves with this idea. Canvas baskets are reasonably priced and excellent for keeping things organized. Simply mark the baskets before storing them on shelves or in compartments. 

19. DIY Ladder Laundry Rack

You need a clothes hanger to dry clothes – but you do not have enough wall space to put one up. This ladder laundry rack hangs from the ceilings, making it a great room saver. You’ll need an old ladder as well as the necessary equipment to install it. It is suspended from the ceiling and stays out of the sight. It’s not only practical but also really cute. 

20. Organizing Mason Jars

You can make a fantastic little organizer to install on the walls of your laundry room with a few mason jars, a piece of wood, and some basic fasteners. These are ideal for storing little items such as lost coins and pens and markers discovered in the wash. This is one of the simplest DIY organizers available, and it will undoubtedly aid you in keeping your washing closet tidy. 

21. Save Your Socks

Do you have a pair of odd socks drying in the drying chamber? Rather than discarding them or spending hours looking for the right match, use these handy sock savers and you’ll never lose another pair. All you’ll need are sufficient mesh lingerie sacks for everybody in the household. 

Whether you like it or not, you can’t escape laundry. Although, a clean and tidy laundry room will make the task fun and easy. These laundry closet organization ideas are packed with useful storage solutions and organizing techniques that will help you make the most of your workspace. The decor is also crucial. We hope that these suggestions were helpful! 

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