35 Creative Hat Storage Ideas

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Are you a person who owns a lot of fashion accessories such as belts, shoes, coats, scarves, jewelry, hats, and more? Are you, in particular, a hat hoarder but don’t know how and where to store them?

Look no further, since today we’re going to look at some brilliant hat storage ideas for your home. We particularly love these hat rack ideas because they keep the hats safe, and secure and also suggest ways to display them.


35 Creative Hat Storage Ideas

1. Hanging Closet Hat Organizer

Boxy Concepts Hat Rack - 10 Shelf Hanging Closet Hat Organizer for Baseball Caps - Hat Storage to Protect Your Caps with this Hat Hanger - Easy Hat Holder & Baseball Hat Organizer

You won’t be sorry if you invest in this hat rack because it has ten separate shelves for storing your hats. All the shelves are guaranteed not to get dented, crumpled, or folded.

Would you believe that you can store up to 60 hats in it, with some organization? Do check this hat rack out!

2. Hats On The Wall

Via Apartmenttherapy

Colorful and unique hats shouldn’t be locked in a closet because they can make for some good pieces of décor. Dedicating a wall to display hats produces a one-of-a-kind interior design that one shouldn’t miss.

Hanging hats will surely accentuate your wall color, so do give this DIY hat storage a try if you’ve got some stunning hats. 

3. DIY Hanging Copper Hat Rack

Via Collectivegen

This hat storage solution can be an alternative option if you don’t wish to spend money on a new cabinet. This amazing DIY project will make your home look stylish as you exhibit your cool hats on the wall.

4. Over The Door Black Metal Hat Holder Rack

Perfect Curve CapRack18 Over-The-Door Cap Organizer, Two Straps, Holds Up To 18 Caps, Black

Are you in for buying a product that looks simple and cheap? If so, then this is your go-to. This hat storage rack is the ideal solution for storing your hats in a limited space.

Its hooks can hold up to five hats or scarves, and it keeps everything organized and accessible.

5. Easy DIY Hat Hanger

Via Pinterest

Here is a great hat rack idea to deal with a slew of your hats riddled all around your house. With a hollow copper pipe, rope, and thick yarn, you can make these hat-hangers in minutes for storing hats.

Once you install this, you can easily grab your favorite hat as and when you wish.

6. Unique DIY Wooden Hat Rack

Via RYOBItools

With your limited room and growing hat collection, this DIY hat rack will definitely be your savior. This hat rack will store all your hats in the most fashionable way!

7. Wire Mesh Hat Hanger

Via Instagram @lindahstyle

This Instagrammer has taken hat storage to another level. This creative use of a wire grid hat rack is a stylish alternative to the traditional hangers made of copper or wood.

The grid gives the clips and hats the proper amount of room and support to keep the hats in place. As a cherry on the top, this idea is cost-effective. 

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8. Industrial Hat Rack

Via Prettyhandygirl

Would you like to take your hat storage idea to the next level of chic? If so, check out this industrial hat rack which can serve as both; a home design update and hat storage! Boards, hanging rings, iron plugs, screws, and spray paint are the only things needed to create this masterpiece. Are you ready?

9. Floor Display Hat Rack

MYOYAY Hat Racks 5 Tier Rotating Metal Hat Display Stand 25 Hats Caps Holders Adjustable Hat Hanger Organizer Free Standing Headwear Wig Rack Metal Floor Rack with 4 Wheels, for Caps, Wigs & Hats

Check out this fedora display rack that’s on Amazon. This product works amazingly for those who don’t wish to hang their hats on the wall. Moreover, after buying this inexpensive product, you can use bright paint colors to make them more personal and appealing. It’s your creativity that matters!

10. DIY Wall-Mounted Zig Zag Hat Rack

Via House&home

So far, we have established the fact that an excellent place to exhibit your hat collection is indeed, the wall.

To make it worthwhile, here’s a zigzag DIY hat rack that will modify your home to look modern and alluring. You’ll love this project once it is done as it will be a great addition to your home’s interior. 

11. DIY Hanging Hat Wall

Via Gypsytan

Here we present to you an amazing DIY project that you can make with just a few tools such as a pipe, scissors, hammer, nails, pins, and rope. You will be left surprised by how little time such a pretty project takes.

12. Fancy Hat Rack

Via Collectivegen

There are wonderful fancy hat racks on sale out there but a DIY one will save your money. Why not utilize a stand-up hat rack if you have the space and like the design? This simple setup appeals to us because of its quaint and dainty look. 

13. Cubbies For Hat Storage

Via Realitydaydream

Building a hat rack instead of putting your hats on top of each other in a tight closet is bliss. These hat storage boxes can help you quickly locate your favorite hat.

14. Dowel Wall Hooks For Hats

Via themerrythought

Drill these dowel wall hooks in your room where you want to hang all your awesome hats. This is a simple and time-saving activity that will only require a couple of minutes.

Moreover, these hooks don’t cost too much, thus making it a pocket-friendly project. 

15. DIY Pegboard Hat Organizer

Via Themerrythought

Building a pegboard wall organizer has never been as simple and uncomplicated as this project. This simple DIY hack will be ideal for displaying your hats in a stunning way.

To make this rack, you’ll need plywood, dowels, a saw, a miter box, a yardstick, a screwdriver, a drill, and sandpaper.

16. Hang Hats On The Mirror Frame

Via Sfgirl

All you need for this little DIY project are some little nails to hang hats on. If you’ve got a beautiful mirror with a wooden frame, then hammer some nails or hooks onto them to hang your hats.

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As an alternative, you can also opt for sticky hooks if you don’t want to spoil the wooden finish of your mirror. 

17. DIY Muskie Hat Rack

Via Bitterrootdiy

Looking for a project that will keep your hats organized and look incredibly nice on the wall? If so, then this is the project for you! All you need are some tools, such as a jigsaw, an orbital sander, hanging hooks, knobs, and 16 boards.

18. Hat Rack With An Antler

Via Camille Styles

This amazing antler design has definitely caught our attention and we believe it would make for a fantastic hat rack. Paint them as you want, and if you’re feeling particularly fancy, add some glitter. They work amazingly as a hat rack and an alluring home piece.

19. Tree Branch Hat Hack

Via hsb

As we previously saw a beautiful antler rack, here’s a similar DIY trick to make another stunning piece. You can rack tree pieces in the same way you rack antlers by painting them in white!

These branches, once painted, will look so rich that they will make your guests wonder how expensive it is.

20. Hat Rack Across The Door

Remember the DIY where we saw a zig-zag wall-mounted hat rack? Well, this is another one like it but this time, it’s around a door. The Hallmark Channel does an excellent job of surprising us with its beautiful hat rack. Plus their tutorial is all set for you to follow and make this DIY project possible!

21. Nautical Hat Storage Idea

Via Thelilypadcottage

This nautical style is a time-honored design that gives a superior flair to any space. It brings coolness to the room’s atmosphere. The worn wood and hooks add the perfect amount of beachy grit to this piece and also serve the purpose of holding hats properly.

22. Hat Rack With Scrap Wood

Via Instagram @lipsticksandsawdust

Don’t toss out used or scrap boards for we’re about to hack it into a useful product. Yes, in this DIY project, you’ll be cutting them into similar sizes and nailing them together to make a fence to hang hats on.

To hang each hat, you’ll be using hooks or knobs, and that’s it! You have your own hat stand just like that!

23. Mannequin Head For Hats

Via Teenvogue

How unique and creative is this idea where hats are placed on a mannequin head? Usually, mannequins are used in shops but you can store and display your hat collection in the same way. You can place as many hats as you can on a mannequin’s head, creating a whimsical pile.

24. Macramé Wall Hanging To Hang Hats

Via Instagram @knotted.within

Macramé is a type of wall hanging that can help your walls stand out. But you can also use it to exhibit your hat collection to make it look more organized and unique.

Basically, you’ll need some laundry clips to help you hang your hats on them. This design adds elegance to any wall color, so go for it!

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25. DIY Multifunctional Rack 

Via Thefamilyhandyman

This wonderful coat and hat rack, which you can simply create on your own, can help clear all the mess your hats make. In this DIY project, you can see that some 6-foot wooden boards have been painted and have hooks attached to them.

26. Hanging Hat Rack With Rope

Via Thecollectivegen

It’s time to get your hats organized with this simple and easy DIY hat rack. The project is simple and enjoyable to undertake, with only four items on the supply list. So grab a rope, hammer, and some hooks, and make this eye-catching hat storage rack for your walls.

27. DIY Elegant Hat Rack

Via Twelveonmain

Make the ideal hat and coat rack for your foyer with this peg coat and hat rack concept. To construct this excellent hat and coat rack, you’ll need a long piece of wood, so grab the strongest one. You’ll also need a drill, hammer, and adhesive to complete this project.

28. DIY Trophy Shelf and Hat Rack

Via Addicted2diy

This trophy shelf and hat rack will add the perfect amount of chic and style to your interiors. Using the wooden boards, you can wonderfully create this multi-purpose rack.

Two wooden shelves for trophies and two bottom hook racks for hats – isn’t it incredible?

29. Cute And Easy Wooden Rack

Via Charlestoncrafted

Here we present the simplest yet cutest wooden hat rack that you can build in a day. This beautiful wooden hat rack can hold six hats at a time, and if you need more space, all you need to do is create two extra racks and put them on the walls. 

30. DIY Copper Hat Rack

Via Darlingdarleen

Another cute and perfectly functional hat rack that you can create at home is this one. You can simply shape this hat rack with copper pipes or rods, copper rings, and copper end caps.

The copper rings are used to hang the hats on this copper rack, and they also guarantee durability. Wanna try it out? Click on the tutorial above.

31. Adorable DIY Hat Rack

Via Asubtlerevelry

This hat rack will surely provide a splash of color to your decor. You can see how a triangle-shaped wooden board with holes has been painted in vibrant colors. The hooks on these racks are made from a wooden dowel that has been chopped into pieces. Isn’t it great?

32. Old Cowboy Hat Rack

old cowboy hat rack

33. Hats Over Coat Rack

34. Trendy Hat Rack

35. Old Coat Hanger Hat Rack

Hat hanged on an old coat hanger

Hat racks act as wonderful pieces of décor and also serve to organize the clutter. With these 35 hat storage ideas, we hope you found a project to try. Comment below and let us know which one you liked the best.  

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